March 6, 2014

UEFA Observers and Delegates for CL Round of 16 Second Legs ready

These are the officials selected who will observe the referees and delegate the matches of Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg ties during the coming two weeks.

11 March 2014, 20:45 CET
Atlético Madrid - AC Milan
UEFA Referee Observer: Sergey Zuev (RUS)
UEFA Delegate: Eggert Magnusson (ISL)
Prediction: Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)

11 March 2014, 20:45 CET
Bayern München - Arsenal FC
UEFA Referee Observer: Jaap Uilenberg (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Balázs Makray (HUN)
Prediction: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)

12 March 2014, 20:45 CET
Paris SG - Bayer Leverkusen
UEFA Referee Observer: Donald McVicar (SCO)
UEFA Delegate: David Findlay (SCO)
Prediction: Pavel Královec (CZE)

12 March 2014, 20:45 CET
FC Barcelona - Manchester City
UEFA Referee Observer: Luciano Luci (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Christian Schmölzer (AUT)
Prediction: Felix Brych (GER)

18 March 2014, 20:45 CET
Real Madrid - Schalke 04
UEFA Referee Observer: Vítor Melo Pereira (POR)
UEFA Delegate: Dennis Cruise (IRL)
Prediction: Damir Skomina (SVN)

18 March 2014, 20:45 CET
Chelsea FC - Galatasaray
UEFA Referee Observer: Roberto Rosetti (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Michele Uva (ITA)
Prediction: Milorad Mažić (SRB)

19 March 2014, 20:45 CET
Borussia Dortmund - Zenit St Petersburg
UEFA Referee Observer: Stephen Bennett (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Christian Kofoed (DEN)
Prediction: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)

19 March 2014, 20:45 CET
Manchester Utd. - Olympiakos
UEFA Referee Observer: Francesco Bianchi (SUI)
UEFA Delegate: Michael Kirchner (GER)
Prediction: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)


  1. Anonymous6/3/14 17:23

    News from Italy:one of the Elite assistants will be appointed with Slov. Skomina in CL.

  2. My prediction is:
    ATL-MIL: Moen
    BAY-ARS: Kralovec
    PSG-LEV: Undiano Mallenco
    BAR-MANC: Lannoy
    RMA-S04: Kuipers
    CHE-GAL: Skomina
    BVB-ZEN: Mazic
    MANU-OLY: Brych

  3. My turn...

    Atlético - Milan: Çakır
    Bayern - Arsenal: Mažić
    PSG - Leverkusen: Borbalán
    Barcelona - Man City: Skomina
    Real Madrid - Schalke: Kralovec
    Chelsea - Galatasaray: Kuipers
    Dortmund - Zenit: Benquerença
    Man Utd - Olympiacos: Brych

    1. Anonymous6/3/14 21:33

      FCB-M.City is too match for Lannoy and Skomina.
      My prediction is for Brych or Çakir.

    2. Brych cannot have ManU due to the delegate.
      Anonymous, do you know who exactly will assist Skomina?

    3. Anonymous7/3/14 11:49

      Damir Skomina will be assisted by a very experienced Italian assistant referee.

    4. Anonymous7/3/14 13:52

      Cariolato or Di Liberatore?

    5. Anonymous7/3/14 13:53

      Niclas - Brych is from Germany and the observer from Switzerland and the delegate from Austria, so you should not rule out him from the Manchester match just based on that?

      /Swedish observer

    6. Brych had Horst Brummeier (AUT) in group stage. Again an observer from Austria?

    7. Well it is my mistake. Michael Kirchner is de facto German. I don't know why I typed down "AUT"...

    8. In that case, I will switch Messrs Brych and Kuipers around...

  4. Off-Topic: The PRO Referees, the ones refereeing games in the MLS, could be locked out in the next few days. The referees unionized last year and have no collective bargaining agreement so far. If they are locked out by the PRO management (presumably under instructions by the MLS), replacement refs would be used in MLS. These would be former MLS referees (so probably over 45 years old) and possibly foreign referees (no indication as to the provenance). I'd be worried if that were to happen. When replacement referees were used in the NFL (american football), it was a disaster. I haven't seen any comments by the Canadian Soccer Association or the US Soccer Federation.

    1. Selected replacement referees:

      Alan Kelly (IRL) former FIFA referee
      Ioannis Stavridis (GRE) former FIFA referee
      Javier Santos (PUR) FIFA referee
      William Anderson (PUR) FIFA referee
      Jorge Luna (USA) Former MLS referee
      Abbey Okulaja (USA) Former MLS referee
      Ramon Hernández (USA) Former MLS referee
      Andres Pfefferkorn (USA) NASL referee

      Appts at:

  5. UEFA Referee's Seminars 2015.

    Advanced and Introductory Course 1-5 February 2015 Athens.

    Assistant Referee's Course 2-11 March 2015 Athens

  6. Anonymous6/3/14 23:29

    Atlético - Milan: Moen
    Bayern - Arsenal: Cakir
    PSG - Leverkusen: Královec
    Barcelona - Man City: Brych
    Real Madrid - Schalke: Lannoy
    Chelsea - Galatasaray: Kuipers
    Dortmund - Zenit: Thomson
    Man Utd - Olympiacos: Mazic

    1. Anonymous6/3/14 23:34

      Thomson at Dortmund is a joke.

