April 29, 2014

Europa League Semifinals: Clattenburg and Mažić to oversee the return legs

UEFA has appointed English Mark Clattenburg and Serbian World Cup referee Milorad Mažić to take charge of Thursday's Europa League semifinals return legs in Turin and Valencia respectively.

01/05/2014, 21:05 CET
Juventus Stadium, Turin, Italy
Juventus Turin - Benfica SL [1:2]
Referee: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Simon Beck (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Stuart Burt (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Michael Oliver (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Anthony Taylor (ENG)
Fourth Official: Darren England (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bertrand Layec (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Dušan Tittel (SVK)
Blog Referee Observer: Emil Archambault (CAN)

01/05/2014, 21:05 CET
Estadi di Mestalla, Valencia, Spain
Valencia CF - Sevilla FC [0:2]
Referee: Milorad Mažić (SRB)
Assistant Referee 1: Milovan Ristić (SRB)
Assistant Referee 2: Dalibor Djurdjević (SRB)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Danilo Grujić (SRB)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Dejan Filipović (SRB)
Fourth Official: Dejan Petrović (SRB)
UEFA Referee Observer: Herbert Fandel (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Alan McRae (SCO)
Blog Referee Observer: Chefren (ITA)


  1. Expected appointments I think. Now Brych should be candidate no.1 for the final in Turin.

    1. Anonymous29/4/14 14:49

      If UEFA- Collina decided whom to nominate for the finale UCL, UEL- then why Milorad Mažić overlooks one of the most influential members of the UEFA Ref's Committee and the head referees Bundes League? In a match Fener-Benfica it was Terje Hauge. Why now Mr. Herbert Fandel?

    2. Mazic is pretty much out of the EL final - he will not referee the same team in Semis and Final. As for the CL final, if the choice is between Kuipers and Mazic, the choice is fairly obvious to me.
      Fandel is there to observe and coach a referee who was Elite Development only last year and who will be going to the World Cup.

    3. Anonymous30/4/14 04:34

      I agree, Emil. Fandel and Levnikov are the only members of the UEFA Ref's Committee that UEFA have not looked Mažić so far. Of course it Kuipers had a fantastic season, Mažić, Clatts- but don't forget that the Dr. Brych few seasons back consistently good-very good. Do you ask me- my choice is a Dr. Felix Brych. For UCL final game, of course! Also, Mažić the second UEL semi-final game...

  2. Anonymous29/4/14 11:16

    Great appointments!
    CL Final: Kuipers
    EL Final: So hard to predict. 1. Brych 2. Webb 3. Eriksson

    / BC

    1. Anonymous2/5/14 08:14

      Maybe Velasco Carballo for CL Final? Refferee from Madrid and two teams from Madrid? Last year they considered this appointment for Copa del Rey final between Real and Atleti

  3. Delighted for Clatts - really has had an excellent European season. Same goes for Mažić.

  4. Both appointments are very good in my eyes. Both referees deserved those matches.

  5. Anonymous29/4/14 11:45

    Nice and more or less expected appointments, nice and deserved reward for Clattenburg.
    My prediction for the finals:

    After these appointments we know almost for sure the person who will be in Lisbon. I'm for 99% sure this will be Kuipers and I think the comitee knew that already after ManU-Olympiacos. You simply can't ignore a Kuipers in his form and give him only 1/8 finals IMO. Since he can't get another EL final this would be the only (and deserved) possibility, The only other outsider for me is Brych, but I think he only has a chance if the final is Real-Chelsea, because he had Atletico in quarterfinals. I know this is not a problem for the comitee but still I like it more when a ref hasn't seen a team for a longer time then quarterfinals.

    The EL final will be a much closer call. For me there are 2 refereeing teams in the running. Webb and Brych! My heart really screams Brych! He deserves a final now for several years, but after the performence of Webb with Collina as an observer I'm affraid that Brych has to wait till next year for his fully deserved final and mr. Webb will get his "farwell party." Eriksson is out of the running for Turin IMO after his performence in Madrid. It was a good one, but it looked to me like he was struggling sometimes in 2nd half and I think Webb and Brych were better! Besides that he already had the SC final last year (I know the same counts for Kuipers and EL final, but I'd like to see Brych or Webb in Turin)

    So for CL

    Ref: Kuipers
    FO: Mazic

    EL final hope is Brych and FO Eriksson but I'm affraid it will be something like
    Ref: Webb
    FO: Clattenburg

  6. Anonymous29/4/14 11:48

    I will stay with my earlier predictions:

    UCL Final Kuipers
    UEL Final Byrch

    Candidates for 4th: Moen, Cakir, Mazic

    Regards, RC

  7. Anonymous29/4/14 11:54

    Mazic CL final fourth official

  8. I'm really regretted that Kassai has not been selected; I should have prefereed him in Turin in spite of Clattemburg. IMO too much recognition for the english officials, he is only since one year at good level and a so important semifinal should be achieved after a long time of high level perfomances.
    Just a my opinion I highly respect Clattemburg, his job and your evaluation; in addition as well as I'm sorry for Kassai (who has been also lost WC) I'm happy for Clatts who suffered for familiar problems some years ago and suspended his activity for a lot, waiting to recover his situation.
    Clatts ' appointment seems the only innovative proposal into Semifinals pool: Rizzoli, Webb, Eriksson, Proenca, Skomina, Cakir and Mazic have already officiated in a semifinal or final match.
    So now for me there are 4 names for finals: Kuipers, Webb, Eriksson and Brych.
    If Bayern will e out, UCL to Brych and UEL to Webb (recognition for hs carrier as for Collina in 2005) or Eriksson, but at this tiem Kuipers will be without any much and it will be a pity.
    If Bayern will be finalist, UCL to Kuipers and UEL to Brych (or Webb or Eriksson but in this case it should be a pity to leave Brych once again without final).
    If I have to bet few euros (just as a game), I'll do:

