June 2, 2015

U-20 World Cup 2015: Referee Appointments Matches 17-24

FIFA has appointed the officials in charge of the 2015 Under-20 World Cup matches 17-24. Among others, Romanian  Ovidiu Alin Haţegan will referee the clash in group D between Mexico and Uruguay.

Group C

03 June 2015, 06:00 CET (Hamilton)
Qatar - Portugal
Referee: Daniel Fedorczuk (URU) 
Assistant Referee 1: Nicolás Taran (URU)
Assistant Referee 2: Richard Trinidad (URU)
Fourth Official: Jesús Valenzuela (VEN)

03 June 2015, 09:00 CET (Hamilton)
Senegal - Colombia
Referee: István Vad (HUN)
Assistant Referee 1: István Albert (HUN)
Assistant Referee 2: Vencel Tóth (HUN)
Fourth Official: Nick Waldron (NZL)

Group D

03 June 2015, 06:00 CET (Dunedin)
Mexico - Uruguay
Referee: Ovidiu Alin Haţegan (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Octavian Sovre (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Sebastian Eugen Gheorghe (ROU)
Fourth Official: Liran Liany (ISR)

03 June 2015, 09:00 CET (Dunedin)
Serbia - Mali
Referee: Roddy Zambrano (ECU)
Assistant Referee 1: Luis Vera (ECU)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Carlos Macías Franco (ECU)
Fourth Official: Armando Castro (HON)

Group E

04 June 2015, 06:00 CET (New Plymouth)
Nigeria - Korea DPR
Referee: Mauro Vigliano (ARG)
Assistant Referee 1: Ezequiel Brailovsky (ARG)
Assistant Referee 2: Iván Núñez (ARG)
Fourth Official: Matt Conger (NZL)

04 June 2015, 09:00 CET (New Plymouth)
Hungary - Brazil
Referee: Fahad Al Mirdasi (KSA)
Assistant Referee 1: Abdullah Mutlaq Al Shalwai (KSA)
Assistant Referee 2: Abu Bakar Salim Mahad Al Amri (OMA)
Fourth Official: Joseph Lamptey (GHA)

Group F

04 June 2015, 06:00 CET (Christchurch)
Honduras - Fiji
Referee: Kim Jong Hyeok (KOR)
Assistant Referee 1: Yoon Kwangyeol (KOR)
Assistant Referee 2: Yang Byoung Eun (KOR)
Fourth Official: Muhammad Bin Jahari (SIN)

04 June 2015, 09:00 CET (Christchurch)
Germany - Uzbekistan
Referee: César Arturo Ramos Palazuelos (MEX)
Assistant Referee 1: Alberto Morín Méndez (MEX)
Assistant Referee 2: Miguel Ángel Hernández Paredes (MEX)
Fourth Official: Bernard Camille (SEY)

source: Árbitro Internacional


  1. Predictions MD3
    Austria – Argentina: Henry Bejarano, Octavio Jara, Carlos Fernandez (all CRC), Nick Waldron (NZL)
    Panama – Ghana: Daniele Orsato, Mauro Tonolini, Lorenzo Manganelli (all ITA), Liran Liany (ISR)
    Myanmar – New Zealand: Felix Zwayer, Thorsten Schiffner, Marco Achmüller (all GER), Armando Castro (HON)
    Ukraine – USA: Eric Otogo-Castane (GAB), Elvis Noupue (CMR), Yahaya Mahamadou (NIG), Jesus Valenzuela (VEN)
    Senegal – Qatar: Antonio Mateu Lahoz, Pau Cebrian Devis, Roberto Diaz Perez (all ESP), Cesar Ramos (MEX)
    Colombia – Portugal: Ryuji Sato, Akane Yagi, Hiroshi Yamauchi (all JAP), Fahad Al-Mirdasi (RSA)
    Serbia – Mexico: Ghead Grisha (EGY), Waleed Ahmed (SDN), Berhe Tesfagiorgis (ERI), Ricardo Marques (BRA)
    Mali – Uruguay: Artur Soares Dias, Rui Tavares, Alvaro Mesquita (all POR), Muhammad Bin Jahari (SIN)
    Honduras – Germany: Daniel Fedorczuk, Nicolas Taran, Richard Trinidad (all URU), Joseph Lamptey (GHA)
    Fiji – Uzbekistan: Istvan Vad, Istvan Albert, Vencel Toth (all HUN), Liran Liany (ISR)
    Hungary – Nigeria: John Pitti, Juan Baynes, Gabriel Victoria (all PAN), Jesus Valenzuela (VEN)
    Brazil – North Korea: Ivan Bebek, Tomislav Petrovic, Miro Grgic (all CRO), Nick Waldron (NZL)

