February 23, 2014

Champions League - Round of 16 - Referee Appointments (III)

UEFA has appointed William Collum and Gianluca Rocchi to be in charge of Tuesday's time-displaced Champions League matches in St. Petersburg and Piraeus. The Scottish official will oversee the duel between Zenit and last year's finalists Borussia Dortmund, while Italian Gianluca Rocchi has been nominated for Olympiakos - Manchester United.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014, 18:00 CET
Petrovskiy Stadium, St Petersburg, Russia
Zenit St Petersburg - Borussia Dortmund
Referee: William Collum (SCO)
Assistant Referee 1: Martin Cryans (SCO)
Assistant Referee 2: William Conquer (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Robert Madden (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: John Beaton (SCO)
Fourth Official: Graham Chambers (SCO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)
UEFA Delegate: Jānis Mežeckis (LVA)
Blog Referee Observer: Edward (GRE)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014, 20:45 CET
Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium, Piraeus, Greece
Olympiakos - Manchester United
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Elenito Di Liberatore (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Gianluca Cariolato (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Paolo Mazzoleni (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Paolo Valeri (ITA)
Fourth Official: Alessandro Giallatini (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Zdravko Jokić (SRB)
UEFA Delegate: Georges Lüchinger (LIE)
Blog Referee Observer: Niclas (GER)


  1. Anonymous23/2/14 12:24

    Two middlings designations.

  2. Good appointment for Collum. It seems that UEFA has big plans for him this year.

    Unexpected appointment for Rocchi in a potentially hot match and in a difficult stadium. One interesting thing. UEFA started this season with Sandro Pozzi paired with Rocchi. But in the process this pairing seems to have disappear.

    1. Anonymous23/2/14 13:43

      Maybe, Stéphan Studer will handle a Round of 16 match in the Europa League and therefore be accompanied by Sandro Pozzi whereas Roland Brandner was coupled with Matej Jug again because no Austrian referee will be considered in the second stage of both UCL and UEL.


    2. Anonymous23/2/14 13:50

      Sorry: Meant Round of 32.

    3. We now know it was with Banti but essentially you were right.

  3. Actually I like both designations. For Collum, it is another confirmation of his extremely positive development over the last 2 seasons (imo one of the biggest talents we have). Under Jozef Marko's eyes, he can show another good performance and, who knows, I think he has great chances to reach a lot in this season (maybe in EL semifinals).
    For Rocchi, it is a small challenge as this match could become intense. About Pozzi - maybe UEFA rated him with 7.9 in Munich. There was a controversial onside goal by Bayern. In my opinion, a correct one according to the new Law11, but maybe UEFA thinks differently. At Stamford Bridge, when Rocchi handled CHE-STE, he was unable to accompany the Italian crew since Basel was in the group of these teams.

  4. Schalke-Real, Mazic.
    Galatasaray-Chelsea, Brych.
    I hope........

  5. Anonymous23/2/14 15:43

    Not OK this time with Niclas.

  6. Anonymous23/2/14 18:24

    Off topic: looking at Craig Pawson refereeing Norwich-Tottenham right now. Is it only me that thinks that he has a very strange way of positioning himself? Difficult to describe, but he seems to want to be in the centre of the pitch, behind play, all of the time. Could be that it is just a coincidence, but if not then at least I think that this is a risky approach. He will risk not having the best position if something happens. Anyone else watching the game?

    /Swedish observer

  7. Nice appointments for Rocchi and Collum.
    I see a difference of difficulty, Olympiacos - Manchester United will be probably challenging for the Italian referee, considering also the Greek crowd.

    The other match, if you ask me, sounds as less challenging, at least on the paper. Anyway, we will see.

  8. I am repeating myself - good appointments again by UEFA in the CL. Collum has deserved this match/observer with good performances since his promotion. Agree with Niclas that there are big things waiting for him.
    Also Rocchi will have his work cut out in Greece. I haven't always enjoyed his performances, so I trust he will convince me.

  9. Anonymous25/2/14 18:58

    The Brazilian Wilson Seneme, announced his retirement, to be the new member of the CONMEBOL referees Committee
    Committee is now composed of Carlos Alarcon (Paraguay) as President, and members: Wilson Seneme (Brazil), Abel Gnecco (Argentina), Ernesto Filippi (Uruguay) y Alberto Tejada (Peru)


  10. Anonymous25/2/14 19:45

    Sadly, Team Collum ain't having the best of 2nd half.. Both Zenit goals have been crutial mistakes for me. Clear offside for first and not correct penalty for second. Have not seen replays, but I think that Dortmund defender made no offence, he had nowhere to go.
    Also would like to point out that YC was missed for Zenit defender for foul on Reus in the first goal situation(holding/SPA).
    Good personality, body language and foul detection for me!

    / BC

    1. I agree with you about personality, body language, foul detection etc. Collum is, as I said last week, one of the biggest talents UEFA has specially because of his personality.
      About the match incidents, yes, crucial mistake by AR1. As for the penalty, I am torn between penalty and no penalty. The defender slightly blocked him and even made a step with his leg into the direction of the attacker. On the other hand, the attacker more or less ran into him so that the defender could not have avoided the contact. I would not have whistled it. But I don't want to call it a crucial mistake.

    2. I don't agree on the penalty given, too.
      One can understand the choice, but in fact the defender did nothing in order to make a foul on the opponent.
      It was a deliberate choice by Fayzulin to go towards Piszczek, in order to get a penalty. But that's just my opinion, perhaps UEFA will be content with that.
      About the offside goal: even though a very tight position, another crucial mistake in this KO stage. For sure not good for UEFA.

    3. Anonymous25/2/14 23:10

      How can foul detection be good when a wrong penalty kick is awarded?

    4. Emil Archambault26/2/14 01:33

      When there is more than one foul in a game?

      Good foul detection means that overall, fouls were well judged. It does not negate the possibility of occasional errors, which happen even to the best referees.

    5. Yes, it was an offside position, but I would appreciate your clarification whether it is considered to be the crucial mistake (in observer's report), as the goal was scored after an attempt of defender to clear the ball with the header, ball hitting post... Thank you for your support.

    6. Yes it has to be considered as a crucial mistake.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Anonymous26/2/14 13:57

    Dear friends,what about Gianluca Rocchi's performance ?
    I didnt watch the match, btw result is expexted for me :)

    1. Anonymous26/2/14 14:10

      Didn't had time to watch the game, but my opinion is that referee must have had a perfect day, when nobody is talking about him(in media and even here)! Even though English big gun lost the game.

      / BC

    2. Anonymous26/2/14 14:51

      When you don't talk aboutt a referee, it's always a success.
      I agree :)

    3. Manchester's skipper Vidic (seriously) congratulated Rocchi on his performance after his match, that says a lot.
      He was very lenient during the match and therefore missed some fouls, but both teams seemed to be happy with it, so the match was intense but not really unfair.
      The overall assessment depends on how grave you consider his little mistakes (also at throw-in and corner decisions) compared to other aspects.

    4. Anonymous26/2/14 16:49

      As I thought...:)
      Thank you



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