June 29, 2015

Copa América 2015 - José Argote and Sandro Ricci in charge of the Semifinals

CONMEBOL has appointed José Argote and Sandro Ricci to be in charge of Chile vs Peru and Argentina vs Paraguay respectively. José Argote has already been in charge of 2 Group Stage matches (Uruguay - Jamaica and Mexico - Ecuador). Sandro Ricci on the other hand was in charge of the Group Stage match Argentina - Uruguay and the QF between Chile and Uruguay.

José Argote in charge of the 1st SF

30.06.2015, 01:30 CET, Santiago de Chile
Chile - Peru
Referee: José Argote (VEN)
Assistant Referee 1: Jose Urrego (VEN)
Assistant Referee 2: Byron Romero (ECU)
Fourth Official: Raúl Orosco (BOL)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Javier Bustillos (BOL)
Conmebol Referee Observer: Wilson Seneme (BRA)

01.07.2015, 01:30 CET, Concepción, Chile
Argentina - Paraguay
Referee: Sandro Ricci (BRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Emerson De Carvalho (BRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Fabio Pereira (BRA)
Fourth Official: Wilmar Roldan (COL)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Christian de La Cruz (COL)
Conmebol Referee Observer: Mario Vargas (CHI)


  1. Anonymous29/6/15 13:22

    Why Ricci again?

    1. Anonymous29/6/15 13:46

      Because he is good and CONMEBOL believe he will cope well with this clash?

    2. Anonymous29/6/15 19:45

      So, here we have the best answer from CONMEBOL to those who pulled Ricci to pieces. Referees Commitee showing all their confidence on the Brazilian!

    3. Anonymous29/6/15 19:57

      Agree. All those 'experts' should try to handle a game in CONMEBOL competitions where players are so cunning...

    4. Anonymous29/6/15 20:23

      Howard Webb, Brazil - Chile, did this perfectly last World Cup. Bjorn Kuipers also did a tremendous job in Colombia - Uruguay, so please be careful in saying that handling a game in CONMEBOL competitions is hard.
      The big problem is that the referees there go in the emotion of the players... A top class referee (like Webb en Kuipers) are able to stand above these emotions. And CONMEBOL definitely have not this referees.
      Only look the way CONMEBOL referees show their cards to players, what CONMEBOL referees tolerate from players...

      In one sentence: it is a shame!

    5. Anonymous29/6/15 20:45

      Anonymous 8:23, ridiculousness has limits!!! Do you really want to talk about Kuipers?? By the way, not every CONMEBOL match is a pitched battle like Chile-Uruguay turned out to be.

    6. Anonymous29/6/15 21:00

      If you want to discuss rationally, be my guest.

      About the 'pitched battle'... I am not only talking about that game.
      I am really sorry to say this, but CONMEBOL rises players who destroy the beautiness of football. Look at Brazil - Australia - FIFA WWC, for example. The game was only 8 seconds (!) under way, and there was the first dive. Of course, everywhere players dive (also in Europe, yes), but you won't tell me that in CONMEBOL the most ridiculous incidents happens. Even the big stars like Suarez, Neymar, Bacca and many many others. You can't deny this.

      In fact, I dare to bet that many European referees are able to handle CONMEBOL games like no other referee in CONMEBOL. Calmness is one of the important competence a referee should have. And unfortunately in CONMEBOL they are no referees (at least very less) with this competence... again I'm sorry.

      CONMEBOL definitely needs referees like a Rizzoli, Webb, Kuipers, Eriksson.

      Look at AR1 of Ricci last World Cup, in the game France - Honduras. And I am talking about that riot between Pogba and the Hondurian player.
      Have you ever seen a clown like that man? Again, a shame. Not more, not less.

    7. Anonymous30/6/15 00:07

      I think Ricci is a very calm referee. Concerning the European referees, I get your point about Rizzoli who controls challenging matches like nobody else.

  2. Anonymous29/6/15 14:44

    Teixeira Vitienes brothers replaced by José María Sánchez Martínez (31, Region of Murcia) and Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea (29, Basque Country) in La Liga.

  3. Anonymous29/6/15 19:49

    It's ever so ridiculous what we saw after Uruguay-Chile as far as Ricci is concerned, not only here but on some press, which was saying Ricci had been ruled out of the tournament!!! Another very good match for him, though I think he would deserve the final.

