May 8, 2015

U-17 EURO 2015: Officials for Matchday 2

UEFA has revealed the referee appointments for the second matchday of 2015 Under-17 European Championship to be played on 9 and 10 May 2015.

09/05/2015, 12:00 CET, Sozopol   
Croatia - Austria (Group A)
Referee: Dumitri Muntean (MDA)
Assistant Referee 1: Romans Platonovs (LVA)
Assistant Referee 2:  Gareth Wyn Jones (WAL)
Fourth official: Danilo Grujić (SRB)
UEFA Referee Observer: Uno Tutk (EST)
UEFA Delegate: Mehmet Süheyl Önen (TUR)
09/05/2015, 14:00 CET, Burgas
Bulgaria - Spain (Group A)
Referee: Ionut Marius Avram (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Erik Weiss (SVK) 
Assistant Referee 2: Oleg Maslyanko (BLR)
Fourth official: Alan Mario Sant (MLT)
UEFA Referee observer: Marc Batta (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Rudolf Zavrl (SVN)

09/05/2015, 15:00 CET, Sozopol
Czech Republic - Belgium (Group B)
Referee: Mads-Kristoffer Kristoffersen (DEN)
Assistant Referee 1: Namik Huseynov (AZE) 
Assistant Referee 2: Ville Koskiniemi (FIN)
Fourth official: Tsvetan Krastev (BUL)
UEFA Referee observer: Stefan Ormandjiev (BUL)
UEFA Delegate: Ludovico Micallef (MLT)

09/05/2015, 18:00 CET, Burgas
Slovenia - Germany (Group B)
Referee: Adrien Jaccottet (SUI)
Assistant Referee 1: Dovydas Sužiedėlis (LTU)
Assistant Referee 2: Sten Klaasen (EST)
Fourth official: Ivaylo Stoyanov (BUL)
UEFA Referee observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)
UEFA Delegate: Armen Minasyan (ARM)

10/05/2015, 15:00 CET, Sliven
Russia - France (Group C)
Referee: Danilo Grujić (SRB)
Assistant Referee 1: Ville Koskiniemi (FIN)
Assistant Referee 2:  Romans Platonovs (LVA)
Fourth official: Ivaylo Stoyanov (BUL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)
UEFA Delegate: Rudolf Zavrl (SVN)
10/05/2015, 15:00 CET, Stara Zagora
Republic of Ireland - Italy (Group D)
Referee: Roi Reinshreiber (ISR)
Assistant Referee 1: Sten Klaasen (EST) 
Assistant Referee 2: Oleg Maslyanko (BLR)
Fourth official: Georgi Kabakov (BUL)
UEFA Referee observer: Marc Batta (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Ludovico Micallef  (MLT)

10/05/2015, 16:00 CET, Sozopol
Greece - Scotland (Group C)
Referee: Paweł Raczkowski (POL)
Assistant Referee 1: Rejdi Avdo (ALB)
Assistant Referee 2:  Erik Arevshatyan (ARM)
Fourth official: Tsvetan Krastev (BUL)
UEFA Referee observer: Stefan Ormandjiev (BUL)
UEFA Delegate: Mehmet Süheyl Önen  (TUR)

10/05/2015, 19:00 CET, Stara Zagora 
Netherlands -England (Group D)
Referee: Erik Lambrechts (BEL)
Assistant Referee 1: Nuno Pereira (POR)
Assistant Referee 2: Dovydas Sužiedėlis (LTU)
Fourth official: Nikola Popov (BUL)
UEFA Referee observer: Uno Tutk (EST)
UEFA Delegate: Armen Minasyan (ARM)


  1. Anonymous9/5/15 01:05

    After some weeks with no appointment, Gozubuyuk will take charge of FC Twente-FC Dordrecht, for the first time after that his name was mentioned in the match-fixing proces. Twente-Dordrecht is a totally unimportant game by the way.
    Some other news from the Dutch refereeing: Jeroen Sanders, who whistled some 30 games in de eredivisie the last seasons, is forced to stop as a referee, since the Dutch FA thinks that he has not developped enough over the last seasons. I think we could expect that, since he did not get much appointments in the eredivisie this season (only 5) and since referees like Gozubuyuk, Higler and Kamphuis were promoted earlier than he,even though they had less experience. He was present in some games in the Europa League, as fourth official.

  2. Anonymous10/5/15 01:42

    OT -

  3. As nobody has written anything so far, I can say that Switzerland seems to have a talent for the future. Adrien Jaccottet conveyed a very good impression on me, being an intelligent and sympathetic referee, very modern refereeing style and full focus on prevention during the game. Good player management and grip to the game. In the SVN-GER match, he missed a foul by a German defender, could have been SPA and DOGSO (both would not be a mistake) in minute 61. The ball was played by the defender, but then he tackled his opponent some parts of a second later.


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