October 5, 2013

World Cup Qualifiers - October Appointments in CAF, CONCACAF & CONMEBOL

These are the confirmed referee appointments for all confederations outside of UEFA. In CAF, CONCACAF and CONMEBOL zone, it is the final and therefore vital last qualifier matchday.

CAF (Africa):

12 October 2013, 16:00 LT
Stade du 4 aout, Ouagadougou (BFA)
Burkina Faso - Algeria 
Referee: Janny Sikazwe (ZAM)
Assistant Referee 1: Jerson Emiliano Dos Santos (ANG)
Assistant Referee 2: Arsénio Marengula (MOZ)
Fourth Official: Joshua Bondo (BOT)

12 October 2013, 17:00 LT
Felix Houphouet-Boigny, Abidjan (CIV)
Côte d'Ivoire - Senegal
Referee: Rajindraparsad Seechurn (MRI)
Assistant Referee 1: Balkrishna Bootun (MRI)
Assistant Referee 2: Vivian Vally (MRI)
Fourth Official: Ganesh Chutooree (MRI)

13 October 2013, 16:00 LT
Addis Abeba Stadium, Addis Abeba (ETH)
Ethiopia - Nigeria
Referee: Néant Alioum (CMR)*
Assistant Referee 1: Evarist Menkouande (CMR)*
Assistant Referee 2: Yanoussa Moussa (CMR)
Fourth Official: Henry Mouandjo (CMR)

13 October 2013, 18:00 LT
Stade Olympique de Radès, Rades (TUN)
Tunisia - Cameroun
Referee: Koman Coulibaly (MLI)
Assistant Referee 1: Balla Diarra (MLI)
Assistant Referee 2: Aboubacar Doumbouya (GUI)
Fourth Official: Ousmane Karembe (MLI)
Referee Observer: Zeli Sinko (CIV)
Match Delegates: Anthony Baffoe (GHA), René Eberle (SUI)

15 October 2013, 16:00 LT
Baba Yara Stadium, Kumasi (GHA)
Ghana - Egypt
Referee: Bouchaib El Ahrach (MAR)
Assistant Referee 1: Yussif Mabrouk (MAR)
Assistant Referee 2: Mohamed El Ahmady (MAR)
Fourth Official: Redouane Jiyed (MAR)

CONCACAF (North- and Central America and the Caribbeans): 

11 October 2013, 15:00 LT
Estadio Olimpico, San Pedro Sula (HON)
Honduras - Costa Rica
Referee: Jair Marrufo (USA)*
Assistant Referee 1: Eric Boria (USA)*
Assistant Referee 2: Ricardo Morgan (JAM)*
Fourth Official: Baldomero Toledo (USA)

11 October 2013, 17:36 LT
Livestrong Sporting Park, Kansas City (USA)
USA - Jamaica
Referee: Elmer Arturo Bonilla (SLV)
Assistant Referee 1: Hermenerito Leal (GUA)
Assistant Referee 2: Ronaldo De La Cruz (GUA)
Fourth Official: Sandy Vasquez (DOM)

11 October 2013, 20:30 LT
Estadio Azteca, Ciudad de México (MEX)
Mexico - Panama
Referee: Joel Aguilar (SLV)*
Assistant Referee 1: William Torres Mejía (SLV)*
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Francisco Zumba (SLV)*
Fourth Official: Marlon Mejía (SLV) 

15 October 2013, 19:30 LT
Estadio Nacional, San José (CRC)
Costa Rica - Mexico
Referee: Walter López Castellanos (GUA)* **
Assistant Referee 1: Gersón López Castellanos (GUA)* **
Assistant Referee 2: Philippe Brière (CAN)
Fourth Official: Javier Santos (PUR)

15 October 2013, 20:30 LT
Estadio Rommel Fernández, Panama City (PAN)
Panama - USA
Referee: Courtney Campbell (JAM)
Assistant Referee 1: Garnet Page (JAM)
Assistant Referee 2: Kedlee Powell (JAM)
Fourth Official: Jeffrey Solis Calderón (CRC)

15 October 2013, 20:30 LT
Independence Park, Kingston (JAM)
Jamaica - Honduras
Referee: Mark Geiger (USA)*
Assistant Referee 1: Sean Mark Hurd (USA)*
Assistant Referee 2: Joe Fletcher (CAN)*
Fourth Official: Silviu Petrescu (CAN)

** Walter López replaces Enrico Wijngaarde (SUR), Gersón López replaces Ramon Louisville (SUR)

CONMEBOL (South America):

11 October 2013, 16:00 LT
Estadio Olimpico Atahualpa, Quito (ECU)
Ecuador - Uruguay
Referee: Sandro Ricci (BRA)*
Assistant Referee 1: Emerson De Carvalho (BRA)*
Assistant Referee 2: Fabricio Vilarinho Da Silva (BRA)
Fourth Official: Wilton Sampaio (BRA)
Referee Observer: Carlos Coradina (ARG)

