November 2, 2014

Champions League 2014/15 - Referee Appointments - Matchday 4 (Tuesday)

UEFA has assigned the following eight referee teams for next Tuesday's Champions League Matchday 4 ties. Among others, Clément Turpin will attend Emirates Stadium, while Viktor Kassai has been chosen to officiate the most sonorous encounter of the evening at Santiago Bernabeu.

04/11/2014, 18:00 CET 
Stadium Petrovsky, St Petersburg, Russia
Zenit St Petersburg - Bayer Leverkusen (C)
Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Díaz Pérez Del Palomar (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Carlos Clos Gómez (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Alejandro Hernández Hernández (ESP)
Fourth Official: Pau Cebrián Devis (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Horst Brummeier (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: Jacob Erel (ISR)
Blog Referee Observer: Edward (GRE)

04/11/2014, 20:45 CET
Malmo New Stadium, Malmö, Sweden
Malmö FF - Atlético Madrid (A)
Referee: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Simon Beck (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Jake Collin (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Andre Marriner (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Lee Mason (ENG)
Fourth Official: Peter Kirkup (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Karen Nalbandyan (ARM)
UEFA Delegate: Tugomir Frajman (SVN)
Blog Referee Observer: Mike L. (AUT)

04/11/2014, 20:45 CET
Juventus Stadium, Turin, Italy
Juventus Turin - Olympiakos (A)
Referee: Martin Atkinson (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Michael Mullarkey (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Darren Cann (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Anthony Taylor (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Kevin Friend (ENG)
Fourth Official: Stephen Child (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Illka Koho (FIN)
UEFA Delegate: René Eberle (SUI)
Blog Referee Observer: Howard M. (GER)

04/11/2014, 20:45 CET
St.-Jakob Park, Basel, Switzerland
FC Basel - Ludogorets (B)
Referee: Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Laurent Stien (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Guillaume Débart (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Tony Chapron (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Benoît Millot (FRA)
Fourth Official: Hicham Zikrani (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Adrian Casha (MLT)
UEFA Delegate: Trefor Lloyd Hughes (WAL)
Blog Referee Observer: Nikitas (GRE)

04/11/2014, 20:45 CET 
Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain
Real Madrid - Liverpool FC (B)
Referee: Viktor Kassai (HUN)
Assistant Referee 1: György Ring (HUN)
Assistant Referee 2: Vencel Tóth (HUN)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Tamás Bognar (HUN)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Mihály Fabian (HUN)
Fourth Official: Robert Kispál (HUN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Zdravko Jokić (SRB)
UEFA Delegate: Danilo Filacchione (ITA)
Blog Referee Observer: Niclas (GER)

04/11/2014, 20:45 CET 
Estádio da Luz, Lisbon, Portugal
SL Benfica - AS Monaco (C)
Referee: David Fernández Borbalán (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Raúl Cabañero Martínez (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Carlos Del Cerro Grande (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Jesús Gil Manzano (ESP)
Fourth Official: Teodoro Sobrino Magán (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Christos Skapoullis (CYP)
UEFA Delegate: Ionel Piscanu (ROU)
Blog Referee Observer: Glitzo (AUT)

04/11/2014, 20:45 CET 
Emirates Stadium, London, England
Arsenal FC - RSC Anderlecht (D)
Referee: Clément Turpin (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Frédéric Cano (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Nicolas Danos (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Fredy Fautrel (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Nicolas Rainville (FRA)
Fourth Official: Cyril Gringore (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Uno Tutk (EST)
UEFA Delegate: Pertti Alaja (FIN)
Blog Referee Observer: Chefren (ITA)

04/11/2014, 20:45 CET
Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund, Germany
Borussia Dortmund - Galatasaray (D)
Referee: Pavel Královec (CZE)
Assistant Referee 1: Roman Slyško (SVK)
Assistant Referee 2: Martin Wilczek (CZE)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Radek Příhoda (CZE)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Michal Paták (CZE)
Fourth Official: Antonin Kordula (CZE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Patrick Kelly (IRL)
UEFA Delegate: João Morais (POR)
Blog Referee Observer: Hagi (GER)


  1. Kassai is back in a quite interesting CL match.
    I think that UEFA wanted to prevent possible problems for Clattenburg, appointing hm for Malmoe - Atletico and not again in Turin, after EL semifinal. The observers appointed give me this idea, but of course I can be wrong.
    Cakir a hot name for Bayern - Roma and both Orsato and Tagliavento should be in the same group for Wednesday.

    1. Problems for Clattenburg? Why?
      He is the best europeen referee
      with Kuipers.

    2. Stark, Brych, Proença, Benquerença, Tagliavento, Cakir and Moen, IMO, are safety choices for wednesday matches. No Elite referee for the remaining match.

