April 5, 2015

Weekly News: Nicolae Rainea's death, Greek match-fixing trouble, Turkish professionalization & UEFA Officials for Quarterfinals

The 3rd Team once again provides you with the latest news across the world from the referee's point of view. Three times World Cup referee Nicolae Rainea has died aged 81. Furthermore 5 Superleague referees testified in Greek justice in conjuction with the investigation for fixed matches and the so-called "Criminal Organization". Moreover TFF has officially named the first full-time professional referees. Finally, you are provided with the UEFA officials for the quarterfinals' first legs.

R.I.P. Nicolae Rainea

Over a career spanning 24 years, Rainea racked up a stellar list of matches as he became one of the most respected officials in the world. He retired in 1983 after adding the European Champion Clubs' Cup final to a CV that already included back-to-back UEFA Cup deciders in 1977 and 1978, and the 1980 UEFA European Championship final. No Romanian referee has bettered his compilation of three FIFA World Cups.
Born on 19 November 1933, Rainea played in the lower leagues before turning to refereeing in 1959. Within six years he was officiating at first division matches and quickly made the FIFA list, in 1967. He oversaw three Romanian Cup finals and 267 top-flight games, while his international assignments also included the 1978 UEFA Super Cup.
After hanging up his whistle aged 49, he remained in football as a referee observer and regional football association president. He later became an honorary member of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) and an honorary citizen of the city Galati. He was decorated by two Romanian presidents, Ion Iliescu and Traian Băsescu.
After an untreated mild cold had turned into a pulmonary edema, Rainea suffered a cardiac arrest while being in hospital and died in Bucharest.

Greek Justice has officially charged 5 referees.

Since 2011 Greek Justice is looking at the biggest "match-fixing" scandal the country has seen. UEFA has already sent over 30 suspected matches.
At a new development Greek Justice now looks at the existence of a "Criminal Organization". According to several media in Greece, 5 Superleague Referees are charged by the authorities of influencing the result of some matches with their calls.
The 3rd Team knows the names of those 5 referees but won't publish them since as lawyers say "everyone is innocent until proven guilty".

Top Turkish referees become full-time professionals.

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) yesterday took a giant step over the issue of professional refereeing, which has been on the agenda for a long time in Turkish football. With the contracts signed in March, Cüneyt Çakir, Hüseyin Göçek, Bariş Şimşek, Mete Kalkavan, Ali Palabiyik and Firat Aydinus have officially become Turkey's first professional referees.

According to a statement made by the TFF, the referees working within the federation must come to the administrative center of the TFF in Riva and train under the supervision of the Central Referee Board. The referees on contract will also provide training in courses, conferences and seminars. During their shift, the referees will contribute to preparing special content, consisting of video footage, that will be used for training referees. After a three-month pilot scheme, the other referees will be included into contractual refereeing. Contractual refereeing has been put into action as a result of work and preparation that has been made since 2012. During this period, the TFF has carried out many innovation regulations in relation to referees. The wages of referees have increased by 91 percent since 2012 and they have been given more authority in order to prevent the continual verbal attacks and assaults. The other innovations brought in by the TFF are the new six-referee system and vanishing spray.

UEFA Officials & Early Predictions for CL / EL

Champions League Quarterfinals

Atlético Madrid - Real Madrid
UEFA Referee Observer: Pierluigi Collina (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Roland Ospelt (LIE)
Prediction: Milorad Mažić (SRB)

Juventus Turin - AS Monaco
UEFA Referee Observer: Vítor Melo Pereira (POR)
UEFA Delegate: Benny Jacobsen (DEN)
Prediction: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)

Paris SG - FC Barcelona
UEFA Referee Observer: Paul Allaerts (BEL)
UEFA Delegate: Jacques Antenen (SUI)
Prediction: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)

FC Porto - Bayern München
UEFA Referee Observer: Bo Karlsson (SWE)
UEFA Delegate: René Eberle (SUI)
Prediction: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)

Europa League Quarterfinals

Sevilla FC - Zenit St Petersburg
UEFA Referee Observer: Konrad Plautz (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: Danilo Filacchione (ITA)
Prediction: Szymon Marciniak (POL) 

Club Brügge - FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk
UEFA Referee Observer: Bertrand Layec (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Eduard Dervishaj (ESP)
Prediction: Ovidiu Hategan (ROU) or Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)

Dynamo Kyiv - ACF Fiorentina
UEFA Referee Observer: Eugen Strigel (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Ainar Leppänen (EST)
Prediction: William Collum (SCO)

VfL Wolfsburg - SSC Napoli
UEFA Referee Observer: Nikolay Levnikov (RUS)
UEFA Delegate: Adrian Titcombe (ENG)
Prediction: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (ESP)


  1. Thanks for the post. Do you think either Clattenburg or Mazic could get a CL final?

    1. Anonymous5/4/15 23:27

      I believe that Cakir would be the most likely candidate for the CL final.
      I could imagine that Mazic would get the EL final, but I would prefer to see Clattenburg in the EL.

