November 25, 2013

Champions League - Referee Appointments - Matchday 5 (Wednesday)

These are the referee appointments for Wednesday's matches of UEFA Champions League featuring Scottish William Collum and Norway's Svein Oddvar Moen appointed for two of this matchday's top clashes. Additionally, Turkish Firat Aydınus will give his 2013/14 debut in CL.

Group A, 27 November 2013, 20:45 CET
Stadium: BayArena, Leverkusen (GER)
Bayer Leverkusen - Manchester United
Referee: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)
Assistant Referee 1: Kim Thomas Haglund (NOR)
Assistant Referee 2: Frank Andås (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Ken Henry Johnsen (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Svein-Erik Edvartsen (NOR)
Fourth Official: Sven Erik Midthjell (NOR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jørn-West Larsen (DEN)
UEFA Delegate: Nodar Akhalkatsi (GEO)
Blog Referee Observer: Roger R. (SUI)

Group A, 27 November 2013, 20:45 CET
Stadium: Donbass Arena, Donetsk (UKR)
Shakhtar Donetsk - Real Sociedad
Referee: Olegário Benquerença (POR)
Assistant Referee 1: Ricardo Santos (POR)
Assistant Referee 2: Rui Tavares (POR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Manuel De Sousa (POR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Carlos Taborda Xistra (POR)
Fourth Official: João Santos (POR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Zbigniew Przesmycki (POL)
UEFA Delegate: Roland Coquard (FRA)
Blog Referee Observer: Nur H. (ENG)

Group B, 27 November 2013, 20:45 CET
Stadium: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid (ESP)
Real Madrid - Galatasaray Istanbul
Referee: William Collum (SCO)
Assistant Referee 1: Martin Cryans (SCO)
Assistant Referee 2: William Conquer (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Robert Madden (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: John Beaton (SCO)
Fourth Official: Graham Chambers (SCO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bertrand Layec (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Dr. Rainer Koch (GER)
Blog Referee Observer: Niclas (GER)

Group B, 27 November 2013, 20:45 CET
Stadium: Juventus Stadium, Turin (ITA)
Juventus Turin - FC København
Referee: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Assistant Referee 1: Mathias Klasenius (SWE)
Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Wärnmark (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Stefan Johannesson (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Markus Strömbergsson (SWE)
Fourth Official: Mehmet Culum (SWE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Christakis Skapoullis (CYP)
UEFA Delegate: Scott Struthers (SCO)
Blog Referee Observer: Philipp (GER)

Group C, 26 November 2013, 20:45 CET
Stadium: Constant Vanden Stock Stadium, Brussels (BEL)
RSC Anderlecht - Benfica SL
Referee: Daniele Orsato (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Mauro Tonolini (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Alessandro Giallatini (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Andrea De Marco (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Antonio Damato (ITA)
Fourth Official: Riccardo Di Fiore (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Uno Tutk (EST)
UEFA Delegate: Pat Quigley (IRL)
Blog Referee Observer: Edward (GRE)

Group C, 26 November 2013, 20:45 CET
Stadium: Parc des Princes, Paris (FRA)
Paris SG - Olympiakos
Referee: Craig Thomson (SCO)
Assistant Referee 1: Alan Mulvanny (SCO)
Assistant Referee 2: Derek Rose (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Steven McLean (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Kevin Clancy (SCO)
Fourth Official: David McGeachie (SCO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Eugen Strigel (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Sándor Berzi (HUN)
Blog Referee Observer: Connor M. (ENG)

Group D, 26 November 2013, 18:00 CET
Stadium: Arena Khimki, Khimki (RUS)
CSKA Moskva - FC Bayern München
Referee: Antony Gautier (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Laurent Stien (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Cyril Gringore (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Laurent Duhamel (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Benoît Bastien (FRA)
Fourth Official: Stephan Luzi (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Stefan Messner (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: Jan Damgaard (DEN)
Blog Referee Observer: Chefren (ITA)

Group D, 26 November 2013, 20:45 CET
Stadium: Etihad Stadium, Manchester (ENG)
Manchester City - Viktoria Plzen
Referee: Firat Aydınus (TUR, photo)
Assistant Referee 1: Serkan Ok (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Aleks Tascioglu (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Mete Kalkavan (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Tolga Özkalfa (TUR)
Fourth Official: Çem Satman (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Wilfried Heitmann (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Sergio Di Cesare (ITA)
Blog Referee Observer: Niclas (GER)


  1. no german referee in the uefa champions league and only in the europe league

  2. german referees in the uefa champions league on matchday no.6.

  3. Very bad designations of Collina and Company.

  4. Benquerença,Gautier and Orsato at Champions. Rizzoli, Manuel Gräfe and
    Mallenco out of Champions. Nonsenses of UEFA.

  5. Can we already say something about promotions/demotions of the ED group? If we look to the appointments; i think this is the last change for Nijhuis. If his performance is weak; he will demoted. But what if he performs well? His last two matches were OK but nothing more..

    Orsato; three CL appointments but none of them with important observers. 4 Italian referees in Elite seems impossible; so why keep him in ED?

