December 18, 2013

International Referees and Assistant Referees 2014 (UEFA)

Please find the full referee and assistant referee lists for the European zone governed by UEFA in the pdf-documents attached.


  1. But what about beachsoccer referees for 2014?! Do you know?!

    1. Sorry, but I did not ask for that :D

  2. Many thanks for sharing your great work, Niclas!

    1. I am only the provider of the news, nothing more.
      It is done with pleasure. :)

  3. Excellent.
    So it seems confirmed that Teixeira is out and San Marino has lost the second spot. Leonardo Guidi has been a FIFA referee just for one year.

  4. :-) If it is possible, please ask.

    1. Unfortunately, this is subject to FIFA's media department. I have no access to this data as a consequence. But I am going to contact their department via mail in the next days.

  5. Thank you Niclas!

  6. Ok, I understand you Niclas. You know, beach soccer referees are also waiting for the news from FIFA for the next season :-) Thanks and have a nice day!

  7. Excellent job Niclas; thank you very much for these detailed and complete infos

  8. No problems Mario.

    I must say I find France's AR policy quite strange: in 2012, Huseyin Ocak became FIFA AR and was quite young. In 2013, he was dropped from the list. Among others, Frederic Haquette replaced him. And after only one year on the FIFA list, Haquette leaves it, too, being replaced by Jeanne/Saint-Cricq.

    1. This list are good 100%?

  9. Christina Pedersen from Norway seems to be off the womens' list? She refereed in the London Olympics and maybe the critizism she received for her performance in the USA-Canada semifinal got to her? She was then not appointed to the EURO 2013 in Sweden. Maybe she lost her motivation or maybe she got injured - anyone who knows?

    /Swedish observer

  10. She is (or at least she was) on the pre-selected list for the FWWC 2015.

    1. I remember that she had a friendly between Germany and...I think England. And if I remember right, the commentary said that she would get a baby soon. But I am not sure at all whether my remembrance fools me..

    2. She will referee the Norwegian Premier League for women next year. That is confirmed by the Norwegian FA. So she is still refereeing and also had a match in November so I guess she is not pregnant (but I admit this is just a guess!).

      /Swedish observer

    3. Maybe Niclas could ask his UEFA sources why Pedersen is not on the list for 2014?

    4. Perhaps it is only an omission, as it happened with Vassaras. The possibility would be her quitting international refereeing after she was not selected for Euro 2013, as a punishment for that Olympic semi-final.

    5. Does anyone know wheher it is just a typing error or she quit international refereeing? Last year it happened the same with Ionescu (ROU) and it proved to have been a typing error by UEFA admin.

    6. Alexandra Ihringova (ENG) is also missing from the 2014 list. What happened?

    7. Anonymous4/1/14 18:37

      According to the lists uploaded by FIFA, both Pedersen and Ihringova quit international refereeing. Someone who knows more (or has connections) about women refereeing should find out why Ihringova was ignored by FIFA in the last 2-3 years after having refereed the U20 WC final? Ionescu did the FWWC final in 2003 and then no more FIFA tournaments. Pedersen had controversy at 2012 Olympics and then nothing. Seitz would have been age-eligible for another WC in 2015, but FIFA pre-selected Domka from USA, forcing Seitz to retire early. Are they all coincidences? A careful analysis will show some interesting things from the women's refereeing at FIFA!

  11. Several of our CL reports are missing as some of us were and are quite occupied.
    Here the provisory and approximate marks.

    Fernández in Anderlecht-PSG: 8.3 (online soon).
    Cakir in Marseille-Napoli: 8.2/8.3
    Strahonja in PSG-Anderlecht: 8.3
    Atkinson in Kobenhavn-Gala: 8.4/8.5
    Atkinson in Zenit-Atlético: 8.4
    Velasco in ManCity-CSKA: 8.5
    Eriksson in Juve-Kobenhavn: 8.5
    Eriksson in Ajax-Milan: 7.8/7.9
    Gräfe in Real-Juve: 8.0
    Královec in Shakhtar-ManU: sth in 8.2 area
    Orsato in Chelsea-Basel: still to be watched

  12. Niclas, is there maybe a list of Referee Observers?

  13. Many small countries lost some officials from the list.... Sorry but it's unfair... Sacrifices are done the same from everyone....

