April 22, 2014

UEFA Europa League semifinals appointments (I)

UEFA  has appointed the following crews to officiate the first legs of the 2013-14 Europa League semifinals. Cüneyt Çakır, Elite official from Turkey will be the man in the middle for the Portuguese-Italian clash between SL Benfica and Juventus Turin.
At the same time, Slovenian official Damir Skomina will oversee the Spanish derby between Sevilla CF and Valencia CF, under the eyes of Italian observer Roberto Rosetti.

Cüneyt Çakır in charge of a semifinal (c) repubblica.it

24 April 2014, 21:05 CET
Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, Sevilla, Spain
Sevilla CF - Valencia CF
Referee: Damir Skomina (SVN)
Assistant Referee 1: Bojan Ul (SVN)
Assistant Referee 2: Gianluca Cariolato (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Slavko Vinčić (SVN)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Roberto Ponis (SVN)
Fourth Official: Jure Praprotnik (SVN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Roberto Rosetti (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Mark Blackbourne (ENG)
Blog Referee Observer: Philipp (GER)

24 April 2014, 21:05 CET
Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Lisbon, Portugal
SL Benfica - Juventus Turin
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran (TUR)
Assistant Referee 2: Tarık Ongun (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Hüseyin Göçek (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Barış Şimşek (TUR)
Fourth Official: Mustafa Emre Eyisoy (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Manuel Mejuto González (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Danijel Jošt (SVN)
Blog Referee Observer: Niclas (GER)


  1. Anonymous22/4/14 11:05

    So what about Sevilla-Valencia?Does it mean that we will see only FWC referees at semifinals and finals?in 2010 only NON FWC referees were appointed for UEL!

  2. Skomina has the other match.

    Referee Damir Skomina (SVN)
    Assistant referee Bojan Ul (SVN) , Gianluca Cariolato (ITA)
    Additional assistant referee Slavko Vinčić (SVN) , Roberto Ponis (SVN)
    Fourth official Jure Praprotnik (SVN)
    UEFA Delegate Mark Blackbourne (ENG)
    UEFA Referee observer Roberto Rosetti (ITA)

  3. Anonymous22/4/14 11:12

    Damir Skomina to handle Sevilla - Valencia

  4. Anonymous22/4/14 11:17

    Italian observer (Rossetti) for Italian AR (Cariolato)?

    1. Haha PLC's best move ever.

    2. It is Rosetti, not Rossetti :)

  5. Anonymous22/4/14 11:19

    Dear friends!During the Ukrainian Premier League match Chornomorets - Dnipro(these teams played at round of 16 of UEL) was a difficult and strange decision by referee!what can you say about it.Ukrainian experts can not give full answer

    To watch from 7:22


    1. I never heard the whistle of the referee in order for him to check the injured player. So the other team had every right to quickly execute the throw-in. I can't understand why the referee disallowed the goal. He could have done it only if the throw-in wasn't executed properly or if he had whistled.

    2. And still he could stop the game when it was continued after throw-in. But he didn't.

    3. Ehm ... 9:07 mannager on the pitch ?

  6. Cariolato - Rosetti is for sure something never seen at this level. UEFA might have avoided that.

    1. Anonymous22/4/14 11:43

      It could be Kralovec at Juventus - Benfica, while Slysko on his team and Tittel the delegate...:)

  7. Anonymous22/4/14 12:22

    Bayern-Real Madrid, Proença
    Final CL Kuypers
    Final EL Brych

    1. Bayern-Real Madrid: Mazic
      Chelsea-Atl.Madrid: Rizzoli
      Valencia-Sevilla: Moen
      Juventus-Benfica: Brych
      Final CL: Kuipers
      Final EL: Eriksson

    2. Eriksson not in final EL.

    3. Anonymous25/4/14 01:30

      Bayern vs Real Madrid - Mazic or Thomson
      Chelsea - Atl. Madrid - Rizzoli (almost sure)
      Valencia - Sevilla - Paolo Tagliavento
      Juventus-Benfica - Mark Clattenburg or Viktor Kassai
      CL Final - Kuipers (almost sure)
      EL Final - Brych or Kassai, if not appointed for SF second leg.

  8. According to UEFA, Manuel Mejuto González will be observing Çakır, not Mikkelsen.


  9. OT
    WC Assistant Referee Belatti attacked during Colon - Belgrano on last Sunday

  10. That means, Cuneyt Cakir has no chance for Europa League final. He has no chance for Champions League Final as he didn't have any knock out stage game. I only see him possible candidate for 4th official official for any final.