    Grafe; a Europa League appointment seems a punishment; does the committee think his action in Real Madrid - Juventus was a crucial mistake? Then he will be demoted I think..

    1. Also this topic was planned to be discussed right after the last CL matchday in group stage and before the update of the categories by UEFA.
      Just one thing...Nijhuis' two last matches were poor and not OK.

  6. Swedish UEFA Category 1 referee Daniel Stålhammar quits due to injury. He has not refereed one single match in the Swedish Premier League this year. So there will be one new Swedish FIFA referee next year. If I would take a guess, probably Bojan Pandzic (born 1982) or Mohammad al-Hakim (born 1985) will take Stålhammar's place on the FIFA list next year.

    And maybe Martin Strömbergsson might be promoted to Category 1 as of January 2014? But competition is tough of course.

    /Swedish observer

    1. Emil Archambault26/11/13 23:00

      Pandzic is serving on Hansson's team as AAR on Thursday in EL.

  7. Ovidiu Hategan missed a clear penalty in favour of Austria Wien in Porto!

  8. Both Mateu Lahoz and Kralovec awarded penalties for fouls which were clearly outside penalty area.

    1. The foul in Ajax - Barcelona started outside penalty area, but contact continues inside the box. I think that both: free kick and penalty kick would be acceptable calls.

    2. If the foul started outside the area it's not penalty.

    3. If the foul continues inside penalty area it's penalty as bigger advantage to the attacking team.

    4. Emil Archambault27/11/13 03:40

      No, petschovschi. A foul that starts outside of the penalty area and continues inside is punished by a penalty. The law is very clear on that: "If a defender starts holding an attacker outside the penalty area and continues holding him inside the penalty area, the referee must award a penalty kick." (Law 12, interpretation).

    5. One thing it's holding, one thing it's foul.

      In case of a holding the rules are like you said. Why ? Because holding (with hands) it's an volunteer action made by defender.

      When we talking about foul the rule is not the same. When a defender made a foul (with his legs) a free kick is awarded from the place where the foul started.

      The rule that you mentioned is only for holding (with hands).

    6. In case of a holding (keeping the opponents with hands): the defender has the control about his action with hands.
      In case of a foul (with legs): the defender doesn't have the control where the foul will end. For this reason the fre kick is awarded where the foul starts.

      A defender can stop a holding (when he enters into the area) but he can't stop a foul. I hope I was clear with my explanations.

    7. Petschovschi is correct. This "starting outside, continuing inside = penalty" is only related to holding offenses.
      The mistake was clear, 0,3-0,4 m. Extremely hard to see but in my report Slysko has to get the logical 7.9.

    8. Technically you are correct, but the contact still existed on the line of the box, it's so tight call that no observer will count that as mistake, in my opinion.

    9. For those who have not seen it, here a screenshot (keep in mind that it was a high-pace action, please):

      I see your argument but don't believe Lemmer can ignore that in his report.

  9. Fc Basel X Steaua - Olegário Benquerença, from 5 or 6 november, I believe. The report doesn't exist. Is anything wrong?

    Best Regards

    Luís Almeida

    1. Sorry Luís but I didn't watch the match live and subsequently could not find the full match on the web, meaning I could not compose a report.
      However, if the full match for Shakhtar-Donetsk is available, rest assured the report will be completed.

    2. Some reports are still missing for basically three reasons.
      1. No time of the observer appointed, partly including me.
      2. No reliability of the observer appointed.
      3. No match available in the internet.
      I hope we will cover all matches until the end of 2013, but it depends on how many videos we find.

    3. Ok, thank you both :)

      Luís Almeida

  10. Two penalties for Gautier in CSKA-Bayern - has anyone seen them yet?

    1. Yes..
      I better start with the second one ;)
      Fully correct, no doubt..No room for interpretation.
      The first one was suggested by (A)AR2. Handball by Dante. Based on one replay, I would say that it was rather wrong than correct. No criteria really justified this decision, on the other hand the contact with the hand was very clear. Of course this justifies nothing, but this maybe made Turpin advise Gautier to award a penalty. Difficult decision.
      He also awarded an indirect free-kick after the 2nd penalty for a deliberate pass to the goalkeeper, who took it with his hands. Also here, rather wrong than correct...the pass seemed to be voluntarily, but I guess it was just a failed clearance (player hit the ball with shinbone..).

    2. Niclas, I don't understand why you're talking about Turpin. I thought that he was with Lannoy in Basel yesterday...

    3. Then I probably mixed him up with Bastien.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. If the last contact of the defender was with his shin, then surely the goalkeeper was within his rights to pick the ball up?

  11. Penalty for Bayern definitively correct. Robben plays the ball and russian Defender, who wants to kick the ball away, hits Robbens leg. BUT IMO missing yc in this situation.
    First Penalty for Moscow because of handball by Dante. Shot by russian player which hits the arm of Dante. IMO arguments that justify a penalty (arm is bent) as well as arguments which don´t (you can interpret it as a movement which is typical for Football) . I see a boarderline call but no mistake.

