June 19, 2015

Women's World Cup 2015: Referee Appointments Round of 16

These are the referee designations made by FIFA for the matches of 2015 Women World Cup's Round of 16. 
Anna-Marie Keighley (NZL) will officiate her fourth match
20 June 2015, 22:00 CET (Ottawa)
Germany - Sweden
Referee: Hyang Ok Ri (PRK)
Assistant Referee 1: Kum Nyo Hong (PRK)
Assistant Referee 2: Widiya Shamsuri (MAS)
Fourth Official: Carina Vitulano (ITA)

21 June 2015, 01:30 CET (Edmonton)
China PR - Cameroon
Referee: Bibiana Steinhaus (GER)
Assistant Referee 1: Katrin Rafalski (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Marina Wozniak (GER)
Fourth Official: Rita Gani (MAS)

21 June 2015, 19:00 CET (Moncton)
Brazil - Australia
Referee: Teodora Albon (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Petruta Iugulescu (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Mária Súkeníková (SVK)
Fourth Official: Therese Neguel (CMR)

21 June 2015, 22:00 CET (Montreal)
France - Korea Republic
Referee: Salomé Di Iorio (ARG)
Assistant Referee 1: Maria Rocco (ARG)
Assistant Referee 2: Mariana De Almeida (ARG)
Fourth Official: Marilin Miranda (PAR)

22 June 2015, 01:30 CET (Vancouver)
Canada - Switzerland
Referee: Anna-Marie Keighley (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Sarah Walker (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Allyson Flynn (AUS)
Fourth Official: Gladys Lengwe (ZAM)

22 June 2015, 23:00 CET (Ottawa)
Norway - England
Referee: Esther Staubli (SUI)
Assistant Referee 1: Ella De Vries (BEL)
Assistant Referee 2: Lucie Ratajová (CZE)
Fourth Official: Efthalia Mitsi (GRE)

23 June 2015, 02:00 CET (Edmonton)
USA - Colombia
Referee: Stéphanie Frappart (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Manuela Nicolosi (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Yolanda Parga (ESP)
Fourth Official: Abirami Apbai Naidu (SIN)

24 June 2015, 04:00 CET (Vancouver)
Japan - Netherlands
Referee: Lucila Venegas (MEX)
Assistant Referee 1: Mayte Chavex (MEX)
Assistant Referee 2: Enedina Caudillo (MEX)
Fourth Official: Claudia Umpierrez (URU)


  1. Anonymous19/6/15 12:59

    I would predict that Pernilla Larsson will be in charge of either Norway-England or USA-Colombia. She has only had one appointment as referee yet, and Sweden will probably be eliminated by Germany tomorrow, so she will not be hindered by that factor going forward (I think).

    /Swedish observer

    1. A Swede to referee Norway?

    2. Staubli is from Switzerland (aka SUI). SWE is Sweden

  2. I think Esther Staubli will get Norway-England. I rather see Larsson in BRA-AUS with Albon in USA-COL, but we'll see!

    1. Albon will be the ref for BRA-AUS...very good referee

  3. I would say
    BRA-AUS: Albon
    NOR-ENG: Frappart (or Vitulano)
    USA-COL: Staubli (or Larsson)

    1. Anonymous20/6/15 09:46

      I would not be surprised if we do not see Frappart and her crew any more. As a referee crew you cannot allow an act of violence to go unnoticed and certainly not unpunished. Ask Marco Rodriguez and his crew about this.

    2. Anonymous20/6/15 23:10

      You realize that Rodriguez was appointed to the infamous Brazil-Germany semifinal after he and his team missed Suarez' bite on Chiellini?

      And Frappart is not that good as a referee, followed some of her performances during the last Ligue 2 season, she had many problems in her matches.

    3. Anonymous21/6/15 23:58

      She was the first one not to be demoted to National (championship below our Ligue 2). Lots of observers here say that the only reason why she was not is this Women's WC : a demotion just before this competition would have been a strange message to FIFA and could have affected her performances.
      But yeah, she definitely had a very (very) difficult first season in Ligue 2.