    My predictions:
    CL Final: Kuipers (Brych has a chance if Bayern can't qualify to final)
    EL Final: Brych (Eriksson - Webb)

    1. Anonymous22/4/14 17:50

      I dont think that Cakir cant cat a CL final because he was not appointed in KO faze. Lubos Michel get his final without any Cl KO faze match. But, Cakir is out for some other reasons: At the moment Bjorn Kuipers is Europe number 1, no doubt about that.

    2. Anonymous22/4/14 22:44

      Lubos Michel suffered from an injury in the spring of 2008 resulting in an unexpected second round of 16 appointment for Austrian Konrad Plautz (leg 1: Olympiacos - Chelsea, leg 2: Milan - Arsenal).


    3. Anonymous25/4/14 01:17

      After tonight's preposterous performance in Lisbon, Çakir will not be back there for the UCL final. Guess no one would understand Çakir being appointed to the Lisbon showpiece.

  11. Martin Atkinson with the top clash Liverpool - Chelsea.
    This match can decide the Premier League winner...

    1. The trio of Clatts/Beck/Burt appointed in South Wales. Europa League semi next week?

  12. Really surprising appointments as for most of you; Webb was not expected since he was appointed for QF match but mainly because there is an english team in the SF draw (Chelsea); generally in the SF have been appointed official who don't belong to country of involved team. I remember only one cas ethe recent past when Collina was involved in the SF match neverthelss an italian team ws in charge. This demonstrate the high consideration that Uefa has on webb especially in term of fearness: no conflit for them. I agree with Niclas it could be a deserved recognition at the end of his international carrier; I also heard about his retirement after WC and after his coming back to police department. But there is still Uefa Europe League final match and an other time Collina observed a future UEL final referee. Let's see.
    Really unspected Cariolato under the eyes of an Italian observer; even in this case no doubts on teh regolarity and the fearness and no problem of conflict. Personally I agree because I strongly believe on the honesty of the referees, so I'm not amazed by these two anomalies but maybe somebody could say something.....
    And now for the return leg ? It seems that Rizzoli and Proenca are already assigned for the UCL matches, so for UEL I think we have a pool of following names: Kassai, Velasco carballo, Kuipers, Brych, Stark, Moen and Mazic.
    Stark should be only a nice gesture as final international carrier and IMO he would deserve a so high level appointment, but honeslty I don't believe on it. Moen and Velasco have been appointed on QF, so Kuipers, Brych, Kassai and Mazic remain and i think that they will share the 4 remaining matches.
    1st Hypo Bayern excluded by UCL final:
    UCL final: Brych 4th official Cakir
    UEL final: Mazic 4th official Moen
    SF UEL: Kuipers, Kassai

    2nd Hypo: Bayern qualified for final match:
    UCL: Kuipers 4th Cakir
    UEL: Brych 4th Moen
    SF UEL: Kassai and Mazic

    3rd Hypo: High recognition to Webb
    UCL: Kuipers 4th Brych
    UEL: Webb 4th Cakir
    SF: Kassai and Mazic

    Let's see

    Off topic: yesterday evening to help me sleeping (... :-) ) I checked my data base on world cup assignmenta nd I saw that in the editions of 1998 (France), Korea, Japan 2002, and Germany 2006, the rule of confederation neutrality was not totally applied and several matches were officiated by referees from the same region of one involved team.
    Tomorrow i'll post the exemples I founded.


    1. Anonymous23/4/14 17:40

      Kuipers and Brych for the finals. Not Mazic, not Webb.

  13. Off Topic about CL
    Serie A appointments: Rizzoli has a match on Saturday evening (Inter-Napoli), so it is possible to see him on Wednesday in CL. Stefani and Faverani are not appointed but this doesn't mean anything because they can't handle Inter (being from Milan).

  14. Anonymous24/4/14 13:17

    I think:

    SEMI: Rizzoli, Proenca
    FINAL: Kuipers

    SEMI: Brych, Mazic
    FINAL: Eriksson

  15. Anonymous24/4/14 19:43

    Brych whistles at the Monday Match German Seond League between Union Berlin against 1.FC Kaiserslautern.

  16. Anonymous24/4/14 21:45

    wrong offside decision by AR2 in Sevilla-Valncia.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmKLp5p5a3Q

      Again I must blame Skomina, who doesn't show alertness when ARs make such blatant mistakes. Of course, Cariolato fault at first, but Skomina had to detect the head pass. At this level, one can't accept that.