    All in all, I think Gautier did a good job. Good foul detection on a very difficult ground (snow, rough, slippy). So circumstances were difficult to differ between foul/no foul, intentional/unintentional...
    YC´s were correct.
    Acceptable indirect freekick for Bayern because russian keeper took a return pass with his hands. (Maybe there was help of AR1 or AAR1).
    AR, especially AR2 with several good calls in half 2: 2 good and close no-offside calls.
    AAR2 (Duhamel) told Gautier to award penalty for Moscow. Good Teamwork!!

    best regards

  12. Blatant offside missed by Martin Cryans (4') and Bale had a big chance to score.
    Really no explanations for that.
    It might have been embarrassing in case of goal.
    Still problems with Scottish assistants.

  13. The clearest handball I have ever seen in Juventus - Copenhagen.
    100% deliiberate and also stupid action if you ask me.
    And Eriksson correctly gave the penalty.

  14. Eriksson whistled a fully correct penalty to Juventus after 28 minutes for hand ball. Felt a bit harsh, maybe, to book the defender in that situation. Silly move by the Danish player anyway.

    /Swedish observer

  15. Good first half by Thomson in Paris. 2 penalty appeals correctly rejected and full control. Strange foul detection, though.

  16. What do you say about the red card for DOGSO that Collum produced in Madrid? After seeing it from two angles, I can't make up my mind whether it is a foul or a dive. In real time it seemed as a stonewall red card, but the replay seemed to indicate that he fell a bit easy. Has anyone been able to see it more closely (I just saw the quick highlights in halftime)? At the moment I will hope that Collum got it right.

    And a correct second YC produced by Thomson in Paris in the beginning of the second half. Well done.

    /Swedish observer


      In the last seconds of this video (especially 00:18) it seems to me that the holding is clear.

    2. Good to hear that.

      /Swedish observer

    3. The dogso was totally ok in Madrid. One can argue whether the forward fell a bit late and theatrically, but there is no doubt about the holding.

      Please check the 2:1 goal and give your opinion whether the attacker in offside interfered with an opponent before the other forward scored. Personally I don't think so, but maybe someone has a different view.

    4. Second Half AR1 of William Collum missed an onside position against Galatasaray. Score was 1-1 that time could have been 2-1 for Galatasaray. Same AR1 missed an offside for Bale in first half. (4 min)

  17. Second penalty for Eriksson tonight. And totally correct again. Well done.

    /Swedish observer

    1. In this case it is also interesting to discuss about the color of the card.
      For me, correct Y given by Eriksson, there was another defender even though the distance from the goal was really minimal.

    2. I fully agree with you, Chefren.

      /Swedish observer

  18. What a mistake in Paris AR2 Derek Rose allowed a goal after a blatant offside.

    1. Unfortunately another big mistake by an Assistant of Thomson's team.

    2. Clear mistake, yes, however I can understand why he missed it. It was difficult to see who deflected the ball (PSG defender took his line of sight). AAR2 communication might have helped.

  19. As usual Eriksson had a good game tonight. He was not challenged, probably due to his management skills, and was respected throughout the match by the players. Two penalties and all major decisions seemed to be correct. Normal difficulty, though, in spite of the importance for both teams. So probably 8.4 for him tonight. I would give Klasenius the same, but only 8.3 for Wärnmark. He seemed to get one offside call wrong in the first half. But from a team perspective a good performance, in my view.

    /Swedish observer

  20. A walk in the park for Moen and co. in Leverkusen tonight. Nothing noteworthy to delineate really...

    1. In second half, the offside reported by AR2 (60') TO Spahić (Leverkusen) it's wrong. The ball comes from an opponent after having hit the post.
      If you can confirm this situation...

    2. Yes..the offside flag was indeed wrong.

    3. Oops, forgot about that situation. Thanks Chefren and Niclas, I remember that situation now and it was indeed incorrect. Leverkusen and especially Spahic weren't too happy about it aswell.

  21. Early predictions for MD6:
    MAN-DON: Mazic
    SOC-LEV: Stavrev
    GAL-JUV: Brych
    KOP-MAD: Hagen
    BEN-PSG: Webb
    PIR-AND: Stark
    PLZ-ZSKA: Borbalan
    BAY-MAN: Bebek
    CHE-STE: Karasev
    SCH-BAS: Tagliavento
    MAR-DOR: Skomina
    NAP-ARS: Kassai
    ATL-POR: Rocchi
    AUS-ZEN: Strahonja
    MIL-AJA: Clattenburg
    BAR-CEL: Proenca

  22. Hello, anyone has seen Aydinus?
    I have watched the match in parallel with others. I believe penalty whistled due to handball was a good decision. And Aleks Tascioglu has detected very tight onsides in goals of City and Plzen. That was very good.
    In general, Aydinus was also very good in a not much demanding night, I guess..

    1. I have only watched the handball situation by now and will check the rest later.
      Correct decision in my opinion. The hand was far too widely extended and in an unnatural position.


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