January 29, 2014

Who the hell needs a Yellow Card?!

Well, we often talked about managing a match instead of just executing the Laws of the Game and sorting out some cards. One facet of a good match feeling and personality is the efficient usage of verbal warnings targeted at making sure the players are understanding your line and its limits. 

Carlos Maglio, an Argentine referee, has found his own way to do so: Just forget about the yellow card and only keep the red card in your pocket...no comment.


  1. To be added (relevant or otherwise): the match was a 'friendly' - I prefer the term 'test match' when the match has as much to do with friendlyness as North Korea with democracy.

    A problem with these matches is that yellow cards are usually useless. They do not count as any accumulation as in normal competition. However this problem is not really for the referee to solve as Maglio did here, rather for the responsible authorities (AFA?).

    About the gesture from Maglio: if these gestures are needed to control a match, one has to ask oneself if there is nothing the referee could have done differently beforehand.

  2. Stupid. Nothing more to say about it.

    1. Stupid what or who?


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