  4. Anonymous19/6/15 15:47

    Not likely that Vitulano as forth official on Saturday get's another appointment the next two days...
    ... and centainly not with her latest performance!
    What was she thinking placing the ball on the line of the penalty area???
    I don't get it.

  5. Fun Fact:
    Ri Hyang Ok played for North Korea in, not one, but two Women's World Cups


    Player on the left in red I guess

  6. Anonymous19/6/15 21:19

    FIFA has appointed the following match officials for the matches to be played on Sunday 21 June:

    Referee: Teodora Albon (ROU)
    Assistant Referee 1: Petruta Iugulescu (ROU)
    Assistant Referee 2: Maria Sukenikova (SVK)
    Fourth official: Therese Neguel (CMR)

    Referee: Salome Di Ioro (ARG)
    Assistant Referee 1: Maria Rocco (ARG)
    Assistant Referee 2: Mariana De Almeida (ARG)
    Fourth official: Marilin Miranda (PAR)

    Referee: Anna-Marie Keighley (NZL)
    Assistant Referee 1: Sarah Walker (NZL)
    Assistant Referee 2: Allyson Flynn (AUS)
    Fourth official: Gladys Lengwe (ZAM)

    1. Anonymous20/6/15 04:50

      The fourth match for Keighley (NZL)... Is she that good???

    2. Anonymous20/6/15 05:18

      Keighley moves like a player. She is also always where she is needed, explosively sprinting to get there, smiling when the players look for her.

    3. Anonymous20/6/15 08:45

      She is good or normal among the poor ones. It is easy.

    4. Anonymous20/6/15 09:42

      So she runs and moves a whole lot more than Chenard. Well then again, that's not hard to do. As most of the center referee's I have seen so far run more than Chenard does.

      And yes, as a referee, it is good to be able to keep up with play and be close to the play. The further you are, the harder it is to make the right call. As referee's it is all about making the right call all the time.

    5. Anonymous20/6/15 09:53

      Unfortunately the "McRef" Chenard is the local girl. So FIFA will continue use her in order to "fly" the Canadian flag in the tournament for as long as they can. Especially with the Canadian team is looking very beatable and like a candidate to be KO'd before the semis.

    6. "McRef", as you call her, is a former speed skater, more than meets the FIFA standards for fitness, and has impeccable positioning. For all the critical decisions in her last match she was in the right position. She may not get there as quickly as most because she rarely needs to. That she has survived the NA style of kick and run football shows she is more than capable.

      Keeping up with play. Being too close to play is as dangerous as being too far away. Being too fit is as dangerous as being too unfit. I have assessed several superbly fit referees who run about helter-skelter into corners and into other areas of the field where they have no business being -- putting them too far away, too close, in the way, or moving so quickly they can't see what's going on. Refereeing is about balance, not just fitness: decision making, player management, teamwork, and common sense. I'd rather take the last 4 than just the 1st.

  7. Anonymous20/6/15 22:46

    Soft penalty decision for Germany and 2-0.

    1. Anonymous20/6/15 23:13

      Seems very soft. No penalty in my eyes.

  8. Anonymous20/6/15 23:23

    Oh no not you too Ri Hyang-Ok! You had done so very well up till now. But you too have contracted the "cancer" of inventing a non existent foul that results in a penalty kick.

    German players sees that she's lost the ball, so she decided to go to ground. And of course this being the 2015 FIFA Womens World Cup, the referee eats it all up and points to the spot.

    "LET'S GO FIFA!!!"

  9. Very narrow on/offside at 78-79' in Germany/Sweden. Evidence inconclusive any way, so the AR must be trusted

    1. If you mean the 4:1, I think - although AR2 had no chance to see it given her positioning - it was level or even 30-40 cms onside.

