August 12, 2015

Europa League 2015/16 - Referee Appointments for the Play-Offs (1st Legs)

These are the referee appointments for the first leg matches of this season's UEFA Europa League's Play-Offs. Among others, some of the new Elite referees will take charge of their first UEFA games in 2015/16.

Dinamo Minsk
FC Dinamo Minsk
FC Salzburg
 RB Salzburg
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 18:00 CET – Brest (BLR)

Referee: Miroslav Zelinka (CZE)
Assistant Referees: Jan Paták (CZE), Radek Kotik (CZE)
Fourth Official: Emanuel Marek (CZE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Terje Hauge (NOR)
UEFA Delegate: Bujar Kasmi (ALB)
Blog Referee Observer:

Qäbälä FK
Panathinaikos FC
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 18:00 CET – Baku (AZE)

Referee: Andre Marriner (ENG)
Assistant Referees: Simon Bennett (ENG), Lee Betts (ENG)
Fourth Official: Robert Madley (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Zbigniew Przesmycki (POL)
UEFA Delegate: Oleg Harlamov (EST)

Slovan Liberec
FC Slovan Liberec
HNK Hajduk Split
 Hajduk Split
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 19:00 CET – Liberec (CZE)

Referee: David Fernández Borbalán (ESP)
Assistant Referees: Raúl Cabañero Martínez (ESP), Jorge Canelo Prieto (ESP)
Fourth Official: Pedro Pérez Montero (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: László Vagner (HUN)
UEFA Delegate: Barry Bright (ENG)

FC Zorya Luhansk
Legia Warszawa
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 19:00 CET – Kyiv (UKR)

Referee: Tasos Sidiropoulos (GRE)
Assistant Referees: Damianos Efthymiadis (GRE), Polychronis Kostaras (GRE)
Fourth Official: Ilias Spathas (GRE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Juan Fernández Marín (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Peadar Ryan (IRL)
Blog Referee Observer: Jake (FRO)

Ajax Amsterdam
AFC Ajax
FK Jablonec
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 19:00 CET – Amsterdam (NED)

Referee: Tony Chapron (FRA)
Assistant Referees: Hicham Zakrani (FRA), Alexandre Viala (FRA)
Fourth Official: Wilfried Bien (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Peter Jones (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Mikael Salzer (SWE), mentored by Jim Stjerne Hansen (DEN)

Molde FK
Molde FK
R. Standard de Liège
 Standard Liège
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 19:00 CET – Molde (NOR)

Referee: Aleksei Kulbakov (BLR)
Assistant Referees: Dzmitry Zhuk (BLR), Aleh Maslianka (BLR)
Fourth Official: Dzianis Shcharbakou (BLR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vítor Melo Pereira (POR)
UEFA Delegate: Ghenadie Scurtul (MDA)
Blog Referee Observer: Chefren (ITA)

Brøndby IF
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 19:00 CET – Saloniki (GRE)

Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)
Assistant Referees: Roberto Díaz Pérez Del Palomar (ESP), Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (ESP)
Fourth Official: Eduardo Prieto Iglesias (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Adrian Casha (MLT)
UEFA Delegate: Roland Ospelt (LIE)

FC Krasnodar
HJK Helsinki
 HJK Helsinki
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 19:00 CET – Krasnodar (RUS)

Referee: Marijo Strahonja (CRO)
Assistant Referees: Ivica Modrić (CRO), Dario Vrabec (CRO)
Fourth Official: Fran Jović (CRO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Karen Nalbandyan (ARM)
UEFA Delegate: Cenk Cem (TUR)

Sparta Praha
AC Sparta Praha
FC Thun
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 19:00 CET – Prague (CZE)

Referee: Danny Makkelie (NED)
Assistant Referees: Mario Diks (NED), Hessel Steegstra (NED)
Fourth Official: Kevin Blom (NED)
UEFA Referee Observer: Alexandru Deaconu (ROU)
UEFA Delegate: Ales Zavrl (SVN)
Blog Referee Observer: Maxi R. (GER)

FC Milsami Orhei
AS Saint-Étienne
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 19:30 CET – Chisinau (MDA)

Referee: Pawel Gil (POL)
Assistant Referees: Piotr Sadczuk (POL), Marcin Borkowski (POL)
Fourth Official: Bartosz Frankowski (POL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Stefan Messner (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: Orkan Huseynadze (AZE)

Young Boys
BSC Young Boys
Qarabağ FK
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 20:00 CET – Berne (SUI)

Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (RUS)
Assistant Referees: Nikolay Golubev (RUS), Maksim Gavrilin (RUS)
Fourth Official: Aleksei Eskov (RUS)
UEFA Referee Observer: Lassin Isaksen (FRO)
UEFA Delegate: Michal Mertinyák (SVK)

Atromitos FC
Fenerbahçe SK
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 20:00 CET – Athens (GRE)

Referee: Daniele Orsato (ITA)
Assistant Referees: Lorenzo Manganelli (ITA), Andrea Padovan (ITA)
Fourth Official: Andrea Gervasoni (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vladimir Antonov (MDA)
UEFA Delegate: Nebojsa Ivković (SRB)
Blog Referee Observer: Niclas (GER) 

FK Rabotnicki
FC Rubin Kazan
 Rubin Kazan
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 20:00 CET – Skopje (MKD)

Referee: István Vad (HUN)
Assistant Referees: Peter Berretyán (HUN), László Viszokai (HUN)
Fourth Official: Sandor Ando-Szabo (HUN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Rune Pedersen (NOR)
UEFA Delegate: Miroslaw Ryszka (POL)

FC Astra Giurgiu
AZ Alkmaar
 AZ Alkmaar
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 20:00 CET – Giurgiu (ROU)

Referee: Slavko Vinčić (SVN)
Assistant Referees: Bojan Ul (SVN), Andraž Kovačič (SVN)
Fourth Official: Dragoslav Peric (SVN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jørn West Larsen (DEN) 
UEFA Delegate: Patrick McGrath (IRL)

FC Steaua Bucureşti
Rosenborg BK
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 20:00 CET – Bucharest (ROU)

Referee: Luca Banti (ITA)
Assistant Referees: Alessandro Costanzo (ITA), Alfonso Marrazzo (ITA)
Fourth Official: Daniele Doveri (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Georgios Bikas (GRE)
UEFA Delegate: Alojzije Supraha (CRO)

MSK Žilina
MŠK Žilina
Athletic Club
 Athletic Club
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 20:15 CET – Zilina (SVK)

Referee: Ovidiu Alin Hategan (ROU)
Assistant Referees: Octavian Sovre (ROU), Sebastian Eugen Gheorghe (ROU)
Fourth Official: Sebastian Coltescu (ROU)
UEFA Referee Observer: William Young (SCO)
UEFA Delegate: Irakli Nakaidze (GEO)

SCR Altach
Os Belenenses
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 20:30 CET – Innsbruck (AUT)

Referee: Matej Jug (SVN)
Assistant Referees: Matej Žunič (SVN), Manuel Vidali (SVN)
Fourth Official: Dejan Balažič (SVN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Haim Jakov (ISR)
UEFA Delegate: Gudmundur Petursson (ISL)

Odds BK
Borussia Dortmund
 Borussia Dortmund
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 20:30 CET – Skien (NOR)

Referee: Manuel De Sousa (POR)
Assistant Referees: Bertino Miranda (POR), Ricardo Santos (POR)
Fourth Official: Fabio José Costa Verissimo (POR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Tomasz Mikulski (POL)
UEFA Delegate: Tugomir Frajman (SVN)

Girondins Bordeaux
FC Girondins de Bordeaux
FC Kairat Almaty
 Kairat Almaty
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 20:30 CET – Bordeaux (FRA)

Referee: Arnold Hunter (NIR)
Assistant Referees: Richard Storey (NIR), Gareth Eakin (NIR)
Fourth Official: Raymond Crangle (NIR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Darko Čeferin (SVN)
UEFA Delegate: Eduard Kindle (LIE)
Blog Referee Observer: Niclas (GER)

Viktoria Plzen
FC Viktoria Plzeň
FK Vojvodina
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 20:50 CET – Plzen (CZE)

Referee: Javier Estrada Fernández (ESP)
Assistant Referees: Miguel Martínez Munuera (ESP), Francisco Javier Martin Garcia (ESP)
Fourth Official: Carlos Clos Gómez (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Hans Reijgwart (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Ivan Lekov (BUL)
Blog Referee Observer: Howard Maxi (GER)

Lech Poznán
KKS Lech Poznań
Videoton FC
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 21:00 CET – Poznan (POL)

Referee: Oliver Drachta (AUT)
Assistant Referees: Roland Brandner (AUT), Stefan Kühr (AUT)
Fourth Official: Manuel Schüttengruber (AUT)
UEFA Referee Observer: Igor Ischenko (UKR)
UEFA Delegate: Gerhard Sager (SWE)

