October 3, 2013

Rizzoli and Webb as ambassadors for UEFA's Anti-Racism-Campaign

In the latest UEFA video message in terms of their Respect Campaign, two high-profile Elite referees are among those protagonists who say "No to Racism". Italian CL 2013 final referee Nicola Rizzoli and World Cup final referee Howard Webb of England are explaining the steps referees are instructed to take as soon as racist incidents occur during matches at UEFA level.

If the referee becomes aware of serious racist behaviour, or is informed of it by the fourth official, he will, as a first step, halt the match and ask for an announcement to be made over the public address system requesting the public immediately stop such racist conduct. As a second step, if the racist behaviour does not cease once the game has restarted, the referee will suspend play for a reasonable period of time, for example five to ten minutes, and request the teams go to the dressing rooms. A further announcement will be made over the public address system to the public.
As a third and final step, if the racist behaviour persists, the referee will definitively abandon the match.


  1. Anonymous4/10/13 11:43

    Anti-Racism-Campaign. And why not Anti-crimes,anti-thefts,anti-violations...
    UEFA must consecrate to football and forget publicities.

    1. Because racism is a problem often felt on the pitch.
      Fototball is football, the other problems of the world like crimes, wars, thefts, and everything you wrote of course are similarly serious but they must be vanquished elsewhere.


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