  10. Anonymous21/6/15 19:52

    Albon with a very convincing first half. She spotted a dive by #BRA 11 only after 10 seconds, and after that moment she set her foul detection line, which worked very well. The Brazilians didn't fool Albon anymore.
    The referee's physical condition is very impressive. Although the game is played in a quite high pace, she has no problem to keep up with play. In fact, she is always close to play, which lead to a great position to caution #BRA 2 for SPA.
    Also the assistants with a good perfomance so far, with especially AR2 with some good calls.

    1. Anonymous21/6/15 20:37

      An excellent NO FLAG by Petruta Iugulescu prior the 0-1 of Australia.
      And this after a quite blatant offside flag (0,5 meter onside) a few minutes earlier.

    2. Anonymous21/6/15 20:53

      Teodora Albon and her team can look back on a very good performance. From the start on, Albon set a clear line, which has worked very well over the whole game. With the Brazilians, who tried to influence Albon during the full 90 minutes, Albon and her team keep the calmness, which definitely paid off. The two yellow cards were absolutely mandatory (one for SPA and the other for a reckless foul).
      The assistants were also good/very good. AR1 had one quite blatant call in minute 76 (about a 0,5 meter onside), but definitely took revenge on that call, with a excellent NO FLAG prior the crucial goal made by Australia (0-1, also final score). AR2 with a very satisfying performance, too.

      Final marks in my opinion:

    3. Anonymous21/6/15 20:57

      Hmm. Not that impressed but still OK for me. Albon was not so good to evaluate handball... But she ran a lot and kept up with the pace. Clear room to impress her body language too.

      /Swedish observer

    4. Anonymous21/6/15 21:59

      I partly agree with you.The techinal aspect (running a lot) and her body language were not like we used to know, but in terms of decision making, foul detection (I don't agree with your handball comment), on- and offside, the team can really look back on a very good performance (at least expected level).

  11. No appointment for the English assistant referee natalie aspinall yet, final maybe

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Does anyone know the appointmented officials for the Women's Under-17 European Championship in Iceland?
    Thank you in advance


    1. Referees

      Barbara Bollenberg (Austria)
      Ivana Martinčić (Croatia)
      Vivian Peeters (Netherlands)
      Graziella Pirriatore (Italy)
      Ivana Projkovska (Macedonia)
      Viola Raudziņa (Latvia)

      Assistant referees

      Liana Grigoryan (Armenia)
      Aleksandra Kojović (Serbia)
      Julia Magnusson (Sweden)
      Slavomira Majkuthová (Slovakia)
      Androniki Nioti (Greece)
      Rúna Stefánsdóttir (Iceland)
      Maryna Striletska (Ukraine)
      Bjorn Valdimarsson (Iceland)

      Fourth officials

      Dimitrina Milkova (Bulgaria)
      Lois Otte (Belgium)

  14. Frappart & Co in USA-COL. Correct offside decision AR1 (relatively easy) for Wombac goal taken back in 1st half. Exc decision by Frappart for DOGSO and PK against Columbian keeper. Foul right on PA line. Good no PK decision 61'. Correct PK 65' -- clumsy challenge.

    Overall, match physical as expected (esp 1st half), but never out of hand. Numerous free kicks needed but not terribly overdone. Cautions well-selected. Runs past play sometimes leaving ball/play behind her back for several seconds before turning (dangerous habit should there ever be a cynical challenge). Approach to players (warnings, cautions) bit cold and demanding; personality and management style may in part be cause of difficulties mentioned in previous comments.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkvtrrvWlV8&sns=em

    1. I must say I am impressed by the first penalty; not only is the DOGSO decision correct, she also correctly awarded the penalty, which was not easy to see at all (reminds me a bit of Messi-Demichelis-Eriksson a while back). She probably got good assistance for the AR, who was in a perfect position and who never hesitated and kept on running towards the corner. Excellent decision on a hard situation.

    2. Anonymous23/6/15 19:05

      US players quite animated (at least one made statements in media) about Cautions given to US players. At least one player will miss next match. Both Cautions (first clearest case for SPA ever [not totally clear in pierreducmv's video] and second clearly a reckless charge) were well-deserved.