    UCL: Kuipers (Eriksson 4th official)
    UEL: Brych (Moen 4th official)


    1. Anonymous29/4/14 13:06

      IMO Brych has already had a "final like" match with Barca atletico. A quarter final which could be seen as a final IMO. Kuipers has had some tense matches, but lets be honest ManU-Olympiacos isn't really that big appointment a ref in his form deserves as the last UCL match! Kuipers in this form should get at least a big quarter final, like Barca-Atletico, and if he doesn't get UCL final IMHO something went wrong with PLC's referee designations, but we'll see. I'm quite sure Kuipers will be in Lisbon :)

  9. Anonymous29/4/14 12:48

    Kuipers Europa League and Confederations Cup
    Kuipers Champions League and World Cup


    1. Anonymous29/4/14 12:58

      If Kuipers keeps up this level of refereeing bigger chance to see him at the WC final then the Dutch national football team which IMO will be eliminated in GS or 1/8 finals against Brazil :)

  10. Expected appointments and will stick with my predictions for the finals
    CL & 4th- Kuipers/Brych depending on results
    EL - Webb 4th Eriksson

  11. Evidently Kuipers and Brych for finals.

  12. Anonymous29/4/14 16:29

    No quarter-final, semi-final (or presumably final) for Borbalan, Lannoy, Benquerenca, Tagliavento or Thomson then from the current Elite list.

    Any of these injured or do people think that they may be demoted over the summer? Lannoy due to form and Borbalan to make way for Mateu Lahoz maybe?

    Seems strange that Thomson (WC pre-select + U17 final) doesn't get a match but Collum does - new Scottish No.1?


    1. Benquerenca is injured. Lannoy and Tagliavento probably out due to their shape (primarly Lannoy, while Tagliavento also has three countrymen who got some matches), Thomson had 2 decent EL matches with his new, mixed team, Fernández really bothers me. He could be indeed a placeholder for Mateu Lahoz.

      If I had to decide, Collum would be the no.1 (and exactly this is going to happen I think) and I would consider a demotion for Benquerenca (Bebek up) and Lannoy.

    2. Or let's say I would not demote Lannoy, I actually would kindly ask him to retire in summer.

    3. I can't imagine that Collina would demote Borbalan six months after promoting him. Three elite referees will retire at the end of the year - Lannoy, Benquerenca and Stark. In my view, none of them will be demoted - they will retire as Elite referees after long distinguished careers. Could we see a temporary increase in numbers in the Elite group to make way for new referees? Mateu Lahoz would be considered for promotion, but four Spaniards would be excessive (and I don't see Borbalan being demoted - yet). How about Karasev? He got a round of 16 appointment in the CL recently. I could see Aytekin being promoted (after Florian Meyer and Stark will have retired).

    4. Pretty sure Ivan Bebek will be promoted, come summer. As for the rest? Doubt it.
      Agree, re the retirees.

  13. Anonymous29/4/14 17:24

    Clattenburg really has a very hard task ahead of him. Juventus have made a complaint to UEFA over Enzo's violent conduct, which has caused considerable controversy in Portugal with some newspapers/commentators accusing UEFA of favouring Juventus. Seemingly Benfica are complaining about not having adequate time to prepare the defence of Enzo Pérez. Well, it's certain there will be blood and guts in Turin and, under these circumstances, difficulties mount for the refereeing team, so Clattenburg must be on full alert.

    1. But as far as I am informed, the appeal was rejected by UEFA or not? Enzo Perez was not found guilty of a violent conduct.

    2. Anonymous29/4/14 17:49

      Portuguese newspapers are saying that UEFA anticipated the meeting of May 15th the Disciplinary Commitee to tomorrow in order to evaluate the Juventus complain and gave Benfica 24 hours to prepare the defence of Enzo Pérez. There is some speculating by the newspapers that UEFA could be favouring Juventus (An eventual missed penalty by Çakir is also being remembered).

    3. Anonymous29/4/14 18:11

      Guess the much awaited decision comes out tomorrow morning.

    4. Anonymous1/5/14 17:34

      "The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body has met today following complaints lodged (article 48 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations) by Benfica and Juventus after their UEFA Europa League semi-final first leg in Lisbon and decided to close the disciplinary proceedings in both cases.
      Benfica had lodged a complaint against Juventus and its player José Martín Cáceres Silva for an event that occurred in the UEFA Europa League semi-final between the two clubs played on 24 April in Lisbon. Juventus had lodged a complaint against Benfica and its player Enzo Nicolás Pérez for an incident which occurred in the same match."

      30 April 2014

  14. Anonymous29/4/14 18:01

    Good luck to both team Clattenburg and team Mazic on Thursday. They have had good seasons so far - and for Mazic of course the best is yet to come (i.e. Brazil)

    /Swedish observer

  15. Anonymous29/4/14 18:07

    Guess the much awaited decision comes out tomorrow morning.

  16. Anonymous30/4/14 07:57

    OT - any news on EC U17 in Malta - starting May 9th?

    1. Istvan Albert is one of the selected assistant referees:
      we are looking for the full list.

    2. Anonymous30/4/14 17:25

      Jonathan Lardot, young talent from Belgium, is one referee selected.