  4. Anonymous29/6/15 19:53

    I was also thinking of Ricci for the finals, so who do you reckon is the man for the last clash?

    1. Clearly Roldán in my opinion, since Vera was not that good in his only match so far and as his AR2 is in the semifinals.

      I expect Roldán, maybe with Vera as 4th. Or Vera could get the 3rd place match as an alternative.

    2. Anonymous30/6/15 00:02

      I guess this CONMEBOL Committee trusts in every referee, meaning there are not a few names likely to handle the final.

    3. Anonymous30/6/15 00:19

      Roldan 4th in semifinal and referee in the final? It is not common in FIFA, but maybe in CONMEBOL...

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. With Sandro Ricci handling ARGENTINA - PARAGUAY just one round after the latter eliminated Brazil, even Nestor Pitana could be an option for the final or the 3rd place match, depending on the result of that match. Only two matches for him in the group stage including the opener of host country Chile and the decisive encounter COLUMBIA - PERU seem below expectation in my book.

    6. Anonymous30/6/15 02:33

      Agree with Anonymous 12:02.....everything might happen! However, think that Vera should get either the third place match or the final.

  5. According to BeinSports commentators, Orosco was scheduled to referee CHI-PER, but was replaced by Argote due to the territorial conflicts between Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

  6. Anonymous30/6/15 03:37

    It is offside the first goal of Chile against Peru? the ball touches the post , but no one touches it, and the player who scores the goal was offside before that...

    1. Anonymous30/6/15 08:12

      You sir are correct. Eduardo Vargas is in an offside position at the time of the initial kick. At no point is the ball touched or played by another player so there is no "second" play. The ball rebounds off the post and is then put in by Vargas who is clearly taking advantage of his offside position on the initial kick.

      But hey, Chile is the home country and this now ensures a full Estadio Nacional for the final.

    2. Agree, but the second part is just....

      You apparently forget a second Chilean goal not given for offside (which it was clearly not) in minute 49.

    3. No offside (video even a bit too late stopped)

      So hey, correct decision..

    4. Anonymous30/6/15 21:02


      Once again Niclas is wrong. I know I know, no surprise there.
      Your teams must love seeing you on Sunday's. LMFAO!!!

    5. Anonymous30/6/15 21:18

      @previous anonymous: Classic mistake of looking at feet only...this is definately no offside

    6. Anonymous30/6/15 23:07

      Is the AR in the correct position?

    7. No he is not. But who cares, he got it right. With some luck. This is no offside. Try to correct the blurred angle and you will see it.

  7. Anonymous30/6/15 11:25

    Two wrongs don't make a right. Keep trying.

    1. Nope. But saying that the referee is biased is just stupid....

    2. Anonymous30/6/15 20:37

      It's CONMEBOL, so don't act surprised.

      I guess you haven't heard the conversation Abel Gnecco had with Julio Grondona. The same conversation that has led to Carlos Amarilla (PAR) being suspendened.

      CONMEBOL and it's leadership are far from being clean.

  8. Any news about new Uefa Ranking and class ?

    1. Not yet. It would make sense if Collina tells Marciniak that he is Elite from now on after tonight's final. I think this can be expected. So tomorrow, 1st July, would be the ideal date to update the categories officially.

    2. Anonymous1/7/15 00:07

      Ok Niclas.
      Do you think Marciniak will be the only referee promoted to Elite?
      What about other "candidates" (or at least rumours of the previous months) such as Bebek, Karasev, Sidiropoulos and Turpin?
      I ask you this question because in the last 12 months, they were 5 referees who left the Elite group (Benquerença, Lannoy, Proença, Stark & Webb) and only two officials who joined it (Aytekin & Mateu Lahoz).
      So maybe we can hope more than one name this summer, don't you think so? Especially with EURO 2016 approaching...

    3. Anonymous1/7/15 14:56

      I heard the rumour that there will be many movements inside UEFA categories this summer.

    4. Yes, I think he will be the only one. But let's see.
      So far no news.

  9. Anonymous30/6/15 19:52

    Referees committee was set up today in Prague on Executive Committeee meeting. I guess they will meet soon and then we'll know ranking etc.

  10. BREAKING NEWS: Wilmar Roldan will referee final


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