    2. I can't see the video (sketchy internet where I am now). However, as noted in my report on Skomina's CL QF (Dortmund-Real leg 2), there was a problem of communication with Cariolato as well. Cariolato raised his flag, and Skomina played on. Replays showed Cariolato to be correct. Minutes later, Cariolato wrongly flagged an offside.

  17. Anonymous24/4/14 22:26

    Very,very bad Skomina and assistant.

  18. Anonymous24/4/14 22:30

    Duran with problems too. Cakir could've missed violent conduct in 35' and penalty (?, I must check it later). The rest of first half is very good by Cakir (foul detection!).

  19. Anonymous24/4/14 23:10

    Çakir missed a violent conduct at minute 35. I think it's not a penalty because the aggressor was pushed just before. There was a penalty claim at minute 55' but he may have decided well there. It seemed to me that Çakir was more insecure than usual, and his foul detection was inconsistent.

    1. Anonymous24/4/14 23:19

      Çakir is now afraid to show RC.

    2. Anonymous24/4/14 23:27

      Correction: After watching the replays, I think it´s a clear penalty at minute 55' and he was so close...

  20. Anonymous24/4/14 23:18

    Horrible performance from Çakir. Foul detection totally unequal. He missed violent conduct and clear penalty. The whole team seemed confused. It does not bode well for a WC referee.

    1. Anonymous24/4/14 23:29

      Agreed. The foul detection was not equal, the penalty was clear, missed violent conduct. Çakir seemed very nervous and insecure.

    2. Anonymous24/4/14 23:38

      How is it possible for Çakir not to have awarded SL Benfica such a clear penalty? He was so so close to the play. Not acceptable at all. The match was not too difficult to handle.

  21. Anonymous24/4/14 23:21

    Now we mix more = now we miss more.

    1. You well anticipated a post title that will come next week...

  22. Anonymous24/4/14 23:43

    Çakir didn't seem sure to me... His signals were a bit unsure, a bit unclear. I haven't seen a lot of Skomina, but in what I saw, I had the same there.

  23. Anonymous25/4/14 00:08

    Cakir was overall good tonight, but... He should've given two penalties - one for Juventus for violent conduct by one of Benfica player (35' - the ball was in play when contact elbow-face occured), one for Benfica (56' - Caceres deliberately blocks Perez). In addition to this also red card should have been given to that Benfica player who commited the violent conduct (I assume it was Perez). Apart from those wrongly evaluated big incidents, he was very calm (as always) and maybe some better, friendly management would have help him to gain respect. But it's not Cakir and the one to blame is UEFA for designation, not him. I think 7.4 will be a mark, but observer can be kind and give him a right to miss that violent conduct, as it's always difficult to detect.

    Two words about assistants. Whilst Ongun was faultless in his match (or rather only second half, when he was busy), Duran made two not so important, but strange mistakes in clear situations. See 16'45'' and 24'10''. So, I would go with 8.1 to Duran and 8.5 to Ongun. AARs and 4OF with calm match, no problems.

    Beirut Captain

    1. Anonymous25/4/14 01:11

      You surely didn't see the same match as everyone else. If he missed two clear penalties how can he be given a 7.4 mark?? Well, Perez actually elbows a Juve's player but right before the same Perez is pushed. So there's no grounds for penalty but Çakir missed it all - the first foul and then the violent conduct. The foul commited by Caceres should have resulted in penalty, it's a helluva blunder. In addition to these errors there's a huge inequality in terms of foul detection. To make a long story short it was a disaster!

    2. Anonymous25/4/14 01:55

      7.4 = two crucial mistakes

      marks are from 6.0 to 10.0 in UEFA

    3. Anonymous25/4/14 09:32

      It confirmed my opinion. Cakir is an overrated referee!

    4. I think we saw definitely different matches. Of course in 55' the defender carts out his "ass" and enlarges his body to block the opponent. But the attacker also ran into him and avoided to surround him. There was an active search for the contact and he found it. Penalty is ok for me, no penalty is ok as well. It depends on how you consider the action of the attacker and I agree with Cakir here.
      Furthermore in 35' I cannot blame him or AAR1 either. It was simply not visible if you have to focus on approximately 15 players. It was hidden for both officials and if Cakir had looked to this problematic player duo he would have had to disable his visual control to the center of attention and where the ball went... so really, no complaints at all. Directly after this violent conduct, there was a quick counterattack and my first impression was that Buffon was guilty of a double contact with his hands close to AAR2 - anybody has similar impressions??
      As for the rest I saw no imbalance but just a referee who had his line and resisted the crowd pressure. Await my report next week please but the mark will be slightly above exp. level I guess.

