August 31, 2014

Offside Explained and The 3rd Team start Co-operation

Given the feedback we have received over the last three years of our voluntary work on this blog, it seems as if also digital referee education has the opportunity and power to improve refereeing. Therefore, we have decided to focus on giving UEFA officials a direct and independent feedback after their performances in form of our reports on the one hand, but also to strengthen the Referee Education part in the blog which deserves intensified attention on the other hand. 

That's why we welcome every effort to make referees better by educating them. Unfortunately, a number of national associations fulfill their duties in a deficient way so that some match officials are partly unsure about the interpretation of certain Laws of the Game. Law 11 (Offside) is one of the most discussed topics at the moment and has never been unclearer than now.

Hence, we present you a new website with whose owner we will co-operate in future:  

Offside Explained is the first refereeing blog directed to improve the work of assistant referees. There is a gap between the people who write the Laws, FIFA & UEFA interpreting the Law and the referees who have to put the Law into practice at all levels around the world. The aim is to reach the grassroots level more directly and also offer learning points to the more experienced referees. It is for the “Good of the Game” to explain the Law in a more public way.

Offside Explained aims to give video examples of all possible scenarios that could happen, explain them regarding the meaning of Law 11 and offer solutions of how the refereeing team should act upon. The aim is to analyse why the mistakes happen, what can be done to avoid them and to show the examples of excellent refereeing decisions to follow.

Offside is far from being a duty of the assistant referee and the best referees know it. For this reason there are many learning points also directed to the referees. Like assistants are there to help the referee, the referees must be there to help the assistants with offside. Refereeing is all about teamwork. To be a good referee, you must have a good refereeing team and referee should understand Law 11 as well as they do.

The website itself is divided in 3 main parts, the 3 steps of decision-making – “Judging” offside position, having the correct “Information” and “Interpreting” the Law correctly. While the first two parts are ready and third part is in the process of making.

Offside Explained and The 3rd Team are partners in Referee Education with a clearly separated focus on Assistant Referee Education (Offside Explained) and Referee Education (The 3rd Team). As offside is however a matter of both referees and assistant referees, you will also find a rough explanation of Law 11 here on the blog during the next couple of days.

We wish you much joy with the material we will upload and hope that you will be encouraged to join our discussions and that you draw a real benefit from this source of education!



  2. I hope this will be a very good co-operation.

    OT: Ligue 1
    Metz - Lyon (Referee: Buquet) - Penalty (2:28)

    Toulouse - Evian (Referee: Milot) - 2ndYC (3:19)

    Caen - Rennes (Referee: Castro) - 2YC (0:55) and penalty (2:55)

    Lens - Reims (Referee: Bastien) - RC (0:38), penalty (1:43) and another penalty (2:43)

  3. Fantastic news for an AR specialist and nerd like me :)

  4. By the way, off topic: As reported, UEFA will use AARs in the UEFA EURO Qualifiers. However, it is important that these AARs have to be FIFA referees themselves.
    In other words: some nations can only have one or two referee team(s) per matchday.

    For example Slovenia, having only 4 FIFA officials: If Skomina has a match, Jug cannot have a match.

    Or for example Sweden, having 7 FIFA officials: If Eriksson has match, only one further official can have a match, e.g. Johannesson.

    1. RFEF CTA has removed the appointment of Undiano with AAR from the site, I think that UEFA asked for that. They perhaps want to treat these appointments as confidential, like CL ones.
      Indeed, still no rumors until now.

    2. Wales FA didn't remove the appointment of Simon Lee Evans. He indeed has a Euro qualifier.

      Furthermore Raymond Ellingham is observing Kazakstan - Latvia in Group A.

    3. Niklas, this rule with the AAR's applies to all referees and categories?

    4. As far as I know yes.

  5. Undiano have very bad mark for match Ludogoretz - Steaua. He missed two clear RC

  6. May be UEFA removed Undiano from appointment in EURO 2016 Qualification


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