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. San Marino lost a spot, then also other countries?

    3. Malta also lost a Referee and 2 Assistants

    4. Did the "big" countries get more spots in compensation?

    5. These countries seem to have lost a referee. Cypros, Malta, San Marino England also have one less next year.

      It seems that Denmark and Sweden have got one each

    6. Sweden replaced Daniel Stålhammar, who has been injured for long, with Bojan Pandzic.

      /Swedish observer

    7. How many places for Assistants Serbia have? Last year they had 10.

    8. If UEFA plans to continue with AARs, they should have increased the number of match officials on the FIFA list for countries who have reached maximum (10) yet.

    9. I meant, of course, countries that have not reached the maximum number.

    10. I.Anastasiou (CYP, 1980) has been included in 2014 FIFA list.
      It means -1 place only for 3 countries: England (no replacement for Dean), Malta (no replacement for Azzopardi), San Marino (no replacement for Guidi).

    11. Can you maybe unveil why he is then not listed as international referee by UEFA?

    12. It seems typing error of UEFA refereeing administration. Anastasiou was initially approved to the list by FIFA Referees Committee according to the reliable source in Cyprus.

    13. Where is Mazic?

    14. Ok. I am going to ask FIFA for this next week.

    15. Here is the official news by CFA for Anastasiou.

  14. Respect for small countrys!

  15. Do you know uefa futsal referee list for next season???

    1. Futsal
      Bauernfeind Gerald Austria
      Birkett Marc England
      Cerny Ondrej Czech Republic
      Farkas Balazs Hungary
      Fernandes Coelho Eduardo Jose Portugal
      Gutierrez Lumbreras Fernando Spain
      Ivanov Oleg Ukraine
      Lemal Pascal Belgium
      Malfer Alessandro Italy
      Onatsu Timo Finland
      Shabanov Ivan Russia
      Sivic Borut Slovenia
      Sorescu Bogdan Romania
      Stawicki Sebastian Poland
      Tomic Sasa Croatia

      Abrayev Olzhas Kazakhstan
      Bylois Gerd Belgium
      Cachia Franco Malta
      Cetin Kamil Turkey
      Costa Bogalho Nuno Miguel Portugal
      Drebuzhan Sergey Ukraine
      Eichler Swen Germany
      Galante Angelo Italy
      Gherman Gabriel Constantin Romania
      Henych Karel Czech Republic
      Janosevic Danijel Croatia
      Kolev Borislav Bulgaria
      Konstantinides Antonis Cyprus
      Kovacs Gabor Hungary
      Nikolic Dejan Slovenia
      Pelissier Cédric France
      Pena Diaz Francisco Miguel Spain
      Pesko Lukas Slovakia
      Zahović Admir Slovenia

      Akimtsev Ilya Russia
      Barton Josip FYR Macedonia
      Benazzi Abdallah Netherlands
      Bohbot Moshe Israel
      Boskovic Veljko Montenegro
      Darahan Vyacheslav Ukraine
      Deraeve Stéphane Belgium
      Enchev Trayan Bulgaria
      Frak Tomasz Poland
      Gal Marian Slovakia
      Gelonese Fabio Italy
      Golubevs Aleksandrs Latvia
      Gracia Marin Roberto Spain
      Hora Hennadii Ukraine
      Jelic Nikola Croatia
      Kadykov Vladimir Russia
      Kinov Kalin Bulgaria
      Kresta Jan Czech Republic
      Lehtinen Toni Finland
      Lenting Rob Netherlands
      Mantev Petar FYR Macedonia
      Nicolaou Costas Cyprus
      Nilholt Fredric Sweden
      Nonikashvili Arsen Georgia
      Radovic Damir Serbia
      Rakutski Vitali Belarus
      Samadli Elchin Azerbaijan
      Sartain Gavin England
      Sliva Aleksandras Lithuania
      Soykan Ozan Turkey
      Stamoulis Epaminondas Greece
      Subocz Jacky France
      Topic Andrej Croatia
      Vasic Sreten Serbia
      Waroux Cédric Belgium
      Zelentsov Grigoriy Russia
      Zogaj Bekim Switzerland

