March 17, 2015

2015 UEFA European Under-21 Championship: selected officials

UEFA Referees Committee has appointed the following (six) officials to handle matches at the 2015 European Under-21 Championship, to be held in Czech Republic from 17 to 30 June 2015. All selected officials belong to Category 1.  
Differently from the past editions, each selected team (including: main referee, assistant referees and additional assistant referees) will be composed by officials from the same nation. In addition to that, two fourth officials from the host national have been selected.  

Dutch Danny Makkelie is among the selected officials

Referee: Clément Turpin (1982)
Assistant referee: Frédéric Cano (1973)
Assistant referee: Nicolas Danos (1980)
Additional assistant referee: Fredy Fautrel (1971)
Additional assistant referee: Nicolas Rainville (1982)

Referee: Anastasios Sidiropoulos (1979)
Assistant referee: Damianos Efthymiadis (1973)
Assistant referee: Polychronis Kostaras (1983)
Additional assistant referee: Michael Koukoulakis (1975)
Additional assistant referee: Stavros Tritsonis (1977)

Referee: Danny Makkelie (1983)
Assistant referee: Mario Diks (1977)
Assistant referee: Hessel Steegstra (1978)
Additional assistant referee: Kevin Blom (1974)
Additional assistant referee: Jochem Kamphuis (1986, NO FIFA)

Referee: Sergey Karasev (1979)
Assistant referee: Anton Averyanov (1973)
Assistant referee: Tikhon Kalugin (1974)
Additional assistant referee: Sergey Lapochkin (1981)
Additional assistant referee: Sergey Ivanov (1984)

Referee: Xavier Estrada Fernández (1976)
Assistant referee: Miguel Martínez Munuera (1986)
Assistant referee: Teodoro Sobrino Magán (1978)
Additional assistant referee: Alejandro Hernández Hernández (1982)
Additional assistant referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (1984)

Referee: Szymon Marciniak (1981)
Assistant referee: Paweł Sokolnicki (1980)
Assistant referee: Tomasz Listkiewicz (1978)
Additional assistant referee: Paweł Raczkowski (1983)
Additional assistant referee: Tomasz Musial (1981)

Fourth officials
Krystof Mencl (Czech Republic, 1975)
Ondrej Pelikan (Czech Republic, 1980)


  1. Congratulations to the selected officials. Very good choices and procedural decision by UEFA to refrain from nominating mixed teams which led to communicative problems in Israel 2013.

  2. Estrada is not only the oldest but also the least experienced referee on European level. With only 1 EL group stage match and no CL, he does not really fit to the other five. Why hasn't he got more appointments this season, if UEFA wants to boost his development. I would have preferred e.g. Mateu Lahoz, who has not been to a UEFA tournament yet, as Spanish representative or someone younger, like Özkahya.
    Makkelie's AARs show the Netherlands' lack of young international referees, although there still is Gözübüyük, who was ignored.

    1. About Makkelie's AARs i don't think so. Makkelie and Gozubuyuk are the youngest referee's in Holland together with Kamphuis, Higler (no fifa) because al our referees are good enough to be in Fifa no older referee has to retire, and there is no place on the list for refs like Kamphuis, Higler, Van den Kerkhof or Manschot, they al have great potential.

    2. And also Makkelie is still the youngest referee on this Tournament,

  3. Good appointments by UEFA.

    Interesting that Karasev is there. Expected for Marciniak, Sidiropoulos and Turpin.

  4. A little bit disappointed that no Czech Referee team was appointed (e.g. Zelinka).

    1. For obvious reasons they couldn't appoint Zelinka.

    2. Well, that did not help a lot.

      Otherwise. Přihoda could have been another, more unlikely candidate.

    3. Czech Republic are among the national teams so there can't be a referee from this nation.

      I am a bit surprised that Vincic was not selected. Estrada is of course a political choice. Fast-track promotion, committee members in some games and despite a clear 7.9 in front of Uilenberg in a UEL game he is chosen for U21.