  17. Friendly appointment
    13/05/14 h 20:45, Hamburg
    Germany - Poland
    Árbitro Asistente 1: RAÚL CABAÑERO MARTÍNEZ

    1. England - Peru

      30/05/2014 Wembley Stadium

      Referee: Victor Kassai

    2. Anonymous30/4/14 22:59

      @Chefren : Who is fourth official ?

    3. Sorry, I don't know. I guess a FIFA referee from Germany.

    4. I am quite sure it is Stieler, the only FIFA ref from Hamburg.

  18. Hello, do you know referee for uefa european under 17 championship Malta?

  19. Anonymous30/4/14 19:40

    one of the referees is nikola dabanovic for montenegro

  20. Anonymous1/5/14 01:20

    What I found today about U-17 European Championship:
    Əliyar Ağayev - AZE is one of main referees
    Oleksandr Korniyko - UKR is one of assistant referees

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    France - Norway (27/05/2014)
    Referee: Padraigh Sutton
    Assistant Referees: Damien McGraith, Allen Lynch
    Fourth Official: Neil Doyle

    Switzerland - Jamaica (30/05/2014)
    Referee: Neil Doyle
    Assistant Referees: Dermot Broughton, Wayne McDonnell

    Hungary - Albania (04/06/2014)
    Referee: Paul McLaughlin
    Assistant Referees: Mark Gavin, Emmet Dynan
    Fourth Official: Robert Rogers

  21. Anonymous1/5/14 04:08

    SAUDI ARABIA CUP FINAL (01/05/2014)

    Referee: Viktor Kassai (HUN)
    Assistant Referees: György Ring, Róbert Kispál (HUN)

  22. Anonymous1/5/14 05:00

    WOW, Valentin Ivanov fired FOUR referees... Maksim Layushkin (FIFA), Vladimir Kazmenko, Viacheslav Kharlamov and Sergey Kuznetsov. They will not be further able to handle Premier League and First Division matches! Reasons are many mistakes and fitness (Layushkin, Kharlamov)... Where is this refereeing going...

    1. Anonymous1/5/14 11:43

      thats Russia!!!

    2. Anonymous1/5/14 17:36

      And Poland too... Zbigniew Przesmycki destroyed four referees: Adam Lyczmański (former FIFA), Dawid Piasecki (former FIFA), Robert Małek (former FIFA) and some weeks ago Paweł Pskit (candidate for FIFA). All were demoted in cruel way. It's so unhuman!

    3. It depends on each single case. If you don't meet the required fitness standards you have every right to be demoted. In case of mistakes, deeper analysis is needed. And of course it's always about the "how" and not about the "what".

    4. Anonymous1/5/14 21:28

      Agree. It's the problem - not that they were demoted but how they were demoted... Without thank you, without diploma, without flowers, what should be the standard. Serving for football for many years and then be presented by boss as a worm. Some people have no idea about diplomacy and being fair...

  23. As for Under 17, what we know until now is:

    AGHAYEV Aliyar (AZE)
    LARDOT Jonathan (BEL)
    DABANOVIC Nikola (MNE)

    KORNIYKO Oleksandr (UKR)
    ALBERT Istvan (HUN)

    The match official team will consist of six referees and eight assistants, as well as two experienced fourth officials from the host nation.

  24. Anonymous1/5/14 17:31


    SLOVAKIA - MONTENEGRO (23/05/2014)
    Referee: Bartosz Frankowski
    Assistant Referees: Rafał Rostkowski, Tomasz Listkiewicz

    JAPAN - CYPRUS (27/05/2014)
    Referee: Paweł Raczkowski
    Assistant Referees: Maciej Wierzbowski, Konrad Sapela

    SWITZERLAND - PERU (03/06/2014)
    Referee: Daniel Stefański
    Assistant Referees: Rafał Rostkowski, Krzysztof Myrmus

  25. After having a German final in London, this year we will have a Spanish final in Lisbon. The ' Nuestros Hermanos ' will invade my country Portugal again. lol
    I love the Champions League and Arbitration .

    The final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will be arbitrated in my opinion by one of the referees who will be at the World Cup Soccer - Brazil '14 .

    One of my candidates would arbitrate the final Spanish Velasco Carballo , but as the final will be Spanish ... is a card off the deck .
    The referee Jonas Eriksson , Howard Webb , Nicola Rizzoli and Pedro Proenca as were the semi-finals are also out of choices Collina . I think.

    Who is left ? Felix Brych , Cüneyt Cakir , Björn Kuipers , Milorad Mazic and Svein Oddvar Moen .

    These 5 referees who will be in Brazil next June, do not believe Cüneyt Cakir and Svein Oddvar Moen are hypotheses . The first played badly in the first - leg of the semi - final of the Europa League , between SL Benfica and Juventus . The second was too much ' off ' in this edition of the Champions League .

    The big favorite to arbitrate the final Lisbon is undoubtedly Kuipers , has been in a big way . It is the Referee of the Moment !

    If the Dutch are not the chosen one, believe Milorad Mazic could be a pleasant surprise , but his recent promotion to the UEFA Elite should be a clear offside .

    Brych left the young German who has also been in good form and he is one of the cards that are on the table .

    And while we take this opportunity to tell the referees that passed unnoticed and that could be in the gutter Collina : Paolo Tagliavento and Craig Thomson .

    My choice is ...