    3. @ Emil: I agree, and I am also impressed by the goalkeeper in the 1:0 goal ;)

    4. What do you think of Frappart's position on the first penalty? A US player encroaches in her back; should she have been further to the side?

    5. Anonymous23/6/15 22:00

      @emil: you are spot on.

      The offside in the 4th minute that nullified the goal was a great call on the part of the AR. At first I thought the GK had possession of the ball and Wambach took it away from her.

      Regarding the cautions: The caution to Holiday one was pretty clear, from what I saw. The caution to Rapinoe, not so much. I agree there was hard contact, but a strong admonition is as far as I would have gone.

      I think the person that asserted that the referee knew about who was sitting on yellows and targeted them is ridiculous. As a former referee, I can't believe that a European referee would do something like that.

      I really didn't like the style and outward appearance of the referee, much more stern and unapproachable than I think is acceptable.

      - Former USSF grade 6

    6. Anonymous24/6/15 13:55

      @ Emil: I got your point but please don't be so impressed. It would be normal to get impressed when there are mistakes and situations are missed. But we are taliking about a UEFA Elite referee deciding for a clear DOGSO and penalty. I think that we are too much accustomed to low standards, that we praise what should be a normal administration.
      I hope you understand what I mean.

  16. Anonymous23/6/15 22:17

    @Emil: her positioning on both penalties was terrible, and she was ball-watching.

  17. Venegas (Mexico) had a very easy match. No major decisions to deal with. I thought some challenges needed a stop in play, but players got up and carried on.

    Very strange positioning, but it didn't hurt her as both teams played possession into opposing PA. Almost always (as soon as one team gained possession) she would move almost right up to off-side line and watched play develop from great distances. At least once or twice, she ended up nearer to goal line than her AR. She stayed close once ball arrived and often had to move out of the way of passes and players. Finding pockets of space between defensive and mid-field line would have been much more ideal.

  18. Predictions QF:
    Germany – France: Esther Staubli (SUI), Ella de Vries (BEL), Lucie Ratajova (CZE), Yeimy Martinez (COL)
    China – USA: Teodora Albon, Petruta Iugulescu (both ROU), Maria Sukenikova (SVK), Efthalia Mitsi (GRE)
    Australia – Japan: Bibiana Steinhaus, Marina Wozniak, Katrin Rafalski (all GER), Margaret Domka (USA)
    England – Canada: Stephanie Frappart, Manuele Nicolosi (both FRA), Yolanda Parga (ESP), Liang Qin (CHN)

    1. Anonymous24/6/15 19:01

      Four UEFA referees? :)

    2. Anonymous24/6/15 19:07

      Here we have an excellent substitute for Busacca

    3. Philipp gave predictions = he thinks what Busacca thinks. So quite realistic ;)

      But being quite sure that this time we won't only see UEFA officials, these are mine:

      GER-FRA: Carol Anne Chenard (CAN), Marie Charbonneau (CAN), Suzanne Morisset (CAN), Anna-Marie Keighley (NZL), Sarah Walker (NZL)
      CHN-USA: Pernilla Larsson (SWE), Anna Nyström (SWE), Natalie Aspinall (ENG), Efthalia Mitsi (GRE), Chrysoula Kourompyla (GRE)
      AUS-JPN: Kateryna Monzul (UKR), Natalia Rachynska (UKR), Sanja Rodak (CRO), Ri Hyang-Ok (PRK), Kim Kyoung Min (KOR)
      ENG-CAN: Claudia Umpierrez (URU), Luciana Mascarana (URU), Loreto Toloza (CHI), Jesica di Iorio (ARG), Maria Rocco (ARG)

    4. Anonymous25/6/15 03:31

      @ Philipp: referees who had matches in the Round of 16 usually do not immediately referee in the quarter-finals.

    5. Anonymous25/6/15 06:47

      First two QF appointments on FIFA
      GER-FRA:Chenard (Can)
      CHN-USA:Vitulano (Ita)

  19. Is there any reason we are not seeing "official" Referee evaluations for the Women's World Cup matches similar to that of the Men's matches last year?


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