April 21, 2015

Europa League 2014/15 - Quarterfinals - Referee Appointments (II)

These are the officials appointed by UEFA for the second leg matches of 2014-15 Europa League Quarterfinals Round. Four Elite officials have been selected. Among others, Turkish Cüneyt Çakır will take charge of SSC Napoli - VfL Wolfsburg observed by  Slovakian UEFA Referees Committee's member Jozef Marko. 

23 April 2015

21:05 CET, Stadion Petrovski, St Petersburg (RUS)
Zenit St Petersburg - Sevilla FC
Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Elenito Di Liberatore (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Mauro Tonolini (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Luca Banti (ITA) 
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Antonio Damato (ITA)
Fourth Official: Gianluca Cariolato (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Sándor Piller (HUN)
UEFA Delegate: Bernd Barutta (GER)
Blog Referee Observer: Maxi R (GER)

21:05 CET, NSK Olimpiyskyi, Kyiv (UKR)
Dnipro - Club Brugge
Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Díaz Pérez Del Palomar (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Pau Cebrián Devís (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Carlos Clos Gómez (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Javier Estrada Fernández (ESP)
Fourth Official: Raúl Cabañero Martínez (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Georgios Bikas (GRE)
UEFA Delegate: Pierino Lardi (SUI)
Blog Referee Observer: Chefren (ITA)

21:05 CET, Stadio Artemio Franchi, Florence (ITA)
ACF Fiorentina - Dynamo Kyiv
Referee: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Assistant Referee 1: Mathias Klasenius (SWE)
Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Wärnmark (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Stefan Johannesson (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Markus Strömbergsson (SWE)
Fourth Official: Mehmet Culum (SWE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Manuel Mejuto González (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Jim Stjerne Hansen (DEN)
Blog Referee Observer: Howard M. (GER)

21:05 CET, Stadio San Paolo, Naples (ITA)
SSC Napoli - VfL Wolfsburg
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bahattin Duran (TUR) 
Assistant Referee 2: Tarık Ongun (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Hüseyin Göçek (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Halis Özkahya (TUR)
Fourth Official: Cem Satman (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)
UEFA Delegate: Pertti Alaja (FIN)
Blog Referee Observer: Salva (ISR)


  1. Marko for Cakir is a not-so-thrilling match. Is this going to be the final (easy) test for Cakir to get the CL Final? otherwise I do not understand why put such an important observer and such an important referee on such a match.

    1. It is clearly the last test before CL final.
      You can argue several things: in case of good performances shown by Cakir (and we all agree, I think), then why so many appearances in EL?
      He officiated only one match in Champions League.
      Furthermore, we know that these appointments were made after knowing first leg results (on Friday), so the choice for this match was deliberate.
      A match without a real relevancy and far away from the spotlights.
      You can't have more clues than that... at least in my opinion :)

    2. Anonymous21/4/15 17:11

      Totally hold with your view, Chefren!

      By the way, let'me tell you all that Jorge Sousa was assigned to officiate the always pulsating and unmissable "Clássico" between Benfica and FC Porto which will take place this Sunday at Estádio da Luz, Lisbon (18h CET). Expected designation as he's clearly the best Portuguese referee for the time being.

      I think he deserves a promotion to Elite Category. There are people claiming his age is a barrier but I can't get it. He's 39 meaning he still has some years ahead. What do you guys make of this?

    3. Well, we already discussed about that. It seems as now Portuguese FA and UEFA are focused on Soares Dias, I don't know the reasons for which De Sousa was never considered for something more. Age can explain something but not everything. On the paper we have De Sousa (1975), as you wrote, who has still 5 years of international career to spend. Perhaps the problem is that when it was possible to give something more to De Sousa, there were Benquerença and Proença, he was only the third choice. But... I can't know because there are surely reasons inside UEFA and Portuguese FA for that.
      We can only wait for Soares Dias now.

    4. Anonymous22/4/15 00:47

      If that is true, so I just have to regret it by all means. Jorge Sousa is much much better than Soares Dias, who is a mere product of lobbying. But yeah...the world is not perfect!

      Off-topic note: Don't call him "De Sousa" as it's ever so weird! Jorge Sousa...that's how he's called and like to be called :)

    5. Anonymous22/4/15 00:52


  2. Cuneyt Cakir's team is the one for final.
    Good luck and hope to have great match...

    1. Final CL must be for Clattenburg.

    2. Probably EL Final for Clattenburg

  3. Rizzoli with Di Liberatore and Tonolini because Manganelli is injured. He was replaced in a match in serie A a few weeks ago and he is still out.

