January 21, 2015

Asian Cup 2015 - Quarterfinals appointments

Thank to our source Árbitro Internacional, these are the officials appointed by AFC for 2015 Asian Cup's Quartefinals matches. Remarkable achievement for the young Saudi Fahad Al-Mirdasi in charge of Korea Republic - Uzbekistan,  while Iranian Alireza Faghani will officiate his fourth match in the competition, between Japan and UA Emirates. Benjamin Williams will handle a very interesting clash between Iran and Iraq.  To complete the assignments, Korean Kim Jong Hyeok will oversee China - Australia. 

22 January 2015, 08:30 CET
Quarterfinal, Melbourne
Korea Republic - Uzbekistan
Referee: Fahad Al-Mirdasi (Saudi Arabia)
Assistant Referee 1: Abdulla Al-Shalwai (Saudi Arabia)
Assistant Referee 2: Abu Bakar Salim Mahad Al-Amri (Oman)
Fourth Official: Abdullah Al-Hilali (Oman)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Badr Al-Shumrani (Saudi Arabia)

22 January 2015, 11:30 CET
Quarterfinal, Brisbane
China - Australia
Referee: Kim Jong Hyeok (Korea Republic)
Assistant Referee 1: Jeong Hae Sang (Korea Republic)
Assistant Referee 2: Yoon Kwang Yeol (Korea Republic)
Fourth Official: Abdulrahman Mohammed Hussain (Qatar)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Taleb Salem Al-Marri (Qatar)

23 January 2015, 07:30 CET
Quarterfinal, Canberra
Iran - Iraq
Referee: Benjamin Williams (Australia)
Assistant Referee 1: Matthew Cream (Australia)
Assistant Referee 2: Paul Cetrangolo (Australia)
Fourth Official: Christopher Beath (Australia)

23 January 2015, 10:30 CET
Quarterfinal, Sydnay
Japan - UA Emirates
Referee: Alireza Faghani (Iran)
Assistant Referee 1: Reza Sokhandan (Iran)
Assistant Referee 2: Mohammadreza Abolfazli (Iran)
Fourth Official: Nawaf Shukralla (Bahrain)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Ebrahim Saleh (Bahrain)


  1. Williams?? Are two bad performances not enough? Especially IRN-IRQ is a game that is not suited for his style.

    1. One must try to find other interpretations, perhaps for committee he was a candidate for the final. His group stage was not good, therefore "only" a quartefinal. This should be the meaning of this appointment, but I can be wrong of course. A referee who handled a match in WC KO stage is always highly regarded, and a mistake can happen. At any rate, I couldn't imagine Williams going home after group stage.

      About Al Mirdasi: I think that originally Al Hilali was planned for a quarterfinal, but then due to performances in group stage, the Saudi referee convinced the committee, while Al Hilali did a mistake sending off a player for DOGSO. You can see that AR1 Al Mayahi, who suggested the call, has not been appointed, but Al Amri, less experienced, is there as AR2.
      In all the other quarterfinals, officials trios are from the same nation.

      Now, Irmatov is in my opinion sure for a semifinal, while Shukralla could get the other one, or even the final.

    2. Anonymous21/1/15 11:21

      Among all the referees at this Asian Cup, only Irmatov, Williams and Shukralla have handled matches in a World Cup. Thus they are always highly regarded, even if they make mistakes. Williams, as mentioned above, has handled a match in WC KO Stage, also he is from the host nation, so he would get a quarter final at least, his appointment is not surprising.

  2. I am really surprised to see the Korean referee getting a QF after his weak performance in UAE-QAT.

  3. Anonymous21/1/15 10:48

    Fahad Al-Mirdasi (KSA) and Kim Jong Hyeok (KOR) were actually 1985 and 1983 born respectively, it is a remarkable achievement for the two young referees. They have been selected for the quarter finals ahead of some far more experienced referees in Asia. This shows AFC has great faith in their young talented referees, Asia will have bright future for referees.

  4. Anonymous21/1/15 11:25

    Referee appointments for SFs and Final will depend on the teams making through to last four. Irmatov might get the final again after the 2011 final.

  5. Fifth Official for China-Australia is TALEB SALEM AL-MARRI (QATAR).

  6. Williams just sent of Pooladi (IRN) with a 2YC. The player went down with a head injury and I can honestly not say why he cautions him. On top of that, he iniatially forgot that he had booked the player already (which he should as there was no other IRN player cautioned) and had to Show the RC some time later.

  7. Rewatched the scene. Minimal clash with the gk, but he pulled back the went down after the keeper tried to headbutt him. Possible, but extremly harsh if Williams punished him for "simulation".

    1. Anonymous23/1/15 11:53

      After rewatching the scene, Pooladi (IRN) received his second YC for simulation (ie, pretending a head injury). I understand that referees before the tournament were asked to clamp down on simulation, time wasting and showing dessent towards match officials. Thus this second yellow card shown by Williams was too harsh, but acceptable.

    2. Yes, it appears if he was indeed cautioned for simulation. Still, not the wisest choise in this situation.

  8. Massive Player altercation after a foul on IRN keeper. Incredible game. Williams punished the offender and a substitute, but there were more cards possible here.
    Then pen. foul should have been a yellow too IMHO.

  9. Predictions:
    KOR-IRQ: Shukralla, Tulefat, Saleh, Sato
    AUS-UAE: Irmatov, Rasulov, Kochkarov, Al-Hilali
    Final: Faghani

    1. Anonymous23/1/15 13:58

      I agree, Shukralla and Irmatov should be given the two SF, Faghani is the most consistent referee in this Asian Cup thus deserves the final. Unless, AFC wishes to appoint Irmatov again for the final after his 2011 final.

    2. Anonymous23/1/15 14:22

      I agree, too. Shukralla and Irmatov for semifinals, Faghani for the final.
      And... I didn't expect UAE in semifinal, to be honest. A nice surprise.

  10. Al HIlali and Shukrallah for the Semifinals, Faghani for 3rd place final and IRMATOV (best in class) for 1st place FINAL.

  11. Very interesting appointments for the Semi's; Sato gets Korea Republic vs Iraq (with Faghani as 4th) and Irmatov in Australia vs UAE. I wonder if this means that Faghani will not get the final. If so, Shukralla must get it. Although perhaps Faghani has been slightly more impressive during the last few matches, but we shall see,

    1. Anonymous25/1/15 09:22

      It is almost certain now, Shukralla will be assigned directly to the final without getting any other knock out matches, because I just can't see Shukralla, a WC referee not getting any knock out matches in this Asian cup. Irmatov has already had the final in 2011, so this time he gets the semi final involving the host nation. Sato is appointed for the other semi final after Japan's elimination at quarter final. The 3rd place game will be anyone's guess.


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