  5. The selection of Estrada is an incredible surprise considering his age and experience. Why couldn't they select someone who is younger and more promising, like Kulbakov, Vad, Özkahya, Hansen, Vincic, Kruzliak, Aytekin or Zwayer?

  6. Off-topic:

    I just discovered a rather curious matter of fact: Not a sole out of the (originally) 272 male referees on the UEFA list 2015 will have to retire by the end of this year due to age restrictions. The only fellow who was born in 1970 is Pedro Proenca who resigned in January.

  7. Cannot understand Estrada's appointment really but if the committee wants to test and promote him, it has to demote Frenandez Borbalan (and Velasco). Seeing the other reasonably selected refs I would have prefered Vad, Vincic, Aaranovskiy, Hansen, Kruzliak or maybe Göcek.

    1. or de Sousa and Madden/Kulbakov could fit, too, seeing Portugal without an Elite ref and Madden's/Kulbakov's 'position'. Otherwise Zwayer as well.

  8. OT:

    New role for Howard Webb, from next season:

  9. Hugh Dallas (Scotland), Marc Batta (France) and Vlado Sajn (Slovenia) will represent the UEFA Referees Committee for this tournament.

    1. And there is usually observer from host country (Czech Rep.), any ideas who that could be?

    2. I guess Vaclav Krondl.

  10. Thank to Sędzia Piłkarski PL, the new teaching materials from UEFA!!!

    1. Hubert, am I wrong or is it just the mini tournaments video programme with old videos? I don't find the download link for 2015:1 actually. Can you help me pls?

    2. The link name could indicate you are right. There is Anderlecht-Olympiakos with Hagen from what I saw.

      So what is the difference between them?

    3. Yes, the name of the material is UEFA Mini Tournaments 2015.

    4. OK, I got the info those are materials for referees who will attend mini-tournaments this year (U-17, U-19). Sorry for the confusion, but they are still interesting though :)

    5. Many thanks for the info and link Hubert.

      Really interesting.

    6. Ok, thanks!

      Early predictions:

      ATL-RMA: Eriksson, Brych
      PSG-BAR: Clattenburg, Mazic
      JUV-MON: Kassai (if not injured), Velasco
      POR-BAY: Rizzoli, Atkinson

    7. ATL-RMA: Mazic, Cakir
      PSG-BAR: Collum, Skomina
      JUV-MON: Eriksson, Brych
      POR-BAY: Atkinson, Rizzoli

  11. SEV-ZEN: Aytekin, Rocchi
    BRU-DNI: Kralovec, Velasco
    KIE-FIO: Moen, Clattenburg
    WOL-NAP: Mateu, Thomson

  12. No match for Rizzoli - his performance in the Atletico match was moderate - poor management and less control.

  13. Unbelievable scene in CONCACAF CL.

    1. Only #11 was sent off for that....

  14. 2018 World Cup, AFC - Round 1:

  15. Predictions for EURO qualifiers:
    KAZ-ICE: Duarte Gomes
    CZE-LAT: Velasco
    NED-TUR: Skomina
    ISR-WAL: Aytekin
    AND-BIH: Lechner
    BEL-CYP: Gil
    ISR-BEL: Thomson
    MAZ-BLR: Schörgenhofer
    SVK-LUX: Bognar
    SPA-UKR: Rocchi
    GEO-GER: Makkelie
    SCO-GIB: Vincic
    IRE-POL: Kuipers
    ENG-LIT: Fernandez
    SVN-SMR: Liany
    SUI-EST: Nijhuis
    NIR-FIN: Borski
    ROM-FAR: Bebek
    HUN-GRE: Marciniak
    MNE-RUS: Marriner
    LIE-AUS: Vad
    MOL-SWE: Orsato
    AZE-MLT: Madden
    CRO-NOR: Karasev
    BUL-ITA: Undiano
    ALB-ARM: Gumienny
    POR-SER: Kralovec
    FRA-DEN: Göcek

    1. Harald Lechner is reported to act as Fourth Official at the friendly match IRAN - CHILE that will be handled by Manuel Schüttengruber, Richard Hübler and Andreas Heidenreich in St. Pölten (AUT) on 26/03/2015. I therefore do not think that he will control a EURO qualifying match two days later. Maybe Oliver Drachta who was promoted to the first group in January will get one?!