  4. This is the 11th (!) match for Roberto Díaz Pérez in UEFA CL (8) or EL (3) this season. If I am not mistaken, that is a record.

    1. Mullarkey did the same in 2011/12

    2. And in 2010/11 he had also 11 matches

    3. He is the best Spanish AR, nowadays, in my opinion!

    4. Ok so he has to get one more match ;)
      He is, but do you have any idea why Cabanero Martínez is mostly only a 4th official in this season?

    5. Cabañero was the usual second AR with Undiano Mallenco in domestic and european matches till world cup nomination. After this moment, Yuste Jiménez and lately Cebrián Devis -a very good AR IMO- are his usual second ARs in european matches, always acompanied by Díaz Pérez del Palomar, his first AR in both domestic and european matches. Díaz Pérez del Palomar and Cebrián Devís also took part of Mateu Lahoz team in last european matches, but changing the order: Pau Cebrián is his usual first AR in domestic and european matches several years ago. Concerning Cabañero Martínez is still first AR in Fernández Borbalán team in la Liga and uefa matches and this fact decreases his chances of being in more european matches. I would also remark the fact Yuste Jiménez hasn,t refereed any match with Velasco Carballo in Spanish Liga althought he continues being his second AR in european matches.

    6. Cabañero was in Donetsk with Undiano, but I think the reason was Yuste Jiménez took part of Velasco,s team in europa league match on thursday the same week. In other case, I think Yuste would be in Donetsk instead of Cabañero. I don,t remember if Juve-Dortmund was the same week.

  5. Anonymous21/4/15 16:22

    Amazing decision today - Jon Moss referees the FA Cup final. I fail to see his greatness, to be honest. Thought that Mark Clattenburg finally would get the final nod...

    /Swedish observer

    1. Anonymous21/4/15 16:39

      There is not only Clattenburg. And Oliver. I'm happy this time.

    2. Baffling appointment. Moss has been among the worst performing officials this season. Perhaps Elleray and co. are saving Clatts for a more high-profile pairing of teams...

    3. The FA Cup Final has seemed to be a way to give a less proven referee a big match (Dowd, Marriner, and Probert in the last three years)

    4. Anonymous21/4/15 21:44

      Or could it be such that the FA has received indications that Clattenburg will referee the Europa League final (which is played some days before the FA cup final)? To me, this is the only logical explanation... Congratulations to Jon Moss and his team however, will be their proudest day in their refereeing careers surely!

      /Swedish observer

  6. Anonymous21/4/15 19:08

    Clattenburg Europa League final, Cakir Champions League final.

  7. Now is very, very likely:

    CL final - Cüneyt Çakır
    EL final - Milorad Mažić

    According to performances, matches and number of matches. (not only in this season)

    In my opinion, well deserved.

    1. EL Final might be Clattenburg.

    2. Anonymous22/4/15 09:43

      I would not be so sure, profesor.

      Before KO stage, more referees were considered. For CL final probably Eriksson and Çakir (in this order), now both candidates remain but the order is switched. If it is so I can only agree with UEFA.

      For EL final, the situation was not so clear and more referees were considered. Surely Mažić and Clattenburg then probably Královec. My opinion is that now has the best ranking Clattenburg despite of problem in the match Basel - Porto. Mažić and Královec are not out but their chances are lower.

      Very important factor is also teams involved in the closing stages. Absence of english teams means higher chance for Çakir and Clattenburg.

      And the last remark. It seams that some really blatant mistakes have consequences. Kuipers, Rocchi and Aytekin were not used for quarterfinals, match for Thomson had only the symbolical meaning and probably the same is possible to say about Karassev.


    3. Anonymous22/4/15 10:11

      Which mistakes made Aytekin? Do you mean Montenegro-Russia?

    4. Mazic K.O. for always after Madrid.

    5. Anonymous23/4/15 14:00

      CL Final: Cakir
      EL Final: Mazic / Clattenburg (70%:30%)

    6. Anonymous23/4/15 14:19

      For the EL final, based on performances I would say Clattenburg 80% Mazic 20%

    7. Anonymous23/4/15 16:28

      If on the basis of the performance is 100%, then the benefit of priority Mr. Mazic. All six UCL Mazic's games were difficult for the refereeing of Clatts games. Also, two games in Madrid (especially the first) are incomparably harder for the refereeing if they gather the weight of all the other games together. PSG vs Barcelona was the easiest match for the trial of all without pressure and a complicated situation for Clatts. In Madrid there was a war! This is more than the game, it's a huge pressure on Mazic and Brych. I wish it was Clatts refereed match at Vicente Calderon.

