April 19, 2015

Champions League 2014/15 - Quarterfinals - Referee Appointments (2nd legs, Tuesday)

English Martin Atkinson has been appointed to take charge of the crucial return leg of FC Bayern München facing FC Porto at home after their 1:3 loss suffered last week. Norwegian Svein Oddvar Moen will control FC Barcelona - Paris SG, which is more or less decided after Barcelona's clear 3:1 win at Parc des Princes.

Good luck to both teams.

Tuesday, 21/04/2015, 20:45 CET
Allianz Arena, München (Germany)
FC Bayern München - FC Porto
Referee: Martin Atkinson (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Michael Mullarkey (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Stephen Child (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Anthony Taylor (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Craig Pawson (ENG)
Fourth Official: Darren England (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vlado Sajn (SVN)
UEFA Delegate: Charles Schaack (LUX)
Blog Referee Observer: Mike (AUT)

Tuesday, 21/04/2015, 20:45 CET
Camp Nou, Barcelona (Spain)
FC Barcelona - Paris SG
Referee: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)
Assistant Referee 1: Kim Thomas Haglund (NOR)
Assistant Referee 2: Frank Andås (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Kim Henry Johnsen (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Svein-Erik Edvartsen (NOR)
Fourth Official: Sven Erik Midthjell (NOR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Francesco Bianchi (SUI)
UEFA Delegate: David Findlay (SCO)
Blog Referee Observer: Edward (GRE)


  1. Good desination for Atkinson.
    Too match for Moen.

  2. And too hard this new system

  3. Great appointment for Atkinson. His career seemed to have stagnated, but kudos to him for turning it around. Obviously the retirement of Webb helped, and the fact that there are no English teams left in both club competitions. However, congrats to him nonetheless. Two committee members as assessors in both his CL games must mean something...

    Interesting to see what happens in the other fixture, the tie does seem decided, but wouldn't surprise me if PSG mount a comeback. Congrats to Moen on his appointment, too.

    1. I totally agree with this comment, especially regarding Atkinson.

    2. It was very wise by UEFA to wait with making the appointments this time. The first leg result allowed such an appointment (Moen). I guess that in case of a 1-1 in the first leg we would have seen another official.
      Also Atkinson seems to have reached the committee's complete trust by now. Although the sending-off in Sevilla was incorrect, he has a very good season on UEFA level.

    3. Do you think that UEFA made the appointments after the 1st legs ? It is not too late ? I'm thinking the referee needs a period of time in order to prepare an international trip. I'm not speaking only from fitness point of view but many referees have various duties in their lifes (work, family etc).

    4. I agree with your argumentation. I guess the referee knew that they have a match, but not which one. The referee observers were only appointed on Friday at lunch time, which is normally the case 7-10 days prior to the match (and not 4-5). So this indicates UEFA waited for the 1st leg results.

  4. 2014-2015 Concacaf Champions League - Final

    1st leg:
    22 April 2015 at Estadio Azteca, Mexico City (Mexico)
    Club America (Mexico) vs. Montreal Impact (Canada)

    Referee: Hector Rodriguez (Honduras)
    Assistant Referee: Christian Ramirez (Honduras)
    Assistant Referee: Oscar Omar Velasquez (Honduras)
    4th official: Armando Castro (Honduras)


    2nd leg:
    29 April 2015 at Olympic Stadium, Montreal (Canada)
    Montreal Impact (Canada) vs. Club America (Mexico)

    Referee: Henry Bejarano (Costa Rica)
    Assistant Referee: Leonel Leal (Costa Rica)
    Assistant Referee: Octavio Jara (Costa Rica)
    4th official: Jeffrey Solis (Costa Rica)

    1. While both of them are CONCACAF Elite Group, quite unexpected appointments. Only Leonel Leal made it to the WC last year, as a reserve assistant. This is the type of appointment with which CONCACAF cannot win, given the huge difference in style of play between the MLS and Central America. Any referee from Central America will be vilified in Montreal as being either biased or incompetent (to be "Concacaf'ed" has entered common parlance here in Montreal as meaning 'to suffer from incomprehensible game-changing decisions by a CONCACAF referee'), while any American referee from MLS will be denounced by Central American/Mexican teams as allowing too much rough play, as happened when Jair Marrufo refereed the Montreal Impact vs Alajuense game. In Montreal, crying over poor refereeing in CONCACAF has become the norm, and most people speak as if the fact that the referee will side with the opponent of the Impact (whoever it is) is a given. Sad culture, indeed. Let's hope Mr Rodriguez and Bejarano do a good job, for their sake and the CONCACAF's.