    24/05/2014 , 20:45 CET
    Estádio da Luz , Lisbon, Portugal

    Real Madrid vs Atl . Madrid

    Referee : Bjorn Kuipers (Netherlands )
    Assistant Referee 1 : Sander van Roekel (Netherlands )
    Assistant Referee 2 : Erwin Zeinstra (Netherlands )
    Additional Assistant Referee 1 : Pol van Boekel (Netherlands )
    Additional Assistant Referee 2 : Richard Liesveld (Netherlands )
    4th Referee : Pavel Královec ( Czech Republic )
    Reserve Assistant Referee : Angelo Boonman (Netherlands )

    UEFA Delegate : ?
    UEFA Referee Observer : Vítor Pereira ( Portugal )
    UEFA Referee Liaison Officer : Nuno Castro ( Portugal )

    1. My prediction (CL Final):

      Referee: Björn Kuipers (NED)
      Assistant Referee 1: Sander van Roekel (NED)
      Assistant Referee 2: Erwin E. J. Zeinstra (NED)
      Additional Assistant Referee 1: Pol van Poekel (NED)
      Additional Assistant Referee 2: Richard Liesveld (NED)
      Fourth Official: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
      Fifth Official: Angelo Boonman (NED)
      UEFA Referee Observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)
      UEFA Delegate: Janis Mežeckis (LVA)
      UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: José Ramalho (POR)

  26. Clattenburg's control is actually very good. He has a good approach on this side.
    But his foul detection does not word deserve the word to be honest. Many weird foul decisions / no foul decisions. At least 3 or 4 clear and confusing mistakes for now.

    1. Agreed. His foul detection is the only aspect that is letting him down. Apart from that, he's been more than decent.

  27. Great flag from Beck, which in turn ruled out Juventus' equaliser.

  28. It's all kicked off in the technical area. Two substitutes sent off!

  29. Anonymous1/5/14 22:59

    That was a extremely tight but tremendous call by Beck again! Well done.

  30. Thought Clatts did well in an extremely challenging game, with obviously some points for improvement. Beck - excellent.

    1. Anonymous1/5/14 23:13

      Clattenburg totally lost control in the second half!

    2. Somehow I have mixed impressions. On the one hand he lost control, on the other hand he dealt very well with the consequences of that. Plus his weak foul detection make this performance below expected level. But I would dare to say most refs would have had many problems.

    3. Anonymous1/5/14 23:25

      I have to disagree a bit here. It was indeed a very challenging game, and he was not bad. He managed it well the first 60minutes or so. After that he started to loose control a bit. I think many refs would have lost control so that's not the biggest problem. The biggest problem was that he gave fouls where nothing happened and he didn't wistle some fouls that for me were at least worthy of YC. That was the biggest problem. ARs good, especially the one who disallowed the 1-0 for Juve. He also made one mistake, but that call was only possible to see in replays I think, extremely difficult.
      Given the great difficulty of the match I think I'd give Clatts 8.2, but I can understand people who give him a lower mark. Not higher, because his foul detection is a big point for improvement and IMO was not good enough for a Semi Final.
      AR 1: 8.5/8.6
      AR2: not so much challenged as Clatts and AR1 so 8.4
      FO: 8.4
      AARs 8.3/8.4

    4. Anonymous1/5/14 23:28

      IMHO Clattenburg had a weak performance in the 2nd half after a very reasonable 1st half. His foul detection was very weak but also he was not coherent at the disciplinary level.

    5. Anonymous1/5/14 23:35

      Was that football in Turin?

    6. Anonymous2/5/14 01:25

      Extremely difficult match in Turin. Overall Clattenburg did a decent job. I think he lost a bit the control of the match from the moment he sent off Pérez. But sure enough it was really blood and guts in Turin and on the whole he performed fairly well. 8.6 perhaps.

  31. As for Valencia - Sevilla, at the end the crucial mistake in first leg decided the qualification in favor of Sevilla. This evening Valencia played an oustanding match, having the full control until the end, when, at 90'+5, in the last minute of added time, Sevilla scored the qualification goal (1-3). Quite unfair.
    Nothing extra ordinary to report about Mazic performance, I think he was solid.

    1. Anonymous1/5/14 23:44

      I agree, Chefren! Typical Spanish duel- there was a lot of "fire", sharp game, nervousness, duel in the box- but that's what we expect, is not it? How many times has just thrown another ball on the ground :), and delay Valencia players who were absolutely the better team. But football is the most beautiful things in the world. Mažić... Overall- I was expecting a lot, a lot of cards, but it turned out again- he had a strong personality, full control of the game, calmness and stability. The first part without yellow cards, the second a few reasonably complete. To be sure there were minor errors, but the match was very, very difficult for the trial and error and are, IMO, irrelevant. In the end it turned out to be in the fiery atmosphere of Mestalla on a very stable and the right choice for this game. In Serbia, on Saturday had a very, very difficult el clasico- that is judged with a lot of authority.

  32. Anonymous1/5/14 23:39

    Some criticism for Mazic: 3-1 is scored in +3:48, so 1:12 should be played after the restart of the game, but he lets only play at about 15 or 20 seconds.
    At the level of him and in a semi where one further goal could send Valencia to Turin, I expect that these 1:12 mins are offered to Valencia.

    best regards

    1. Anonymous1/5/14 23:54

      @Phil I think they were shocked both- they could do nothing really! A Valencia players are to blame for so long compensation: repeated delays by the Valencia players. I would point out that many times thrown another ball in the outfield (shagger) impermissible for a semi-final. :)))

  33. I think Clatts did well in the main in a very difficult match.
    I don't think his control was in doubt IMHO and dealt with the benches well. I would question decisions but there were none that affected the game in any way. He has had a good season on the European scene and after Webb's potential retirement will be the English number 1.
    I also think that he fully deserved the appointment and in many ways justified the selection - of course there is room for improvement.
    Beck was excellent - which begs me to question why Steve Child was moved to Atkinson's team? Why not put Burt with Kirkup/ Atkinson and leave Child with Clatts/Beck as they had previously worked extremely well together. It just isn't logical!