  8. Anonymous22/4/15 13:12

    Yesterday Moen better that Atkinson.

  9. Anonymous23/4/15 12:41


    Correct to give only a yellow card?

    1. Anonymous23/4/15 14:41

      This video is about a shot on goal. Do you mean the challenge before the shot? No card was given.

    2. Anonymous23/4/15 15:41

      No wrong video. I meant Chiellini `s handball in 2nd minute of match Monako:Juventus. But that video is now deleted.

    3. Anonymous23/4/15 15:54

      You meant Chiellini handball but you posted Cristiano Ronaldo?

  10. Information caming from Greece says that Sidiropoulos had a match on 16th but for unknown reason his appointment was canceled from Uefa.

    1. Anonymous23/4/15 14:13

      I am from Greece, but it's the first time that I heard such a thing.

    2. I am not from Greece, but i have a friend there(he is a referee) that told me it was written on a sports newspaper.I will try to find some more info.

    3. Anonymous23/4/15 21:53

      Nijhuis appointment might have been a consequence of that.

    4. Anonymous23/4/15 22:04

      I don't think so. Sevilla - Zenit was definitely too much for Sidiropoulos. Very likely Nijhuis was a replacement for Kuipers, as you can see that in this second leg another Elite is appointed.

  11. Anonymous23/4/15 15:34

    Serdar Gözübüyük, Dutch referee of the this year's Youth League final, do not whistle currently. He manipulated two games in 2009, a culprit says.

  12. It is said that Rizzoli's penalty was rather a dive or at least not enough for a penalty..
    Cakir and Ongun (AR2) with a not that concentrated start into the match in Napoli.

    1. What are the problems with Cakir and his team?

    2. Anonymous23/4/15 21:52

      Random foul selection near the corner close to AR2 and AAR2. One missed studs-up challenge, some other inconsistencies. Apart from that, no need to stop play in the 25th minute. Not the best performance from Turkish team in an easy game so far.

  13. Anonymous23/4/15 21:49

    Doubtful second yellow on Kiev's Lens from Eriksson for simulation. Slow motion showed that he probably hit the player.

    1. Anonymous23/4/15 22:09

      Acceptable in my opinion. Maybe there was a contact but the player wanted to fool the ref and used a soft contact to fall. => simulation

    2. There was a clear contact (seems to have been studs on the foot), furthermore I don't see where the player planned to fall... if you are stepped on your foot, it is kind of natural to fall. So a clear mistake in my eyes.

      In addition, AR2 and specially AAR2 missed a penalty for handball later on (quite blatant in my view).

  14. Anonymous23/4/15 21:57

    Rizzoli penalty is a dive.

  15. Anonymous23/4/15 22:38

    Extremele blatant offside missed by Duran before 2-2 goal by Wolfsburg. Can't believe that.
    Poor Turkish team this evening.

    1. Anonymous23/4/15 22:50

      There was no offside, men... Excellent call.

    2. Anonymous23/4/15 22:53

      Sorry Anonymous 1 no offside.

    3. Agree, great no-offside call by Duran. However, the defender should have been booked for kicking Perisic' head in this action.

  16. Anonymous23/4/15 23:12

    Cakir looked nervous because he knew the reason of this appointment.

  17. Cakir in Napoli - Wolfsburg

    Overally, he was aware of some tactics. Wolfsburg players were using every soft contact in order to win free kicks during the first 20 minutes. Cakir ignored all these falls and the game was more fluent due to that.

    In the second half there was also a very good example of feeling the game and good aplication the LoTG, when one of the Wolfsburg players was hit in the hand by the ball. Totally natural hand position and no whistle from Cakir (also no yellow card for SPA in this case).

    The biggest point for consideration is the cooperation in the team regarding foul detection and disciplinary control. There was a mandatory yellow card (to Britos, NAP) missed in the first minute of the game (AR2 must see it and inform the referee about it). Then, a revange from Caligiuri on Britos in the 31st minute. Cakir whistles a foul, but no flag-signal from the AR2. Potential yellow card missed.

