October 30, 2013

Ovidiu Hategan acquitted of accusations

UEFA have ruled that referee Ovidiu Hategan did follow protocol when dealing with Yaya Toure's racism complaint against CSKA Moscow. The Manchester City midfielder raised the issue with the official after being subjected to taunts from home supporters during the UEFA Champions League fixture between the two sides in Russia last week.

European football's governing body have a three-step plan to tackle racism, with the second being that a statement should be made over a public address system once a complaint has been levied to the referee, before potentially a match being abandoned if such instances continue.
But stage two was not adhered to during the game, leading to an investigation by UEFA into Hategan's actions.
However, a ruling on Wednesday found the Romanian official followed guidelines and that the UEFA venue director for the match had failed to act on the advice and has subsequently been removed from his position.
UEFA have issued sanctions against CSKA, with parts of the Arena Khimki set to be closed for their next home Champions League fixture against Bayern Munich on November 27.
On the Hategan situation, a statement on UEFA's website read: "The referee (Hategan) immediately asked the fourth official to request an announcement to be made to the public.
"The venue director (the UEFA officer in charge of football operations), who had not heard the chanting himself, did not activate the procedure. As the chanting had ceased, the referee decided to resume the game with the free-kick.
"The conclusion of the investigation is therefore that the referee had correctly triggered the first step of the procedure by requesting the stadium announcement.
"The venue director acted inappropriately, though in good faith, so causing the failure in the activation of the first step of the standard procedure, as decided by the referee.
"The UEFA venue director [Peter Palencik of Slovakia] at the Arena Khimki has been relieved of his duties."


  1. Excellent news for him, and I can add that his performance was very good.
    Mark: 8.7
    Another appointment in CL will surely follow.

    1. There was a little change but still excellent mark given: 8.6

  2. Yes! Hategan is very good referee!

  3. The anti-racism is for each Police and not for FIFA and UEFA.

  4. I have not seen the match, but if Hategan dealt with the incident in the manner as described in UEFA's explanation than he should have earned an extra mark. This was a serious incident and he tried to resolve it calmly, without being under spotlight (not approaching the 4th official, delegate, talking to them, showing gestures, etc), used the communication devices, the fourth official and common sense.
    Obviously, the damage is done to Toure, Hategan, UEFA, CSKA, football... simply because the venue director lacked common sense, respect for the referee team and loyalty.


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