April 28, 2015

Weekly News: Collina in Munich, Deadline for RefCom Proposals, "Grexit" in Refereeing? and FIFA's Preparation for WWC 2015

The Third Team once again provides you with the latest news on refereeing. This time the news involve a potential Greek football "Grexit" and its consequences on two important UEFA refereeing teams. Moreover FIFA has published a video on youtube about the preparation of Womens referees ahead of the WWC in Canada. Finally, we have got some information on the UEFA referee committee composition. But before that: the match officials for the semifinals of Champions League and Europa League!


Juventus Turin - Real Madrid
UEFA Referee Observer: László Vagner (HUN)
UEFA Delegate: Sune Hellströmer (SWE)
= no Eriksson for this match. An experienced Elite referee is probable (Çakır, Kuipers...?)

FC Barcelona - Bayern München
UEFA Referee Observer: Bo Karlsson (SWE)
UEFA Delegate: Mark Blackbourne (ENG)
= no Clattenburg, no Eriksson and the only opportunity for Rizzoli

Real Madrid - Juventus Turin
UEFA Referee Observer: Jaap Uilenberg (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Danijel Jošt (SVN)
= Clattenburg or Eriksson, very likely Clattenburg

Bayern München - FC Barcelona
UEFA Referee Observer: Pierluigi Collina (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Dennis Cruise (IRL)
= no Mažić, no Rizzoli; Clattenburg or Eriksson, very likely Eriksson


Sevilla FC - ACF Fiorentina
UEFA Referee Observer: Vítor Melo Pereira (POR)
UEFA Delegate: Barry Bright (ENG)
= likely Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)

SSC Napoli - Dnipro
UEFA Referee Observer: Juan Fernández Marín (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Janis Mezeckis (LVA)
= likely William Collum (SCO)

ACF Fiorentina - Sevilla FC
UEFA Referee Observer: Jean Lemmer (LUX)
UEFA Delegate: Jean Paul Mievis (BEL)
= likely no Atkinson, no Brych; likely Pavel Královec (CZE)

Dnipro - SSC Napoli
UEFA Referee Observer: Michel Vautrot (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Panagiotis Chatzialexiou (GER)
= no Brych, maybe Carlos Velasco (ESP)

Proposals of candidates for UEFA's committees (2015-2019 period)

The UEFA national associations have been asked to propose new members for the panels of the UEFA committees including the Referee Committees. It is widely expected that Portuguese Pedro Proença will be proposed by his federation. Interesting: the national associations are not only asked to propose new members, they also have to propose the person to be replaced instead.
The deadline for these proposals is the 8 May 2015.

Greek football "Grexit" affects 2 refereeing teams

FIFA and UEFA have both sent a joined letter (here) to HFF stating that in case that the new Greek law involving violence and other stuff will go through the Greek Parliament, HFF will be expelled by FIFA. 
This could potentially harm 2 refereeing teams that have been appointed in 2 major tournaments this year. Tasos Sidiropoulos and his team, as it is already reported in this blog (here), have been appointed for the final tournament of this year's UEFA U21 edition hosted by Czech Republic. Moreover, Thalia Mitsi and Assistant Referee Chrysoula Kourompilia have been appointed by FIFA for the 2015 Women's World Cup at Canada (here).
The Third Team has the entire background of the story and will come back with it as soon as it becomes necessary.

Referees' preparation ahead of the 2015 WWC.

FIFA has released a video on their youtube account (here) which shows the preparation Women Referees have received due to the upcoming 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada.
Between 20 and 24 April, 29 referees and 44 assistant referees from a total 48 countries selected to work in Canada went through an extensive programme. Medical examinations, fitness tests and theoretical and practical sessions led by FIFA referee instructors were on the menu, all in the name of seeing them reach peak condition come June.
“We are definitely on the right track. We really worked hard in this seminar”, FIFA Head of Refereeing Massimo Busacca said. “Our work is based on the same philosophy as in men’s refereeing [remark by editors: oh dear]: we aim for quality, uniformity and consistency, while working on positioning and a focus on reading the game. We are convinced that with this kind of preparation - through which we also give important attention to the physical and psychological aspects of refereeing - we will try to reduce mistakes and have good performances during the FIFA Women’s World Cup.”