    2. Without being an expert on refereeing in the region, I was surprised by the appointments. Geiger, Quesada & Wijngaarde would be the obvious names, but the later two have only refereed one game in the CCL this season. Also without Campell & Moreno CONCACAF's options seemed to be dwindling. I have two questions, Emil, if it's not too much trouble
      1-Who would you have appointed to these finals
      2-Has the standard of refereeing in the CCL this season been good in general this season (I doubt the CONCACAF highlights show the errors of the referee really!)
      Many Thanks

    3. 1- Of course, Geiger might have been the obvious choice, given his experience. However, as mentioned above, which part of the CONCACAF is represented in the referee appointments is of crucial importance due to the style of play. With Mexican referees being ineligible (as Club America is Mexican), there are not many left. Joel Aguilar refereed one of Montreal's semifinals (and was far too timorous for what the match demanded); Walter Lopez, John Pitti and Jair Marrufo did the others. With these names gone, there is no one of prominence left in CONCACAF, really.

      2- I find the standard of the few games I've watched to have been acceptable (although I am currently in Europe so I haven't watched as much as I wanted to). It is far from being comparable to the UEFA CL, though; the quality varies widely, from referees such as Marrufo who are in control through and through to referees who fulfill only minimum standards. As mentioned above, Joel Aguilar had a shocker in Montreal's second semi-final, with many crucial mistakes - missed a stomp by Alajuelense, hair pulling by Montreal, hands to the throat, etc. It was a tense game and he failed to assert control. I will watch the two legs of the final - even if it means waking up at 2am - and will be able to provide you with some comments on the refereeing. It must be mentioned also that CONCACAF changed head of refereeing recently, with Sonia Denoncourt taking over.

    4. Geiger could put out the appearance of bias since he works in the same league that Montreal plays in.

    5. Regardless, I think he have been assigned to one of the matches since he obviously has the best credentials of any CONCACAF referee (CONCACAF Referee of the Year, MLS Referee of the Year, and World Cup Round of 16 referee).

    6. Indeed, but that did not prevent Jair Marrufo (USA, MLS) from refereeing Montreal's semifinal vs Alajuelense. It could have made sense for CONCACAF to appoint one American and one central American to cover both sides of the 'divide', but that could've contributed to legitimise a situation they probably do not want to recognise.

    7. I think we will see both officials on the next pre list for Russia 2018. At least it is very likely, which means that they have to gather experience and matches in their palmarès. Maybe these appointments just sound the bell for the preparation phase for the next World Cup (?)

  5. Anonymous19/4/15 19:06

    Real-Atlético, Brych
    Monaco-Juve, Undiano

  6. New predictions:
    Zenit-Sevilla: Zwayer
    Dnipro-Brujas, Rocchi
    Fiorentina-D.Kiev, Bebek
    Napoli-Wolfsburg, Koukopulakis

    1. My Predictions:

      Zenit x Sevilla - Deniz Aytekin

      Dnipro x Brugge - Gianluca Rocchi

      Fiorentina x Dínamo Kiev - William Collum

      Napoli x Wolfsburg - Ivan Bebek

    2. Predictions for tomorrow: originally I appointed Atkinson for Monaco, now I choose Undiano Mallenco. Brych should be still the right name for Madrid derby.
      About EL: Bebek is not possible again for Napoli, since he had Napoli-Trabzonspor. A category 1 referee will be there, very likely a chance for Karasev, who has still to convince the committee (Jozef Marko will be there).
      Zenit - Sevilla will be a nice clash and Aytekin would be a very good appointment for the German new Elite. As it occurred with Mateu Lahoz (appointed for the third match in the KO stage), Aytekin should be there too on Thursday.
      The other two matches: perhaps Collum, Rocchi or Eriksson.

