May 20, 2015

Paweł Raczkowski appointed for 2015 UEFA Euro U17 Final

Polish referee Paweł Raczkowski has been appointed by UEFA to officiate the final match of 2015 UEFA U17 Tournament, in Bulgaria, between France and Germany. The match will be played on 22 May 2015. 

A FIFA referee since 2013, the 32 years-old from Poland will be assisted by Mehmet Culum from Sweden as AR1 and Erik Weiss from Slovakia as AR2. Serbian Danilo Grujić will act as fourth official. Stefan Ormandjiev from the host country will observe the officials. We wish them good luck. 

22/05/2015, 19:00 CET, Burgas
France - Germany
Referee: Paweł Raczkowski (POL)
Assistant Referee 1: Mehmet Culum (SWE) 
Assistant Referee 2: Erik Weiss (SVK)
Fourth official: Danilo Grujić (SRB)
UEFA Referee Observer: Stefan Ormandjiev (BUL)


  1. Under 21 in Czech Republic, two changes:

    Team Turpin: Nicolas Rainville out, Benoît Bastien in
    Fourth officials: Mencl out, Paták in.

    Rainville was reported as injured in a official document by FFF.
    The strange thing is that he still officiates matches in Ligue 1 without problems (last on 16/05).

  2. U20 WC Change in Hungarian team:
    Out Peter Berettyán ( I think injured) in: Vencel Tóth (Kassai's team)

    1. Anonymous27/5/15 21:13

      with his heart

  3. Congratulations for the appointed officials.
    To be honest, Culum's presence surprises me though. Two clear crucial mistakes and nonetheless he gets this final. Did not expect that.

  4. Congratulations for the nominated teams and wish them all the luck.


    I'd like to ask your opinion on this situation:
    After scoring a goal, the player immediately removes his shirt, then runs about 30 metres towards the corner flag, removes it, puts his shirt on it, and the starts waving the flag. What would you do? 1 yellow card for the whole situation or 1 yellow card for each infraction?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. 1 yellow card for each infraction if you consider the corner flag removement as excessive (which I would do from your description).

      One practical example: an attacker once climbed on the fences and removed his shirt, too. Aytekin showed him 1 yc for each infraction = 2nd yc. DFB confirmed that it had been the correct decision.

    2. Anonymous20/5/15 20:38

      YC for whole situation. Both infractions could be taken as inappropriate celebration of the goal. The decision of D. Aytekin and the explanation of DFB were too dogmatic IMO. Surely are against the spirit of the LotG.

      Of course, there are situation with two offences practically in one moment: the player enters the field of the play without permission of the referee and by careless offence stopped the promising attack of the opponent. YC + YC = RC.


    3. Anonymous20/5/15 20:53

      Quote from LOTG
      Celebration of a goal
      While it is permissible for a player to demonstrate his joy when a goal has been
      scored, the celebration must not be excessive.
      Reasonable celebrations are allowed, but the practice of choreographed
      celebrations is not to be encouraged when it results in excessive time-wasting
      and referees are instructed to intervene in such cases.
      A player must be cautioned if:
      • in the opinion of the referee, he makes gestures which are provocative,
      derisory or infl ammatory
      • he climbs on to a perimeter fence to celebrate a goal being scored
      • he removes his shirt or covers his head with his shirt
      • he covers his head or face with a mask or other similar item
      Leaving the fi eld of play to celebrate a goal is not a cautionable offence in itself
      but it is essential that players return to the fi eld of play as soon as possible.
      Referees are expected to act in a preventative manner and to exercise common
      sense in dealing with the celebration of a goal.


      I tend to agree with P. L. I think one can include everything into "excessive celebration", not only for common sense.

    4. "Ideologically" I agree with you, P.L., but don't you think that based on the written laws of the game both cautions are literally MANDATORY?

  5. Cyprus Cup Final

    Today 18:00 CET

    AEK Larnaca - APOEL

    Referee: Pavel Kralovec (CZE)

    1. The Cypriot FA have invited Rosetti, Busacca, Brych and Skomina to referee their Cup Final in years past so I guess a similar arrangement has occurred here!

    2. @Márk Szántó

      Because Cypriot refereeing has a big problem. The teams don't trust the referees.

    3. Anonymous20/5/15 19:53

      The match was suspended. Do you know what happened?

    4. Anonymous20/5/15 20:08

      Referees expressed disappointment and displeasure on Tuesday over the football association’s (CFA) decision to use foreign officials in the island’s cup final despite pledges not do so.

      In a written statement, the referee association said they had informed the CFA of their opposition to such an action “which we consider absolutely wrong.”

      The cup final will be played at the GSZ stadium in Larnaca on Wednesday between APOEL and AEL.

      The referees accused the CFA of breaking its promise to support and help them.

      “Because it is not possible on one hand to declare they would help refereeing overcome its problems, allocating hundreds of thousands of euros to pay experts, and at the same time make decisions that hurt the credibility and dignity of referees, and raise prejudice to dangerous levels,” the association said.

      The refs conceded they made mistakes, but their performance during the season – widely held the “most difficult and exciting in the last 15 years” – was especially good.

      “Thus, we expected more understanding from the CFA and a reward for the effort. Instead, the appointment of foreign officials in tomorrow’s cup final constitutes punishment of Cypriot referees without justification.”

      However, refs have been heavily criticised this season over decisions made in critical games of the championship playoffs.

      It is not the first time foreign refs are brought in to preside over football games in Cyprus, where prejudice against match officials runs high.

      Last December, a top referee, Marios Panayi, went public with charges of widespread match fixing involving referees and the CFA.

      Panayi named CFA deputy chairman Giorgos Koumas as the man pulling the strings. His charges have not led to any major developments.

      Same goes for numerous so-called ‘red’ and ‘yellow’ files sent by European football’s governing body UEFA, showing suspiciously high betting activity on specific games.

      All these added to the prejudice, which eventually led to several bomb and arson attacks against referees. No one has been injured so far.

    5. Anonymous20/5/15 20:09

      The same federation doesn't trust local referees. A nosense.

    6. Anonymous20/5/15 20:17

      Match was suspended for crowd's disturbance, now resumed.

  6. Anonymous21/5/15 11:16

    Hence João Santos' question, I've got another one "off-topic".

    Defender challenges the attacker in the middle of the field with the attacker going forward. The attacker goes to the ground, but the challenge is evaluated fair, so no whistle for a foul. However, the attacker claims the ball with his hands. For me, this has always been an automatic caution - hindering the opponent to capture the ball - but is this a wrong interpretation?


  7. UEFA Referee Observer Athanasios Briakos (GRE) won't be able to be appointed to any UEFA/FIFA match until his trial for participating to the "Criminal Organization" in Greece. The state prosecutor forbidden his exit of the country and his involvement on any football or refereeing activity.

  8. Greek Cup final

    Olympiakos - Skoda Xanthi (23-5, OAKA, Athens)

    Referee: Michael Koukoulakis
    Assistants: Christos Akrivos, Ilias Alexeas
    Additional Assistants: Ilias Spathas, Andreas Pappas
    Fourth Official: Lazaros Dimitriadis

    1. Anonymous21/5/15 16:53

      Isn't under investigation Spathas?

    2. Anonymous21/5/15 21:14

      He is. Last week he testified to the prosecutor who is handling this case. But he is free to participate in matches.

    3. Anonymous22/5/15 11:54

      In other countries, he wouldn't be allowed to handle matches in such condition.
      "In dubio pro reo" is not a valid argument in refereeing. One must be always 100% clean.


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