July 6, 2015

Pierluigi Collina confirmed as UEFA Chief Refereeing Officer

UEFA has published the new composition of Referees Committee for the period 2017 - 19, valid from 1° July 2017. Pierluigi Collina, appointed a few weeks ago as Chairman of the Committee, has been also confirmed as Chief Refereeing Officer. Vladimir Sajn (SVN) and Dagmar Damková (CZE) have been promoted as Second Vice-Chairman and Third Vice-Chairwoman respectively.  Portuguese José Fontelas Gomes has joined the panel as member.

Pierluigi Collina (Chief Refereeing Officer)

Deputy Chaiman:
Hugh Dallas (UEFA Refereeing Officer)

First Vice-Chairman:
Marc Batta (UEFA Refereeing Officer)

Second Vice-Chairman:
Vladimir Sajn (Slovenia)

Third Vice-Chairwoman:
Dagmar Damková (Czech Republic)

David R. Elleray (England)
Herbert Fandel (Germany)
José Fontelas Gomes (Portugal, new)
Bo Karlsson (Sweden)
Nikolay Levnikov (Russia / Kazakhstan)
Jaap Uilenberg (Netherlands)
Kyros Vassaras (Greece)
Moreover, the composition of  Referee Convention Panel has been confirmed without changes. This body has the main aim to periodically control the level of refereeing of all federations inside UEFA.

Vladimir Antonov (Moldova)
Francesco Bianchi (Switzerland)
Neale Barry (England)
Terje Hauge (Norway)
Peter Hegyi (Hungary)
Werner Helsen (Belgium)
Leonid Kaloshin (Russia)
Costas Kapitanis (Cyprus)
Despoina Koxenoglou (Greece)
Jørn West Larsen (Denmark)
Kaj Østergaard (Denmark)
Rune Pedersen (Norway)
Charles Schaack (Luxembourg)
Yariv Tepper (Israel)
John Ward (Republic of Ireland)
Rainer Werthmann (Germany)
Special Advisors:
Roberto Rosetti (UEFA appointment)
Alan Snoddy (UEFA appointment)

Source:  Uefa.org  (pages 11 and 30)


  1. Dears, can you clarify exactly which is the role, the missions and the activities of the single component of the commitee ?
    Which is the difference in term of match appointment and referees evaluation between Villar Llona and Collina or between Collina and the members ?

  2. William Collum, a 36-year-old from Scotland, has been appointed referee for the 2015 UEFA Super Cup between FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC in Tbilisi on 11 August.



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