    1. It's strange. Looking back at the reports composed on Clatts during the Group Stage, Child performed very well...

    2. Anonymous2/5/14 01:29

      Beck was brilliant!

    3. Anonymous2/5/14 13:20

      Remember that FA did the same with Cann after WC 2010. He was replaced with Kirkup, who then disappointed at Euro 2012, Cann returned to Webb's trio.

  34. Yes and with Atkinson really now below Clatts in terms of European pecking order it seems harsh on Child.

    1. But take nothing away from Stuart Burt. He's been great since he was paired with Clattenburg.

  35. Already spoken on this subject ...

    My vision about promotions and demotions in the Elite UEFA Referees are:


    About relegation to the 1st Group of Arbitration UEFA , in my opinion there are 8 candidates . I'll put each referee in the position where I think the degree of probability of being demoted is greater .

    1 Olegario Benquerença ( Portugal )
    2 Wolfgang Stark ( Germany )
    3 Martin Atkinson ( England)
    4 Craig Thomson (Scotland )
    5 Paolo Tagliavento (Italy )
    6 Fernández Borbalán (Spain )
    7 Cuneyt Çakir (Turkey )
    8 Pavel Královec ( Czech Republic )

    My bet is that the Referee demoted the UEFA Elite this summer lies to my fellow Olegario Benquerença . Unfortunately for the Portuguese arbitration , this injury that accompanied the Benquerença this second half of the season hurt him enough.

    The German Wolfgang Stark is another very strong candidate , following Martin Atkinson of England .

    Do not forget that next December the Elite Referees Lannoy , Stark and Benquerença end his international career. The Elite loses three ' senators ' which give rise to three new talents .

    Soon I will post my second part of the analysis. I do not want you mad at my long texts lol.

    1. Anonymous2/5/14 07:46

      I don't find logical to demote a referee 6 months prior to his retirement.

    2. I also do not think demote a logical Elite Referee six months of the end of his international career, but we have to be aware that Olegario Benquerença is the strongest candidate for Demoting despite their experience and age.

      Do not tell me that UEFA would rather demote another younger Referee and that was in better shape than one that is about to end his career? If so, where is the true sports? In your pants pocket?

    3. Anonymous2/5/14 12:35

      cristiano santos.! be realistic..with this kind of unrealistic post killing the blog..do not make us laugh while reading


    4. Anonymous2/5/14 12:47

      You start from an assumption that Benquerença and all the other old Elite officials must be mandatory demoted: why?, UEFA can promote other referees without demoting other ones, it will last only 6 months, where is the problem?
      Of course

    5. Dear Friend Alex

      I just gave my opinion, did not think it was unrealistic. I do not agree at all with your accusation. And even now why I'm unrealistic?

      And thank goodness that my comments can make you laugh. It's great, but be careful that I'm not a clown.


    6. Dear Anonymous ,

      I advocate the relegation Olegario Benquerença for First Group , not only as a matter of age, but the few opportunities that Pierluggi Collina gave him since last December and its benefits in games throughout the season .

      Do not forget also that there are more factors besides age : opportunities , benefits in games , fitness, observer reports , tests and so on. Unfortunately we do not have access to all these factors .

      If you defend all the referees who were on the verge of the end of international career would have to be demoted , had also mentioned the French Lannoy . Is not that true?

      I do not know what UEFA will do this summer .
      If you prefer will increase staff with the addition of three referees coming from lower category and wait for the end of the year when the withdrawal of Lannoy , Stark and Benquerença or whether it will continue with the same method. That is the question .

      There is no problem if UEFA choose this exceptional method.

  36. The second part of my analysis:


    On promotions to UEFA Elite, in my opinion there are 2 featured a long list of candidates. I'll put each referee in the position where I think the degree of probability of being promoted is higher.

    List of the strongest candidates

    1 Ivan Bebek (Croatia)
    2 Sergei Karasev (Russia)

    List of weaker candidates

    1 Alexandru Tudor (Romania)
    2 Serge Gumienny (Belgium)
    3 Alon Yefet (Israel)
    4 Manuel Gräfe (Germany)
    5 Luca Banti (Italy)
    6 Marijo Strahonja (Croatia)
    7 Pol van Boekel (Netherlands)
    8 Daniele Orsato (Italy)
    9 Mateu Lahoz (Spain)
    10 Aleksandar Stavrev (Macedonia)
    11 Liran Liany (Israel)
    12 Sergiy Boiko (Ukraine)
    13 Antony Gautier (France)
    14 Deniz Aytekin (Germany)
    15 István Vad (Hungary)
    16 Anastasios Sidiropoulos (Greece)
    17 Aleksei Kulbakov (Belarus)
    18 Ovidiu Haţegan (Romania)
    19 Matej Jug (Slovenia)
    20 Szymon Marciniak (Poland)
    21 Felix Zwayer (Germany)
    22 Clément Turpin (France)
    23 Michael Oliver (England)

    My bet is that the Referee will be promoted UEFA Elite next summer will be the Croatian Ivan Bebek. Its presence in the second phase of the Champions League may have been a test of preparation given by Pierluggi Collina. Did he pass the test? Will be promoted? We do not know ...