    5. Anonymous25/4/14 20:16

      Niclas, why the attacker should have surrounded defender, who carelessly "carts his ass"? He plays the ball and want to run for it whilst he is deliberately (see replays and movement toward the attacker) blocked by the defender. I understand Cakir could have had doubts, but still it's a mistake for me.

      Second thing, taking into account that the violent conduct was however missed by all 6 officials, I doubt whether it would be smart to give a main referee a mark above 8.4. You can treat it as no crucial mistake, but it's surely important point for improvement, because it was Cakir's area of responsibility. And then, if you take both crucial decisions as acceptable and overall approach and management as very good, the mark should be about 8.2, no more. But of course, it's your report :)

      Beirut Captain

    6. I emphasized that I guess the mark would be 8.5 or so because I still have to re-watch the match with more focus and mostly, if you have written a report, you come to different conclusions and mathematic assessments than thought before. Same counts for the match situations, for now I only watched the live replays yesterday evening. So give me some time to check the videos again please.
      I think you should not argue with "6 officials missed it" - that's not really the point I think. Commentators mostly say such sentences. But we know that there are shared responsibilities and of course the fourth official had nothing to say in this situation... let alone Simsek 90 metres away.

    7. Anonymous25/4/14 22:14

      Theoretically, all six could detect that, even if it's not their area of responsibility (I know such situations when someone was able to detect infringement in colleague's area of responsibility). However, I made a clear statement: "but it's surely important point for improvement, because it was Cakir's area of responsibility".

      As for the rest, I wait for your report :)

      Beirut Captain

    8. Also check video minute 41:25 of the first video. For me that's a clear double contact and a missed indirect free-kick directly in front of Baris Simsek.

    9. Anonymous25/4/14 23:26

      Difficult to say whether he fully controlled the ball with hands after "the first touch" / whether it was one continued touch.

      Beirut Captain

  24. Anonymous25/4/14 00:19

    The referees of the opening match of the World Cup will use red uniform.

    1. Anonymous25/4/14 09:34

      Uniform doesn't matter, he whistles well is crucial.

    2. Thanks for that info! Hopefully only the jerseys will be red at that evening :)

    3. Anonymous25/4/14 10:59

      Are you sure? Croatia has read in its shirt

    4. Anonymous25/4/14 17:09

      Is clear that the uniform is the least important, but it's just a curiosity.
      Croatia will play with the blue uniform.

  25. Anonymous25/4/14 00:21

    The ball was in play at the contact minute 35' but it shouldn't, Pérez was pushed by Chiellini.

    1. Anonymous25/4/14 00:36

      Yes, I detected that too, but it's normal fight in penalty area. If not that punch, we wouldn't even talk about offensive foul. But, of course, if you want to say it was offensive foul, I can fully accept that. However, it's still missed offensive foul AND what is more important missed red card for violent conduct, so crucial mistake. But, as I said, I don't know whether observer will say that it was acceptable to miss it and whether it will be a crucial mistake in the report.

      Beirut Captain

    2. Anonymous25/4/14 00:55

      Ok, I agree with your view, Beirut Captain :)


    3. Anonymous25/4/14 09:36

      Hi. I am surprised the comments are not so 'strong' when Webb misses oenalty kicks and red cards, things he did not do yesterday but did often before either in PLor in UCL!

      --- Fan from Canada.

  26. Anonymous25/4/14 08:40

    The mistake made in Sevilla it's really huge for a semifinal. Unacceptable because both Skomina and AAR2 had to pay more attention to play.
    I have the feeling that Skomina noticed something but he wasn't sure, after the goal you can see in the video that he hesitates.
    A referee who claims to go to WC, must be ready for such situations.
    The fact that he has always problems with offsides doesn't depend only on the assistant referees involved.

  27. Anonymous25/4/14 10:33

    Collina and Company, great mistakes in the designations.

    1. Anonymous25/4/14 12:10

      Mistakes in designations or mistakes in matches?
      If you appoint a referee, you are sure that he is going to make mistakes?

    2. Anonymous26/4/14 13:28

      Mistakes in designations and mistakes in matches(Skomina and Çakir).