    2. Ditto, anonymous. Doubt it, EL final more likely.

      Looks as though Cüneyt Çakır is a lock for the Berlin Showpiece.

    3. No, I think Cakir for CL final maybe Clattenburg for EL final IMO

    4. Does that mean we won't see Cakir in CL or EL until then?

  2. Anonymous6/4/15 04:08

    Another Three times World Cup referee (1970-1974-1978) Ramon Barreto Ruiz (Uruguay) passed away at 75.
    He was linesman in the final 74 for Jack Taylor and in the final 78 for Sergio Gonella



  3. Anonymous6/4/15 11:55

    Pol van Boekel allowed Utrecht to play in 12 men for a couple of seconds vs Ajax.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Anonymous7/4/15 10:06

    OT: https://twitter.com/btsport/status/585041947066142720
    Your comments/opinion on this behaviour?
    Some people here are asking for a sanction against Philippe Kalt.

    1. Unacceptable for a referee. In my opinion, he should be suspended for a while.

    2. Anonymous7/4/15 15:51

      He should not. I think we should work on other things.

    3. Anonymous7/4/15 16:36

      He learned from a great master: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_j09rEYdwc

    4. Did collina get in trouble for that

    5. Anonymous7/4/15 18:17

      The key word here is without a doubt personality. Some referees solve conflicts with a calm appearance and carefully chosen words, while some opt for light physical contact. In lower level matches where players are less disciplined and more volatile I would strongly discourage an official to do this. However, at the top level it could be an effective technique in some special cases, depending on the player involved and what has been said or done. Some players must be intimidated in order to be tamed. Any technique (apart from violence) that helps the referee's match control should be applauded, but if the player reacted back, something that could well have happened if the referee was unlucky, then you could have a case where the referee should be suspended.

    6. Sorry, but personally I became a referee to protect values, respect and laws of the game on the field of play. What Kalt did there is the complete opposite. For me a more than unacceptable behaviour (and of course a player would have been sent off and would have received a 5-match-ban if not more). So yes. I would not appoint this referee again for an adequate time.

  6. Clattenburg is appointed for Manchester's derby on Sunday in PL. Very difficult to see him again two days later in Madrid for another derby, in my opinion.
    Mažić becomes a stronger candidate for this match.

    1. Agreed. Both Clatts and Atko are teamed with their regular ARs.

      Clattenburg in the CL, Atkinson in the EL...?

    2. Anonymous8/4/15 14:22

      Atlético-Real for Brych, I think.
      PSG-Barça for Clattenburg.
      Juve-Monaco for Kuipers
      and Porto-Bayern for Rizzoli.

    3. Anonymous8/4/15 14:56

      Kuipers wont be appointed again.

  7. I guess Mazic and Brych are the only options for Madrid derby (Eriksson has chances as well, but Porto-Basel was not that good).

    1. Anonymous8/4/15 18:19

      Team Eriksson has a match in the Swedish premier league on Sunday, so very unlikely he will have a UCL quarter final next week.

      /Swedish observer

  8. Anonymous8/4/15 09:32

    Kalt is 46 (47 in August). This is his last season (in French 1st division since 1994/1995 !) and this behaviour is simply unacceptable.

    I think he will be suspended on Friday after the French Referee Commitee Meeting. But he cannot finish his career with this match ...

  9. To follow up on this article, it seems that there is a 6th Greek referee that is accused in the match-fixing scandal.

  10. Anonymous8/4/15 15:56

    Crucial mistake by Felix Brych last weekend in a German third league game. The wrong player has been sent off.


    Take a look at the video entitled "3. Liga: Halle setzt Erfolgsserie fort" - Watch the situation at about 06min10

    1. Brych is a great referee. The best with Clattenburg.

    2. Anonymous9/4/15 11:10

      Brych is a weak referee. The weakest with Rizzoli.

  11. Anonymous8/4/15 20:28

    Crucial mistake by Velasco Carballo yesterday in Levante-Sevilla game. Offside directly from a throw-in.

    1. Anonymous9/4/15 10:26

      One offside is not responsability of principal referee.

    2. Anonymous9/4/15 10:50

      When you see that it is directly from a throw-in, you are responsible as well.

    3. Anonymous9/4/15 11:55

      I can't agree, it absolutely is the responsibility of the referee. One can expect from a referee like Carballo that he knows the rules and that he is alert and situations like this. A referee can never blow offside after a throw in, and both his assistant and the referee are responsible for that.

  12. Norway u19-England u19 (Women) to be replayed after minute 96 because of a mistake by the referee, who gave a free kick against England instead of the penalty retaken... What do you think about that? If this is the new rule, than I can imagine other games to be replayed. For example the final op the Europa League last year. Or is that a wrong comparison?


    1. Anonymous9/4/15 13:44

      New rule? This is a astonishing crucial mistake by referee, unacceptable at this level, she will perhaps lose the FIFA badge after that.

