November 19, 2014

Weekly News: Hugh Dallas quits as Greek Referee Officer following Attacks on colleague

At the start of August of this year, we reported about the appointment of Hugh Dallas to become the Chief Refereeing Officer in the Greek football associations. After only three months, the Scottish UEFA Vice Refereeing Officer has quit a part of his job in Athens following violent attacks on his colleague Christoforos Zografos.

Hugh Dallas, the Greek referees chief has quit after after matches were suspended indefinitely following an attack on one of his colleagues. Dallas was responsible for selecting referees for matches in the country’s top two divisions after Greek authorities decided to appoint a foreign official following several match-fixing scandals. But Dallas has left his role following a violent attack on Christoforos Zografos, assistant director of Greece’s Central Refereeing Committee (KED).
“The KED have accepted the request of Mr. Hugh Dallas to no longer be responsible for the appointments of refereeing officials for Super League and Football League matches,” said a brief media statement. “Mr. Dallas will continue to be responsible for the education and training of referees in both professional categories.”
Police said Zografos was attacked by two men aremed with wooden clubs in the early hours of Friday morning in the Kolonos area of Western Athens. The Hellenic Football Federation immediately postponed games and said it would not appoint referees to any league matches until “immediate steps” were taken to protect officials.

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Other headlines:

New Spanish FIFA referee selected
1982 born Juan Martínez Munuera has been chosen to become Spain's new FIFA referee following Fernando Teixeira Vitienes' retirement from international refereeing. The 32-year old official from Benidorm close to Valencia has already taken charge of 25 Primera División ties and is among the three youngest referees in the entire Spanish top-league referee roster. 

Champions League Matchday 3 novice injured
Dutch UEFA First Group referee Danny Makkelie, who made his Champions League bow at Stamford Bridge on this season's Matchday 3 in a really good manner, has suffered from a meniscus injury in the league match between Cambuur and Ajax Amsterdam. He will therefore probably miss the following UEFA matchdays, but has confidently stated that he would attend FIFA's Seminar for Prospective UEFA Referees (for the next World Cup) - "on crutches, if needed". The seminar is currently being held in FIFA's headquarters in Zürich and will end on 22 November.

Pierluigi Collina to observe Arsenal FC - Borussia Dortmund
UEFA Chief Refereeing Officer Pierluigi Collina will attend Emirates Stadium next week when Arsène Wenger's team will meet German Champions League 2013 finalists Borussia Dortmund in Group D. As the assignments of UEFA Referee Observers usually indicate interesting referee appointments, we can maybe expect an important test for a certain referee in London.
The other referee observer assignments can be found here. Those for Europa League will be added soon.

Offside Explained has finished Interpretation posts
Our partners of have finished their last interpretation posts which explain the new guidelines and directives given by UEFA in terms of what challenging an opponent for the ball (and all the other criteria) mean. As usual, the site provides you with deep theoretical input and illustrates it by presenting numerous video clips which should make you understand the new instructions sufficiently.


  1. Changes:

    R: Jérôme Efong Nzolo out, Nicolas Laforge in
    AR: Christophe Berbiers out, Thibaud Nijssen in
    Women R: Leen Martens out, Hannelore Onsea in
    Futsal R: Stéphane Deraeve out, Stefan Vrijens in

    R: Maxim Layushkin out, none in
    AR: Rinat Deushev out, Igor Demeshko in
    Women R: none out, Vera Opeykina in

    1. Who is going to replace Benquerença in Portugal?

  2. Can you kindly make a summary post on retired referees at the end of 2014 and new FIFA ones ? Informations from single country are spreaded in different posts and now it's difficult to get it

  3. In principle Portugal will not indicate a new FIFA International Referee to fill the vacancy left by Olegário Benquerença, since virtually all national referees have age greater than 36 years. In Portugal an referee candidate is international only if under 36 years.

    1. There are some referees aged below 36, but probably with not enough experience?

      Fábio José Costa Veríssimo (31)
      Tiago Bruno Lopes Martins (34)
      Rui Jorge Piteira Rodrigues (36)

    2. The first one even is from Leiria, like Benquerenca. So politically that would be a smooth solution - on the other hand, he only refereed 3 Portuguese league games so far, so not really possible and sensible.

    3. All referees proposed to FIFA must have spent at least two seasons in the national major division (the number of officiated match is not important), in this case Primeira Liga.
      I see that all these three names have been promoted just one season ago, so they can't be promoted as FIFA referees.

    4. OK, thanks Chefren for explanation.

    5. Hubert,

      These three referees that you mentioned have been promoted to C1 (First Class in Portugal) this season.

      Rui Rodrigues was promoted only after having appealed to the Council of Justice of the FPF and this same body gave him reason.

      According to the new regulations of the Portuguese Refereeing an referee is only candidate for International after being 2 consecutive seasons, having at the season of candidacy or aged less than 36 years and mastering the English language.

      Chefren explained well.

      And that's why in my previous comment mentioned that in Portugal there will be possibly a new International Referee.