  28. Anonymous25/4/14 14:37

    Captain Beirut,
    I totally disagree with your comments. Are you looking as a referee or a supporter?

    1. Anonymous25/4/14 20:17

      What do you disagree with? That there was no violent conduct, no penalty or what?

      Captain Beirut

  29. Predictions for next week:

    Bayern München - Real Madrid: Pedro Proença
    Chelsea - Atlético Madrid: Nicola Rizzoli

    Valencia - Sevilla: Milorad Mažić
    Juventus - Benfica: Mark Clattenburg

  30. Anonymous25/4/14 17:02

    Cuneyt Cakir had a very good impression on the players. Even the game was an early final, with the balance in his decisions, the players trusted him. He was very confident on his decisions. Congratulations.

    1. Anonymous26/4/14 22:21

      I saw Benfica players contesting Çakir's decisions all the time! And deservedly so!

    2. Give me exemplary minutes please. I watched the whole match today again and I cannot find many examples where protests were justified.

    3. Anonymous27/4/14 06:49

      Without much thought, remember vivid protests from Cardozo at the end of thr first half, from Pérez by the time SL Benfica claimed penalty (55 min) and also from Markovic. And a whole lot of other similar situations, especially throughout the first half.

    4. Might be, but I cannot see your point. You cannot use protests by players as a measure to determine the quality of performance Cakir has shown. As I said most of these protests were not justified at all - and it was obvious that Perez would complain after the penalty appeal in 55'...it is normal. That does not change our opinion that this is a 50-50 decision.

    5. Anonymous27/4/14 18:09

      And who said that is my point? Just replied to the Anonymous who stated that the players trusted Çakir, which is not true at all. I stick to the opinion that Çakir put on a very poor performance but of course that is not measured bu the players' outbursts towards the referee.

  31. Anonymous25/4/14 17:04

    I think he should be on the final. It is his turn.
    He is one of the best referees in the world.
    He knows the soul of the game very well.

    1. Anonymous25/4/14 17:34

      If you are talking about Cakir for CL final I think that's not going to happen because of two reasons: First the UEFA needs to select the best referee possible at this moment because they want to show (one of) their possible WC final candidate(s), and a second reason for no Cakir is that we don't want a second CL final in a row to be screwed up by a bad referees performance and thus we need the referee in the best shape over the last year(s). Because of these reasons I think Cakir should be out this year and the CL final referee will be Kuipers or Brych and no one else. (Ok maybe Mazic as absolute outsider, but I think that is too soon only one year elite.) I think they were overall much better in their matches then Cakir the last 2 years. I'd slightly prefer Kuipers over Brych, but I think that's because of a little bit of patriotism inside of me. But let's see maybe Collina and co will surprise us.

  32. Anonymous25/4/14 17:31

    My predictions:

    UCL Final: Kuipers 4th official Cakir
    UEL Final: Byrch 4th official Mazic or Moen

    Regards RC

    1. UCL Final: Kuipers 4th official, Mazic
      UEL Final: Brych 4 th official, Moen

  33. Valencia president blaiming Skomina and his nationality.


  34. My choices
    CL Semi's Rizzoli & Proenca
    Final & 4th - Kuipers or Brych depending on results
    EL Semi's Mazic & Clattenburg or Thomson
    Final - Webb 4th Erikkson

  35. Anonymous26/4/14 01:16

    Partizan - Crvena zvezda " EL CLASICO"

    Saturday, 26.04.2014. 19:00 - Beograd

    Referee: MAŽIĆ Milorad
    AR1: RISTIĆ Milovan
    AR2: ĐURĐEVIĆ Dalibor
    Fourth official: PETROVIĆ Dejan
    AAR1: GRUJIĆ Danilo
    FSS Referee Observer: DELEVIĆ Dejan

    1. Anonymous26/4/14 01:37

      The eighth time in his career tried " eternal derby" two best teams in Serbia-past seven Milorad Mažić was referee (immaculate, excellent). For the first time in the history of Serbian El Clasico trial six referees (AAR) identical referees team as well as in Paris.

    2. What about his performance? It would be nice to know how he performed. Thanks.

  36. Anonymous26/4/14 14:31

    Spanish newspaper Marca announces Pedro Proenca will officate Bayern-Real...

    best regards

  37. http://www.marca.com/2014/04/26/futbol/equipos/real_madrid/1398505871.html

    That is really ubelievable.


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