  2. My predection for European Qualifiers :
    KAZ-TUR Hansen (DEN)
    ICE-CZE Borbalán (ESP)
    LAT-NED Schörgenhofer (AUT)
    AND-CYP Strömbersson (SWE)
    BHR- ISR Gil (POL)
    WAL-BEL Mazic (SRB)
    CRO-ITA Brych (GER)
    MLT-BUL Kovarik (CZE)
    NOR-AZE Mazeika (LTU)
    POL-GEO Göcek (TUR)
    IRE-SCO Rizzoli (ITA)
    ARM-POR Bognár (HUN)
    FIN-HUN Rocchi (ITA)
    NIR-ROM Kralovec (CZE)
    FOR-GRE Nijhuis (NED)
    DEN-SRB Marriner (ENG)
    GIB-GER Trutz (SVK)
    UKR-LUX Bezbodorov (RUS)
    EST-SMR Madden (SCO)
    SLO-ENG Kassai (HUN)
    LIC-MOL Stavrev (MKD)
    RUS-AUT Kuipers (NED)
    SWE-MNT Aytekin (GER)
    LIT-SWI Gestranius (FIN)
    BLR-ESP Jug (SVN)
    SVK-MAK Taylor (ENG)

    1. Mine are:
      KAZ-TUR: Schörgenhofer
      LAT-NED: Buquet
      ICE-CZE: Tagliavento
      AND-CYP: Oliver
      BIH-ISR: Borski
      WAL-BEL: Rizzoli
      UKR-LUX: Sousa
      BLR-SPA: Collum
      SVK-MKD: Skomina
      POL-GEO: Rocchi
      IRL-SCO: Velasco
      GIB-GER: Göcek
      EST-SMR: Pisani
      SVN-ENG: Kuipers
      LTU-SUI: Undiano
      FIN-HUN: Brych
      FAR-GRI: Johannesson
      RUM-NIR: Moen
      LIE-MOL: Özkahya
      RUS-AUT: Thomson
      SWE-MON: Borbalan
      MAL-BUL: Nijhuis
      NOR-AZE: Stavrev
      CRO-ITA: Atkinson
      ARM-POR: Aytekin
      DEN-SER: Clattenburg
      ALB-FRA: Trattou

    2. What do you think about Vad's penalty in Senegal-Colombia? http://www.fifa.com/u20worldcup/videos/highlights/match=300269548/index.html

    3. Anonymous3/6/15 16:30

      Clear penalty, no card.

    4. Anonymous3/6/15 16:36

      What is there to think? God run to find the best position and correct decicion taken.
      More questions on the disallowed goal... I'd say it was deliberate play. Defender made a clear movement to the ball, he had time. I wouldn't call it a save as well. Referee has to lower the flag or communicate before the flag rose.
      I'd like to hear another opionions, if you have any. A case for OE.

    5. Penalty is clear for me as well. Maybe he slightly touches the ball, but he first hit his opponent.
      I can't really see whether the defender touches the ball and if yes, with which leg. If it's the left one, I would say only a deflection and offside. If he touches it with the right leg or foot, it is indeed a good example for discussion and I am not sure about the correct solution. The deliberate play does not have to be successful, but I don't know whether it still exists if the ball is hardly hit.

    6. Clear penalty kick, no card.
      If the green 6 touched the ball, than the goal should not have been disallowed, as he played the ball.

  3. A lot of predictions in this thread, but I think it's time for Women's World Cup MD1 :)

    Canada – China: Stephanie Frappart, Manuele Nicolosi (both FRA), Tonja Paavola (FIN), Carina Vitulano (ITA)
    New Zealand – Netherlands: Jesica di Iorio, Mariana de Almeira, Maria Eugenia Rocco (all ARG), Melissa Borja (HON)
    Norway – Thailand: Therese Neguel (CMR), Souad Oulhaj (MAR), Ayawa Dzodope (TOG), Yeimy Martinez (COL)
    Germany – Ivory Coast: Claudia Umpierrez, Luciana Mascarana (both URU), Loreto Toloza (CHI), Tupou Patia (COK)
    Sweden – Nigeria: Lucila Venegas, Enedina Caudillo (both MEX), Elizabeth Aguilar (SLV), Liang Qin (CHN)
    Cameroon – Ecuador: Hyang Ok Ri, Kum Nyo Hong (both PRK), Sarah Ho (AUS), Anne-Marie Keighley (NZL)
    USA – Australia: Kateryna Monzul, Natalia Rachynska (both UKR), Angela Kyriakou (CYP), Esther Staubli (SUI)
    Japan – Switzerland: Quetzalli Alvarado, Mayte Chavez (both MEX), Princess Brown (JAM), Margaret Domka (USA)
    France – England: Bibiana Steinhaus, Marina Wozniak, Katrin Rafalski (all GER), Carina Vitulano (ITA)
    Spain – Costa Rica: Abirami Apbai Naidu (SIN), Kyoung Min Kim (KOR), Allyson Flynn (AUS), Rita Gani (MAS)
    Colombia – Mexico: Pernilla Larsson, Anna Nystrom (both SWE), Michelle O’Neill (IRL), Ledya Tafesse (ETH)
    Brazil – South Korea: Teodora Albon, Petruta Iugulescu (both ROU), Sanja Rodak (CRO), Michelle Pye (CAN)

    1. BTW FIFA has not still indicated reserve trios. Strange, it was reported that the final list had to be announced 10 days before the tournament.