  2. Good set of appointments IMO.

    Group A is still open and Malmo could be dangerous in their stadium. Not so easy match for Clattenburg.

    Kassai with the best match of this Matchday.

    1. Anonymous3/11/14 14:09

      Real Madrid-Liverpool,
      one match without colour.

  3. Group C is very open too. Very good appointments for spanish referees, specially Undiano, s match, after Bayern-City, who seems have recovered uefa trust this season. He is refereeing also really well in spanish liga. I don,t see either a Borbalan,s de motion next year -Thomson is my first candidate-. I predict a very close fight for being number one spanish referee next months.

  4. Anonymous2/11/14 13:39

    New predictions:
    City-CSKA, Benquerença

  5. Anonymous2/11/14 15:22

    In my opinion City should've had two penalties in the first half, and I think both were not called because of bad positioning.

    1. Agreed. Red card for Rojo too. Correct sending off of Smalling though...

    2. Anonymous2/11/14 15:51

      Another clear penalty for City not called, three now.

  6. Tony Chapron, acting as Additional Assistant Referee at FC BASEL - LUDOGORETS on Tuesday, seems to be omitted from a second Europa League appointment this season on Thursday.

  7. My predictions:
    City-CSKA, Proença

    1. Murat Ilgaz to observe Cüneyt Çakır?

    2. Anonymous2/11/14 17:10


    3. As UEFA's committee has the approach to send two referees from the same nation into the two matches of a respective group (to stay more flexible), I think we'll see both Germans together in one group. As it is more or less clear that Sidiropoulos has a match, there is no room for 1 Elite official or for Orsato.

      City-CSKA, Sidiropoulos
      Bayern-Roma, Cakir
      PSG-Apoel, Benquerença
      Ajax-Barca, Proenca
      Sporting-Schalke, Tagliavento
      Maribor-Chelsea, Moen
      Shakhtar-Bate, Stark
      Bilbao-Porto, Brych


  8. Anonymous2/11/14 15:55

    Scandalous performance by Oliver. How can you allow such dissents like Hart's one?! At least three penalties missed (maybe one more for handball)!!!

  9. Anonymous2/11/14 16:03

    Poor, poor, extremely poor performance by Oliver. No authority.

    1. Anonymous2/11/14 16:16

      It's like that if you create a 'talent' at all cost. Oliver never impressed me, always with no guts, bottling major decisions. But all those dull heads from The FA and UEFA knows better than me... Maybe a time for looking at decisions-making more than at great physical shape, fitness and well-looking only!

    2. How true your last sentence is...

  10. Anonymous2/11/14 22:36

    Benjamin Williams (AUS), Norbert Hauata (TAH) and Walter Lopez Castellanos (GUA) at 2014 FIFA CWC.

  11. Some videos from Greek Superleague match Asteras Tripolis - Olympiakos

    Referee: Ilias Spathas.


    1. Anonymous5/11/14 03:40

      Who was the assistants? Scandalous performance by both of them...

      The second yellow for dive is harsh. Could be play-on as well. Missed two sending-offs at the end of the game. Often mistake by referees to finish a game in bad moments or being inattentive when whistling the end of the half/match.

    2. Both Assistants on this match were non-FIFA. Sotiropoulos and Kontizas.

  12. Anonymous3/11/14 10:37

    Cakir is confirmed for Bayern-Roma by Turkish Football Fed.

  13. And Proenca has appeared in for Ajax - Barcelona

  14. Anonymous4/11/14 20:48

    Clattenburg and Atletico with almost the same colors...

    1. Anonymous4/11/14 20:59

      That's the horror with this tenues and every year with the Champions League tenues. They are most of the time ugly, with not enough colours and colours who are not usable too often. It's about time that UEFA just uses the same tenues as at EURO or WC. Than they would have at least 4 colours. It's the same every year again...

    2. Anonymous4/11/14 21:23

      Both benches have complained according to TV.

    3. The black kit could have been the better alternative.
      Or Atletico playing in their home kits.
      Even white shorts would help ;)

    4. Anonymous4/11/14 21:43

      A referee at this level doesn't know how to dress, please Clattenburg go to your concert, that is better.

    5. Anonymous4/11/14 21:49

      He changed to black into the second half. The AR still in yellow.

    6. Incredible. Isn't it UEFA that normally defines the jerseys at the pre-match meeting? One of the officials has to attend there as far as I know, so...

    7. Missing penalty for Malmö. Clattenburg gives, upon advice by AR2, only a free-kick for a holding starting outside but continuing inside the penalty area. Crucial mistake.

      Play is suspended in Dortmund. Fireworks by Gala "fans".

    8. Anonymous4/11/14 23:03

      Look at the line Clattenburg draw with the spray on that free-kick. Not very straight...