    3. Until now I thought the appointments are made as a consequence of good performances. If a referee from 1st category is appointed for a game in QF that means he had a great season.
      This is not the case of Karasev : remember Malmo- Olympiakos, Schalke- Sporting (even it wasn't his fault) and I read that were also problems in Besiktas- Bruges (at least Chefren gave him 7,8 in his report as I remember). In this order Karasev would be a surprise for me but when committee gives a QF to Nijhuis than everything it's possible.
      On the other hand I don't know which referee form 1st category would be possible. Marko was already referee observer this season for Bebek, Hategan and Jug. Sidiropoulos had Napoli- Dinamo Moscow in last 16 and I think Turpin won't be appointed this season anymore after Rotterdam.
      Possible names for 2nd leg in EL could be: Collum, Thomson, Borbalan, Tagliavento or even Erikson. But I'm preety sure we will see at least one surprise :)

    4. What you say about Kulbakov in Napoli- Wolfsburg ?
      This season he made his debut in CL groups stage (Benfica- Leverkusen) and later was appointed for last 16 in EL (Ajax- Dnepr).
      If won't be Kulbakov than probably we will see Borbalan (or Undiano) or Thomson.

  7. Anonymous19/4/15 23:31

    Not problem repeat Bebek because Kralovec
    whistled three times Monaco.

    1. Anonymous19/4/15 23:43

      Kralovec olny twice Monaco!!!

  8. My predictions

    Champs League
    Atletico-Real: Brych
    Monaco-Juventus: Rocchi or Mallenco

    Fiorentina-Kyiv: Collum
    Napoli-Wolfsburg: Karasev
    Zenit-Sevilla: Eriksson
    Dnipro-Brugge: Aytekin

    CL Final: Cakir
    EL Final: Clattenburg

    1. Rocchi for Juve looks unlikely ;-)
      The rest are more than plausible though

    2. Anonymous20/4/15 09:20

      Rocchi for Juve would definitelly be a shocker.

    3. Meant Rocchi in Zenit. Sorry!

  9. Anonymous20/4/15 09:35

    Bebek is appointed in Croatia on Wednesday so I guess we won't see him this week.

  10. At 13:20 actually a misplaced advantage played by Atkinson (no game advantage, just ball advantage, as the ball was played several metres back towards the midfield line) but as the goal was scored 30 seconds later, the end justifies the means in this case :)

    1. Anonymous21/4/15 21:19

      2-3 missing YC imo... And 1-2 missing foul whistles...

  11. Anonymous21/4/15 21:21

    Some problems in foul detection for Moen, but very good calls by both assistant referees.
    AR2 disallowed a goal, AR1 no flag for 2-0.

    1. Anonymous21/4/15 21:41

      And a major problem with players making the foolish gesture to ask a card for their opponent. It happened twice already.

  12. Atkinson has not yet found a really clear and predictable line in my view.
    He did not take any disciplinary measure after Quaresma grabbed an opponent in his face (between yellow and red very likely), his first YC came a bit too late or at least mistimed. Dive call a bit hard. Badstuber's YC was orange and at the borderline to SFP. Some minor flaws, AR2 unconcentrated once. But he is in full control and with that scoreline I guess that won't be questioned anymore today.

    1. Anonymous21/4/15 21:37

      The game and that scoreline help him but he is really, really bad. Situation with Quaresma should be also YC for his opponent (BAY#18) for sure. YC for Badstuber definitevely RED!

    2. Niclas, after differences last week - today i agree 100 %

    3. Must definitely rewatch Badstuber. Hitting point was low but intensity looked high, he more or less jumped into his opponent.

      Absolutely. YC to both in the Quaresma situation, well and then we have to discuss whether it was or was not a violent conduct.

    4. Anonymous22/4/15 01:38

      Two very difficult situations to judge. Having the benefit of replays, I definitely opt for a red card to both Quaresma and Badstuber (of course, also for a yellow card to Bernat for his reaction). No matter how we evaluate both incidents (I tend to partly back Atkinson -> yellow card to Badstuber, assistant referee could have helped him in this case), the lack of alertness/concentration and no action against Quaresma and Bernat are unexcusable, though.
      = 8.0 from me

  13. Agreed Niclas, more consistency needed. About the Basstuber foul, very borderline. While it was a lunging tackle with both feet, there was low and minimal contact. But the intensity was pretty high. So I am a little undecided. I back Atkinson here.

  14. Anonymous21/4/15 22:11

    Moen is allowing everything to Verratti. Can't believe he escaped from a card.

  15. 2 nice and not easy onsides by Child prior to the 5:1 goal, very good.

  16. Anonymous22/4/15 13:01

    I agree that Atkinson was not predictable in his foul detection.
    Concerning the two discussed situations:
    Quaresma: Clear red card, Hand mustn´t touch the opponent´s face!
    Badstuber: For me clear red, too, If he would only have touched the ball, I agreed with YC; but thus he touches the opponent as well, it should have been red because he really jumps in the opponent.


    1. Just seen the highlights from last night. I concur, Phi.


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