July 4, 2015

Wilmar Roldán will handle Copa América 2015 Final

CONMEBOL has appointed Colombia's Wilmar Roldán  for Copa América 2015 Final, to be played between Chile and Argentina. 
Wilmar Roldán in charge of the final (c) colombiasports.net
He will be assisted by  his countrymen Alexander Guzmán and Cristian de la Cruz, with José Argote from Venezuela acting as fourth official.

04.07.2015, 22:00 CET, Santiago de Chile
Chile - Argentina
Referee: Wilmar Roldán (COL)
Assistant Referee 1: Alexander Guzmán (COL)
Assistant Referee 2: Cristian de la Cruz (COL)
Fourth Official: José Argote (VEN)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Christian Lescano (ECU)
Conmebol Referee Observer: Carlos Alarcon (PAR)

CONMEBOL has also appointed  Bolivia's Raúl Orosco for third place final, played between Peru and Paraguay.

04.07.2015, 01:30 CET, Concepción, Chile
Peru - Paraguay (2-0)
Referee: Raúl Orosco (BOL)
Assistant Referee 1: Javier Bustillos (BOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Montaño (BOL)
Fourth Official: Andres Cunha (URU)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Mauricio Espinosa (URU)
Conmebol Referee Observer: Ricardo Casas (ARG)


  1. Any idea why Roldán and his team aren't using headsets in the final?

    1. Anonymous5/7/15 13:13

      And why he wears long sleeved shirts all the time?

      The comms systems used by Pitana is the Comstar system, never seen it before on any level.

  2. First time seeing a referee tired as much as Roldan. Luckily there was nothing to talk about in the last 15 mins but as you can see he was obviously out of gas and could barely walk. Interesting.

  3. Well done, Wilmar Roldán and Co.! No big mistakes, firm attitude, not influenced by players & crowd. Maybe two-three missed yellow cards (11', 117') and lack of added time surprised me a bit. Some errors resulting from fatigue during the second half of extra time.

    Any thoughts on the colour of cards in the 32nd minute (Leo Messi kicked in the stomach)?

    OT: Interesting scene from Lechia - Shakhtar friendly today. DOGSO or SPA?

    1. Anonymous5/7/15 02:07

      Ref1. DOGSO for me

    2. Here, the scene with Leo Messi kicked by Gary Medel:

    3. In my opinion...

      1st Video: SPA -- Without foul, defender had opportunity to legally play ball (there are two similar examples in EUFA 2014-2 video series). Had he tripped, pushed opponent with NO legal opportunity to play ball it would be easy case for DOGSO.

      2nd Video: It was a reckless (not violent or deliberate) kick to a vulnerable body area (abdomen). No studs involved. Did he endanger safety of opponent due to hitting vulnerable body parts? That is opinion of the referee. I call this an orange card. Caution is justifiable. In situations like this match temperature, attitude of players, previous challenges by the player in question, etc., can be a determining factor.

    4. DOGSO and RC. The attacker controlled the ball, had nobody in front of him...

  4. Giuseppe5/7/15 11:22

    Big mistakes of Roldan. More cards for Chile, penalty to Rojo....
    Very, very bad this referee.

  5. Anonymous6/7/15 11:11

    Any news of Gold Cup-Refs?
    PRO just announced David Gantar from Canada an the two US-Guys Geiger and Marrufo as Refs. Nothing about refs from the other countrys. Tomorrow the opening match is held. Very crazy.

    1. Anonymous6/7/15 11:47

      Thank to Arbitro Internacional

      1 David Gantar (CAN, 1975)
      2 Henry Bejarano (CRC, 1978)
      3 Ricardo Montero (CRC, 1986)
      4 Walter Quesada (CRC, 1970)
      5 Yadel Martinez (CUB, 1985)
      6 Joel Aguilar (SLV, 1975)
      7 Elmer Bonilla (SLV, 1978)
      8 Marlon Mejia (SLV, 1979)
      9 Walter Lopes (GUA, 1980)
      10 Armando Castro (HON, 1983)
      11 Oscar Moncada (HON, 1977)
      12 Hector Rodriguez (HON, 1982)
      13 Roberto Garcia (MEX, 1974)
      14 Fernando Guerrero (MEX, 1981)
      15 Cesar Ramos (MEX, 1983)
      16 John Pitti (PAN, 1978)
      17 Mark Geiger (USA, 1974)
      18 Jair Marrufo (USA, 1977)

      Árbitros Assistentes:
      1 Daniel Belleau (CAN, 1974)
      2 Philippe Briere (CAN, 1979)
      3 Warner Castro (CRC, 1980)
      4 Octavio Jara (CRC, 1981)
      5 Leonel Leal (CRC, 1976)
      6 Hiran Dopico (CUB, 1975)
      7 William Torres (SLV, 1975)
      8 Juan Zumba (SLV, 1982)
      9 Hermenerito Leal (GUA, 1972)
      10 Gerson Lopez (GUA, 1983)
      11 Christian Ramirez (HON, 1988)
      12 Ricardo Morgan (JAM, 1972)
      13 Jose Luis Camargo (MEX, 1972)
      14 Alberto Morin (MEX, 1980)
      15 Daniel Williamson (PAN, 1977)
      16 Eric Boria (USA, 1974)
      17 Peter Manikowski (USA, 1982)
      18 Charles Morgante (USA, 1974)

    2. Predictions MD1:
      PAN-HAI: Martinez, Dopico (both CUB), L.Leal (CRC), Lopez (GUA)
      USA-HON: Ramos (MEX), Morgan (JAM), Belleau, Gantar (both CAN)
      CRC-JAM: Garcia, Camargo, Morin, Guerrero (all MEX)
      SLV-CAN: Castro, Ramirez (both HON), H.Leal (GUA), Rodriguez (HON)
      TRI-GUA: Mejia (SLV), Jara (CRC), Manikowski (USA), Moncada (HON)
      MEX-CUB: Bonilla (SLV), Boria, Morgante (both USA), Pitti (PAN)

    3. Would 6 of those referees be 4th officials?
      Very disappointing lack of clarity from CONCACAF

    4. Well, I share the disappointment for CONCACAF. I had in mind to post something about this competition, especially appointments, but now I'm not really willing due to the severe lack of communication by CONCACAF. We still don't know who is the referee in charge of the opener Panama - Haiti in a few hours.


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