June 18, 2015

Fahad Al Mirdasi in charge of 2015 FIFA U20 WC Final

Saudi referee Fahad Al Mirdasi  has been appointed by FIFA to take charge of 2015 U20 WC Final, to be played on 20 June 2015 between Brazil and Serbia at North Harbour Stadium, in Auckland.

He will be assisted by his countryman Abdulah Al Shalwai as AR1 and Omani Abu Bakar Al Amri as AR2. Matt Conger from the host country will be the fourth official.
A FIFA referee since 2011 the young Saudi attendend at the beginning of 2015 his first Asian Cup in which he officiated two group-stage matches, a quartefinal, and  was then assigned as fourth official in the final match between Korea Republic and Australia.
In New Zealand, before the final appointment, he officiated two group-stage matches and a round of 16, with the latter involving Germany and Nigeria.

20 June 2015, 07:00 CET (Auckland)
Brazil - Serbia
Referee: Fahad Al Mirdasi (KSA)
Assistant Referee 1: Abdulah Al Shalwai (KSA)
Assistant Referee 2: Abu Bakar Al Amri (OMA)
Fourth Official: Matt Conger (NZL)
Reserve AR: Tevita Makasini (TGA)

Moreover, Ghead Grisha from Egypt has been appointed for third place match, between Senegal and Mali. The game will be played a few hours earlier.

20 June 2015, 03:30 CET (Auckland)
Senegal - Mali
Referee: Ghead Grisha (EGY)
Assistant Referee 1: Waleed Ahmed (SUD)
Assistant Referee 2: Berhe Tesfagiorghis (ERI)
Fourth Official: Roddy Zambrano (ECU)
Reserve AR: Luis Vera (ECU)


  1. Anonymous18/6/15 09:23

    Where are the UEFA referee's? All I see is AFC, OFC, CAF, and CONMEBOL. Cheers!

    1. Anonymous18/6/15 17:09

      Sorry,what is a point of this comment?

  2. Anonymous18/6/15 09:31

    So, Al Mirdasi after all is the final referee. I would like to hear the opinion of some readers.

  3. Anonymous18/6/15 09:34

    Im happy that this time a final is given to a non uefa ref, but really al mirdasi after the disaster brazil hungary..... bad bad bad decision. Would have liked to see grisha there

    1. I totally agree with you. But after the BRA-HUN ( horroristic) he has a good match GER-NIG. Interesting he had 4 match with final in U20 WC ,while Bebek,Vad, Bejarano, MATEU LAHOZ, had 2 match.I think they are better (much),than Mirdasi. This will be very interesting.

    2. Anonymous19/6/15 05:37

      Cesar Ramos was better than all the referee's you both listed. He was simply the best at this tournament.

  4. I think it's mainly a political assignment. Matheu deserved more final match.
    let's see how Al Mirdasi will perform; I hope very well and wish him and Grisha a very successfull match

    1. Did you really watch Mateu Lahoz in this tournament ?
      I saw him in Serbia- Hungary and imo it was poor. He missed at least one penalty. There were 3 claims for penalty: one penalty for a preety clear handball in Hungary's area ( ~35'), than 2 possible penalties in same minut (~84'-85') in both areas (possible handbal in Hungary's area, than a foul for a discret push in Serbia's area). Beside these situations in penalty area he didn't whistle some clear fouls.
      Imo Lahoz is one of most overrated referees in Europe (I think you all agree that some of his performances in Europe were not too good in last two years). Sometime he give the impression that he whistle (more or less) what he wants and when he wants....

      P.S regarding Al Mirdasi designation: unacceptable...

    2. Unfortunately,there wasnt much discusion about Mateu's performance you mention. I agree with your statement about penalty situations he possibly missed. I couldnt find these situations on the net,did you had more luck?

    3. chrome://mega/content/secure.html#!XwAxAaiY!bh04Ak6cV8Q7p5tURBru2Hr6dRIcaYI7duCMOe2r3yw

      Preety fast download.

    4. Thanks,I was looking for that situations just few hours after the match and there was nothing on highlights :)

    5. Well to be honest, there have been more poor performances than good performances by Mateu Lahoz in the last 1-2 UEFA years. One cannot keep one's eyes too much closed to not see that. It is a pity because I really think he is more developed in terms of personality than some Elite officials. But that can't be enough if you make 1 crucial mistake per match on average.

    6. Anonymous18/6/15 21:48

      OK, Niklas. Also I do not like Matéu Lahoz.

  5. Anonymous18/6/15 16:56

    Al Mirdasi is certainly an emerging young talent from Asia, he deserves this appointment. Having said that, we must also realize that this tournament FIFA mainly has used to identify potential referee candidates for future world cups. So we must not assume that the best performing referee actually gets the final. But it is a fantastic achievement for a 30 years old to referee the final regardless.

    1. Being talented can't be the main reason to get the final.Talent on one side,performances to other.. dont like this appointment, but of course, I wish him luck and all the best in upcoming match and career.

      I dont think that he is bad referee, but based to performances,there were referees who deserved this appointment more (and they dont need to be from Uefa)

    2. And yes, great achivement with only 30 years.

    3. And yes, great achivement with only 30 years.

  6. Interesting interview with Howard Webb.

  7. Al Mirdasi is said to have been very good at the final. Anyone saw it?

    1. Anonymous20/6/15 22:25

      For me he was not good at disciplinary control... for me he missed one or two yellow cards for BRA before first one. One for SPA and one for continuasly violeting laws od the game ... everything else was good for me. Expected level...
      sorry for my english

    2. Anonymous20/6/15 22:37


      Wasn't Serbia 1-2 offside? In case not, outstanding decision by AR2. I can't decide.

    3. That's the only angle for the scene provided by FIFA.


    4. Anonymous20/6/15 23:23

      In my opinion it's a spot-on decision. Besides that, the moment of play isn't correct. And it seems (without being 100% sure) that both feet of the attacker and defender are level. So, only praise for this extremely tight call in a World Cup-final. Brave decision!


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