    Another bad cooperation example in the 22nd minute of the game. #31 NAP challenges #15 WOL with studs up. Mandatory yellow card, but also a foul (!) were missed by AAR2 and Cakir. AR2 had a bad visual angle, so not his fault here.

    Two minutes later, two Napoli players are on the ground, but Cakir signals there was no foul. Wolfsburg have a counterattack but the play is stopped. Why? No need to do so.

    AAR1 should've informed Cakir about the kick in Perisic' head at the 2-2 goal scene. Another yellow card missed by the referee team.

    Some positives from Cakir and Duran (onside before 2-2 goal), but also some quite big points for improvement (TEAMWORK -> more concentration of AR2, AAR1 and AAR2 needed!).

    1. Good analysis, I can anyway add a thing about the situation at 24'.
      Play is not allowed to continue when two (or more) players from the same team are injured. It is the same when a keeper is injured. Referee must stop the play and wait. This is the reason. You surely remember Stark in PSG - Barça two years ago, he missed that.

    2. In my opinion, only one of them was 'injured', the second one was just sitting on the ground and was complaining. But OK, I know it's difficult to see it in real time. At least understandable decision, then. So the only real point for improvement remains the lack of alertness showed by (A)ARs.

  18. Anonymous24/4/15 12:27

    Europa League Draw

    Napoli - Dnipro
    Seville - Fiorentina

    Champions League Draw

    Barcelona - Bayern
    Juventus - Real.

  19. Early prediction:

    Napoli - Dnipro: Svein Moen
    Sevilla - Fiorentina: Pavel Kralovec

    Barcelona - Bayern Munich: Nicola Rizzoli
    Juventus - Real Madrid: Mark Clattenburg

  20. My prediction:
    Napoli - Dnipro: Atkinson / Kuipers
    Sevilla - Fiorentina: Skomina / Brych
    Barcelona - Bayern Munich: Rizzoli / Eriksson
    Juventus - Real Madrid: Moen / Clattenburg

  21. Anonymous24/4/15 13:16

    My prediction
    EL Semis
    Napoli-Dnipro: Atkinson- Mazic
    Sevilla-Fiorentina: Brych- Moen

    CL semis:
    Difficult for me too predict the refs here, especially Juve-Real is difficult because there are many candidates out here. Rizzoli impossible (Juve), Mazic and Brych (Quarterfinals), Cakir possibly will get the final, so out for me too. And I suppose Eriksson will get one leg of Bayern-Barca so out too. I think Clattenburg is sure for one SF here,(probably the first) as final test for EL final,but who will get the other one? So many refs are out! For me only two possible names remain here. Kuipers or Moen. I'd choose Kuipers, even if Chelsea-PSG wasn't the best he has shown he handles tense matches well... But I can understand if Moen gets the other Juve-Real match in CL semis

    So for me CL semis
    Barca-Bayern: Eriksson-Rizzoli
    Juve-Real: Clattenburg- Kuipers

  22. No spaniards predicted for the only match whithout a spanish team?

    1. Mateu and Undiano are not possible, because they had one of the teams recently. Velasco could indeed be an option, but I prefer the referees I wrote above.

    2. Anonymous24/4/15 13:58

      Napoli - Dnipro: Velasco Carballo / Atkinson
      Sevilla - Fiorentina: Moen / Brych

      Barcelona - Bayern Munich: Rizzoli / Eriksson
      Juventus - Real Madrid: Clattenburg / Kuipers

      Skomina, Collum, Thomson, Aytekin, Mateu Lahoz, Barbolan, Undiano Mallenco, Kralovec, Rocchi, Mazic, Cakir and Tagliavento are out for the semi-finals for different reasons, I would prefer a referee who has proven in the past that he is able to lead difficult marches (Kuipers), even though he performed under expected level in Chelsea-PSG, over a referee like Kralovec or Skomina.
      I think Moen and Atkinson deserved a semi-final, Brych is a clear candidate and Clattenburg has performed well in the KO-stage. Rizzoli and Velasco can only handle the first legs, since the second leg would seem a bit strange. Brych clearly deserves another game after his Real-Atletico. Eriksson is in my opinion the only save guess for the return of Bayern-Barça.