    2. Anonymous9/4/15 13:46

      What do you mean by Europa League final? Did you understand which technical mistake made the referee?

    3. This match and EL final last year have absolutely nothing in common. Here the referee made a TECHNICAL mistake during the penalty.

      However UEFA's decision for me is wrong. They should have either replayed the whole match or leave the result and sanction the referee. FIFA repeated the infamous UZB-BHR in WC 2006 qualifying.

    4. Anonymous9/4/15 15:08


    5. I understand the mistake that she makes (if a penalty is scored and there is a foul by the scoring team, so coming in the area to early, the penalty should be retaken). So if I understand it well, the situation (with the penalty which was stopped by the goalkeeper even though he was 3 meters before the line) was a factual error and this is a technical mistake?

    6. Anonymous9/4/15 16:25

      The techinical mistake is that she whistled an indirect free kick in favor of the defending team instead of retaking the penalty!

    7. That's what I say, or at least tried to say! :-)

    8. Anonymous9/4/15 21:35

      With the German referee team being sent home from the mini tournament, this meant a male Republic of Ireland team having to come in and fill in at NIR v NOR as AR2 and 4th, so there was a mixed male female team at this Wu19 game this afternoon

  13. Anonymous9/4/15 17:06

    News about Kalt.

  14. Anonymous9/4/15 21:49

    Controversial red card and a shocking riot in Athletic Bilbao - Valencia, minute '82. Referee F. Teixeira Vitienes.

    1. And a goal in offside position! (min 90). Teixeira didn't do well today.

    2. Video of the red card: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr0gBW6fchY
      Video of the goal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXoUgoqLqfc

    3. Anonymous10/4/15 10:18

      About the offside, I think that AR could have evaluated the touch by defender as deliberate play, but it was clearly a deflection while he was trying a tackle.

    4. Players and all management staff in La Liga show a disgraceful picture of the football with no respect to any fair-play. This is unacceptable for me. I cannot believe that no body is not doing anything about it. Every year it is worse.

  15. The Carballo offside clip can be seen here:

  16. Anonymous10/4/15 11:09

    Rule question:

    Player A1 plays a through pass to A2 who is in an offside position. Before A2 reaches the ball, he is fouled by player B1. If he had not been fouled, he would have had an obvious goal-scoring opportunity (if it wasn't for the offside).

    I encountered this situation in a game I refereed yesterday. The referee and the other AR decided on an offside. Were they correct?

    1. Anonymous10/4/15 14:34

      Yes, offside. No card for the foul if it wasn't reckless, SFP etc. in nature. When it is absolutely clear that the player who was offside is the recipient of the pass, active offside position applies.

    2. Very difficult decision but I think they got it right. The defender fouled the attacker to stop him from scoring, but that also means that the attacker was involved in play. Therefore, the offside comes into effect first.

    3. Anonymous11/4/15 22:06

      Offence against Law XII. is more severe than offence against Law XI. Therefore IMO incorrect decision and I fully share doubts of original anonymous. On the other side, obvious goalscoring opportunity was not denied because it couldn't occur in such situation. So direct free kick in favour of attacking team and disciplinary measure according to character of the offence (careless, reckless, excessive force).


  17. SFP or not?


    1. Anonymous10/4/15 14:42

      I agree. But referee seems to be quite lazy.

    2. You can deem this as excessive force. On the other hand the studs did not touch the opponent, which is belonging to the important criteria for SFP.

    3. Reckless for me (YC), no SFP (RC).

    4. Anonymous10/4/15 23:09

      In my opinion a good decision and preventive refereeing. If he hits some cm away from where he hits the opponent will definitely break his leg. As for the criticism of the referee's apperance above, I must say that it is, in my opinion, very good. The referee is calm and collected, does not rush unnecessarily while looking to his better-placed AR for advice, and the correct advice is given. Good cooperation as well!

    5. About the referee's appearance, expressing calmness is positive at any rate, the problem maybe is that he did not show any body tension while walking to the centre of attention and while raising the card (does not express much determination & confidence).

  18. Anonymous10/4/15 20:06

    The goal at offside of Adúriz(A.Bilbao-Valencia) don´t must adjudicate to
    Teixeira. Teixeira was the referee.

  19. In Bournemouth-Brighton, Pawson misses a SFP of Stephens for Brighton in 7'. Pawson didn't even give a freekick, it could easily have broken his opponents leg, he had a perfect view of the situation aswell

  20. Anonymous11/4/15 22:02

    Is that a penalty?

    1. the contact was forced by the attacker imo. for me more simulation than penalty

    2. Correct decision from Bastian for me, Squillaci leaves his leg out and it is a clumsy tackle, I think this must have been advised by AAR1. DOGSO:RC ruined the game, but a correct decision again IMO.
      Also any thoughts on being able to hear the referee's conversation at times, my French isn't the best but one could guess what Benoit Bastien was conversing!


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