March 1, 2014

IFAB has rejected UEFA proposal to avert the "Triple Punishment"

Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson sending off Martín Demichelis for DOGSO (c)

Following an official request by UEFA, warmly supported by president Michel Platini (here you can find the news), IFAB has discussed in today’s meeting  the opportunity to change or avert the “Triple Punishment”.  The final decision is that nothing will change. The Triple Punishment has been confirmed, therefore a referee will have still to send off a player in case of DOGSO. The hope is  that a red card can occur only in mandatory situations, nevertheless everything will remain under the full discretion of the match officials. 
Apart from that, IFAB has also discussed further issues, deciding in this way: a player will be banned in case of messages under his shirt (especially after a celebration), the usage of head covers has been officially ratified,  no technology on the pitch to help the referee apart from the GLT already in use, the experiment about sin bins will continue at amateur level. 
Finally, FIFA secretary  Jérôme Valcke  has stated that LotG will be changed and  clarified in certain points, especially about the discussed topics, in order to make them even more detailed.



  1. Excellent news. As far as I could tell, the only people complaining were coaches and the media (and they definitely have no idea what they're talking about).

    1. Coincidentally coaches, players, and fans challenge the rules only when they're the ones suffering. Any other time they have no complaints.

    2. Anonymous3/3/14 11:12

      Triple Punishment: It's time to correct the vote ratios in IFAB, FIFA could do. So finally outvoted 4 theorists from the United Kingdom can be, which lack any understanding of football. Known as paper tigers.

  2. OT some interesting U21 appointments for Wednesday matches (EURO 2015 qualifying):

    Greece - Turkey
    Artur Soares with Bertino Miranda as AR1

    Belgium - Serbia
    Felix Zwayer

    England - Wales
    Nicolas Rainville

    It would be nice to know the observers. Kika, can you help us? ;)

    1. Anonymous2/3/14 13:51

      Soares with Batta (FRA),
      Zwayer with Melo Pereira (POR),
      Rainville with Irvine (NIR) as oberser!

    2. Thanks a lot! :)

    3. Zwayer?

      A first cat. referee. Impressive.

    4. Anonymous5/3/14 20:07

      I watched Soares Dias (Greece - Turkey).

      He didn't have a good performance.

      The penalty against Turkey simply doesn't exist. The attacker dives near the goal-line and the referee whistles after 5'' without signalling anything. After 5'' he points to the spot. Probably he discussed it with AR2 who was around 40m from it. He sends off the Greek defender who "made" the infraction (for DOGSO).
      After that he send another Greek defender off with RC for violent conduct (correctly).
      His overall foul detection was just satisfying, he made many stupid mistakes and he seemed to have lost control at the 1st half.

      AR1 was faultless and AR2 with 1 mistaken offside call.

      Pretty much a performance of 7.5-7.7 for me.

  3. Very good performance by Martin Atkinson in the League Cup final...

    1. Anonymous2/3/14 20:33

      Good to hear that.

      /Swedish observer

  4. Anonymous2/3/14 21:28

    Greek Superleague

    Olympiakos - Panathinaikos (0-3): A. Sidiropoulos

    A surprise result since Olympiakos is pretty much the champions of Greek.

    Tasos Sidiropoulos was the appointed referee. 2 situations to underline.

    Min. 77' he awarded a penalty to Olympiakos for a clear push from a defender BUT only seconds before that there was a clear foul to a Panathinaikos defender which wasn't punished.

    Min. 88' Holebas (Olympiakos) clearly holds an opponent for at least 5m and throws him down. The referee correctly gives the foul but doesn't caution the defender since it would be the 2nd YC.

  5. Yesterday Deniz Aytekin awarded a penalty in Frankfurt-Stuttgart but corrected his decision after getting advice by AR Benjamin Brand (you maybe remember him from the relegation decisive offside decision in Dortmund last season, 1989).

    1. This was a superb call by the AR2, brave and, the most important, correct.
      By the way, the AR1 also had a very good call when Frankfurt scored its1st goal... There was an interesting offside call some time before Fr scored the first goal, I think it was incorrect, but can not find it online (me and the offside rule changes...)

  6. According to DFB, Scotsman Graham Chambers and not Peter Kirkup is assisting Mark Clattenburg in Germany-Chile. (Jake Collin still the other assistant)


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