November 3, 2014

FIFA Club World Cup 2014 Morocco - Referees

Following sure information provided by Árbitro Internacional, FIFA has chosen the following six referee trios to officiate at 2014 FIFA Club World Cup to be played in Morocco for the second time. Six World Cup 2014 referees or standby officials have received a call-up for the tournament joined by Real Madrid and several other intercontinental top teams.

Pedro Proença will represent UEFA in Morocco


Referee: Benjamin Williams (Australia, 1977)
Assistant Referee 1: Matthew Cream (Australia, 1975)
Assistant Referee 2: Paul Cetrangolo (Australia, 1978)


Referee: Noumandiez Doue (Côte d'Ivoire, 1970)
Assistant Referee 1: Songuifolo Yéo (Côte d'Ivoire, 1970)
Assistant Referee 2: Jean-Claude Birumushahu (Burundi, 1972)


Referee: Walter López Castellanos (Guatemala, 1980)
Assistant Referee 1: Leonel Leal (Costa Rica, 1976)
Assistant Referee 2: Gerson López Castellanos (Guatemala, 1983)


Referee: Enrique Osses (Chile, 1974)
Assistant Referee 1: Carlos Alexis Astroza (Chile, 1969)
Assistant Referee 2: Sergio Román (Chile, 1969)

* The Chilean trio have replaced a Colombian trio headed by Wilmar Roldán, whose assistant referee Eduardo Díaz failed the physical tests prior to the tournament.


Referee: Norbert Hauata (Tahiti, 1979)
Assistant Referee 1: Tevita Makasini (Tonga, 1976)
Assistant Referee 2: Paul Ahupu (Tahiti, 1985)


Referee: Pedro Proença (Portugal, 1970)
Assistant Referee 1: Bertino Miranda (Portugal, 1972)
Assistant Referee 2: Tiago Trigo (Portugal, 1972)


  1. Anonymous3/11/14 21:16

    OT wikipedia reports that Gumienny will officiate at 2015 Asian Cup.
    A full list of 12 officials is there, but without source and there are two officials retired (Bashir and Baojie). Totally invented?

    1. Anonymous3/11/14 21:16

    2. It is invented. I know for sure one official in that list is not involved.

    3. Anonymous4/11/14 03:09

      This list is totally invented, since at least four on that list have already retired. The only ones that have been confirmed by their national associations are Shukralla, Al Hilali and Irmatov, who will attend Asian Cup.

    4. Anonymous4/11/14 06:07

      Uzbekistan Football Federation released a statement, stating that Valentin Kovalenko and Ravshan Irmatov both from Uzbekistan have been appointed to referee at AFC Asian Cup 2015, also it said that Uzbekistan is the only nation to provide two referees at this tournment.

    5. Anonymous4/11/14 06:10

      Mohammed Abdulla Hassan from UAE has also been appointed to referee at next year's Asian Cup, confirmed by his national association.

  2. Anonymous4/11/14 12:38

    In Morocco for the first time? You should know a bit more..

    1. Thanks for caring about my amount of knowledge.

    2. Anonymous4/11/14 21:26

      You're welcome, dude!

  3. No reserve trio ?

  4. Anonymous4/11/14 15:20

    Do you know who will be attending the FIFA seminar for the Women's World Cup next week in Qatar?

  5. News from Norway: Per Ivar Staberg, the most lenient, friendly and best liked referee, and two times in a row the last years awarded the prize as the best referee selected by players, has been demoted.

    1. Anonymous8/11/14 08:36

      Any info about Moen? Why not appointed in European competitions for MD3 and 4? Is he injured?

    2. Anonymous9/11/14 22:54

      Any idea why he has been demoted?

  6. Moen is not injured and active in the last rounds in Norway. Don't know why he hasn't been appointed.

    As for Staberg, the Norwegian FA say that it is because he has needed several attempts to pass the fitness test on some occasions, and also because of his age (45, but below the Norwegian retirement age of 50)

    1. Per Ivar Staberg was born in 1967 if I remember correctly.

      Moen's mistakes in the match Germany - Scotland were widely reported (also at this blog), so if he had not any appointment in the last 2 months it should not be the big surprise.

      This reminds me the situation from 1-st half of 2013. Felix Brych was not appointed almost for 6 months for any matches in European competitions. Many reasons were discussed but the real one only marginally: he made clear crucial mistake in the match Real - ManU.

      Best regards.

    2. Well, Moen had GER-SCO on 7 September and Benfica-Zenit on 16 September. While the first match was indeed not good (and Bayern-Arsenal was pretty weak as well some months earlier), Benfica-Zenit was very good. So it is strange that he should have got a real break after this match due to a bad performance. If this was a reason, then some other Elite referees like Thomson should have disappeared from the whole international stage multiple times in the past, which they didn't.

      In Brych's case, it was a different situation. Making a crucial mistake (7.9) in a very important Round of 16 match in UCL can easily mean that you are out of consideration for the whole K.O. phase. On the other hand, don't forget that with Borussia Dortmund and Bayern München there were 2 teams which made appointments of Brych often difficult or impossible. So a complete absence in group stages is sth different than in K.O. stages.

  7. FIFA Club World Cup 2014 is going to start from tomorrow.. hurray..


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