May 16, 2014

2014 Summer Youth Olympics: selected officials

FIFA has selected the following officials to handle matches at the Male Football Tournament of the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China, to be held on August 2014. Each of the FIFA confederations will have a representative trio.

Sascha Amhof, selected as UEFA referee (c)

Referee: Ming Fu (China)
Assistant Referees: Ji Ma (China) - Cao Yi (China)

Referee: Maguette N´Diaye  (Senegal)
Assistant Referees : Jerson Emiliano Dos Santos (Angola) - Elvis Noupoue (Cameroon)

Referee: Kader Zitouni  (Tahiti)
Assistant Referees: Paul Ahupu (Tahiti) - Terry Piri (Cook Islands)

Referee: Ricardo Montero (Costa Rica)
Assistant Referees: Marco Díaz (Guatemala) - Geovany García (El Salvador)

Referee: Sascha Amhof (Switzerland)
Assistant Referees: Remy Zgraggen (Switzerland) - Alain Heiniger (Switzerland)

Referee: Daniel Fedorczuk (Uruguay)
Assistant Referees: Javier Bustillos (Bolivia) - Luis Murillo (Venezuela)


  1. Except for Zituoni and Fedorczuk, the others are really unknown men. Zituoni is referring the first half of the OFC champions league final (but in OFC there are only three good referees: Hauata, Zitouini and O' Leary), while Fedorczuk is appointed for some Libertadores matches.
    What does this appointments mean ? Is it a starting point for future important assignment or it's just a competition which doesn't open any the door for referee's carrier ?
    thanks and Regards

  2. It is naturally quite striking that 3 of these trios have a countryman behind them in the FIFA Committee - Fedorczuk has Larrionda, maybe Mr Sene wants to push a young Senegalese official for the next World Cup(s) after Diatta having retired soon and last but not least, Amhof has Busacca himself in the ref department. Nice to read that they put some trust in Zitouni.

  3. Fedorczuk case is interesting, if you see he is the oldest (almost 10 years more than the Senegal ref, for example) Its clear that, without Vazquez, Ubriaco and Silvera available for 2018 Fedorczuk is the one who is going to fight for a place in 2018 World Cup. In matter of experience Fedorczuk already had a Copa Libertadores quarter final, it´s really clear they want to push him, like they did 4 years ago with Roldán.
    See 2010 refs, for Roldán, Hauata and Lopez was it their first FIFA tournament and they are already on the WC list.
    Vad was also there and he managed to get good fifa games, but we all know what happened.

  4. Anonymous17/5/14 19:35

    Off topic: very sorry to say this, but Lee Probert is having a very bad FA cup final today with several mistakes. In my view he has at least missed two penalties. Several obvious bookings missed. Not up to it today, it seems :-(

    /Swedish observer

  5. He's having an absolute shocker! Arsenal should have had at least three penalties. A string of other mistakes as well. It is bewildering as to how the likes of Marriner and Probert have got a FA Cup final appointment before Clatts...

  6. The corner kick was wrong as well, leading to an ARS goal, it is said... Can you confirm that?

    1. Yep - ARS #22 with the last touch. Incidentally, a Hull player moved the ball EIGHT YARDS forward in the build-up to their first goal, without Probert spotting it. Pitiful.

    2. Anonymous17/5/14 20:02

      In Probert's defense, however, the corner decision was extremely difficult to make. He got it wrong there, but I can understand him there. But the rest...

      /Swedish observer

  7. On the other side, an excellent (let me say that) Mateu Lahoz in the match which decided La Liga.

    1. Anonymous17/5/14 22:47

      A great season for him in Spain. He got the 2 clashes between Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona at La Liga and also the Copa de Rey final between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and was extremely well in all of them. Imo he is the best in Spain.

    2. Too bad he can't present the same performances in Europe.


    Missed goal in DFB Cup final?
    AR1 - Frank Willenborg

    It is difficult without AARs, I thkink that at least in a final of a so important cup, they should be there.

    1. GLT is working wonders on these shores. Should be introduced to all the major leagues at the very least, IMO.

    2. Detecting the offside would work even more wonders in this case :)

      GLT unfortunately did not pass a commission of all Bundesliga clubs since most smaller clubs cannot afford to pay it. The referees favoured GLT clearly. And (luckily) DFB will not introduce AARs.

    3. Anonymous17/5/14 22:45

      It looks like a (non detected) offside to be honest. Otherwise it looks to me like the ball fully crossed the line! But I think it's offside in the first place

  9. Anonymous18/5/14 01:44

    barca was unlucky also -

  10. Anonymous18/5/14 01:49

    Scottish Cup Final, with AARs, and excellent call , clearly by AAR2 (ex FIFA ref Alan Muir), to disallow a goal for handball on the line. (Ref Craig Thomson) St Johnstone 2 Dundee U 0

  11. Anonymous18/5/14 11:55

    a bit offtopic but what do you think of this? should this be offside or not?

    1. No offside. Ball comes (clearly) from the defender. Mateu's and also Nunez' lines of sight were obstructed. They got it wrong by intuition, maybe.

    2. No offside. Hard to see, and decide. Understandable decision.


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