January 16, 2015

Video Training - Assessing the Level of Punishment 7 - Solutions!

The following match situation is taken from the UEFA Champions League's Matchday 5 tie between Sporting Lisbon and NK Maribor and belongs to the category Assessing the Level of Punishment.
You are warmly encouraged to participate in the poll and / or to tell us your opinion in form of a comment underneath the post. 

1. The tackler's chance to play the ball.
2. Speed and intensity of the challenge.
3. Was unfair contact made with the tackler's sole or studs?
4. Was the tackler endangering the opponent's safety?

Defender #30 tackles his opponent with very little chances of playing the ball fairly. While showing studs and a stretched foot, he hits his opponent's foot / heel with very high intensity, speed and full force. Therefore he clearly endangers the safety of his opponent and should be sent off for serious foul play. (76% of the voters agreed with that).

It is remarkable that the attacker fouled is immediately making an unfair gesture with his hand demanding a card against his opponent. This amplifies the importance of consistently combatting against this type of unsporting behaviour.


  1. Here some DOGSO incidents:

    1. Thanks a lot, I will see whether they suit to the other videos! :)


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