  1. Anonymous29/4/15 01:44

    Just picture we have Çakir in Juventus-Real, Clattenburg in Real Madrid-Juventus and Jonas Eriksson in Bayern Munich-Barcelona, as predicted above. Then, who would get CL final? Atkinson? Which other options are you guys thinking of?

    1. Anonymous29/4/15 01:49

      what about Mazic?

    2. Anonymous29/4/15 05:01

      Frankly speaking, it's hard for me to imagine Mazic officiating a CL final but we never Know!

  2. Anonymous29/4/15 01:50

    Maybe Kuipers at Bayern-Barca with Collina, after his unlucky evening at Chelsea-PSG. I know it may seem unlikely but he's never seen Collina before if I'm not mistaken and observers don't necessarily have to mean a thing at the semi's (remember Webb was paired with Collina last year in a CL semi) It would make some sense IMO, since Kuipers' last performence wasn't that good, but he's able to lead this kind of matches

  3. Anonymous29/4/15 02:08

    Delegate Chatzialexiou at Dnipro v Napoli is from GER, not CYP

  4. I would say Cakir for CL final.

  5. Anonymous29/4/15 09:44

    Sevilla FC - ACF Fiorentina
    UEFA Referee Observer: Vítor Melo Pereira (POR)
    = likely Pavel Královec (CZE)

    I would say very *unlikely*. He had Pereira last match...Juventus-Monaco

  6. New predictions, according to observers and delegates:

    Juventus - Real Madrid
    Milorad Mazic (SRB)

    Barcelona - Bayern
    Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)

    Real Madrid - Juventus
    Mark Clattenburg (ENG)

    Bayern - Barcelona
    Jonas Eriksson (SWE)

    Sevilla - Fiorentina
    Felix Brych (GER)

    Napoli - Dnipro
    William Collum (SCO)

    Fiorentina - Sevilla
    Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)

    Dnipro - Napoli
    Martin Atkinson (ENG)

  7. Mine according to observers and delegates

    Juventus - Real Madrid Damir Skomina (SLV)

    Barcelona - Bayern Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)

    Real Madrid - Juventus Mark Clattenburg (ENG)

    Bayern - Barcelona Martin Atkinson (ENG) OR Bjorn Kuipers (NED)

    Sevilla - Fiorentina Felix Brych (GER)

    Napoli - Dnipro Sven Odd Moen (NOR) or Martin Atkinson (ENG)

    Fiorentina - Sevilla Jonas Eriksson (SWE)

    Dnipro - Napoli Viktor Kassai (HUN)

    Keeping Cakir and Mazi spare respectively for CL final and UEL final matches.

    As usual great posts on potential selected referees for semifinals and finals and weekly news. The only point on which I do not agree is the exclusion of Skomina and Kassai. They don't deserve to be get off so abrutly.


    1. Anonymous29/4/15 13:55

      Still making predictions for Kassai, he skipped the whole KO phase, how can you think that he will handle a semifinal? Based on what? I think that one referee should deserve such appointment at this level of the competition.

  8. Anonymous29/4/15 11:55

    Richard Liesveld will take charge of the Dutch cupfinal.

    PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen
    Referee: Liesveld
    Assistants: Boonman, Goossens
    4th official: Van Dongen
    AAR's: Van Boekel, Higler

  9. Anonymous29/4/15 13:33

    My predictions:

    Juventus - Real Madrid Skomina

    Barcelona - Bayern Nicola Rizzoli

    Real Madrid - Juventus Mark Clattenburg

    Bayern - Barcelona Jonas Eriksson

    Sevilla - Fiorentina Atkinson

    Napoli - Dnipro Mallenco

    Fiorentina - Sevilla Brych

    Dnipro - Napoli Carballo

    As I know Kassai was injured, I do not believe they will appoint him after long break directly for the semi final, even if he has a lot of expirience! Kuipers should be out after his terrible performance! We will see soon!

    1. Anonymous29/4/15 13:53

      Spanish referee is not possible in Napoli - Dnipro.
      Also, two Spanish teams for one match both in first and second leg can't be appointed. And Dnipro had Undiano in quarterfinals.

