September 28, 2014

FIFA Seminar for Prospective UEFA Referees

After the World Cup is before the World Cup. FIFA is going to prepare several talented referees for the coming FIFA competitions in 2015. And who knows, maybe some of them will even attend 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In order to monitor these officials, FIFA has invited 24 European "prospective referees" to a seminar in Zurich's FIFA headquarters held from 18 to 22 November. The match officials have to arrive in Switzerland on 17 November and must return on 22 November.

The activities to be conducted are separated into practical, theoretical, physical and medical sectors (in my opinion a fifth sector is missing - personality & psychology).

Practical activities: 
On-field exercises with football players & integrated technical and physical tasks

Theoretical activities: 
Theoretical sessions in group work, videotests & trivia

Physical activities: 
FIFA fitness test with limits of 30/30 seconds and 10 laps (150m running in 30s with 50m regeneration in 30s), Sprints (6x 40m in 5,8s each) & Dynamic yo-yo complementary test

Medical activities:
Weight control & body fat composition

Referees chosen (24), by nation

Croatia - Ivan Bebek - First Group - 30/05/1977
Czech Rep. - Miroslav Zelinka - First Group - 23/02/1981
Denmark - Kenn Hansen - First Group - 29/05/1980
England - Michael Oliver - First Group - 20/02/1985
France - Ruddy Buquet - First Group - 29/01/1977
France - Clément Turpin - First Group - 16/05/1982
Germany - Deniz Aytekin - First Group - 21/07/1978
Germany - Felix Zwayer - First Group - 19/05/1981
Greece - Tasos Sidiropoulos - First Group - 09/08/1979
Hungary - István Vad - First Group - 30/05/1979
Italy - Daniele Orsato - First Group - 24/11/1975
Israel - Liran Liany - First Group - 24/05/1977
Israel - Eitan Shmuelevitz - Second Group - 03/03/1978
Netherlands - Danny Makkelie - First Group - 28/01/1983
Poland - Szymon Marciniak - First Group - 07/01/1981
Portugal - Artur Soares Dias - Second Group - 14/07/1979
Romania - Ovidiu Alin Hategan - First Group - 14/07/1980
Russia - Sergei Karasev - First Group - 12/06/1979
Slovenia - Matej Jug - First Group - 25/09/1980
Spain - Antonio Mateu Lahoz - First Group - 12/03/1977
Slovakia - Ivan Kruzliak - First Group - 24/03/1984
Sweden - Martin Strömbergsson - First Group - 01/04/1977
Switzerland - Stephan Klossner - Second Group - 30/05/1981
Ukraine - Ievgenii Aranovskyy - First Group - 10/10/1976

If you go through the names, three things are remarkable: First, FIFA (& UEFA) have chosen some of the most talented and promising officials for the future. Second, some officials are only there because their nation has to have a referee at the World Cup. Third, it is a surprise that Austrian Harald Lechner and Turkish Halis Özkahya have not been selected.


  1. Anonymous28/9/14 12:44

    Thanks for the information!

    Strombergsson is first category, right?
    No Boiki either, no Lechner but Klossner is there. Weird choises.

    If i see this list, i can't understand the appointment of Nijhuis two weeks ago in CL. Was he replacement? Why not appoint Makkelie or one of the other talents?

    1. I guess Porto-Bate just needed a referee. That is maybe all behind this appointment..

  2. Anonymous28/9/14 14:47

    The list has 23 names. I guess the missing name is Karasev?

  3. I don't understand why Zwayer is in there. His foul detection and Card selection are and have been horrific over the years.

    1. Zwayer is, in my opinion, more talented and a more modern referee compared to Aytekin. I can understand that UEFA has him in strong focus and think he will be Germany's no.1 in a couple of years. So I guess FIFA will have some difficulties to decide whether Aytekin or Zwayer will be the no.2 behind Brych on the pre-list for 2018.

    2. Eh....I'm shocked to hear that. In my eyes, Zwayer is in no way a future referee for CL or even an international tournament.

    3. Believe me, he's the man for the future. He has everything one needs at the top. Of course he needs time, making too many mistakes at the moment.

  4. Anonymous28/9/14 19:28

    No Lechner?

