September 13, 2013

Match Situations - Fouls 2

This post is a part of the section in this blog called "Match Situations" that concentrates on specific match situations related to parts of the Laws of the Game. Your participation is crucial to make this blog's element give some value for referees and football enthusiasts in general.

You can have your say by giving your assessment on these situations in form of a comment underneath the respective posts. These comments should include a precise assessment and an additional explanation that strengthens your view if needed. Directly quoting from the current version of the Laws of the Game can be useful in some cases.

The following two incidents occurred during the World Cup 2010 match between Brazil and Côte d'Ivoire, overseen by French Stéphane Lannoy:


What disciplinary sanctions are correct for both tackles?


Please give a reason for your choices and answer the poll at the right top of the blog.

The video is only posted for education purpose.


  1. The second situation is a clear SFP and in my opinion a straight red card must be given.
    I'm a bit reluctant about the first case, I think that here YC can be given, nevertheless, strictly according to rules, at the end we can recognize another SFP so red.
    Anyway I want to keep my choice:
    1) YC
    2) RC

  2. Agree.
    Concerning the first clip: Of course he goes with open studs. But we also see no speed or intensity. For me it's clear he wants to play the ball. The contact is no so big and happens at shinguard. Using common sense I would support YC here.

  3. I don't give my solutions now, just concerning your comment: "The contact is not so big" - you remember that Elano could not go after this foul, had to be substituted and missed the whole rest of the competition? Of course this effect has no immediate impact on the card, but just to keep in mind ..

  4. 1/ RED CARD
    2/ RED CARD

    In both cases, foot of CIV player is higher than a potential position of the ball, so it's "endangering safety of an opponent" here and there, without a doubt.

  5. the first point is the most difficult, here the question whether the yellow or red card? here is just my opinion between these cards ...

    1. Anonymous13/9/13 22:22

      In both situations clear RC(endangering safety of an opponent)

  6. Anonymous13/9/13 23:04

    Red cards. Feets are too high and they use studs.
    Clear endengering the safety of an opponent.
    Not contact is important, but the challenge

  7. Off-topic - Thanom Borikut, you perhaps remember him, was shot and dangerously wounded by unknowns.

    The referee who was once found guilty of murder was seriously wounded last week, after being shot three times. Thanom Borikut, one of Thailand's most controversial on-field referees was shot and seriously wounded by an unknown assailant outside Sport Authority of Thailand (SAT) early Wednesday morning. A former commando and school teacher, Borikut became a FIFA-certified professional referee, who was well-known for his controversial decisions in the Thai Premier League (TPL) and long rumoured to be an inclusion by match-fixing figures. Borikut was pre-selected by FIFA for the 2010 World Cup as an assistant referee in Mohd Salleh’s trio. He missed out on the World Cup because he was arrested in November 2009 for having killed his boss, the director of the education department where he worked. Thanom was seen on camera, planting a bomb which later went off and killed the director. Borikut later said he was mad at his boss because he "did not give him fair treatment and often barred him from officiating overseas as a FIFA referee". Earning the nickname 'Bomberman', Borikut mysteriously turned up to officiate in the TPL in the 2011 season and was also a security enforcer for the Football Association of Thailand (FAT) at their meetings. Annop Singhtothong, Chonburi FC Vice President and Newin Chidchob of Buriram United, were hopeful that the shooting was not football related, but a result of Barikut's own personal matters. “Too many people have issues with him, so this could be a personal matter”, said Newin. “We all know where his nickname came from; personal matters, which has totally nothing to do with football. I really have no idea why this happened, but all of us in the football scene knew it well what kind of person Thanom is”, Annop added. Meanwhile, Bangkok police chief, Pol. Lt. Gen. Khamronwit Thoopkrachang, is confident that the authorities can take care of the matter swiftly but was also in shock that Borikut was not in jail having personally arrested him back in 2009.


  8. red cards in both cases.
    i really wonder where is the player in the first situation trying to play the ball :-) the ball is on the ground and he goes with clear intention to injury the player. yellow card is not acceptable in this situation.

  9. Brych issued a direct red card today - English referees, heads up! ;))

    1. Anonymous15/9/13 17:16

      The cards don't get more red than this one... What was the player thinking? Presumably he didn't think at all. Well done, mr Brych!

      /Swedish observer

  10. Anonymous15/9/13 11:13

    Appointments for CL are out: Bebek, Hategan and Gräfe are EDs appointed, Gräfe has Uilenberg as a observer. Sandro Pozzi (SUI) is appointed with Ginaluca Rocchi in BAY-CSKA.


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