February 24, 2014

Champions League - Round of 16 - Referee Appointments (IV)

Spanish World Cup 2014 referee Carlos Velasco Carballo and company will take charge of Galatasaray Istanbul vs Chelsea FC. Based in Madrid, the former engineer and current professional referee will handle José Mourinho's team for the second time this season having already overseen their clear win away in Bucharest. At the same time, Howard Webb has been assigned for the duel between Schalke 04 and Real Madrid. He has already met both clubs multiple times in his long international career.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014, 20:45 CET
Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
FC Schalke 04 - Real Madrid CF
Referee: Howard Webb (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Michael Mullarkey (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Darren Cann (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Lee Probert (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Kevin Friend (ENG)
Fourth Official: Stephen Child (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Michel Vautrot (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Michal Listkiewicz (POL)
Blog Referee Observer: Thomas H. (NED)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014, 20:45 CET
Ali Sami Yen Spor Kompleksi, Istanbul, Turkey
Galatasaray Istanbul - Chelsea FC
Referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Carlos Clos Gómez (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Carlos Del Cerro Grande (ESP)
Fourth Official: Roberto Díaz Pérez Del Palomar (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vaclav Krondl (CZE)
UEFA Delegate: Jean-Louis Piette (FRA)
Blog Referee Observer: Chefren (ITA)


  1. the other is Webb

    1. Thanks. Do you have the full team?

  2. mullarkey cann child probert friend

  3. I expected a different name for Schalke - Real Madrid.
    Suprised by the appointment of Howard Webb.

  4. As mentioned in another post, Vautrot is often there to observe very experienced referees like Rizzoli in San Sebastian. So Webb was somehow expected for me. But it is surely remarkable that both Velasco and Webb already had these teams on MD2 / MD4.

  5. Webb gets a Champions League game despite being in shocking form (domestically) for the last eight weeks or so. Decent appointment for Carballo however...

  6. Prediction for Second Round:
    Atletico - Milan: Clattenburg
    Bayern - Arsenal: Mazic
    Barcelona - Man.City: Lannoy
    PSG - Leverkusen : Hategan
    Chelsea - Galatasaray: Brych
    Real Madrid - Schalke: Skomina
    Dortmund - Zenit: Undiano
    Man.United - Olympiacos: Kralovec

    1. I agree on the fact that PSG - Leverkusen can be a match for a Former Development official.

    2. I agree with Dmitry's predictions but would just send Moen to Atlético and Clattenburg to Paris instead.

    3. I expect Atkinson, Clattenburg, Brych/Cakir/Mazic/Moen, Stark, Thomson, Undiano, Kralovec, Kuipers for the second legs. But who knows... UEFA may surprise us again.

      New predictions:
      Atletico - Milan: Clattenburg
      Bayern - Arsenal: Undiano
      Barca - ManCity: Brych/Cakir/Mazic/Moen
      PSG - Bayer: Thomson
      Chelsea - Galatasaray: Stark
      Real - Schalke: Kralovec
      BVB - Zenit: Atkinson
      ManU - Piräus: Kuipers

    4. My predictions are:
      Atletico - Milan: Moen
      Bayern - Arsenal: Kralovec
      Barcelona - Man.City: Lannoy
      PSG - Leverkusen : Undiano
      Chelsea - Galatasaray: Skomina
      Real Madrid - Schalke: Kuipers
      Dortmund - Zenit: Mazic
      Man.United - Olympiacos: Brych

    5. Also my predictions:

      Atletico - Milan: Kuipers
      Bayern - Arsenal: Mazic
      Barca - ManCity: Moen
      PSG - Bayer: Orsato
      Chelsea - Galatasaray: Brych
      Real - Schalke: Kralovec
      BVB - Zenit: Clattenburg
      ManUtd - Olympiakos: Fernández Borbalán

  7. Anonymous24/2/14 12:16

    Second time of Webb for Real and Velasco for Chelsea.
    Very bad UEFA.