  7. Giuseppe7/3/14 00:09

    A.Madrid-Milan Moen
    Bayern-Arsenal Skomina
    FC Barcelona-M.City Çakir
    PSG-Leverkusen Undiano
    Chelsea-Galatasaray Brych
    Real-Schalke Mazic
    Dortmund-Zenit Lannoy
    M.United-Olympiakos Kuipers

  8. Anonymous7/3/14 14:27

    Brych whistles today evening in the 2nd Bundesliga between Kaiserslautern against Sandhausen. He whistles next week tuesday Milan - Madrid oder Barca - Man City.

    1. Anonymous7/3/14 14:28

      *or wednesday Barca - Man City

    2. Rather on Wednesday. As said above, Mark Borsch, his regular AR1, has a match as fourth official in 2nd Bundesliga on Monday evening.

  9. My final predictions.

    Bayern Arsenal
    Cuneyt Cakir (TUR)

    Atletico Madrid - Milan
    Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)

    PSG - Leverkusen
    Damir Skomina (SVN)

    Barcelona - Manchester City
    Felix Brych (GER)

    Real Madrid - Schalke 04
    Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)

    Chelsea - Galatasaray
    Milorad Mazic (SRB)

    Borussia Dortmund - Zenit S. P.
    Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)

    Manchester United - Olympiacos
    Pavel Kralovec (CZE)

  10. Anonymous7/3/14 19:22

    Who are your predicted referee teams for the EL
    derbies Sevilla - Betis and Juventus - Fiorentina?


  11. This depends on the referee observer appointments.
    Generally I think Elite referees should be chosen (e.g. Rizzoli and Stark for the Spanish derby and Webb plus Collum for the Italian match).

    1. Anonymous7/3/14 20:49

      Hi Suricate,

      I think that the derbies could go to "number 2-referees" or even "number 3-referees" (Clattenburg or Atkinson instead of Webb, Rocchi or Tagliavento instead of Rizzoli, etc.).


    2. I agree with Peter. I'd give Atkinson and Stark the Spanish derby, for instance.

    3. Anonymous7/3/14 23:24

      I see Clattenburg in EL.
      UEFA was not content with him one year ago at Bayern - Juventus.

    4. Well Atkinson is bound to have a match since he lost the previous one. So I guess he is a good choice for the Spanish clash.

  12. OT Laurent Duhamel is officiating right now OM - Nice in Ligue 1 and he still wears the FIFA badge. That's really stragne.

    1. Anonymous7/3/14 23:06

      For some unknown reason, FFF allows their former international referees to wear their FIFA badges after getting off the list.

    2. Anonymous7/3/14 23:12

      FIFA referee once, FIFA referee forever..... :)

    3. Anonymous7/3/14 23:40

      Chefren: if you look carefully, you will notice that Laurent Duhamel wears the FIFA Assistant Referee badge (year 2012).
      Actually, that badge was his brother's one, who committed suicide two years ago.
      It is a kind of tribute. He officiates with it in Ligue 1 since his death.

      Anonymous: FFF does not allow their former international referees to wear their FIFA badges. Several ex-FIFA referees (Thual, Kalt...) officiate with the "Fédéral 1" badge. The only exception was Stéphane Bré, but I think it was only "politics" in his case...

    4. Thanks for this explanation, very nice gesture by Laurent Duhamel.

  13. Check these two situations of Mr Gautier in Tottenham-Dnipro.

    Match minutes 15:30 - 16:30
    and match minutes 23:50 - 24:30

    Unbelievable and unacceptable.

    1. Very bad "reaction", specially the second situation. It is clear that referee saw what had happened, but ... Unacceptable.

  14. If UEFA are not content with Clattenburg. UEFA has not reason.
    Clattenburg is better referee that Batta and company.

    1. Anonymous8/3/14 11:53

      Watch Bayern Juventus and then come back here to make your comment.

    2. So you judge a referee based on one performance? Excluding some isolated instances, I thought he handled the game rather well, in what was really his first huge assignment.

    3. Anonymous8/3/14 15:31

      Very impressed with Clattenburg's fitness in Arsenal-Everton today. Look at his speed when the 4-1 goal was scored. Very quick and up with play. Only looked at the last 20 mins today, but I think he was spot on the time I watched, anyway.

      Time for the FA Cup final this year?

      /Swedish observer

    4. I agree - been really good today! Well, historically all referees appointed for the quarter finals are in with a chance. The only problem for Clatts, is that if Sunderland progress to the final, he can't get the appointment. In that case, I think either Messrs Mason or Probert will get the honour. But, Clatts is the favourite IMO...

    5. Anonymous8/3/14 16:34

      Clattenburg was indeed not good at all, with the benefit of hindsight, maybe even awful in Bayern-Juve. I think anonymous only mentioned UEFA was not content with him in this match, I don't see a problem here.

    6. Anonymous8/3/14 20:45

      Oliver very good at Chelsea Tottenham.

    7. A live-ticker commented that the RC was exaggerated. What is your view?

    8. I agree - the word "soft" comes to mind. I don't think it was a penalty let alone a red card...

  15. Clattenburg is one excellent referee. He is number one at England.
    Oliver can be the referee of future.

    1. Anonymous8/3/14 21:50

      UEFA was not content with Clattenburg.
      He will be in Europa League on next week.

    2. If Clattenburg goes EL, also Kuipers,Rizzoli,Stark...Every referee Elite goes one time to EL. You must learn that Clattenburg is one excellent referee.

  16. Anonymous9/3/14 00:22

    Do we have Europa League and Youth League appointments this week?


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