    The Russian Sergei Karasev is the same line as Ivan Bebek, both are clearly the "favorites" to promote, as far contains a long list led by Alexandru Tudor of Romania.

    This long list is not in any arbiter of my country, because I was the notion that it will be difficult in the near future ... a Portuguese appear in Elite. With Benquerença about to leave and the year after will be Proença. Poor Portugal!

    1. Anonymous2/5/14 15:21

      Mateu Lahoz, Hategan?

    2. Dear Anonymous,

      These two referees listed in the List of Candidates weaker ie it has little chance of being promoted (this summer), but still may be alternatives.

    3. Anonymous2/5/14 16:20

      Summer promotion:
      Deniz Aytekin No I
      Ivan Bebek No II
      Sergey Karasev No III

    4. Manuel Gräfe is one good referee. Not Aytekin.

    5. It is indeed legitimate to make predictions for pro/demotions to/from Elite as the decisive phase for these has already passed. And as we are making massive posts, I hope I won't bore you with mine ;-)

      I think Bebek will promoted. He has shown his maturity and consistency, a world of difference from the Premier Development Bebek, inconsistent and too nervous at times. Bebek is finally an Elite referee after a very sensible step back.
      Other than him, there are no certainties for me. I strongly believe that Sergei Karasev is fully ready for Elite after I watched his match in Barcelona in December last year. However, his 'final test' in the CL R16 included a crucial mistake and I am not sure UEFA is prepared to ignore that (remember Aydinus last year in Rubin-Chelsea I believe). I hope they will promote him, though, I'm convinced he is ready. If not this summer, he will join Elite in December.
      Then, we have a couple of referees who have a possibility of joining Elite Group, but I don't think it is time for them just yet. Hategan must be tested and learn some more before he is ready, his player control must be improved IMO. Aytekin can be trusted, but is he an Elite referee? I am not sure, certainly with the IMO more talented Zwayer on the horizon. Lahoz must show some CL performances above 8,1 and then he will be in, he has the talent and political backing. I can't see Borbalán being demoted already, but is there an alternative? Or will Undiano be culled to make way? That would be an epic twist in the tale, almost Machiavellian even! Unlikely, but if it happens, it will be in December at the earliest.
      Some referees will make their CL debuts next season. Marciniak, Zwayer, Sidiropoulos, Turpin I am quite convinced of, with possibilities for Oliver, Liany, Makkelie and Boiko as well. We will also see more of Jug, a big talent and perhaps also in PLC's thoughts next winter.

      As for demotions from Elite, I believe Tagliavento may have a nervous summer awaiting news. For me, he has never really justified his Elite status and IMO there are a lot of referees way better than him even in First Group.
      The nestors (Benquerença, Stark, Lannoy) have nothing to be afraid of IMO, demoting them 6 months before they leave anyway lacks class and a human touch. If Olegário remains injured he will still see his Elite term out until December (barring retirement). What's the point of demoting him when he won't handle matches in First Group either? Lannoy may be kindly asked to call it a day, there is no way he can be involved in any high-profile match as a farewell party after his performance in Manchester.
      Stark, on the other hand, should get a nice match at the San Siro, Anfield or the Calderón or something. A deserved farewell for a referee who has served European football for fifteen years and handled some of the most intense matches in that period (uff that Clásico, I guess we haven't seen anything like it since!).

      So my list of promotions for this summer comprises of Bebek and Karasev, a demotion for Tagliavento and adieu Lannoy (and possibly Benquerença). Then, in December, there will be a lot more referees in the picture. What are your thoughts?

      BTW, I have been quite busy in this period, leaving little time for the blog unfortunately. I ask for patience with the reports not yet finished and don't all take it out on Niclas, it is my fault ;-)

    6. I think I don't have to remind you on the freedom of speech. Even though I agree with most of the names Cristiano raised, he has every right to well argue his point of view and evoke debates. But maybe you could wait a bit since a respective thread dealing with this topic is about to come during the next week.

      Furthermore an info on Nicola Rizzoli: the YC at the penalty kick was given for delaying the restart of play, not for unsporting behaviour.

    7. And as for the comment moderation, there is more than one administrator who is able to delete abusive comments. So feel free to attack us all.

    8. Niclas Dear Friend ,

      The friend who criticized me , unfortunately was unable to interpret what I wrote . I clearly I stressed that my bet to be promoted would be equal with Ivan Bebek Russian Karasev .

      The following list was made up of a group of referees who were also highlighted in this season ( the Europa League ) and that could be alternatives, but with little chance for promotion .

      Unfortunately , he thought I had said that Tudor , Japheth and any other referee , would be my bet for promotion . He rightly indignant if asked my review and elimination of not only declared war because it has no weapons ahahahahah .

      The matter is settled ! I have the right to comment , criticize it and you erase eheheheh . Freedom of expression will always exist here and anywhere in the world and if you do not count on North Korea .

      I just threw this matter of promotions and demotions in UEFA Elite because other members also do this very post. Where one goes, all go ...

      Greetings ,

    9. Anonymous2/5/14 22:44

      Why doesn't freedom of speech apply when saying the man is talking nonsense by putting Tudor, Gumienny and Yefet as the top three candidates for promotion? Why I am not allowed to say that the man obviously doesn't know much about UEFA refereeing?

    10. You are all free to discuss a certain topic and exchange your views but I would suggest to be careful with the word choice.