  23. Predictions:

    Napoli - Dnipro: Moen / Kralovec
    Sevilla - Fiorentina: Brych / Collum
    Barcelona - Bayern Munich: Rizzoli / Eriksson
    Juventus - Real Madrid: Clattenburg / Mazic

    1. Anonymous24/4/15 17:22

      Hi guys,
      I can't understand how an error like the one rizzoli made yesterday may go unnoticed, especially because it is a 'game changer'. And this is not his first time, neither second. I have to say that each time, there is no loose of control and authority. But that is a huge mistake! He rewarded the cheater(s) with no excuse: good positioning, no obstruction, easy situation, ... It is surprising that he is almost sure for CL semis! Are control, authority, and style so important to disregard 'big' errors? Or is it his 'big' name in world refereeing?


    2. Hi mtl_champs,
      We agree on the situation, it was rather a dive than a foul and should not be a penalty.
      Also Eriksson made some "big" mistakes in Porto and in Fiorentina (maybe depending on the observer). However, please consider 3 aspects:

      1) These 4 CL matches demand proven personalities and no experiments. So UEFA has to look for the most experienced referees who are in a good form, radiate control and authority and who are widely accepted.
      2) Mistakes can always happen and are often related to one single situation, which means that they don't have to happen again. If Rizzoli made a mistake in St Petersburg, ok, it must be analyzed and marked accordingly in the report, but this does not automatically mean that he is out of consideration for a match like Barca-Bayern.
      3) UEFA's Elite Group is not that Elite those days. If you go through the names, you will probably see that there are hardly 4-5 referees who come into consideration for the semifinals. So UEFA has to rely on the best possible choices who do not produce a conflict in terms of a repeated appointment for a match with a team the corresponding referee has already handled in the quarterfinals (so Clatts for Barca-Bayern should be no option, as an example).

      In short: there are some forced choices and in 5 or 6 out of 7 UEFA matches this season, Rizzoli has shown good performances and is therefore a safe bet for one of these games - at least a safer bet than some other referees who are completely out of form or simply not good and fit enough at the moment (Skomina, Kassai, Thomson, ...).

    3. Kralovec and Mazic out till the next
      saison. It´s obvious

    4. Anonymous26/4/15 06:16

      Hi Niclas, thanks for your instructive answer, and sorry for the late reply.
      I understand and agree with most of your points. However what bothers me is that these errors seem to be made with so much easiness in really easy situations whereas it is possible to avoid them with basic use of available tools (consult/validate writh (A)ARs). I also feel that this kind of errors are not really dealt with enough solemnity by uefa refereeing structure as long as there is no controversy; hence we ( I ;-) ) observe frequent repetitions of these mistakes that have more and more impact on games outcome.


    5. The question is, whether there is a correlation between the crucial mistakes a referee makes. I.e., is it more likely, that a crucial mistake is done by a referee, who made one in his last matches, than another referee, who was faultless recently?
      This does not seem clear to me. E.g., nearly all referees made one big mistake in this CL campaign, but few made two and nearly nobody more than two.
      This could be an argument for decreasing the importance of crucial mistakes for the evaluation of referees and their future appointments.
      Your point about the controversy is however true. It should not be that important, how much the teams and the media discuss a mistake.

  24. My guess / prediction:

    Napoli - Dnipro: A. UNDIANO MALLENCO / M. ATKINSON
    Sevilla - Fiorentina: F. BRYCH / V. KASSAI


    Barcelona - Bayern Munich: N. RIZZOLI / D. SKOMINA
    Juventus - Real Madrid: J. ERIKSSON / M. CLATTEMBURG


    I think that this time prediction for CL is really difficult more than last years; Let's suppose that only Elite will get matches (and this should be sure), that choice will be based on perfomances first and to limit as much as possbile the usage of referee coming from same country of the involved teams.

    In this scenario I think that we should exclude F. Borbalan, P. Tagliavento, C. Thomson. Matheu Lahoz and D. Aytekin are probably out because it's only their first year in the elite. Rocchi has no way to be appointed in UEL and too risky IMO to appoint it in the clash between BARCA and BM. 14 referees for 10 matches.
    At this point I would choose Cakir and Mazic respectively fro UCL and UEL finals, so Clattemburg and Eriksson should be sure for UCL semifinals, Rizzoli as well in spite of Juventus' presence and for the last name I would set Skomina for his long experience at high level match.
    Atkinson and Brych should be sure for UEL semifinals, Undiano (or Velasco) could be possible and for the alst one I would set Kassai (he seems recovered) for his long experience and reliability at high level.
    At this level Kuipers will be out due to his perfomances in CHE-PSG, while Moen, Collum (for me negative in Monaco-Juve) and Kralovec IMO could be considered ar reserve of Undiano, Kassai and Skomina.