      There is a referee who I think will not only be nominated for FIFA because of the month of your birth. Makes 37 years in a few days. Is Bruno Esteves which was recently inserted into a UEFA program for future international referees. But unfortunately I think it will not have the time. It is a pity for my country.

      It remains to see us leave Olegario already in December and possibly also admitted that Pedro Proenca end his career after the World Club Championship - Morocco '14.

    6. I am not familiar with Portuguese refereeing that much, but Cristiano, isn't it strange that FPF did not manage to build up maybe 1-2 talented and young referees who are able to follow in the footsteps of Benquerenca? I mean, everybody knew for years that his career would end in 2014..

    7. True Niclas, the Arbitration Board of the FPF guard did not know his future in international arbitration.

      Vítor Pereira (President of the Board of Arbitration of the FPF) when he took office in December 2011 had already warned that it would be necessary to change the rules of the Portuguese refereeing, in order to renew the framework of referee and to ensure that in the future there can be referee indicated to FIFA.

      The change happened one season ago at this time is to allow monitoring and the rise of young referees to the main frame.
      This change was not well received by most Portuguese referee. A change was made too quickly, with plenty of mistakes and was trying to prevent what is happening. Right now we have old referees ... there is no referee to indicate to FIFA.

    8. Could you please post a link to the FIFA document that indicates the requirement for two years in the highest division?

    9. Yes, you can find this document called

      "Regulations governing the registration of international referees, assistant referees, futsal referees and beach soccer referees on FIFA's lists"

      In the circular for 2013 and 2014:

      page 5 of the PDF.

      In the circular for 2015, this attachment was not included in the document posted on but it is still valid:

    10. Are you sure that it is still available? There is a country that seems to have nominated referee/ARs who did not referee a single match in the highest national league.

    11. It is possible that these officials were on the highest naational league panel in the last two years but they were never appointed. Which country, if you can say that?

    12. Well, I think Bruno Esteves (Setúbal Football Association) could be indicated to replace Olegário. I know he will turn 37 next Thursday but guess that is not a barrier. As far as I remember, João Capela, from Lisbon Football Association, was promoted at 37. And as Cristiano has pointed out, he' has been trained for some years to become a FIFA official.

      To be honest, I have never heard of the new regulation in Portuguese refereeing preventing referees above 36 years of age from getting promoted. I think the limit is 37. Let's see how things play out.

    13. This is one of my doubts if Bruno Esteves is still International Referee candidate. I would say no.

      According to the Portuguese arbitration rules "the referee is International candidate in the candidacy season have old or less than 36 years."
      This detail can have multiple interpretations. It's confusing, so far the Board of Arbitration of the FPF did not comment it will indicate to FIFA's replacement Olegario Benquerença.

      At the time of promotion of João Capela had another regulation, I think that allowed the appointment of a referee up to 37/38 years. Times were different.

  4. Any news or feedback from perspective FIFA referees seminar running in these days in Zurich ?

  5. Some situations from Poland - Switzerland friendly (referee Kristinn Jakobsson):

    Two penalty appeals:

    Żyro booked twice, but management of the second situation is extremely poor:

    Was there a foul in the build-up?

    GK's foul on Lewandowski

    Yellow for a dive:

    No card for a goal-celebration...

    The rest can be found here:

  6. No penalties.

    Very bad management in the second situation. Said no to the player who wanted yellow card but then went for a yellow, wrong player and then yellow red. Very poor.

    No foul in the build up.

    GK's foul on Lewandowski is never DOGSO. He has no chance of the ball. Maybe VC? Feet towards head. But yellow I think acceptable.

    Goal celebration. Friendly match. I can live with no card there :)

    1. I must say I rarely saw such a poor card showing management like in the 2nd YC situation.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. In the end, the correct decision was taken. That is what's most important. He solves his errors, probably assisted by his team, and that is very good teamwork. If I were the observer at this match I would definitely not be happy with the referee getting himself into this, but the problem is solved, something the referee team should be praised for, so I wouldn't deduct anything more than 0.1 for Jakobsson, if anything.

      All in all, a very good farewell performance by a very good referee who outrageously never got a real chance in the Champions League.

    4. I'm sorry but in UEFA this can be 7.7 quickly.

    5. Sorry for the bad wording earlier: What I meant to say was: Maybe it is for the best that his career ends slowly. There were some bigger errors in his last few games especially LUX-UKR.


    Michael van Praag expects that next year video-refereeing will be used in the Dutch eredivisie!

  8. It seems as Skomina experienced some troubles in Iraq - Kuwait.

    00:50:35 (video minute)
    Deliberate handball on the line? And also: possible ghost goal.

    01:39:45 (video minute)
    Crucial goal for the outcome in the added time of second half: missed a previous offside (AR1).

    1. Maybe he will change his ARs again? :)

  9. Can UEFA or FIFA do anything for the Greek football? Here the situation is REALLY VERY corrupted
    The best to do is to stop giving the bonus every year for the Champions League
    Olympiakos fix every year the championship the last 20 years for the money


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