July 14, 2015

Tamás Bognar and Andreas Ekberg in charge of Under-19 EURO Semifinals

UEFA has chosen Hungarian Tamás Bognar and Sweden's Andreas Ekberg to take charge of the semifinals of 2015 Under-19 EURO in Greece.

16/07/2015, 18:00 CET, Larissa (GRE)
Russia - Greece
Referee: Tamás Bognar (HUN)
Assistant Referee 1: Vital Jobin (SUI)
Assistant Referee 2: Ricardo Fernandes (LUX)
Fourth Official: Anthony Taylor (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Konrad Plautz (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: Süheyl Onen (TUR)

16/07/2015, 20:45 CET, Katerini (GRE)
France - Spain
Referee: Andreas Ekberg (SWE)
Assistant Referee 1: Dennis W. Rasmussen (DEN)
Assistant Referee 2: Nemanja Petrović (SRB)
Fourth Official: Andris Treimanis (LVA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jaap Uilenberg (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Matthias Voigt (LIE)


  1. Bognar completely surprises me. Congratulations for him and also the other officials.

    Nonetheless it is hard to understand why either Treimanis, who is without any doubt a more talented referee with more prospect for the future, or Taylor won't be rewarded for their good tournament. Sometimes I can't understand UEFA's decisions (same goes for the ARs). Sometimes they really seem to see more.

    1. Anonymous14/7/15 20:29

      With all the respect, Mr. Bognár was least communicative, had the weakest body language and did not show any prospect for the future in his matches.

      Mr. Ekberg was the best on those fields excluding key match incidents from all games.

      Nonetheless, congratulations for them all, also for those sent home. Both Kabakov and Guida were not worse than the others at this tournament!

  2. Anonymous14/7/15 20:11

    I'm sure Taylor will get the finals. But the ARs... Cannot understand as well.

  3. Anonymous14/7/15 20:37

    Management of assistant referees by UEFA at these youth tournaments is really weird, I think they have instructions from "upper floors" or it is a mere speech of federations. A Swedish assistant referee, Culum, was selected for U17 final after a crucial mistake (offside goal) in his first match, Italy - England. Surely, not a question of performance.
    I'm sure Taylor will officiate the final.

  4. Anonymous14/7/15 22:30

    Based on performances, I am really surprised about that.

    Those are the officials that stayed.

  5. Still no news on new Uefa Classes and Ranking ?

    1. No. As soon as there are news, you'll find them as swift as possible.

  6. Anonymous15/7/15 19:23

    The evaluation of referees at these tournaments is, like in all competitions, done based on which referees the people who decide like. The referees can be very good on the pitch or at least better than their competitors, but if they are not so social and like to stay on their own or go "their own ways" in a way people don't like, then the observers decide that the referee will not get a good points no matter how well he does, because they don't want him. Observer will much more easily judge a penalty situation or red card situation stricter than with the "liked" referee, and the "unliked" referee gets a bad points. Sick system, and a reason why we don't actually see the best referees on the pitch, it's only what happens off the pitch thats important.

    1. Anonymous15/7/15 20:09

      Very true! But still UEFA is better than FIFA...

    2. How a referee interacts off the field is something we do not see, but very important. Here are some characteristics that will not be seen lightly despite a good field performance:

      1. Argumentative with observer, AR's, others.
      2. Showing up late to required meetings.
      3. Saying negative things about system, observer, AR's, others.
      4. Unprofessional conduct (lewd joking/remarks, drinking excessively).
      5. Failure to complete needed reports in a timely and/or accurate manner.

      I have seen a number of referees with high potential lose credibility (and consideration) over one or more of these problems.

    3. Anonymous15/7/15 22:13

      At this particular U19, Guida was rightfully send home. 2 crucial mistakes at his first match and a mistake as FO. Kabakov was at the same level with Bognar but in a lower category than him.

    4. Anonymous16/7/15 07:33

      You must always say and do as the people at the top want, and you should be friends with them if you want a career. If they dislike you, they always find a reason to give you 7.9 or lower.

  7. Konrad Plautz is a referee observer for the final.

    1. Anonymous15/7/15 19:46


    2. Anonymous15/7/15 22:10

      Plautz is indeed the observer for the final.

  8. Two crucial calls in Bognar match. I think in both situations he was right or at least one can accept the decisions. Penalty is a clear contact, attacker looked for the foul, nevertheless, one can't blame the referee, it is a correct call due to the outstretched leg, defender very naive. DOGSO decision is for me correct, but due to another defender's presence, one can discuss about the opportunity to give a YC instead of RC... but again, an OK decision without doubts.

  9. Anonymous18/7/15 10:37

    So how did it go for Ekberg in his semifinal?

    /Swedish observer

    1. Anonymous18/7/15 12:02

      I didn't see the match but from what I was told Ekberg did fine. The match wasn't so difficult but Ekberg controlled it well and most of his calls were good.


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