January 28, 2015

Alireza Faghani appointed for 2015 Asian Cup Final

The Iranian Alireza Faghani (photo) has been selected to officiate the 2015 Asian Cup Final between Korea Republic and Australia in Sydney, Australia.

The 36-year-old referee will be assisted by his compatriots Reza Sokhandan and Mohammadreza  Abolfazli in the match which will be played at the Stadium Australia. Fahad Al Mirdasi from Saudi Arabia will be the fourth official. After having been a reserve referee at 2011 Asian Cup and also at 2014 FIFA WC, Faghani has already officiated three group stage matches and a quarterfinal in this edition. Thus, this will be his fifth  apperance.

Nawaf Shukralla from Bahrain has been appointed to oversee the Third Place match, between Iraq and UA Emirates, to be played on 30 January in Newcastle at Newcastle Stadium. He will be assisted by his compatriots Yeaser Tulefat and Ebrahim Saleh, with Australian Benjamin Williams as fourth official.

We wish both crews good luck!

Final, 31/01/2015, 10:00, Sydney (AUS) 
Korea Republic - Australia
Referee: Alireza Faghani (Iran)
Assistant Referee 1: Reza Sokhandan (Iran)
Assistant Referee 2: Mohammadreza Abolfazli (Iran)
Fourth Official: Fahad Al-Mirdasi (Saudi Arabia)

Third place match, 30/01/2015, 10:00, Newcastle (AUS)
Iraq - UA Emirates
Referee: Nawaf Shukralla (Bahrain)
Assistant Referee 1: Yaser Tulefat (Bahrain)
Assistant Referee 2: Ebrahim Saleh (Bahrain)
Fourth Official: Benjamin Williams (Australia)


  1. Both very deserved appointments. Faghani has been so impressive this tournament. In fact the standard of refereeing has been on a very high level, especially with so many very young officials. This points towards a bright future for Asian refereeing.

  2. Anonymous28/1/15 12:37

    Am I the only one who thinks swapping final rep with 3rd place match rep would be better?

  3. Anonymous28/1/15 12:54

    Well done Faghani, you deserve it. He is a well presented, talented ref with almost no mistakes in calls and very good in controlling games and players. Unlike the Moron Aussie ref, ben Williams who may deserve to be the ref for under 10 sides game at the weekend local mathches. Well done again Faghani and best wishes at the final.

  4. Anonymous28/1/15 13:10

    I still believe Shukralla was the first choice referee considered by AFC for the final before the results for both semi were known. But the fact that he already handled the match Aus-Kor at group stage probably have ruled him out for the final in the end, as we know the Korean coach complained bitterly during and after that group game, after a couple Korean players suffer bad injuries. IMO, Shukralla deserves the final more than Faghani in terms of reputation. But Faghani and 4th official for final Al-Mirdasi deserve on performance, as they have been the two most outstanding referees at this Asian Cup, with no doubt.

  5. Anonymous28/1/15 13:38

    Faghani has directly benefited from team Iran's surprising earlier exit at quarter final, maybe some consolation for Iran football after their team was knocked out in such heart-breaking and controversial circumstances.

  6. Anonymous28/1/15 16:42

    I was absolutly sure to see this appointments

  7. Very early appointment
    25.3., Friendly: Germany - Australia
    Oliver, Burt, Bennett (ENG), Dingert (GER)

  8. Congrats, deserved final of Faghani

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GW5lsvIx9yg, from 1:32
    Rune Pederson from France 98, Red Card?

  9. Anonymous28/1/15 23:37


    Yellow card?

    1. Baffles me as to how this wasn't a sending off. However, the whole thing made me chuckle, I must admit...

    2. Anonymous29/1/15 09:39

      Careless, reckless or using excesive force? Unsporting behaviour or violent conduct? First impression or to think a little? BTW what is the correct way to restart play?


    3. Difficult. You could say it is an attempted violent conduct and therefore red, but it did not look as if he was aiming to hit the assistant or someone else.
      It was also not clear, that it was a sign of dissent, because there was no further shouting.
      Therefore you could even say, it was nothing, because it is not directly forbidden to throw your shoe away.
      Overall, I thikn, the yellow card for general unsporting behaviour was the best solution.
      The indirect free kick, the referee gave, was the correct restart at least in this case.

    4. for me, this is violent conduct with no doubt and thus red card.
      restart is clear (laws of the game cited):
      "Offences where an object (or the ball) is thrown
      If a player standing inside the fi eld of play throws an object at any person
      standing outside the fi eld of play, the referee restarts play with an indirect
      free kick from the position of the ball when play was stopped"

    5. Anonymous29/1/15 15:39

      YC is mandatory (and correct in this situation IMO), RC defendable but not necessary. For me not violent conduct. @Philippp "Dissent by word and / or action" is one of the reasons for issuing YC, therefore additional shouting is out of question.