  8. Friendly matches:

    Algeria – Slovenia
    Néant Alioum (Cameroon)

    Bosna and Herzegovina – Egypt
    Markus Hameter, Andreas Staudinger, Roland Riedel, Robert Schörgenhofer (Austria)

    Bulgaria - Belarus
    Milenko Vukadinović, Milan Minić, Uroš Stojković (Serbia)

    France – Netherlands
    Martin Atkinson (England)

    Germany – Chile
    Mark Clattenburg, Peter Kirkup, Jacob Collin (England), Marco Fritz (Germany)

    Hungary – Finland
    Alexander Harkam, Richard Hübler, Roland Braunschmidt, Rene Eisner (Austria)

    Montenegro – Ghana
    Vlado Glođović (Serbia)

    Portugal – Cameroon
    Andre Marriner, Stephen Child, Simon Long (England), Carlos Miguel Taborda Xistra (Portugal)

    Republic of Ireland – Serbia
    Viktor Kassai, Róbert Kispál, Gábor Erős (Hungary), Paul McLaughlin (Republic of Ireland)

    Romania – Argentina
    Gianluca Rocchi, Elenito Di Liberatore, Gianluca Cariolato, Marco Guida (Italy)

    Spain – Italy
    Yevhen Aranovsky, Oleksandr Voytyuk, Oleksandr Korniyko (Ukraine), Carlos del Cerro Grande (Spain)

    South Africa – Brazil
    António Muachihuissa Caxala, Jerson Emiliano dos Santos, Júlio Gonçalves da Silva Lemos, Romualdo do Rosário Baltazar (Angola)

    Turkey – Sweden
    Milorad Mažić, Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević (Serbia), Bülent Yıldırım (Turkey)

    Ukraine – USA
    Alaksey Kulbakau, Andrey Hetsikau, Aleh Maslianka (Belarus), Anatoliy Abdula (Ukraine)

    If someone knows other appointments please post them here.

    1. Anonymous24/2/14 14:57


    2. Czech Republic - Norway
      Duran - Ongun

    3. Ref Copenhagen26/2/14 08:52

      England - Denmark
      Kevin Blom, Rob van de Ven, Charles Schaap, Serdar Gözübüyük (NED)


    4. Poland - Scotland
      Alain Bieri, Johannes Vogel, Alain Heiniger (SUI), Bartosz Frankowski (POL)


    5. Anonymous27/2/14 13:13

      Undiano Mallenco, Diaz Perez Del Palomar, Cabanero Martinez (ESP), Kazmenko (RUS)

    6. Greece - N. Korea: Ovidiu Alin Hategan (ROU)

    7. Gibraltar v Faroe Islands
      Raymnd Crangle, Andy Neeson, James Eakin, Arnold Hunter (Northern Ireland)

      Gibraltar v Estonia
      Arnold Hunter, James Eakin, Andy Neeson, Raymond Crangle (Northern Ireland)

      Japan v New Zealand
      Alan Milliner, Ashley Beecham, Matthew Cheeseman (Australia)

      Azerbaijan – Philippines
      Fahad Banihammad, Ahmed Al-Rashidi, Jassim Al Ali, Hamad Alshaikh Hashmi (United Arab Emirates)

  9. Cristóbal24/2/14 16:18

    Predictions: Atl.Madrid-Milan Moen
    Bayern-Arsenal Skomina
    Barcelona-M.City Çakir
    PSG-Leverkusen Undiano
    Chelsea-Galatasaray Brych
    Real Madrid-Schalke Mazic
    B.Dortmund-Zenit Thomson
    M.United-Olympiakos Kuypers

  10. Anonymous24/2/14 16:34

    Off-topic, but anyone willing to comment on Twente's equalizer in their game versus Feyenoord in 90+5th minute? A lot of commotion in The Netherlands; should Castaignos be penalised for being in an offside position and interfering with an opponent (goalkeeper)?


    Watch the video above (if possible) from 1.10 minutes

    1. Dutch referee Serder Gözübüyük explained after the match that, after having seen the recordings of the match, he agrees with his decision of a legitimate goal. He said that Castaignos did not interfere with the goalkeeper and that the goalkeeper had a good sight on where the ball was. He congratulated his AR with this decision.

    2. I think no offside, the goalkeeper's vision is not blocked by the Castaignos, who does not play the ball in any way either. So his offside position is not active and therefore the goal is valid. Good decision by the AR.

    3. KNVB's official interpretation: no offside.


    4. It is a very borderline situation, one can accept the NO FLAG, but if you ask me, even though the keeper was not obstructed in his view, he was clearly influenced by the player in offside.
      I'm in trouble but I can accept this decision. Just a few steps on his right, and the offside might have become very blatant...