  10. Short info on German DFB Cup.
    Yesterday, Gagelmann missed at least 1 blatant and another less blatant penalty to the disadvantage of Bayern München. Dortmund qualified for the final in the penalty shoot out.
    Assumed that Wolfsburg go through in Bielefeld today, it is 99,9% sure that the final in Berlin will be handled by Felix Brych, who depends on Bayern's absence in these finals - and this does not happen too often!

    1. Anonymous29/4/15 15:27

      If Fandel doesn't appoint Brych for DFB final, you should open an investigation :)

    2. Anonymous29/4/15 15:28

      Niclas, what about Deniz Aytekin and for sure Günter Perl? I bet that a bavarian ref will get the final, but i think that Perl is the most succesfull name because of his age. What do you think?

    3. Perl has performed poorly for more than a season now. This is also reflected by the quality of appointments he is getting at the moment.
      I could imagine him as a 4th official though.
      Aytekin is not in his best form either and is younger than Brych. He has more years to come. Considering that the match will likely be Dortmund-Wolfsburg, it would be a top clash to be refereed by a top referee. And, for DFB probably also very important: It could be that Dortmund won't play internationally next season. If they don't reach the 7th place (which is likely at the moment) in Bundesliga, then winning the trophy in Berlin is the only option to reach Europa League...

    4. well to clarify "which is likely at the moment"...it seems that Dortmund could even reach place 5 or 6 right now..

  11. Anonymous29/4/15 16:44

    Thanks for your opinion. :)

  12. Watching Bejarano (half falling asleep here in England), in Montreal- one missed YC for SPA early on. Generally he has exerted his control well on the match, important after the events of Mexico City a week ago

    1. Bejarano showing a good few YCs for SPA, also altering from his early foul line and is losing the respect of the players sometimes. Also tried to break up a riot rather than watch the occurrences of it. However, he is refereeing this tense match quite well IMO

    2. Henry Bejarano after showing a few YCs in the first hlaf, is being more conservative with the his cards, missing a clear SPA. However this is a final, and Bejarano has handled the occasion quite well IMO

      An 8.1 for Bejarano IMO, who controlled the match well & was a calming influence. However his use of the YC was inconsistent and, especially in the second half (although I must say I think I dozed off for a bit of it!), and this didn't exactly help his match control. Most certainly an improvement on Rodriguez's performance in Mexico City, and Bejarano will leave Montreal without controversy, surely the aim for CONCACAF in a final. RANDOM FACT: Henry Bejarano became a FIFA referee in 2011

    4. I would be more generous with Bejarano, given the "quite challenging" character of the match. 8.3 for me. Indeed, a few missed cautions (Donadel in that altercation comes to mind). A little inconsistent, but I liked how he tightened his grip as the game got more intense. He had to deal with a lot of dissent in the first half, and I wouldn't have minded an earlier caution to Montreal's Andres Romero for dissent (he picked one up later on for his part in the mass confrontation). I suspect the first America goal was slightly offside, but I'll wait for a replay before stating it. Good work in the penalty area for me; no penalty deserved, none given.

  13. Anonymous30/4/15 17:26

    UEFA Women Champions League Final Appointment
    Berlin, Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark
    Frankfurt (GER) - PSG (FRA)
    Esther Staubli (SUI)
    Belinda Brem (SUI), Susann Küng (SUI)
    Désirée Grundbacher (SUI)


    1. Expected appointment- is this not Staubli's last year (44yrs)?

    2. Anonymous30/4/15 19:45

      No, she is born in 1979.

      /Swedish observer

  14. Anonymous1/5/15 23:30

    The goalkeeper tries to punch and elbow the Valencia player, the Valencia player then trips the goalkeeper and gets sent off, goalkeeper wasn't punished.


    1. What do you think about this situation?

    2. 1. Offside, the red attacker influenced the white defender
      2. If no offside, than direct free kick (as the foul was committed outside of the penalty box) and red card for DOGSO

    3. Red card to the goalkeeper (violent conduct), penalty kick for the orange team, YC to the orange player.


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