April 18, 2014

Pierluigi Collina to observe Real Madrid - Bayern München

UEFA's Chief Officer of Refereeing Pierluigi Collina of Viareggio, Italy, will observe next week's UEFA Champions League first leg between Real Madrid CF and FC Bayern München at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. Please find the full designations of UEFA's match officials below.

First Legs:

UCL - 22.04.2014 - 20:45 (Estadio Vicente Calderón, Madrid)
Atlético Madrid - Chelsea FC
UEFA Referee Observer: Jaap Uilenberg (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Adonis Procopiou (CYP)
Prediction: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR) ?

UCL - 23.04.2014 - 20:45 (Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid)
Real Madrid CF - FC Bayern München
UEFA Referee Observer: Pierluigi Collina (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Jacques Antenen (SUI)
Prediction: Milorad Mažić (SRB) ?

UEL - 24.04.2014 - 21:05 (Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, Seville)
Sevilla FC - Valencia CF
UEFA Referee Observer: Roberto Rosetti (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Mark Blackbourne (ENG)
Prediction: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR) ?

UEL - 24.04.2014 - 21:05 (Estádio da Luz, Lisbon)
Benfica SL - Juventus Turin
UEFA Referee Observer: Peter Mikkelsen (DEN)
UEFA Delegate: Danijel Jošt (SVN)
Prediction: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP) ?

Return Legs:

UCL - 29.04.2014 - 20:45 (Allianz Arena, Munich)
FC Bayern München - Real Madrid CF
UEFA Referee Observer: Vaclav Krondl (CZE)
UEFA Delegate: Martin Sturkenboom (NED)
Prediction: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA) ?

UCL - 30.04.2014 - 20:45 (Stamford Bridge, London)
Chelsea FC - Atlético Madrid
UEFA Referee Observer: Zdravko Jokić (SRB)
UEFA Delegate: Jim Stjerne Hansen (DEN)
Prediction: Viktor Kassai (HUN) ?

UEL - 01.05.2014 - 21:05 (Juventus Stadium, Turin)
Juventus Turin - Benfica SL
UEFA Referee Observer: Bertrand Layec (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Dušan Tittel (SVK)
Prediction: Felix Brych (GER) ?

UEL - 01.05.2014 - 21:05 (Mestalla, Valencia)
Valencia CF - Sevilla FC
UEFA Referee Observer: Herbert Fandel (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Alan McRae (SCO)
Prediction: Damir Skomina (SVN) ?


  1. Anonymous18/4/14 13:52

    Is Collina there to observe a possible UEL final candidate?

    1. Anonymous18/4/14 14:39

      Hmm difficult to predict something with these observers and delegates, because I'd have liked to see Kuipers either in one of the Real-Bayern matches (not possible anymore I think), or otherwise the final, because the only other match that would be open for Kuipers is Chelsea- Atletico. And that would be a match that others can handle very well too, although it would be the second leg.
      Difficult difficult. I'd go with

      Real-Bayern: Cakir
      Atletico-Chelsea: Mazic
      Bayern-Real: Rizzoli
      Chelsea- Atletico: Eriksson
      Final : Kuipers

      For EL agree with Niclas: Final to Cakir, Eriksson or Brych don't know yet

    2. Anonymous18/4/14 14:41

      And in case of EL final Brych, then an EL semi for Thomson

  2. Anonymous18/4/14 15:15

    Real M-Bayern ---Mazic
    Atletico M-Chelsea---Cakir

    I disagree with anonymous prediction for Atl-Che,because Mazic had Chelsea in QFinal.
    For this match I expect Cakir,Kassai or Moen.

    For the other leg,I‘m quite sure that Mazic will be appointed.He had good quarterfinal match and had a match in domestic league with his regular AR‘s and AAR‘s. My second option is Rizzoli.


  3. Well, as already written, I think that this time Rizzoli should be appointed in a different match, otherwise he would officiate again Bayern in this very important phase of the Champions League. Having done that one year ago in the final, and a few months ago in Arsenal - Bayern, this time Atletico Madrid - Chelsea should be his match.
    So, reading the observers, he can be in both matches but my prediction is first leg, with Jaap Uilenberg (NED).
    Mazic: well, I think that an appointment in CL semifinal is sure for him, therefore, considering that he had Chelsea a few weeks ago, he should handle Bayern - Real Madrid. My prediction is again for the first leg match, because Collina is a suitable observer, and I don't think that he will be again there to observe Cakir.
    For this reason, Cakir should be in second leg with Vaclav Krondl (CZE).
    As for Chelsea - Atletico Madrid, my prediction is Kassai (agree with Niclas).
    EL is more difficult, Roberti Rosetti and Peter Mikkelsen are names who can observe many referees.

    1. Since the referees are facing a World Cup, it's the last chance for UEFA to give them hints and advices to improve. So I would not be surprised about these important names and would really read much in their appearances. For example UEFA has no reason to appoint Rosetti except preparing a World Cup referee - who could be better than a EURO 2008 final and WC 2010 referee?
      Same for Mikkelsen.. FIFA committee, he briefed Webb and co. for NED-ESP in the 2010 final... there will be a WC referee in Lisbon, everything else makes little to no sense.

