October 10, 2014

Video Training - Assessing the Level of Punishment 6 - Reckless Tackle (solved)

The following match situation is taken from FC Zürich - Borussia M'gladbach (UEL) and belongs to the category Assessing the Level of Punishment. You are warmly encouraged to participate in discussion by answering the poll or placing a comment. Our solution will appear in this thread in a couple of days.

Our solution:

The white-dressed defending player goes into a challenge and comes too late. With the ball already away, he makes intentional and unfair contact with the opponent's foot by using his studs coming from the top, showing little interest in the welfare of his opponent.
While the defender's action might be interpreted as serious foul play, as such tackles have the potential to endanger the safety of an opponent if they e.g. touch their shinbones or ankles, tackles of this specific type are rather low and "only" have a moderate intensity. Therefore they should be considered as reckless.

(72% agreed with that)


  1. I think this is an obvious red card... There is no intention to play the ball at all. The first point of contact is with studs and it is medium-high intensity therefore endangering the safety of an opponent.

  2. No card was the decision by Vincic.

  3. Not only he is late for the ball but he challenges with the sole of his boots, hitting his opponent with his cleats. I say SFP.

  4. Honestly speaking I always have some doubts with these kinds of fouls. A foot on a foot.. is that endangering the safety of the opponent? I don't think so.. yes it looks painful but excessive force? A yellow card would be appropriate enough for me. But I agree that the player takes a high risk and give the referee the possibility to show RC.

    1. I absolutely agree. Too often now "foot on the foot" means "red card" according to some users of this blog, but I think that this is a frequent kind of foul on the pitch, not always SFP. Of course, the YC is mandatory, refeee dd a mistake here missing it. I wont question on that, but please use the red card more carefully and when really needed.

    2. Spot-on and in line with UEFA's R.A.P. videos.

  5. I share the doubt. When it's on the heel or achilles tendon then it's more endangering the safety imo. But foot on foot is for me always a difficult case.

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