    11. Anonymous, I cannot answer you this question. I did not delete the comment you are talking about but got the info that it crossed our limits and that's why one of us deleted it. So in general feedback and opinions can be hard, clear, but always fair please. As Edward said, weigh your words. On the contents-side, I agree with you Cristiano (regarding Bebek and Karasev) and with you, anonymous, that the 3 officials mentioned have of course no chance for a promotion. But if I understood Cristiano properly, he did not claim Tudor etc. would be promoted..

    12. Dear Anonymous ,

      I start thinking that I'm talking Chinese. You need to repeat it again , see fit to my review or want to continue in ignorance ?

      The Referees Tudor , Gumienny and Yefet are not my top three candidates for promotion , I repeat , are not and will repeat it again : THEY ARE NOT! Understood ?

      They are part of a long list consisting of the referees that were highlighted in the Europa League , but with little chance of promotion this summer , but that could be an alternative . Would you repeat ?

      My main candidate for promotion to the Elite is Ivan Bebek , is the Bebek . My second choice is Karasev .

      Damn time I have numbered about this list, there are people who do not understand the first , nor the second ... just came to the 33th and even then .

      If I know nothing of the UEFA Referees and you want Intelligent Lord that you buy me a dictionary to see fit . What is the language you speak ?

      And after all who is talking ' nonsense ' ?

      Viva Freedom of Expression and the intelligence of some,

      Greetings ,

    13. Calm, calm guys.
      At any rate I see there is need to discuss this issue, so that's on the agenda for the next days. Save your munition and feel free to comment in the respective posts that are still to come. In general I find it difficult to make a number-based ranking - I think each candidate must be considered individually, and that especially accounts for the First Group (I agree one could call Bebek "no.1" for promotion to Elite).

    14. Niclas Dear Friend,

      After these hours is only you have understood my comment.

      One day I hope to have coffee with you, with the Bebek and Karasev. Who knows if they then are now elite UEFA referees eheheheh.


    15. The list above from 1 to 23 obviously is ordered by age, not by chances or quality...
      I hope, this reduces confusion and does not extend it ;)

    16. Thanks Philipp, so the last misunderstanding has vanished :)

    17. Dear Friend Philipp S,

      That's it.

      Someone used my head to 'think' and found that the list is ordered from oldest to newest arbitrator and not by individual qualities.

      And if you put that list the name of a portuguese referee who was not international, many would not give the error. Many sleep awake!


    18. Anonymous3/5/14 08:59

      Still don't understand why Santos has listed 23 referees as "alternatives"? What alternatives? As Niclas said, e.g. Tudor, Gumienny and Yefet have NO chance for promotion, they are NO alternatives at all. You are not speaking Chinese, your posts are confusing, however.

    19. Anonymous3/5/14 10:16

      You also wrote "I'll put each referee in the position where I think the chance of being promoted is higher" or sth like that. So now you can stop laughing and blaming us for "misunderstanding". I understood about Bebek and Karasev from the start, on the other hand not about Tudor etc.

    20. Dear Anonymous,

      This list contains referees that were highlighted in this season's Europa League. We all know that these three arbitrators has virtually no chance of being promoted and I've mentioned it several times. Right?

      They can be an alternative, but it is not because they are part of a number (1, 2, 3, etc.) that is more likely than any other to the referee. The list is ordered and numbered from oldest to newest.

      I agree that sometimes my comments can be confusing. Is my English is not perfect ahahahah.


    21. Anonymous3/5/14 14:04

      If you are discussing promotions/demotions, it makes no sense to list all referees (not" arbitrators"). We are all aware of UEFA referee lists and their appearances in UEFA competitions. Greetings to you too, mwhahaha (?).

    22. Dear Anonymous,

      It is true that I wrote: I'll put each referee in the position where I think the chance of being promoted is higher ", but I was referring to the Bebek and Karasev.

      I'm not laughing because of the misunderstanding, I'm even annoyed. I just hope to have clarified the list of alternatives.


    23. Dear Anonymous,

      I have not listed all referees (the first category), only listed those who are also featured on this season, although in the Europa League.

      Ivan Bebek and Sergei Karasev are clearly the 'favorites of the favorites' to be promoted. This no doubt.


  37. Anonymous2/5/14 18:16

    I think you will be happy to know list of referees appointed for U-17 European Championship :)

    - Alexander Harkam (Austria)
    - Aliyar Aghayev (Azerbaijan)
    - Jonathan Lardot (Belgium)
    - Aleksandrs Anufrijevs (Latvia)
    - Nikola Dabanovic (Montenegro)
    - Andreas Ekberg (Sweden)

    Assistant Referees:
    - Mesrop Ghazaryan (Armenia)
    - Davit Chigogidze (Georgia)
    - Istvan Albert (Hungary)
    - David Elias Bitton (Israel)
    - Audrius Jagintavicius (Lithuania)
    - Dag- Roger Nebben (Norway)
    - Jure Praprotnik (Slovenia)
    - Oleksandr Korniyko (Ukraine)

    Fourth Officials:
    - Clayton Pisani (Malta)
    - Alan Mario Sant (Malta)

    1. Thank you very much, a post will follow soon!
      Very strange choice with Dag- Roger Nebben, an assistant referee well known in Italy..... vyou can guess the reason... and we have also the new, I guess, assistant at Skomina side from Slovenia...

    2. Anonymous2/5/14 18:32

      No problem bro!

      I forget:
      Info thanks to whistleland.blogspot.com and its author.

    3. Thank you very much for the info and of course your blog will be integrated into our list.:)

  38. The final of the Europa League reverts to the presence of a Portuguese team , curiously the same as last year's SL Benfica will face Sevilla . It is an Iberian final in Turin !