    BUT...as Collina says to his guys: "Expect the unxpected". After Nijhus appointed, we can see everything........ :-(


    1. Anonymous24/4/15 14:22

      Surely we wont see Undiano again twice in a row for Dnipro.

  25. Anonymous24/4/15 15:19

    Predictions: (and hopes)

    FCB-BAY: Eriksson / Rizzoli
    JUV-REAL: Kuipers / Clattenburg

    NAP-DNI: Moen / Velasco Carballo
    SEV-FIO: Kralovec / Kassai (if he is fit, otherwise Brych)

    Finals Cakir and Mazic

  26. Anonymous24/4/15 15:48

    From my vision and maybe UEFA's vision, too, Brych's performance in Madrid was one of the best this season. He surely will get one match more. Unfortunately Juventus-Barcelona was not drawn, his only possibility in CL.

  27. Anonymous24/4/15 18:20

    FCB-BAY, Rizzoli/Mazic
    JUV-REAL, Eriksson/Clatts
    Final, Cakir or Brych (no Bayern) 4th, Eriksson/Clatts

    NAP-DNI, Atkinson/Mateu Lahoz
    SEV-FIO, Moen/Kralovec
    Final, Mazic or Eriksson 4th, Clatts/Kralovec

  28. Chefren, could you anticipate something about Undiano,s performance tonight?

  29. Sorry, still not watched the match.

  30. Anonymous24/4/15 19:15

    My predictions

    Napoli - Dnipro Mateu Lahoz / Collum
    Seville - Fiorentina Brych / Mazic

    Barcelona - Bayern Rizzoli / Eriksson
    Juventus - Real Clattenburg / Moen

  31. I am not so sure about 'Cakir-for-the-final' idea after yesterday's match (whether the whole team is ready for such challenge). Your thoughts? Who would be your second option - Brych, Clattenburg, Collum, Moen? I mean both CL and EL.

    1. A proposal: tomorrow I am going to write and release a short post on that and would like to open a debate afterwards, maybe with polls. Is it ok to postpone this discussion on tomorrow?

      Basically I have to agree. Cakir's team was not that good yesterday (not bad either).

    2. OK. Thanks for the reply.

    3. Anonymous24/4/15 21:29

      Look at all the performance and from seasons 2013/14. and 2014/15. Not every game is the same weight/very challenging as for example Atletico vs. Real (both games) and very easy, decent, fair match for example PSG vs. Barcelona. Look at the number of games in the UCL, the observers (doesn't opinions the observers and the Commission's that analyzes matches of public opinion). Remember when Rizzoli refereed final match UCL season 2012/13. that didn't shine before and it was a surprise to many (lucid PLC). IMO, if you do not pass Bayern FC has the greatest chance for a Felix Brych, and the UEL why everyone cheering for Clatts? Eriksson, even Cakir can be in the game. But the most difficult/challenging matches in this season are refereed Mr. Brych and Mr. Mazic (even 7 games in UCL in this season).Not for WHO? On the last season where he observed Vassaras and Fandel had a very good performance. This year, resplendent in Dortmund, for Madrid to see what will tell PlC and Dallas for Brych. Mazic certainly will not refereed the semi-finals of the UEL three seasons in a row.
      Brych (twice Hugh Dallas) and Mazic (Levnikov, Uilenberg, Reijgwart, Batta, Cantaleyo, Collina) ... Let's wait a little more. Kuipers? I think it's finished for this season.
      OK. My names- Brych, Cakir, Mazic, Eriksson, Clatts!

    4. Anonymous24/4/15 22:53

      @ * KO UCL... Sorry. My mistake.

  32. Anonymous25/4/15 00:04

    - As I wrote yesterday: Rizzoli for Barca-Bayern should be a safe bet:
    --> Only possible match in CL and EL
    --> First leg because depending on the result of Juve-Real each red card given by him in the second leg would be a point for strange theories by some media (imagine the reaction of spanish newspapers if Messi would see an uncorrect red card by italian ref and miss the final against an italian team...)