      Question of restarting of the play was put because is very often part of theory exams (incl. position of the ball at the restart) and somebody could mean that such situation couldn't occure.


    6. IMO clearly a red card. At first Turan shortly protests into the direction of the AR (as he was fouled which was missed (in his opinion)), then he throws the shoe into his direction... yellow is not enough for me.

  10. What are your guys thoughts on these 3 clips?
    http://vimeo.com/118135675 - covering for the first one? either one not a pk for me anyway
    http://vimeo.com/118136257 ball to hand?

  11. Anonymous30/1/15 08:15

    1) #8 from home team should be sent off for his behavior against AR.
    2) No penalty, in case of foul, free kick.
    3) It can be penalty but not totally wrong to play on.

    1. 3) According to UEFA, it should have been a penalty kick.

      C11 - UEFA RAP 2014.2

    2. I completely agree. IMO the hand goes up in an unnatural or at least careless manner. That's why it cannot be considered as "ball to hand". So penalty and YC for me, if the referee is sure that the ball would have entered the goal one could discuss about more.

    3. Anonymous2/2/15 09:49

      3. Accoding to UEFA, but against something which is called common sense.

      Trying to defend some conroversal decisions few years ago, UEFA has generated big troubles for referees. "Enhancing the body volume" is an artificial construct which was used never before. How to avoid the ball shot with high speed from the distance of 1,5 m? Jumping and turn the upper body is a reflex and do it with hands behind the back is absolutely unnatural.

      If penalty in this case (IMO not) then clear RC. But correct (acceptable is better) decision of the referee in this situation couldn't erase his catastrophical mistake in the previous one (point 2).


  12. Excellent game by Shukralla so far. Good player managment, correct Penalty + RC now. Also the ARs are very good.

  13. Very good first half by Faghani. Especially the free kick + YC in 41' were excellent.

  14. Quite a challenging game so far for Faghani, well managed & very brave to give the free kick for the shirt tug: Well Done Team IRAN

  15. I agree, the only point of criticism is his conduct with obvious cases of simulation.

  16. Anonymous31/1/15 11:55

    Good performance in the regular times.

  17. Anonymous31/1/15 12:02

    97': I think a YC was missing here.

  18. Anonymous31/1/15 14:09

    good for Faghani, no crucial mistakes in a very boring match, yellow card in my opinion are good.

  19. I'm very pleased by his performance, that goes for the rest of the team as well.

  20. Some situations from the Asian Cup:

    1. http://vimeo.com/117944459
    2. http://vimeo.com/118284003
    3. http://vimeo.com/118284004
    4. http://vimeo.com/118284006
    5. http://vimeo.com/118284009
    6. http://vimeo.com/118284011
    7. http://vimeo.com/118285654
    8. http://vimeo.com/118285657
    9. http://vimeo.com/118285659
    10. http://vimeo.com/118285660
    11. http://vimeo.com/118285661
    12. http://vimeo.com/118397120
    13. http://vimeo.com/118397121
    14. http://vimeo.com/118397122
    15. http://vimeo.com/118397124
    16. http://vimeo.com/118397125
    17. http://vimeo.com/118397729
    18. http://vimeo.com/118397732
    19. http://vimeo.com/118397733
    20. http://vimeo.com/118397734
    21. http://vimeo.com/118397735

    1. I have watched all the videos. I agree with decisions taken with some exceptions.
      4) I don't understand the meaning of this video.
      6) Straight red card, SFP.
      10) It was better to wait for a second and then to allow the goal
      11) We already discussed on the blog about that, wrong RC. I think penalty without the need of showing a card.
      13) Soft penalty, but not wrong
      16) Penalty to be whistled.

      About Totti in Rome derby (first video), I think that Orsato applied common sense here. No need of a YC, even though one could say that this celebration delayed the restart of the play. But not so much more than other celebrations, I think.

    2. 4) Nothing special, just a little bit of smile :-)

      6) I agree. Though, we constantly see that such tackles at FIFA and UEFA competitions are not punished. My personal estimation is that 70-80% of RC tackles are punished with YC. This of course creates bias and low expectance among the clubs/players/crowd of the RC in the national leagues in which most of us referee.

      13) Yes, very soft penalty... I would say maybe even dive...

      16) Agree, but very hard to see for the referee.


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