  5. Updated predictions for tomorrow:

    Zenit-Monaco: Clattenburg
    Leverkusen-Benfica: Atkinson
    Arsenal-Galatasaray: Rocchi
    Anderlecht-BVB: Tagliavento
    Malmö-Olympiakos: Thomson
    Atlético-Juventus: Brych
    Basel-Liverpool: Eriksson
    Ludogorets-Real Madrid: Karasev

  6. Very interesting new, thanks a lot;
    Many names are expected since they are new talents in Uefa. Clear and interesting the duel between Zwayer and Aytekin in Germany and between Buquet and Turpin in France.
    I was not expecting Klossner (but it seems a political choice form Busacca since Switzerland is without a top class official since long time), Orsato (Italy in my opinion is actually without a future top class referee after Rizzoli and Rocchi), Hansen and the two guys from Israel.
    Do you know uf the names have been choseen from Uefa ref. commettee or from Fifa ref. commettee ? Do you if same pre-salection will be done for tenh other confederations too ? Is it already a pre list for 2018 wordl cup as for the previous edition ?

    1. I don't know but would dare to say this selection has almost been exclusively made by FIFA. Nobody can understand Busacca's politics. He pushes Amhof to the youth olympics but puts Klossner onto that list, while Studer and Bieri are more pushed on UEFA level.
      As for Hansen I disagree with you. His performances and observers and last but not least the circumstance that he was 4th official at U17 WC 2013 indicate that FIFA and UEFA have a plan with him.

    2. Anonymous29/9/14 00:45

      As far as french refereeing is concerned, I think that the duel would be between Turpin and Bastien (instead of Buquet). But Bastien is a FIFA referee for 9 months (January 2014), so maybe it is a bit early for him and like each referee, he needs time to be ready.
      But trust me, Benoît Bastien is much better than Ruddy Buquet, and at least as good and promising as Clément Turpin.

      By the way, he is appointed for next week big clash between Paris SG and Monaco. Really important test for him in France, eventhough this particular game doesn't matter for UEFA or FIFA.

    3. But at least UEFA also has a look on the national league performances. They maybe do not matter as much as performances in important UEFA matches, but they are everything but irrelevant.

  7. Sorry some typo mistakes:
    Do you know if same selection will be done for the other confederations too ?

  8. Scandal in Norway:

    Mjøndalen - Kristiansund (2-2): Referee Per Erik Haugen shows a yellow to an already booked player, but does not send him off. He realises his error 3 minutes later and proceeds to show him the red card and send him off.

    Mjøndalen has decided to not file a protest, saying that they do so out of fair play

    1. This reminds me on Nikolaev in Valencia-Schalke. Luckily his AR was attentive and informed him in-time before play was re-started again. Did really none of the 4 match officials recognize it?...

    2. A video of the full incident (I have no guarantees against georestriction):

    3. Anonymous28/9/14 22:48

      Watched it. Absolutely horrifying to see such refereeing, but what the 4th official is most terrifying, he apparently tells the referee that the player should play on. Insane.

  9. According to newspapers, Haugen had a conversation with AR1 Morten Jensen and with 4th official Haakon Magan, before continuing play for several minutes. Just unbelievable.

    It should also be noted that Haugen is being slammed by Mjøndalen for allowing an additional minute of extra time in the 1st half during which Kristiansund scored and for denying a possible penalty for Mjøndalen.


    Japan: Ryuji Sato
    Japan: Yudai Yamamoto
    Malaysia: Mohd Amirul Izwan bin Yaacob
    Qatar: Abdulrahman Al-Jassim
    Qatar: Fahad Jaber Al-Marri
    Saudi Arabia: Fahad Al-Mirdasi
    Singapore: Muhammad Taqi Al-Jaafari bin Jahari
    South Korea: Kim Dae-Yong or Kim Jong-Hyeok (problems with translation from Arabic)
    South Korea: Ko Hyung-Jin
    Sri Lanka: Hettikamkanamge Perera
    United Arab Emirates: Ammar Ali Abdullah Jumaa Al-Junaibi
    United Arab Emirates: Mohammed Abdullah Hassan Muhammad