    - Mazic: After some discutable decisions in Atletico-Real, I´m not sure whether he could be the man for a match of Real one round later... IMO rather EL semi or perhaps final

    - Usually, Eriksson would be a safe bet for a CL semi. But his personality could be ideal for a potential clasico in final, EL final would be as well deserved. Furthermore, experience in handling UEFA finals because of Super Cup 2013.

    - Kuipers: Of course unlucky day in Chelsea-PSG, nevertheless he didn´t loose the game completely. Based on his class and shown performances in the past, I expect him in a semi.

    - Cakir: As a lot of you posted, everything indicates that he will be the man for Berlin. My risky Impression: Till now, he had any final in a UEFA competition. Taking in mind, that he will be on top level for several years, I could also imagine to see him in EL final.

    - Clattenburg: Should be a nearly safe bet for CL semi. Fitting to both matches, I expect him with his calm british attitude in the tense atmosphere of Juventus Stadium.

    - Brych: After his performances, EL semi should be safe (probably Sevilla-Fiorentina)

    - Naples-Dnipro: No highlight clash, therefore lots of possibilities. Very difficult to predict. My theory: "Present" to old Atkinson, who will do his last season in 2015/2016 and chance to show his skills for young Moen in a semi after a - as I read - nearlly faultless performance in Barca-PSG (-> next step in his development).

    So my guesses:
    Barca-Bayern: Rizzoli
    Juventus-Real: Clattenburg

    Bayern-Barca: Kuipers
    Real-Juventus: Cakir

    CL final: Eriksson

    EL final: Cakir

    Sevilla-Fiorentina: Brych
    Naples-Dnipro: Moen

    Fiorentina-Sevilla: Mazic
    Dnipro-Naples: Atkinson

    Best regards

    1. Anonymous25/4/15 11:42

      Çakir don´t be in final or semis.
      Only Eriksson,Clattenburg,Rizzoli,
      Brych,Kuipers,Moen,Atkinson and

    2. Anonymous25/4/15 13:05

      Moen was not faultless in Barcelona...very poor in some moments, many mistakes

    3. Well not exactly very poor, but certainly not the best performance in a not challenging match.

  33. Anonymous25/4/15 00:45

    I know lots of people have mentioned that a referee won't be selected if he has officiated a game for that team already. I find this to be counter intuitive. If the official is in form and doing a great job, why not further reward him with bigger games? Especially when the pool of talented and reliable referees seems limited. It seems as if you are penalizing a referee for doing a great job.
    I think Brych should be given a Juventus - Real Madrid leg based on the way he performed in Madrid for example. If I was UEFA, I would want the best guy out there. I understand the part with the nation the team and the referee represent, but just like any team coach, they always put their best/hot guys on the field for big games.

    Lastly, what would your thoughts be if two teams from the same association played eachother and UEFA appointed someone from the same association? (example: Mateu Lahoz refereeing Barcelona vs Real Madrid)


  34. Anonymous25/4/15 13:08

    How would you order the Elite referees based on last performances (or lack of them)?

  35. Anonymous25/4/15 17:26

    Here is my opinion of the Referee's who officiated the quarter final (+Rizzoli and Kuipers) matches in brief. The reports will give you a much more detailed evaluation. It's tough to rank due to the unevenness of the sample of matches officiated.

    Mazic: I thought he had a poor performance in a very difficult game. I thought he did a good job in Dortmund holding the game together when not much was demanded of him. Some people had his name penciled in for a final before the Madrid match but I don't see it happening anymore.

    Brych: I thought he did a great job controlling the match in the second leg of Madrid in a very challenging game for him. The Manchester City - Barcelona game was not challenging enough to make an assessment. I am not keen on his foul selection this CL season. Other than struggling in the EL final and the WC, this is a guy that I'm confident can control a more physical game.

    Kralovec: He has been a struggle for me to understand. With the exception of the penalty in the Juventus game, he wasn't challenged too much. In the Atletico-Bayer game, it seems he struggles with player management and players challenging him. He could benefit from a major infusion of confidence.

    William Collum: Tough for me to say much as I have only seen him referee two goalless draws that hardly presented any challenging situations. I thought he got the no penalty call correct in the Juventus Monaco game but I didn't think that required much. I thought the Red card in the Bayern game was correct and the rest of the match offered little to make a solid assessment. Collum had good games, nothing special but nothing awful.