    2. Robert Schörgenhofer will handle the friendly U18 match AUSTRIA - FINLAND in Bregenz (AUT) on 25/03/2015 and might also be out of consideration for EURO qualifying matches in March.

    3. Duarte Gomes is injured.

  16. Neil Swarbrick: Oh dear!

  17. Predictions for EURO qualifiers:
    KAZ-ICE: Mazeika (LTU)
    CZE-LAT: Stavrev (MKD)
    NED-TUR: Lahoz (ESP)
    ISR-WAL: Dingert (GER)
    AND-BIH: Taylor (ENG)
    BEL-CYP: Thomson (SCO)
    ISR-BEL: Collum (SCO)
    MAZ-BLR: Zelinka (CZE)
    SVK-LUX: Yefet (ISR)
    SPA-UKR: Vad (HUN)
    GEO-GER: Mazic (SRB)
    SCO-GIB: Karasev (RUS)
    IRE-POL: Clos Gómez (ESP)
    ENG-LIT: Bognár (HUN)
    SVN-SMR: Boiko (UKR)
    SUI-EST: Brych (GER)
    NIR-FIN: Marciniak (POL)
    ROM-FAR: Pisani (MLT)
    HUN-GRE: Rizzoli (ITA)
    MNE-RUS: Orsato (ITA)
    LIE-AUS: Gil (POL)
    AZE-MLT: Borbalan (ESP)
    CRO-NOR: Clattenburg (ENG)
    BUL-ITA: Kuipers (NED)
    ALB-ARM: Aytekin (GER)
    POR-SER: Kassai (but injured) (HUN) Eriksson (SWE)
    FRA-DEN: Tagliavento (ITA)

    1. Observers and Delegates will be posted later.

    2. Rizzoli will definitely NOT handle Hungary - Greece since his last Euro qualifier was Greece - Faroe Islands.

    3. I also doubt that both matches of Belgium within three days (against Israel and Cyprus) are to be handled by referees from the same country.

  18. Predictions for EURO qualifiers:
    KAZ-ICE: (Tom Harald Hagen, Norway)
    CZE-LAT: (Ivan Bebek, Croatia)
    NED-TUR: (Carlos Velasco Carballo, Spain)
    ISR-WAL: (Svein Oddvar Moen, Norway)
    AND-BIH: (Paolo Tagliavento, Italy)
    BEL-CYP: (Kenn Hansen, Denmark)
    ISR-BEL: (Tasos Sidiropoulos, Greece)
    MAZ-BLR:(Ovidiu Hategan, Romania)
    SVK-LUX: (Gianluca Rocchi, Italy)
    SPA-UKR:(Jonas Eriksson, Sweden)
    GEO-GER: (Alberto Undiano Mallenco, Spain)
    SCO-GIB: (Clément Turpin, France)
    IRE-POL: (Milorad Mazic, Serbia)
    ENG-LIT: (Felix Brych, Germany)
    SVN-SMR:(David Fernández Borbalán, Spain)
    SUI-EST: (Cüneyt Çakır, Turkey)
    NIR-FIN:(Halis Özkahya, Turkey)
    ROM-FAR:(Kenn Hansen, Denmark)
    HUN-GRE:(Antonio Mateu Lahoz, Spain)
    MNE-RUS:(Felix Zwayer, Germany)
    LIE-AUS:(Craig Thomson, Scotland)
    MOL-SWE: ( István Vad ,Hungary )
    AZE-MLT: (Aleksei Kulbakov, Belarus)
    CRO-NOR: (Alon Yefet, Israel)
    BUL-ITA:(Martin Atkinson, England)
    ALB-ARM: (William Collum, Scotland)
    POR-SER: (Damir Skomina, Slovenia)
    FRA-DEN:(Björn Kuipers, Netherlands)

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    How do you post as the account with the orange avatar? I do not want to post with Google Account because of my full name Thank you


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