December 15, 2013

FIFA CWC Morocco 2013 - Bakary Gassama and Carlos Velasco Carballo to handle semifinals

The Gambian official has been appointed for his second match in this CWC. He will officiate the first semifinal of the tournament, to be played between Guangzhou Evergrande  and  Bayern München.
Carlos Velasco Carballo has been appointed for the second semifinal. This will be the first game ever in a FIFA tournament for the Spanish official.
Furthermore, Mark Geiger will handle the match for the fifth place.

Carlos Velasco Carballo, appointed for a semifinal (c)

Match 4 -  Semifinals
17 December 2013, 20:30 CET (Agadir)
Guangzhou Evergrande FC - FC Bayern München
Referee: Bakary Gassama (GAM)
Assistant Referee 1: Angesom Ogbamariam (ERI)
Assistant Referee 2: Evarist Menkouande (CMR)
Fourth Official: Néant Alioum (CMR)
Reserve AR: Peter Edibi (NGA)

Match 6 -  Semifinals
18 December 2013, 20:30 CET (Marrakech)
Raja Casablanca - Atletico Mineiro
Referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Carlos Juste Jimenez (ESP)
Fourth Official: Alireza Faghani (IRN)
Reserve AR: Hassan Kamranifar (IRN)

Match 5 - Fifth Place Match
18 December 2013, 17:30 CET (Marrakech)
Al Ahly SC - CF Monterrey
Referee: Mark Geiger (USA)
Assistant Referee 1: Sean Hurd (USA)
Assistant Referee 2: Joe Fletcher (CAN)
Fourth Official: Sandro Ricci (BRA)
Reserve AR: Emerson De Carvalho (BRA)

The appointments for  the upcoming matches will follow soon, thank as always to our source Árbitro Internacional


  1. Gassama will be the first African referee to command a semifinal of the Club World Cup.

  2. CL drawing and very early predictions.

    Zenit - Dortmund: Rocchi / Moen
    Leverkusen - Paris SG: Undiano / Collum
    AC Milan - Atlético: Královec / Kuipers
    Man City - Barcelona: Eriksson / Cakir
    Galatasaray - Chelsea: Brych / Rizzoli
    Schalke - Real Madrid: Webb / Mazic
    Olympiakos - ManU: Proenca / Kassai
    Arsenal - Bayern: Skomina / Lannoy

    1. I'll go for:

      Zenit - Dortmund: Mazic/Clattenburg
      Leverkusen - Paris SG: Moen/Kralovec
      AC Milan - Atlético: Cakir/Lannoy
      Man City - Barcelona: Brych/Skomina
      Galatasaray - Chelsea: Kuipers/Udiano
      Schalke - Real Madrid: Thomson/Rocchi
      Olympiakos - ManU: Tagliavento/Eriksson
      Arsenal - Bayern: Carballo/Proenca

    2. My prediction is:
      Zenit - Dortmund: Mazic / Skomina
      Leverkusen - Paris SG: Velasco / Webb
      AC Milan - Atlético: Collum / Moen
      Man City - Barcelona: Rocchi / Kassai
      Galatasaray - Chelsea: Tagliavento / Undiano
      Schalke - Real Madrid: Clattenburg / Kuipers
      Olympiakos - ManU: Eriksson / Brych
      Arsenal - Bayern: Kralovec / Lannoy

    3. Good idea with Webb in Leverkusen, probably better than S04-Real. But Rocchi again in Man City vs a Spanish team is hard to imagine, considering what happened last year in group stage.
      I would like to see those two officials in City-Real, Nur.

    4. Yes, I believe Brych and Skomina (along with the likes of Eriksson and Kuipers) would contribute to the footballing spectacle.

  3. Anybody else tuning into the Serie A tonight? Don't usually watch other leagues on the continent, but so far, Rocchi and co. have been excellent in the Milan - Roma game.

    1. What an amazing match, especially in the last minutes.There are so many things to say about Rocchi. I think he missed a clear penalty in first half in favor of Rome for holding, but the rest was almost excellent.
      Both assistant referees (Di Liberatore and Cariolato) as always excellent.

      Meanwhile, FIFA breaks again the confederations criterion, appointing a CONCACAF referee in a match involving Monterrey (MEX).

  4. Geiger and Ricci are candidates for the final, depending on the teams that advance.

    1. Faghani is also probable...

    2. There seems to be a trend with the referee from the fifth place match being appointed for the final.

  5. I guess a quite easy-going game for Gassama, watching the highlights there were opportunities to score only for Bayern all match long.
    Do you see him in Brazil?

    1. Yes it was easy-going. His only problem was measuring the distance of the wall at free kicks. It always was too much, nearly 2 metres sometimes. And the use of the spray was not optimal in these situations, it took too much time. The rest of the performance was however good.
      In my opinion, he and Haimoudi are the most likely African candidates after this year's tournaments.

  6. Unexpected final: FC Bayern München - Raja Casablanca.
    Ricci, Faghani or Geiger?

    1. Ricci would make sense in the sense that FIFA have pushed him all year, they wouldn't stop pushing him now.
      Also he is the referee who needs the experience most. FIFA are counting on a decent home referee in Brazil, I think.

  7. Does anybody also think that the penalty was a dive and there was no contact?

    1. After that game I think Undiano already can consider traveling to Brazil in June.

    2. Now watched the scene, I agree on the dive, but a very well done one.
      Very difficult to detect for the referee.

  8. Just a small comment on Bakary Gassama. He did well in his semifinal. His teammates were good, too. The only points to improve were, imo, a better detection of deliberate / not deliberate handball, a better movement (he was way too static sometimes) and a better awareness for wall positioning. Sometimes I had the feeling it was 11 m away from the ball position. I would really like to see this referee at the World Cup. Great potential.


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