    Clattenburg/Atkinson: I didn't think either were challenged much in the quarterfinal matches. Both of them have done a good job this year. Good to see Clattenburg use the teamwork in the offside goal to correct it. Happy to see Atkinson has found his way up the pecking order this year and getting some big matches. If I had to shoot a guess, we will see one of them in a Real Madrid - Juventus game in the semi finals.

    Kuipers - I think he is a good referee but had a poor match in Chelsea - PSG. UEFA gave him big games in the Group stage and he had a good CL Final. I could see him getting the second leg of the Bayern - Barcelona or maybe an EL semi. I truly think he has great quality but had a poor game.

    Rizzoli: I thought he has had a great year WC and CL. The penalty in the Sevilla game was highly questionable. He did a great job in the Atletico - Bayer game and I thought he excelled in the group stages in some difficult matches of big clubs. I would expect to see him in the Barcelona -Bayern semifinal probably the first leg.

    Carballo: He has had a challenging year but I thought he planted the seeds for a return to form in Porto - Bayern. While appointed assuming the match would produce a much different result, I was happy it was competitive for him.

    Lastly for Moen, he has done a good job in the two second legs this CL. Nothing special or memorable but nothing terrible. Tough to make an assessment with a lack of challenging matches.


  36. My predection:

    Barca-Bayern: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
    Juventus-Real: Viktor Kassai (HUN) (NOT injured)

    Bayern-Barca: Cüneyt Cakir (TUR)
    Real-Juventus: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)

    CL final: Jonas Eriksson (SWE) 4th Official: Milorad Mazic (SRB)

    Sevilla-Fiorentina:Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)
    Napoli-Dnipro: Deniz Aytekin (GER)

    Fiorentina-Sevilla: Felix Brych (GER)
    Dnipro-Napoli:Damir Skomina (SLO)

    El Final:Martin Attkinson (ENG) 4th Official:William Collum (SCO)

  37. Anonymous26/4/15 00:35

    I hope Cakir will get the CL-Final, because i think after many years of international refereeing in important games with mostly consistant good performances he deserves it.

    Besides that he had matches in semi-finals in every big tournament and showed good performances there;
    Europa League: Fulham-Hamburg
    Champions League: Barcelona-Chelsea
    World Cup 2014: Netherlands-Argentina
    EURO 2012: Portugal-Spain

    So i think it´s time for UEFA to reward him with a Final.

    And about the match Napoli-Wolfsburg, yes he had some issues with 1 or 2 situations at the beginning of the match, but again there is no referee who whistles 100% perfect in all their matches. Besides that the referee team showed a good performance after that unconcentration at the beginning.

    Just my 2 cents:)

  38. 2 EL Reports out, including my opinion on why Çakir still should get the final at:

  39. Anonymous26/4/15 06:13

    First and foremost, let me tell you I'm just going to voice my thoughts. Neither intend to speculate nor to break down possible signs from Collina and his team. All the more so he has already told everyone to "expect the unexpected".

    There are a lot of people considering Eriksson and Çakir as the favourites for Berlin's final. No doubt they are suitable names but I would trust Champions League showdown to Martin Atkinson. Not only owing to his very good season but also because he's nearing the end of his international career. And this time, with no English teams in the final stages of the competition, it looks like the perfect opportunity for him.

    As for Europa League final, I think the right man is Cuneit Çakir. It would add up to a natural and well-deserved appointment for someone who's been constructing a solid career and successfully officiating several high-profile matches lately, both in UEFA and FIFA competitions. Sooner or later he will be assigned to the Champions League final. But he still has much time ahead.

    These would be my choices for semi-finals:

    Champions League:

    Barcelona-Bayern Munich 1st Leg Nicola Rizzoli / 2nd Leg Jonas Eriksson

    Juventus-Real 1st Leg Mark Clattenburg / 2nd Leg Bjorn Kuipers

    Europa League:

    Sevilla-Fiorentina 1st Leg Pavel Kralovec / 2nd Leg Svein Oddvar Moen

    Napoli-Dnipro 1st Leg Craig Thomson / 2nd Leg Carlos Velasco Carballo


  40. Anonymous26/4/15 09:11

    OT: The german clash in the DFB-Pokal Bayern-Dortmund is under control of Peter Gagelmann, who whistles his last season in Bundesliga. The other match, Bielefeld-Wolfsburg, is under control of Tobias Welz.

  41. Anonymous26/4/15 10:11

    Rizzoli Barcelona Bayern Eriksson second leg Cakir final Berlin. Clattenburg final europa league


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