Southampton FC
FC Midtjylland
UEL Play-Off, 1st Leg, 20/08/2015, 21:00 CET – Southampton (ENG)

Referee: Clément Turpin (FRA)
Assistant Referees: Frédéric Cano (FRA), Nicolas Danos (FRA)
Fourth Official: Benoît Bastien (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Matteo Trefoloni (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Eduard Dervishaj (ESP)
Blog Referee Observer: Harry (ENG)


  1. Anonymous13/8/15 00:29

    So I think we can expect Mateu Lahoz and/or Velasco Carballo for Champions League...

    1. Mateu Lahoz is one referee that made at Spain one very bad year.

    2. Not Velasco Carballo for 1st Leg, Super Copa on Monday evening

    3. I can imagine Mateu Lahoz at Old Trafford.

  2. Anonymous13/8/15 00:47

    The first group referee Libor Kovařík from Czech Republic decided to retired from refereeing. In first match in this season of czech league was fourth official in match Sparta - Ostrava and international referee Petr Ardeleanu started match without all corner flags and both referees was suspended and Kovařík decided finish his career. Next no comment...

    1. Anonymous13/8/15 01:51

      Citation of news:
      Punishment for Kovarik is reportedly higher than the referee of the match Petr Ardeleanu, who assisted Jiri Molacek and Ondrej Pelikan.

      Kovarik doesn't want its decision to end careers comment. At the level of speculation moves reasoning that it is dissatisfied with the distribution of punishments and respond extreme solution ...

  3. Anonymous13/8/15 04:31

    Is it possible to know liaison officers?

  4. Funny thing about Marriner is that I had forgotten he was even a FIFA referee until I saw this appointment. He's a very under the radar BPL referee.

  5. De Sousa appointment to Odd-Dortmund stands out for me. UEFA continues to show faith in De Sousa to deal with big clubs. Good appointment IMO after a strong EL campaign last year.

  6. Great to see you have those appointments so fast every time. Good job!

  7. Happy that Makkelie got another international appointment by the way.

  8. Thanks Jan.

    Very interesting, Martin Strömbergsson will be observed by Marc Batta in the 2nd legs (Bilbao).

  9. UCL Play-Offs Observers / Delegates

    Astana - APOEL: Wegereef (NED) / Hover (ENG)
    Skenderbeu - Dinamo: Trentalange (ITA) / Fisketjonn (NOR)
    Celtic - Malmö: Bianchi (SUI) / Sturkenboom (NED)
    Basel - Maccabi: Lemmer (LUX) / Thorsteinsson (ISL)
    BATE - Partizan: Ilgaz (TUR) / Svärd (SWE)
    Lazio - Leverkusen: Natri (FIN) / Mutschler (SUI)
    ManU - Brugge: Uilenberg (NED) / Berzi (HUN)
    Sporting - CSKA: Ormandjiev (BUL) / Kofoed (DEN)
    Rapid - Shakhtar: Ellingham (WAL) / Kazancioglu (TUR)
    Valencia - Monaco: Marko (SVK) / Procopiou (CYP).

    APOEL - Astana: Karlsson (SWE) / Cruise (IRL):
    Dinamo - Skenderbeu: Tutk (EST) / Lardi (SUI)
    Malmö - Celtic: Strigel (GER) / Magnusson (ISL)
    Maccabi - Basel: Levnikov (RUS) / Filacchione (ITA)
    Partizan - BATE: Allaerts (BEL) / Kliment (SVK)
    Leverkusen - Lazio: Dallas (SCO) / Jost (SVN):
    Brugge - ManU: Fandel (GER) / Alaja (FIN)
    CSKA - Sporting: Jokic (SRB) / Leppänen (EST)
    Shakhtar - Rapid: Riley (ENG) / Ixari (MDA)
    Monaco - Valencia: Zuev (RUS) / Ogilvie (SCO)

    1. Predictions:
      Astana - APOEL: Eriksson (SWE)
      Skenderbeu - Dinamo: Kralovec (CZE)
      Celtic - Malmö: Brych (GER)
      Basel - Maccabi: Collum (SCO)
      BATE - Partizan: Moen (NOR)
      Lazio - Leverkusen: Atkinson (ENG)
      ManU - Brugge: Skomina (SVN)
      Sporting - CSKA: Rocchi (ITA)
      Rapid - Shakhtar: Rizzoli (ITA)
      Valencia - Monaco: Clattenburg (ENG)

