July 7, 2015

Referees and Assistant Referees for Gold Cup 2015

Thank to Árbitro Internacional, we can finally make public the referees and assistant referees who have been invited to take charge of matches at 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup in the United States.

Referees (18)

Joel Aguilar (SLV, 1975)
Henry Bejarano (CRC, 1978)
Elmer Bonilla (SLV, 1978)
Armando Castro (HON, 1983)
David Gantar (CAN, 1975)
Roberto Garcia (MEX, 1974)
Mark Geiger (USA, 1974, photo)
Fernando Guerrero (MEX, 1981)
Walter López (GUA, 1980)
Jair Marrufo (USA, 1977)
Yadel Martinez (CUB, 1985)
Marlon Mejia (SLV, 1979)
Oscar Moncada (HON, 1977)
Ricardo Montero (CRC, 1986)
Walter Quesada (CRC, 1970)
Cesar Ramos Palazuelos (MEX, 1983)
John Pitti (PAN, 1978)
Hector Rodriguez (HON, 1982)

Assistant Referees (18)

Daniel Belleau (CAN, 1974)
Eric Boria (USA, 1974)
Philippe Briere (CAN, 1979)
José Luis Camargo (MEX, 1972)
Warner Castro (CRC, 1980)
Hiran Dopico (CUB, 1975)
Octavio Jara (CRC, 1981)
Hermenerito Leal (GUA, 1972)
Leonel Leal (CRC, 1976)
Gersón López (GUA, 1983)
Peter Manikowski (USA, 1982)
Ricardo Morgan (JAM, 1972)
Charles Morgante (USA, 1974)
Alberto Morín (MEX, 1980)
Cristian Ramirez (HON, 1988)
William Torres Mejia (SLV, 1975)
Daniel Williamson (PAN, 1977)  
Juan Francisco Zumba (SLV, 1982)    


  1. Anonymous7/7/15 21:00

    Referees for Panama - Haiti and USA - Honduras?

    1. USA - HON
      Ramos (MEX) / Morin (MEX) / Page (JAM) / Garcia (MEX)

      Either there are two JAM AR's or it's incorrectly listed as Morgan above.

      Haven't seen anything on Panama Haiti

    2. Thanks for this info. Ramos seems to have arrived on the top of CONCACAF officiating.

      Generally, if this list is confirmed, I am quite surprised that there are so few assistants (and referees) from the Caribbeans (Graeme Brown?), not even 1 official from the Northern countries of South America (Wijngaarde, Dion Inniss? and so on) and that Keytzel Corrales is missing, too.

    3. Anonymous7/7/15 21:12

      Very likely the list is wrong. But totally CONCACAF fault, no info at all.

    4. Meant to leave the link where I saw that info, sorry. Can't see an edit so

    5. PAN - HAI
      Henry Bejarano, Leonel Leal, Warner Castro, Ricardo Montero

      Per @h_demboveac on twitter

    6. Anonymous8/7/15 15:41

      Where are Hurd and Fletcher, who were Geiger's ARs at the World Cup in Brazil last year?

    7. Anonymous9/7/15 06:33

      @ Niclas: After what happened with the last two CONCACAF chairmen (Warner and Webb), nobody trust the Caribbeans anymore. Currently, CONCACAF activities are overseen by a 3-person committee composed by the chairmen of the football federations of Mexico, USA and Canada (only North America, no Central America or Caribbean zone).

    8. Anonymous (3:41). I noticed same absence of Hurd and Fletcher.

  2. Anonymous7/7/15 21:07

    Why CONCACAF is the only confederation that does not apply the trio policy?

    1. Anonymous7/7/15 21:27

      CAF and OFC did not do

    2. Anonymous8/7/15 15:45

      Not sure about OFC, but CAF had trios at the last Africa Cup of Nations. FIFA, UEFA, AFC and CONMEBOL implemented the trio policy for a several years and it brought positive results.

  3. Anonymous8/7/15 04:50

    Watched the first half of USA-Honduras and to be honest the performance of Cesar Ramos did not convince me at all. Imo he missed 1 obliged (and maybe another two) yellows for Honduras, and the first bookable offence from the side of team USA was immediately sanctioned with a (justified) yellow card. In other words, out of balanced disciplinary control.
    Apart from that foul detection was below parr, leaving some quite blatant fouls unpunished, and the advantage wasn't always played correctly. Together with some smaller positioning problems, for the first half Ramos doesn't perform over 8.0 for me. But there is still a second half to go!

  4. Anonymous8/7/15 04:53

    * 8.0 has to be 8.1

  5. According to Arbitro Internacional
    CRC-JAM: Guerrero (MEX), H.Leal (GUA), Ramirez (HON), Martinez (CUB)
    SLV-CAN: Moncada (HON), Williamson (PAN), Morgante (USA), Rodriguez (HON)

    1. What I will never understand: why taking teams which maybe know each other (Ramirez with Moncada) if you can have a more inexperienced team in its composition (Ramirez in the other match)...

  6. Anonymous10/7/15 16:01

    Anyone know the ref for Honduras v Panama?


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