July 3, 2015

Women's World Cup 2015: Hyang Ok Ri selected for Third Place Final

North Korean Hyang Ok Ri has been appointed by FIFA to handle the third place final at Women's World Cup 2015. The match will be played between Germany and England.  Gladys Lengwe from Zambia will be the fourth official. 
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04 July 2015, 22:00 CET (Edmonton)
Germany - England
Referee: Hyang Ok Ri (PRK)
Assistant Referee 1: Kum Nyo Hong (PRK)
Assistant Referee 2: Kyoung Min Kim (KOR) 
Fourth Official: Gladys Lengwe (ZAM)


  1. Deserved appointment. Very odd choice of 4th official.

    1. I am aware that it sounds easy, but I would have predicted Lengwe in this place. If you want to satisfy CAF you appoint an African fourth official for the 3rd place match. And as Neguel was heavily criticized (justifiably), there is only Lengwe who did ok in her only match Thailand-Germany.

  2. Monzul and crew (Umpierrez 4th) for Final.

    1. Anonymous3/7/15 23:33

      No Ref Al... Her regular assistant two has been replaced by Yolanda Parga (AR2 of Frappart).
      Anyway, a suprising appointment if you ask me.
      I really don't hope that Staubli hasn't been appointed because of De Vries's blog...

    2. Anonymous4/7/15 00:37

      Was there something confidential written on her blog?

    3. Anonymous4/7/15 00:54

      Well, confidential... not really. She just wrote what they did during the days. Maybe that FIFA was not happy with the fact that she told about the refereeing team that was divided in two groups (Eastern and Western).
      But honestly, on this level you can't permit yourself doing such things...
      I hope this has been a big lesson for her (and many others).

    4. Anonymous4/7/15 05:53

      When FIFA told her to close her blog, she closed it. If they really wanted her out because of her blog, they could have replaced only De Vries in Staubli's trio, the same way they did with Rodak in Monzul's trio. There must be another reason why Staubli did not get the final.

  3. Hector Vergara, CAN AR, used to blog.

    1. Anonymous4/7/15 16:36

      More North-Americans (Chenard, Pye, Seitz, Domka) used to blog, but they stopped a few years ago, when FIFA asked them to refrain from social media. Collina and Steinhaus had web sites, but they also closed them when asked by FIFA. None of them was removed from appointments because of their blogs or web sites.

    2. Anonymous4/7/15 18:00

      Dear readers, first of all: I just said that "I really doesn't hope that the blog denied Team Staubli of the final". So please, read better!
      Second of all, De Vries didn't close her blog, but keep it open for her relatives and friends (who could retrieve De Vries's password by mail).
      Thirth of all, Salome Di Iorio also gave her followers some insights of what is happening in Canada (twitter.com/Salomediiorio).
      Roberto Moreno (twitter.com/robertomoreno03) from Panama did the same during the last World Cup in Brazil, as did the Italian football federation (twitter.com/aia_it), so I don't think that the referees are disallowed to use social media. It's more about the way they are using it...

      Correct me if I am wrong, please.

  4. Anonymous4/7/15 18:49

    As you can see in the picture, FIFA does not forbid any referees to have sites or participate in social midias, only asks that everything be done with caution.


  5. Ri's performance tonight
    1st half: OK, couple of small mistakes
    2nd half: Several mistakes, not as confident as in her previous matches, no big mistakes though
    Extra time: Good performance, penalty kick at least OK.

    1. Having only seen extra time, I think the Penalty was correct, the German had grabbed her by 2 hands (albeit minimal contact)
      I think she would have had the other final if it weren't for the Penalty in GER-SWD...

    2. That penalty is crystal-clear, indeed. Not an easy call given the situation, but a correct one.

    3. PK a no-brainer. What is the defender thinking? I always say, "Tired bodies = tired brains" -- true for players and referees.

      I only watched highlights. Anyone have any different/better video of the no-penalty decision late in regulation time?


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