    Algeria: Mehdi Abed Charif
    Burkina Faso: Juste Ephrem Zio
    Egypt: Ghead Grisha
    Ethiopia: Bamlaku Tessema Weyesa
    Gabon: Eric Arnaud Otogo Castane
    Ghana: Joseph Odartei Lamptey
    Kenya: Davies Ogenche Omweno
    Mali: Mahamadou Keita
    Senegal: Maguette Ndiaye
    Seychelles: Bernard Camille
    South Africa: Victor Miguel de Freitas Gomes
    Zambia: Janny Sikazwe

    New Zealand: Matthew Conger
    Solomon Islands: Gerald Oiaka
    Tahiti: Abdelkader Zitouni

    1. Anonymous28/9/14 23:22


    2. Maybe Carlos is able to deliver it :)

    3. Thanks Hubert for research.
      Some names like Charif, Sikazwe, Otogo, Tessema and Camille were absolutely expected. It seems as if they do not trust Nampiandraza anymore.

    4. I do have 1 question. What has FIFA seen in Oiaka? Isn't he the referee that forced OFC to ask for AFC referees for their WC qualifiers? They send him for a seminar for prospective WC referees? Someone inside FIFA must have lost his mind!!!!

    5. You can also ask what they saw in Conger. Probably they checked his passport and saw he is from New Zealand. 2 international matches within the last 3 years cannot be enough for such a pre-list, it's all about politics.

    6. Anonymous6/10/14 17:32

      Still no news regarding CONMEBOL or CONCACAF?

    7. The seminar starts this Saturday I can't tell the names since there was a threat: name that comes public, name that is out of the process. They also sent to the countries only the names of those referees of the country that are going, not the full list.
      I can tell only to names since Oscar Ruiz told them to the Colombian radio: Adrian Velez and Wilson Lamouroux

      Sorry for not being helpful this time, but I will not risk the presence of the refs.

    8. ** two, of course.
      The seminar is in Chile.

    9. Anonymous7/10/14 00:09

      Hmmm... the other 4 confederations are public, but not CONMEBOL and CONCACAF? As long as Ruiz mentioned those two names, they should not be secret anymore.

    10. Anonymous7/10/14 01:44

      I also am aware that there is this determination of FIFA. Because it is only for CONMEBOL / CONCACAF? Not know the answer.
      And as has been said there is no list, at least that is public knowledge, as each referee knows only his convocation without knowing who the others.

    11. Anonymous7/10/14 01:48

      There was one South American blog that posted a really important list before time in the World Cup. Busacca was not happy with it and is trying to find their source. That is why the made it different with Conmebol

    12. Two more names thanks to AFA: Patricio Loustau and Mauro Vigliano

    13. Anonymous7/10/14 06:34

      If Argentina and Colombia released the names, there is no more secret. Hopefully, we will find them by Saturday:)

    14. Anonymous7/10/14 06:44

      How about CONCACAF? Cruz (CRC), Rodriguez (HON), Bonilla (SLV), Guerrero (MEX)?

    15. Anonymous7/10/14 07:00

      Fedorczuk from Uruguay?

  11. 30/30 is the FIFA fitness standard?! I thought it was 30/35?

  12. 1st CL appointment for Wednesday

    Ludogorets - Real: Craig Thomson (SCO)

  13. Anonymous29/9/14 18:34

    Israel with two candidates. Surprise since Hugh Dallas is their coach. Scandal at UEFA. You can call this brieb. What a joke.

  14. Anonymous30/9/14 13:20

    Similar situations in Ukraine (Collina), Russia (Rosetti), Turkey (Uilenberg), Romania (Vassaras). The Committee members should mot be allowed by UEFA to get paid jobs in other countries while holding their position in UEFA. It is a conflict of interest.

  15. Anonymous30/9/14 23:59

    OT - u21 play off round over next two weeks must surely have some interesting referee designations as a number of the committee and important observers have duty at these important games - NED v POR Rosetti SVK v ITA Uilenberg SRB v ESP Vagner ENG v CRO Karlsson DEN v ISL Krondl UKR v GER Plautz FRA v SWE Riley ITA v SVK Batta ISL v DEN Mikulski POR v NED Steinborn GER v UKR Antonov CRO v ENG Marko ESP v SRB Trentalange SWE v FRA Perreria

    1. Thanks for sharing.

      About the anonymouses, I wholly agree.


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