  15. 1-0 Real Madrid, excellent onside call by Kassai and Ring. Kassai with a good performance.

  16. Anonymous4/11/14 21:25

    Looked like Reus was just a little offside when he scored.

  17. Anonymous4/11/14 21:54

    Missed PK from Clattenburg? Really close to the line, but looked inside to me.

    1. Anonymous4/11/14 21:56

      Another missed PK from Clattenburg? Looked like handball on the FK.

    2. The arm was not in a completely natural position but clearly raised. On the other hand the arms were relatively close to the body. Maybe a player-typical hand position at a free-kick defense, but the situation was not 100% clean in my opinion.

  18. Small offside in the 3:1 of Anderlecht. Tight, but Cano should have seen it, the situation was not too complicated.

  19. Correct penalty by Turpin in favour of Anderlecht. Good reaction to the offender touching Turpin's arm.
    However, a teammate of the taker clearly encroached during the penalty execution...but nobody seems to pay attention to that.

  20. Anonymous4/11/14 22:26

    Very surreal handball in Benfica-box. AAR2 says nothing, very close to action. Opinions?

  21. Anonymous4/11/14 22:28

    Turpin missed a clear foul, perhaps DOGSO in favor of Anderlecht. Not good.

    1. I watched the match. I understand which situation you mean. Perhaps you missed the last replay, the ball was clearly hit, and after that, yes, also the opponent. But for me correct decision to play on, as it was a fair action playing the ball.
      Overall, a quite good impression from Turpin, most of the time the match was absolutuely fluent, I think only 6 or 7 fouls in first half. He correctly assigned both penalties, even though in the first one I had at first glance some doubts, the second is absolutely clear.
      Some cards were mandatory in the last minutes of the game, when the match was increasing in tension, more to follow in the report, but surely a good performance in my opinion.
      Crucial mistake for AR1, as reported by Niclas, and a pity because he was not that much involved in the rest of the game.

  22. Global good match of Turpin. Too bad AR1 Fred. Cano don't see an offside of the first goal of Anderlecht. 2 penaltys justified for me.

    1. Anonymous5/11/14 16:08

      No. Bad match of Turpin, bad the assistant number 1.
      Turpin, one new mistake of Collina.

    2. Anonymous5/11/14 20:47

      How can you say such a thing?

      You perfectly have the right to think that Turpin did a bad match, but please let us know why. It is too easy to only claim that he's "one new mistake of Collina". I'd like to know why you think that way...

      Today, I saw a replay of that game and to be honest I think that Turpin did a good match. His foul detection was very good, even though this was not very difficult to handle in the first half. Both penalties are justified. At the end of the match, he issued three yellow cards to Anderlecht within 4 minutes: for me, he perfectly dealt with the tension which was increasing on the pitch.

      Of course, there is always room for improvement. Turpin is still young (31) and needs time to grow up. I think that the worst part of his performance was the offside goal, but it's Cano's fault... You can't blame Turpin for that.

      Considering his age and the performances he recently showed in UCL, I think that he can be seriously considered as the best candidate to represent french refereeing in the next years. By the way, he is appointed for the french clash between Paris and Marseille this sunday. Second big test for him!

  23. Atkinson with an easy evening, correct Penalty call. However, missed YC for me as it was SPA. And: He must caution Botia way earlier, four tactical fouls from the player and only one YC.

    1. Anonymous5/11/14 00:35

      You get Rizzoli with the easy evening on MD3 and Atkinson with the easy evening MD4. Must be easier to write the reports.

      Please take a look at the player in offside, who later scores the 1-2.
      Correct decision to allow the goal? I think that there was a challenge for the ball while jumping.

    3. Anonymous5/11/14 13:17

      Agree, it's offside.

    4. I disagree, no real challenge for the ball he did not do anything to interfere with Play.
      @Anonymous: no.

    5. He had physical contact with the defender who wanted to clear the ball with his head and therefore it's active. Offside, even though difficult for AR1.

    6. Though to detect, but clear offside.

    7. Anonymous5/11/14 20:31

      And what about 2-2 goal? Offside also?

  24. Very good performance by Kassai imo. Few mistakes, the game was allowed to flow, good understanding of the advantage rule, yellow cards issued correct, good use of his personality. Onside 1-0 well done by AR1. 8,5 - 8.5 - 8.4 - 8.4 - 8.4 - 8.4 .

    1. Didn't agree with Ramos' booking...thought he cleanly won the ball. Apart from that, he was great.

  25. This is the handball occurred in Benfica - Monaco, right in front of Jesús Gil Manzano.

    1. For me it's no offensive foul on the player falling to the ground. Unnatural position of the hand. At first it is undeliberate, but then it turns deliberate. If Fernández had reacted in a very clever way, he could have signaled free-kick for Benfica and the handball penalty would not be discussed that much.


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