    5. Anonymous24/2/14 23:54

      For me goalkeeper's view is clearly obstructed - in the moment of the shot he leans his body to the left side, to see the ball - it is interfereing with opponent.

    6. Anonymous25/2/14 06:56

      How about the first goal of the match,offside for interefereing with an oponnent?

    7. I would call this no offside, the attacker did not block the goalkeeper's view. It is true that the goalkeeper was leaning to his left, but it was due to position of his teammates no 4 and no. 10 who blocked his view.

  11. Anonymous24/2/14 17:47

    If I'm right Strahonja is appointed in EL on Thursday...
    Vučemilović, his regular AAR was appointed for match on Wednesday and then he was replaced "due Europa League appointment", as they said. They also replaced Miro Grgić, Bebek's regular assistant, are there any chances for Bebek this week again?

    1. I think that Grgić could replace Krmar in Strahonja team, due to the crucial mistake made in Marseille - Bortmund.

      So one can expect:
      Premužaj - Grgić
      Vučemilović - Pristovnik

    2. Anonymous24/2/14 20:55

      "[...] crucial mistake made in Marseille - Bortmund."

      You're right:
      Should be "Dortmund" instead of "Bortmund". ;-)


  12. Trabzonspor - Juventus
    Kralovec, Slysko, Wilczek, Prihoda, Patak, Pelikan - Nobs

  13. Cristóbal25/2/14 10:15

    I don´t understand why Vautrot must see Howard Webb who is
    superabundantly known. Tourismus?

    1. Anonymous25/2/14 10:46

      Why not, is a present!

    2. Well, Vautrot hasn't been an important observer for a very long time now, whatever his merits as former referee and observer in the 80s/90s. And Webb also must be observed, no?

  14. Two further appointments:

    Salzburg - Ajax Tagliavento

    Sevilla - Maribor Banti (with Sandro Pozzi from Switzerland as AR1)

  15. Anonymous25/2/14 11:04

    Eintracht Frankfurt - Fc Porto:
    Referee: Björn Kuipers (NED)
    Assistant Referee 1: Angelo Boonman (NED)
    Assistant Referee 2: Erwin Zeinstra (NED)
    Additional Assistant Referee 1: Richard Liesveld (NED)
    Additional Assistant Referee 2: Ed Janssen (NED)
    Fourth Official: Charles Schaap (NED)

    Shaktar Donetsk - Viktoria Plzen
    Referee: Pol van Boekel (NED)
    Assistant Referee 1: Dave Goossens (NED)
    Assistant Referee 2: Bas van Dongen (NED)
    Additional Assistant Referee 1: Serdat Gözübüyük (NED)
    Additional Assistant Referee 2: Dennis Higler (NED)
    Fourth Official: Rob van de Ven (NED)

  16. Anonymous26/2/14 21:43

    First debateable situation for Carballo.
    Throw in for Gala in the attacking third and Terry holding the matchball in his arms and runs away. Another ball is given for the Gala player at the sideline and Terry throws his ball to the centre of the field. The another ball is thrown to Burak, who scores.
    Carballo chaulked off the goal and obvious YC for Terry.
    Question here is that, what ball is to be considered as ''outside agent''? What is your opinion?
    If the answer is the ball, that was at Terry's hand, I'd say that the goal should have stood, due advantage rule that says that match should not be stopped if the outside agent(the ball) isn't interfering with the game. What do you think about my theory?
    If the answer is the ball, that was thrown in, then it's simple and perfect solution from Carballo.
    I'd go with the second theory, cause I'd expect to play the free kick or throw in with the same ball, that was in play, when foul was made or it went out of play and it is still near the players.

    / BC

    1. Well, I think that this was a very particular situation and at the end I agree with the decision taken by Carballo.
      He couldn't know that Galatasaray was suddenly going to score, and for this reason when he noticed that Terry had thrown deliberately the ball in order to delay the restart of the play, he correctly booked him. When Galatasaray scored, the game had been already stopped. Chelsea was lucky and Galatasaray penalized, yes, we can say that, but I think Carballo managed in the appropriate manner the situation. He might have allowed the play to go on with two balls, in order to give an advantage to home team, but if you ask me, this might have been a more debatable choice.