    2. Anonymous3/6/15 20:13

      And you believe what FIFA says? :)

  4. Anonymous3/6/15 18:10

    Austrian Cup Final
    RB Salzburg : Austria Wien

    REF Oliver Drachta
    AR1 Roland Brandner
    AR2 Andreas Rothmann
    4th Helmut Trattnig

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTf1se4rGsE
    Knut Kircher yesterday with a remake of Collina vs Repka :D

    1. Anonymous3/6/15 20:19

      It's sad that in present days there are referees with such approach. Sorry, but Germany are the country with the biggest amount of such referees (really bad, arrogant man management)... They all can be nice chaps, can smile very often, but in a nervous atmosphere they become amstaffs. Poor way of dealing with players! You can see it in lower German leagues too! Tradition? Courses?

    2. I am an opponent of such a piece of player management, too.
      But: what is your quantitive basis for your statement? Making you say that Germany has the biggest amount of such referees? Absolute data, relative data? (Germany has 80.000 referees, so of course the amount will be bigger than in Slovakia, Poland, Belgium or alike..).

    3. Anonymous3/6/15 22:16

      Do you watch football in, let's say, European domestic leagues? Can you mention at least 3 referees with such approach from any other country? You can easily mention nearly the whole Bundesliga and 2 Bundesliga crew. Nothing offensive, just an observation!

    4. I am following German refereeing for approximately 10 years and observed something else. If a referee dares to behave towards players like Kalt did, for example, be sure that the "German football community" and above all the media would sanction him. Thus I also know that Knut Kircher is usually one of the most respected and accepted referees with a calm and respectful radiation. But as said, I don't want to see something like that either.

  6. Anonymous4/6/15 09:58

    Fahad Al Mirdasi (KSA), is not the man for this Brasil vs Hungary. He is in way over his head. His AFC level of officiating is not up to par with the level of futbol that is played in CONMEBOL and UEFA. Cards, cards, cards, and little to no conversation with the players. He almost seems nervous and afraid to let the game flow.

    1. I agree with you
      And the penalty for Brasil? Very very bad decision. But I think the red card was legitimate.

    2. Anonymous4/6/15 13:45

      In or not?

    3. Anonymous4/6/15 13:47

      Impossible to say. A more interesting question is: how AR2 was so sure about the goal?

    4. Anonymous4/6/15 16:11

      We can´t see how AR2 reacts but I can´t imagine that he´s 100% sure.

  7. César Ramos with a good performance in a very easy match. Good movement (particularly backwards movement, reminding me on M.Rodriguez) and firm body language. Could talk a bit more.

    1. Anonymous4/6/15 22:12

      He comes from Liga MX, where the referee's are very fit and they show it on the pitch. This young man is the brightest star in CONCACAF at the moment and he has a very promising future.
      Just another great international Mexican referee like Marco Antonio Rodriguez, Benito Armando Archundia, Edgardo Codesal, and Arturo Brizio Carter.

  8. Honduras - Fiji
    00:10 offside?
    00:45 deliberate backpass?

    1. No and no.
      The offside mistake can happen, but the backpass seems clearly not to be deliberate.

  9. I think according to the Saudi government in decisions affecting:
    The expulsion of Hungarian player for a second yellow card because of the roughness and the first true for the maintenance of, and according to the calculation of the penalty, the Brazilian because the goalkeeper with his left foot hit the right thigh of the attacker, which led to the fall, about the target Hungarian I think it is true and not a for sure in that and every one of us his mind
    Finally, I think according to the crew in the game and give him the leadership blamed estimate 8.7 / 10

    1. Had you seen the full match? In the first half it was a penalty situation after a big target. He didnt see nothing. Where is the ball in the Brazil's penalty? I think the hungarian goalkeeper not was irregular. Natural motion from a goalkeeper. I hope he will not get match in the future in the WC. (Than Viktor Kassai in Euro 2012 after a big mistake)

    2. Anonymous4/6/15 22:19

      Moha, you'll be happy to know that you'll soon have your fellow countryman back in the KSA. It would be utterly unjust to keep him around after his disaster last night. Maybe that is how you officiate in the KSA, but definitely now how it's done on the world stage.

    3. I really hope that Mirdasi go home.

    4. IMO the penalty for Brazil was acceptable. Cleverly provoked by the striker, but the keeper hits his leg and thus brings him down. The second yellow card was also correct. I can't say anything about the rest, because I only watched the highlights.

  10. Please no! The second yellow was correct, but the penalty..? Had you ever play football? I think the hungarian goalkeeper not was irregular. Natural motion from a goalkeeper.

    1. But natural motion does not mean no foul. E.g., if a player runs behind his opponent and accidentally trips him, it is also a foul.
      Maybe here it is not a 100% penalty, but I still don't see a mistake.

  11. Anonymous5/6/15 14:30

    How did Hategan do?


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