      And concerning Rizzoli / Cakir: there is no problem to have the same team twice in the K.O. stage. This happened many times in the past seasons in a statistically significant manner - remember Brych twice at Stamford Bridge, Velasco twice with ManU etc.. From the 8 observers, Krondl is probably the one where the safest pair of hands will go - if I were PLC, I would never appoint Cakir for such a match without sending a committee member to his match.

  4. Anonymous18/4/14 16:20

    Webb already did an UCL final, so a semi-final may be expected.

    1. Atlético-Chelsea, Rizzoli
      Real-Bayern, Kuipers
      Sevilla-Valencia, Mazic
      Benfica-Juventus, Kassai

  5. Atlético Madrid - Chelsea: Cüneyt Çakır
    Real Madrid - Bayern München: Milorad Mažić

    Sevilla - Valencia: Jonas Eriksson
    Benfica - Juventus: Felix Brych

    Bayern München - Real Madrid: Viktor Kassai
    Chelsea - Atlético Madrid: Nicola Rizzoli

    Juventus - Benfica: Damir Skomina
    Valencia - Sevilla: Mark Clattenburg

  6. Just a question: Mazic was promoted to Elite less than a year ago, and was sent to the WC right away. What does that mean for older Elite referees who are entirely bypassed, despite longer experience? What of Thomson, Collum, Undiano, Atkinson, Stark...? Are they completely out of question?

    1. Out of question about what? Are you talking about a hope for a final appointment?
      Well, simply said, I think that Mazic in this short time overcame many other Elite officials of long experience.

    2. Mazic is a special case. He was just awesome in the decisive matches, has more personality than most of the officials you mentioned and has the right man behind him (see photo in the thread).

    3. Anonymous19/4/14 14:45

      Is Collina the one who discovered Mazic 2-3 years ago, when no one heard of him or Collina started to support him after he was pre-selected for WC?

    4. If you check his observers back in 2009-2011, it is clear that Mazic was already discovered before Collina came into office.. but surely he pushed him a lot and as it has turned out this was justified.

    5. Anonymous27/4/14 00:57

      Mazic was discovered within the old UEFA Talent programme. His mentor Snoddy was a big influence to him and they still have a close contact.

  7. OT many interesting situations for Dean in Chelsea - Sunderland, I think that he missed something. A crucial win for Sunderland, nevertheless the score could be affected by some decisions... waiting for the videos I would strongly like to know your opinions

  8. Regarding penalty, I think...

  9. Anonymous19/4/14 21:59

    i see cakir in final of the champions league for semi finals my apoitments are:
    atletico chelsea rizzoli
    real bayern mazic
    sevilla vallencia brych
    benfica juventus lannoy

    1. Anonymous20/4/14 10:46

      Not Çakir in final, not Lannoy in Lisboa.

  10. Anonymous19/4/14 22:12

    Very controversial penalty decision by Lannoy in Coupe de la Ligue final...

  11. Dean in Chelsea - Sunderland
    First half: match minute 41:30 handball, penalty or not? I tend to agree with the refereee here.
    Match minute: 42:35 isn't that penalty and red card for DOSGO?
    Match minute: 43:35 violent conduct by Ramires?

    Second half:
    Match Minute: 80:00 I don't see any contact here. No penalty in my opinion. But still difficult situation to read, it looked like a foul.

    1. Anonymous20/4/14 11:24

      1. Never a deliberate handball.
      2. It depends on referee's approach, for me absolutely no penalty!
      3. Yes, it's violent conduct, soft one but still... Dean was too centrally behind players and missed that. Perhaps I would accept yellow card, even if the LoTG was bent a bit.
      4. No penalty, but come on, it really looked like penalty! I think most refs would fall here!

    2. 1. Defender could not see the ball coming, no penalty.
      2. No penalty, physical play.
      3. Clear violent conduct, no excuse and no chance to defend that IMO.
      4. Wrong penalty. I doubt whether Dean would have given it if his AR had not felt to have to raise his flag.

  12. Anonymous20/4/14 17:51

    Do you really think PLC in Madrid has a deeper meaning? I´m not that sure because in this year´s semis we have a lot of important observers. So maybe the important observers only underline the importance of the matches.
    Of course, my first thought was PLC wants to see Mazic, but he did it last year in Tottenham-Basel, so I´m not sure whether Collina observes the same man two times within a year.

    I could also be that he wants to observe Kuipers, Webb or Proenca ( I can´t remember a match where he did that)

    Best regards

    1. You could be right Phil.

      Collina has observed Mazic 1 year ago when Mazic was still an ED referee. Since we speculate that Kuipers will get the final so maybe he is there to observe Webb (since he had seen Proenca in 2012).

      Btw Webb had a PL match yesterday with his regular assistants.

    2. Collina was never there without reasons... and Webb does not need to be taught much preceding the World Cup. So I am sure it is Cakir or Mazic.

    3. Forget what I have said :D


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