  17. Can someone explain to me how Felipe Melo hasn't been booked tonight?

    1. Carballo did not show him a yellow card :)

    2. The YC missed is clear, a point for improvement. More to follow in the report...

    3. Anonymous27/2/14 13:53

      It is incredible that Melo could finish the game without a yellow card. Carballo extremely tolerant and thus with a clear error (observer Krondl CZE). This gentleman goes to the World Cup?

    4. The report is ready, soon online.
      Mark is 8.2 for this reason (and another one)

  18. So we have three return matches which are already all but decided... PSG - Leverkusen, Real - Schalke and probably also Dortmund - Zenit are probably not going spring any surprises. Also Barca - City and Bayern - Arsenal have a clear favourite going into the second leg.
    Does that give UEFA room for Cat1 referees like Orsato, Karasev and Hategan for the first three matches or will Elite referees like Atkinson and Benquerenca be appointed?
    Barca - City and Bayern - Arsenal should be for Moen and Mazic, for my taste.
    Kuipers and Brych for the two 'biggest matches, Atletico - Milan and Chelsea - Gala respectively. United - Olympiakos is also expected to be tense, I would appoint Lannoy here.
    Then we are left with the 'decided' matches. Orsato for PSG-Bayer on 12 March, and if he does well enough UEFA can take the risk and appoint a Cat1 referee at Real-Schalke. For this match I would appoint either Hategan or Karasev. Kralovec or Atkinson if UEFA doesn't want to take the risk. Finally, Clattenburg for Borussia-Zenit.

    Updated predictions:
    Atletico - Milan: Kuipers
    Bayern - Arsenal: Mazic
    Barca - ManCity: Moen
    PSG - Bayer: Orsato
    Chelsea - Galatasaray: Brych
    Real - Schalke: Hategan/Kralovec
    BVB - Zenit: Clattenburg
    ManUtd - Olympiakos: Lannoy
    Your views?

    1. I would go for:

      Atletico - Milan: Cakir
      Bayern - Arsenal: Lannoy
      Barcelona - Man City: Skomina
      PSG - Leverkusen: Borbalan
      Chelsea - Galatasaray: Kuipers
      Real Madrid - Schalke: Kralovec
      BVB - Zenit: Clattenburg
      Man Utd - Olympiacos: Brych

    2. ATL-MIL: Moen
      BAY-ARS: Cakir
      BAR-CIT: Skomina or Lannoy
      PSG-LEV: Fernández
      CHE-GAL: Mazic
      RMA-S04: Bebek
      BVB-ZEN: Clattenburg
      MNU-OLY: Brych

    3. Ah I forgot Bebek. I think he should be appointed for Real-Schalke then.

    4. Anonymous27/2/14 17:05

      If I'm not wrong appointments were made in advance, so I believe referee for second legs are already appointed. Let's say appointments were made three weeks ago, in that moment I would appoint World Cup referees for both matches Real-Schalke. I wouldn't be surprised to see Cakir, Kuipers or Moen in that match.
      Btw: If they made appointments this week, and they appoint cat1 referee, I think only Bebek has a chance for it, maybe Hategan, but I'm not sure.

    5. But then the observers/delegates would already be known too, am I right?

  19. I think that Real Madrid - Schalke now can be handled by Orsato.

    1. Anonymous27/2/14 13:59

      anyone can whistle this game, also referee in group two!

  20. Anonymous27/2/14 20:15

    you have to know, that UEFA nominates the referees for the 2nd game before they know the resulat of the 1st game...so it is possible that you will be very surprised by some names

    1. Are you sure? Normally the designations are made 10 days prior to kick-off, so they could have waited until they knew the first leg results (remember last season, Kralovec would not have got BAY-ARS if the first leg had been a home win..). Furthermore, the observers are not appointed either until now.

  21. Anonymous27/2/14 21:48

    I think CL referees were appointed in advance for both matches, first and second legs, and I agree, I wouldn't be surprised to see World Cup referee in Real-Schalke. But, if you remember in his last season FDB announced on his blog that he is appointed for CL QF match. But, after first legs it was clear that SF match will be Real-Barca and sudenly, FDB announced that he is not appointed for QF, and what a surprise he got Real-Barca.


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