June 8, 2014

Video Interviews with World Cup Referees

"You know the players, you know the coaches. Now get to know the 33 referees officiating at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil." 

That is FIFA's motivation behind the 33 video interviews uploaded yesterday. Learn something about the match officials who will be in the spotlight during the next five weeks!

Check this Youtube Playlist!


  1. So it is true that some referees aren't able to speak English, I didn't want to believe that, because at this level (WC) one referee must know this language.

    1. Anonymous9/6/14 00:38

      To be honest, I am not only disappointed by the Spanish and French interviews but also by some English ones that completely lack in content like Felix Brych's. :-(


    2. I am impressed of english by Howard Webb (laugh).
      Cuneyt Cakir good english , but I miss more confidence and grammar part , but I see he is very kalm .

      I don´t know what you are talking about ?
      Felix Brych´s was clear and understandable ,confident in speach .
      German accent is absoultely normal .

      CARLOS CARBALLO (Spain) - understandable

      Noone need to be good like a native speaker .
      Most important is to be confident and understandable .

    3. I am sorry about my previous comment .
      Spanish spoken by referees from south america is unacceptable .
      Maybe they have done it to sympathise with fans from south america .

    4. Anonymous9/6/14 03:46

      And what if they don't speak English? There are other ways to communicate with players.
      The only think that is unacceptable is that you can not accept the others.

    5. Anonymous9/6/14 04:16

      Also remember FIFA has 4 official languages, not only English but also SPANISH, FRENCH and GERMAN, 3 of the 4 languages the refs speak in the videos

    6. I agree that it is absolutely ok when referees speak in the language they are safest in in such interviews. When it comes to conversations on the field of play, then yes, I agree with Chefren, it is not acceptable to see an amount of officials who - following official information by FIFA's media department - don't know the English language in a sufficient way. Let French be a FIFA language, but e.g. Djamel Haimoudi must be able to control matches with teams from Europe and South America who understand English, but maybe no French.

  2. I see nothing wrong if the referees prefer to speak spanish, the referees know the english language, otherwise they would not come to the world cup. Just because in the interview they did not speak English, it does not mean they do not know the language. It is mho.

  3. I think that FIFA asked each official for speaking English in this interview. It wasn't, in my opinion, a free choice, to use Spanish of French. Otherwise you can't explain why some referees like Doue, Velasco, Hauata and Ricci spoke English, having a different mother-tongue. FIFA was forced to write subtitles and this was a further work.
    I think that English is a mandatory language only at UEFA, AFC and perhaps OFC, but not CAF, CONCACAF and especially CONMEBOL...
    BTW I have finished to watch the videos and I must say that I was impressed especially by O'Leary and Eriksson charisma. There were some referees (Mazic and Brych for example) who didn't like to talk too much, xsaying just the needed.
    I liked also Rizzoli, Doue and Rodriguez. This latter seems to have now clear ideas and a strong determination after 2 World Cups.
    Finally, I have noticed some strange things: Haimoudi said that he got the badge in 2002, wrong. He got that in 2004.
    Gassama said that he is 36 years old. Therefore 1979 as year of birth is surely wrong. There is another version of his date of birth on the web: 10/02/77 (worldreferee), but also in this case, the correct age would be 37. I can't explain that.

  4. I was also very happy to see some referees looking excited about the tournament! At least Peter O'Leary, Jonas Eriksson, Howard Webb and even Ben Williams looked happy to be involved! I'm not saying that Brych or Mazic aren't joyful about going to the WC, but the videos certainly show who are the personalities in the group.

    1. Absolutely. It is also interesting to see differences between on-pitch and off-pitch personalities: O'Leary is a rather reluctant referee on the pitch, while Brych and Mazic are more energetic. In the videos it is vice-versa.

    2. Very good point. In Australia (where I live and where O'leary and Williams referee) Most refs (perhaps except Williams) are very cautious around the field, especially with positioning and man management. As a young referee it does really annoy me, that this trend of "laziness" as you might call it, continues.

  5. Interesting that most of these referees started refereeing after an unsuccessful stint at becoming a pro footballer.

    Thought it was funny when Webb revealed the Select Group officials think he resembles Shrek. Even had a screensaver which made me chuckle.


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