September 26, 2014

UEFA has abolished the grey Referee Trousers

Besides 16 widely good referee performances in UEFA Champions League on Matchday 1 and some unexpected results in thrilling matches, one of the hottest topics of all was the invisibility of the men who should be ideally "invisible" on the field of play. The new referee kit's grey trousers were widely perceived as poorly visible on the pitch - and admittedly, they indeed looked like pyjamas. UEFA has reacted and has abolished these grey pants.

Good for ballerinas, poor for referees: The grey trousers have been abolished

In a communiqué issued by UEFA's Refereeing Department sent to all national associations, the referees were asked to wear the old black trousers and stockings deployed in UEFA Champions League 2013/14 season from now on until the end of this campaign. The document further says that "as of Match Day 3, the grey shorts of the 2014/15 UCL kit (received this year) will no longer be proposed by UEFA as an option." The jerseys themselves however stay the same as seen on the first matchday.

However, it might be that some match officials still wear the grey trousers on matchday 2, as UEFA allows both options next week. This decision is surely adequate and necessary but raises questions why the responsible persons in the European Union of Football have not checked the new kits much earlier.


  1. 5.40, penalty and red card or a correct play-on decision from Benquerença ?


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