11 October 2013, 16:00 LT
Metropolitano Roberto Melendez, Barranquilla (COL)
Colombia - Chile
Referee: Paulo César De Oliveira (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Altemir Hausmann (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Kleber Lucio Gil (BRA)
Fourth Official: Wilson Seneme (BRA)
Referee Observer: Ernesto Filippi (URU)

11 October 2013, 16:30 LT
Estadio Polideportivo de Pueblo Nuevo, San Cristobal (VEN)
Venezuela - Paraguay
Referee: Víctor Carrillo (PER)*
Assistant Referee 1: Jonny Bossio (PER)*
Assistant Referee 2: César Escano (PER)*
Fourth Official: Diego Haro (PER)
Referee Observer: Hebert Aguilera (BOL)

11 October 2013, 20:00 LT
El Monumental, Buenos Aires (ARG)
Argentina - Peru
Referee: Carlos Vera (ECU)*
Assistant Referee 1: Christian Lescano (ECU)*
Assistant Referee 2: Byron Romero (ECU)*
Fourth Official: Roddy Zambrano (ECU)
Referee Observer: Gastón Castro (CHI)

15 October 2013, 20:30 LT
Estadio Nacional Julio Martínez Prádanos, Santiago De Chile (CHI)
Chile - Ecuador
Referee: Leandro Vuaden (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Marcio Eustáquio Santiago (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Rodrigo Correa (BRA)
Fourth Official: Pericles Cortez (BRA)
Referee Observer: Juan Bernabe (PAR)

15 October 2013, 20:30 LT
Defensores del Chaco, Asunción (PAR)
Paraguay - Colombia
Referee: Diego Abal (ARG)*
Assistant Referee 1: Hernán Maidana (ARG)*
Assistant Referee 2: Ernesto Uziga (ARG)
Fourth Official: Mauro Vigliano (ARG)
Referee Observer: Gilberto Higaldo (PER)

15 October 2013, 21:15 LT
Estadio Nacional, Lima (PER)
Peru - Bolivia
Referee: Enrique Cacéres (PAR)
Assistant Referee 1: Juan Zorilla (PAR)
Assistant Referee 2: Eduardo Cardozo (PAR)
Fourth Official: Mario Díaz de Vivar (PAR)
Referee Observer: Adrián Gómez (VEN)

15 October 2013, 21:30 LT
Centenario, Montevideo (URU)
Uruguay - Argentina
Referee: Marcelo Henrique (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Rodrigo Joia Pereira (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Fabio Pereira (BRA)
Fourth Official: Ricardo Marques (BRA)
Referee Observer: Rogger Zambrano (ECU)

* Pre-selected for World Cup 2014


  1. Mexico - Panama 2-1 all three goals were scored starting from a tight onside position by players. Especially in the 1-0 situation, you can see that there are t least two if not three correct NO FLAGS prior to the goa.
    Very good performance by both assistants. And please take a look at 2-1 goal.. amazing.
    Here everything:

  2. You should see what happend in Colombia vs Chile match, Oliveira whistled 3 penalties and issued one red card, at the end Colombia was able to qualify after being losing 0-3 in the first half and drawing the match on the 85 minute.

    1. I watched the penalties given. The first one and the third seem correct, I have doubts on the second (the first given to Colombia).
      Anyway, correct me if I'm wrong, it wasn't important to draw this match for Colombia, due to Uruguay defeat, they might have lost the match without problems being still directly qualified with 26 points..

    2. Yes for Colombia was it not important, but for Chile it was a problem because they need one more point for being sure in the World Cup. That also counts for Ecuador, so that the might send Uruguay to play with Jordan making a simple draw in Santiago

    3. I think it's sure now a draw between Ecuador and Chile, they will renounce to play. The qualification to WC it's too important.
      And yes... we are going to have Uruguay - Jordan.
      I must admit not a difficult task for Cavani & co... but the match of course must be played.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qv99Qp0FU0
    Burkina Faso - Algeria
    crucial penalty given by Janny Sikazwe for an alleged handball: in my opinion absolutely wrong... this penalty decided the match in favor of Burkina
    I don't know why CAF appointed this referee and not a preselected official

    1. Horrible decision, Sikazwe should have overruled Marengula and ignored the flag.

  4. Goal - No goal situation happened in Ethiopia - Nigeria. AR involved was Menkouande. Very very difficult but my feeling is that he took the correct decision, no goal, an amazing save by a defender on the line.

    1. And now AR2 Yanoussa Moussa allowed a very controversial goal to Ethiopia, another ghost goal situation... amazing match for the assistants!

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBfFqiARL0M


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