      Berger Guy Israel
      Bohun Mario Slovakia
      Bugenko Viktor Moldova
      Burtescu Septimiu George Romania
      Christodoulis Vasileios Greece
      Christofides Michael Cyprus
      Christou Christos Cyprus
      Ciuplea Vasilica Valentin Wales
      Cordero Gallardo Juan Jose Spain
      Curta Ovidiu Dan Romania
      Darandik Danijel Germany
      Dzeikala Maksim Belarus
      Eidhammer Torbjorn Norway
      El Jilali Ibrahim Netherlands
      Hakrama Kreshnik Albania
      Huseynli Khalil Azerbaijan
      Jaruchiewicz Damian Poland
      Kečo Tarik Bosnia-Herzegovina
      Khukhilava Shota Georgia
      Kivliss Kaspars Moldova
      Kosmukhambetov Talgat Kazakhstan
      Koutsogiannos Konstantinos Greece
      Kuusk Ainar Estonia
      Linhart Karel Czech Republic
      Manzione Nicola Maria Italy
      Mladenovki Marjan FYR Macedonia
      Namazov Ramil Azerbaijan
      Niemelä Olli Finland
      Nurullayev Yusif Azerbaijan
      Oliveira Castilho Miguel Duarte Portugal
      Paitreault Christophe France
      Paradzik Goran Bosnia-Herzegovina
      Pinto Guerreiro Ruben Sotero Portugal
      Porkert Patrik Austria
      Radulovic Vladan Serbia
      Rogers Simon Republic of Ireland
      Roure Ramirez Gerard Andorra
      Skakic Dragan Bosnia-Herzegovina
      Todorovič Simon Slovenia
      Valikonis Robertas Lithuania
      Vigfusson Andri Iceland
      Weijers Barry Antonius Johannes Hendrikus Netherlands

    2. Officials called up for UEFA Futsal EURO 2014

    3. That is the list for Euro Futsal 2012!!!!!!!! :)

  16. Thank you very much!!!

  17. Anyone have any reliable info on the futsal list? I know for a fact that Sweden had two refs nominated, but only one spot on the final list. Whereas the Norwegian neighbours got their first ref included.
    Are there any regulations on who is allowed to have only one ref and who can have more

    1. Maybe Swedish Observer, as a good neighboor, can ask the Norwegian FA to publish the futsal list on their web site as well?

  18. I agree, Swedish Observer, if you could, please? Also, if someone has any interesting and reliable info regarding the futsal list, please let us know. Futsal doesn't get enough attention here :)

  19. Hm this site is called Anyway the futsal list is included in the PDF REFEREES, I don't see the problem.

    1. Just a topic for discussion, thats all

    2. Yes no problem. Feel free to discuss it here but from my side I did not plan to focus on it very much in future.

    3. I meant the original UEFA pdf document.

  20. Arsenal-Chelsea: Mikel´s tackle on Arteta should have had one red card.
    Dean, middling. Ot not was the referee idoneous.

  21. Sorry...It not was....

  22. I think ist a mistake in list and Kaspars Kivliss is from Latvia and not from Moldova

  23. Maybe he is now moldovanian?! :-) What ever... main point is to be FIFA referee :-) I also think what it is a mistake - Kaspars.

  24. Good job! Are the lists for all other continents somewhere? If someone knows it pls comment. Thank you

  25. Dear Niklas
    When do you expect to have the new lists for 2016? Do you know is it already known? And if not when ref committee is going to have meeting about that?
    Many thanks in advance...


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