September 10, 2013

Ali Al Badwawi dropped from U-17 list - Abdulrahman Mohammed to replace him

FIFA has just published the list of match officials for the FIFA U-17 World Cup United Arab Emirates 2013. The 63 licensed officials will be responsible for overseeing the 52 matches at the elite event, which will take place in the UAE between 17 October and 8 November. 

Ali Al Badwawi has had bad luck
Ali Hamad Al Badwawi of the UA Emirates has been retired from attending this tournament having originally received an invitation for the tournament. Due to a surgery following a fracture in 2013, he states he did not feel physically ready to handle matches at this competition. This very likely means that he will be also out of the run for the next World Cup.
Qatar's Abdulrahman Mohammed, former Abdulrahman Abdou, will replace him at this Under-17 World Cup, along with 24 year-old Taleb Al Marri and Kuwait's Yaser Marad. Mohammed handled two matches at 2011 FIFA Under-20 World Cup in Colombia.

You can find the full list confirmed issued by the world federation here.


  1. Anonymous11/9/13 04:55

    It's confirmed, Mulvanny replaced Ross in Thomson's team...


  2. Anonymous16/9/13 23:48



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