    Sevilla x SL Benfica will most likely directed by an arbitrator who will be the World Cup Soccer - Brazil '14 . The method of choice will be the same as for the final of the Champions League .

    Let's get to it ...

    I have no favorite to direct this final arbiter .

    The referee Damir Skomina , Cüneyt Çakır , Milorad Mazic and Mark Clattenburg as were present in the semi -finals , are out in the fight for the final race to arbitrate .

    With these four referees apart , yet still many hypotheses abound of choice for the Europa League final .

    Since these four referees , two is just who will be in Brazil .
    How many are left ? Eight .
    If we take the spanish Velasco Carballo and portuguesa Pedro Proença ... left? Six referees .

    And if we do not count with Bjorn Kuipers who was in the final of the Europa League last year , stayed with five referees .

    These five referees Referees are: Felix Brych , Jonas Eriksson , Svein Oddvar Moen , Nicola Rizzoli and Howard Webb .

    These five referees would say Nicola Rizzoli for being in the final of last year's Champions League and Svein Oddvar Moen for not being in focus this season cards are placed aside.

    We get three referees german Brych , swedish Eriksson and english Webb .

    As we look to the trio , the easiest choice would be to appoint Howard Webb for the final. He is the best in the world ! I do not think Collina opt for the more predictable path .

    Have Felix Brych is a referee who has grown tremendously in recent seasons , has great quality and already deserves to have as a final of the Europa League in his history .

    Jonas Eriksson may be the option that all are not telling ... is one that was more in focus this season .

    Have the referee with little chance of being appointed to head the final , but that could be an alternative is : Gianluca Rocchi .
    Is this the amazing bet Collina to Turin ? We do not know , let's wait and see.

    My choice is ...

    14/05/2014, 20:45 CET
    Stadium Juventus Arena, Turin, Italy

    Sevilla x SL Benfica

    Referee: Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)
    Assistant Referee 1: Mathias Klasenius (Sweden)
    Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Wärnmark (Sweden)
    Additional Assistant Referee 1: Stefan Johannesson (Sweden)
    Additional Assistant Referee 2: Markus Strömbergsson (Sweden)
    4th Referee: Damir Skomina (Slovenia)
    Reserve Assistant Referee: Daniel Gustavsson (Sweden)

    UEFA Delegate: ?
    UEFA Referee Observer: Jaap Uilenberg (Netherlands)

    1. Anonymous2/5/14 22:52

      Skomina comes not as a fourth official . He has a match between Sevilla - Valencia.

    2. Dear Anonymous,

      I know he was present at the game's first-hand between Sevilla and Valencia, but as I was undecided between him and Cüneyt Çakır, who was also in the other match of the first leg of the semi-finals of the Europa League.

      Looks closed my eyes and chose eheheheh.

      This should not be a deterrent to fulfill the function of 4th Referee. It's unfair lol.
      Someone suggest one arbitrator to be the 4th Referee?

    3. I mostly agree with your analysis, especially with the three names Brych, Eriksson and Webb. If, for some reason, the referee should not be among the WC nominees, I would suggest Kassai as the most likely alternative.

      And my suggestion for the 4th official is Moen, then he can "practice" for Brazil, where he often will act in this position.

    4. Dear Friend Philipp S,

      I am convinced that the referee selected shall be the one who will be in Brazil, but if it is not ... it would surprise UEFA appoint an Arbitrator of the house again. After Kuipers in the Netherlands, this year would be Rocchi in Italy?

      Gianluca Rocchi believe is one of the options on the table, now Viktor Kassai is unlikely but not impossible.

      Of possible candidates for the final whistle, the choice between walk Jonas Eriksson and Felix Brych, but with Howard Webb peeking. My bet is Eriksson!

      You're right, the Moen like going to the world cup almost to the function of 4th Referee, would have the final of the Europa League to "train" ...


    5. Anonymous3/5/14 13:56

      I don't see Jonas in Turin! His performence in Madrid was bad in comparison with Webb and Brych, Those two are clearly ahead of Eriksson IMO! Outsider is Kassai, but we will see Webb or Brych in Turin! If I were to pick: Brych please in Turin.....

    6. Did you watched a different match?

    7. Dear Anonymous,

      I liked and I think Jonas Eriksson may be the bet to Turin. It is true that the race is unfair compared to Brych and Webb. They are best placed to arbitrate the swedish final in Turin.

      The outsider may be the Gianluca Rocchi is near the stadium and save yourself some money. I'm very funny lol. It is the joke of the year lol.

      What matters is that it be named the best referee!


  39. Anonymous2/5/14 22:45

    No Skomina in Turin, of course.

    1. Anonymous2/5/14 22:54

      you have a right. Skomina have semi final in Sevilla.

    2. Anonymous2/5/14 22:56

      you have a right. Skomina has a last week thursday in Sevilla.

    3. Anonymous2/5/14 23:45

      Skomina impossible in final after the big mistake at Sevilla.

  40. Anonymous3/5/14 13:42

    Clats with wrong red card ...

    The british ref sent off Markovic but the real target was Artur (vucinic info...)... Wrong decision for Clats and 4OF.
    Benfica will appeal...

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      In game broadcast in Portuguese channel, the reporter stressed several times that the disagreement was between Artur (SL Benfica) and Vucinic (Juventus) ... interestingly were colleagues in the past AS Roma.

      When I saw Mark Clattenburg to show the red card to Markovic (SL Benfica), I got confused. It was an error of indication of the 4th Referee.

      True Benfica will appeal.



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