November 6, 2013

Craig Thomson appointed for 2013 FIFA U17 WC Final

According to the Scottish FA, Craig Alexander Thomson has been appointed for the final match of the 2013 FIFA U17 World Cup, to be played between Nigeria and Mexico at  Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi, on 8 November 2013. He will be assisted by his countrymen Derek Rose and Alan Mulvanny.

Craig Thomson will handle the final game of U17 WC (c)

A FIFA referee since 2003, this year Thomson joined his second FIFA U17 WC, after the experience made in 2007 in South Korea.  Prior to this final appointment, he had officiated two matches in the competition: Uruguay - Ivory Coast in the group stage, and Morocco - Ivory Coast (full African clash) in the Round of 16.
Norbert Hauata from Tahiti  has received the honor to act as fourth official, while the reserve assistant referee will be Mark Rule from New Zealand.

08 November 2013, 17:00 CET (Abu Dhabi)
Mexico - Nigeria
Referee: Craig Thomson (SCO)
Assistant Referee 1: Derek Rose (SCO)
Assistant Referee 2: Alan Mulvanny (SCO)
Fourth Official: Norbert Hauata (TAH)
Reserve AR: Mark Rule (NZL)

At the same time, Badara Diatta from Senegal has been appointed by FIFA for the third place match, to be played between Sweden and Argentina. He will be assisted by his regular assistants Djibril Camara and El Hadjii Samba. To complete the officiating crew, Pavel Královec  will work as fourth official, while Martin Wilczek  as reserve assistant referee (both from Czech Republic).

08 November 2013, 14:00 CET (Abu Dhabi)
Sweden - Argentina
Referee: Badara Diatta (SEN)
Assistant Referee 1: Djibril Camara (SEN)
Assistant Referee 2: El Hadji Samba (SEN)
Fourth Official: Pavel Královec (CZE)
Reserve AR: Martin Wilczek (CZE)


  1. FIFA seems to follow always the same pattern.
    UEFA officials for the finals, CAF officials for the third place.
    Thomson was good in this tournament, but if you ask me he has not chances to go at WC.

    1. Never say never but I agree, Thomson's chances are very slim.

  2. I'm slightly surprised Clattenburg did not receive a knock-out stage appointment. However, like Philipp mentioned in a previous post, FIFA might assign him with a European playoff.

  3. Anonymous6/11/13 16:13

    Surely though a prestigious designation like this so close to the announcement of the FIFA officials for Brazil must be a hint...? FIFA officials at a major tournament so close to the WC are clearly involved in appointing Thomson and his assistants

  4. Having a final does not mean anything: Martin Vazquez took u17 WC final in 2009 and he was not selected for the WC (then he came because of the story we all know as 4th official), Terje Haugue had u20 WC final in 2005 and guess what, he also was not appointed for the WC...
    So making conclusions on a possible spot for Thomson is not very good based on his appointment for the final.
    Remember that politics are far more important for FIFA...

  5. Anonymous6/11/13 19:13

    What is the story with Vasquez?

    1. He took the place of Amarilla after his assistant ref (Ruiz) did not pass the fitness test, he was at first not going but came in due to that...

  6. Anonymous7/11/13 10:01

    Thomson received your reward. He don´t go to Brasil. I think.......

  7. Anonymous7/11/13 13:35

    I agree that Thomson's WC chance is very slim considering the strong pool of UEFA referees already present on the pre list. Even though he was selected for UEFA Euro 2012, but IMO he is ranked behind others like Moen and Mazic for this WC selection. But regardless, this is a fantastic appointment for his career, may possibly be his final game in a FIFA tournment, because he will not be age eligible for the 2018 world cup selection.

  8. Christian7/11/13 13:48

    Greece - Romania, Proenca and Mazic! Official in the Romanian newspapers!

  9. Hi Mazić REFEREE in match ROMANIA - GRECE, 12.11-013. 5 points me

  10. Anonymous9/11/13 10:33

    How did it go for Thomson? I didn't see the final.

    /Swedish observer

    1. Indications are the designation of the Scottisch officials was very well received by FIFA who are very impressed. While it was a easy game his performance was also more than good.


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