      APOEL - Astana: Nijhuis (NED)
      Dinamo - Skenderbeu: Aytekin (GER)
      Malmö - Celtic: Bebek (CRO)
      Maccabi - Basel: Mateu (SPA)
      Partizan - BATE: Cakir (TUR)
      Leverkusen - Lazio: Mazic (SRB)
      Brugge - ManU: Kassai (HUN)
      CSKA - Sporting: Marciniak (POL)
      Shakhtar - Rapid: Velasco (SPA)
      Monaco - Valencia: Kuipers (NED)

    2. Anonymous13/8/15 16:07

      My predictions:
      Astana-Apoel, Thomson
      Skandarbeu-D.Zagreb, Aytekin
      Celtic-Malmoe, Kuipers
      Basel-Maccabi, Bebek
      Bate-Partizan, Brych
      Lazio-Leverkusen, Clattenburg
      M.United-Brugge, Eriksson
      Sporting-CSKA, Kralovec
      R.Wien-Shakhtar, Moen
      Valencia-Monaco, Rizzoli

  10. Astana - APOEL: Bebek
    Skenderbeu - Dinamo: Thomson
    Celtic - Malmö: Rocchi
    Basel - Maccabi: Mateu Lahoz
    BATE - Partizan: Aytekin
    Lazio - Leverkusen: Atkinson
    ManU - Brugge: Eriksson
    Sporting - CSKA: Kuipers
    Rapid - Shakhtar: Kassai
    Valencia - Monaco: Brych

  11. Anonymous13/8/15 18:18

    These would be my appointments (1st and 2nd legs):

    Astana - Apoel Brych / Mazic

    Skenderbeu - Dinamo Zagreb Mateu Lahoz / Aytekin

    Celtic - Malmo Kralovec / Kuipers

    Basel - Maccabi Tel Aviv Atkinson / Tagliavento

    Bate Borisov - Partizan Marciniak / Eriksson

    Lazio - Leverkusen Clattenburg / Skomina

    Man. United - Brugge Rocchi / Moen

    Sporting - CSKA Bebek / Thomson

    Rapid Wien - Shaktar Donetsk Çakir / Velasco Carballo

    Valencia - Monaco Kassai / Rizzoli

  12. More predictions:
    Astana-Apoel, Aytekin
    Skenderbeu-Zagreb, Kuipers
    Celtic-Malmoe, Bebek
    Basel-Maccabi, Thomson
    BATE-Partizan, Brych
    Lazio-Leverkusen, Atkinson
    M.United-Brugge, Erikson
    Sporting-CSKA, Clattenburg
    R.Wien-Shaktar, Moen
    Valencia-Monaco, Rizzoli

  13. I think three or four Elite referees appointed in first legs will have also a match on second legs

    1. Anonymous14/8/15 12:12

      From Thursday to Tuesday or Wednesday? Only a few days, less than a week. Several of them will be also busy on Sunday in domestic leagues. Given the importance of a CL playoff, I wouldn't back this choice.

  14. If five elite referees at least are also appointed to EL second legs, there are not enough Elite referees to cover all CL matches

  15. Anonymous14/8/15 13:04

    Kairat Almaty - Bordeaux
    Nijhuis, Van de Ven, Schaap, Janssen

    Salzburg - Dinamo Minsk
    Blom, Langkamp, Van Dongen, Makkelie

    1. Nijhuis will be observed by Konrad Plautz by the way.

  16. Anonymous14/8/15 14:55

    My predections for EQ
    AZE-CRO Stavrev
    BUL-NOR Borski
    ITA-MLT Bognar
    CZE-KAZ Marciniak
    NED-ICE Rizzoli
    TUR-LAT Gestranius
    BEL-BHR Carballo
    CYP-WAL Sidiropoulus
    ISR-AND Pisani
    GEO-SCO Vincic
    GER-POL Clattenburg
    GIB-IRE Eskov
    FRO-NIR Kovarik
    GRE-FIN Blom
    HUN-ROU Kuipers
    DEN-ALB Mallenco
    SRB-ARM Turpin
    LUX-MKD Jug
    UKR-BLR Hansen
    RUS-SWE Moen
    EST-LTU Welz
    SMR-ENG Gil Manzano
    SUI-SLO Kralovec
    AUT-MOL Strahonja
    MON-LIE Trattou
    ESP-SVK Kassai

    1. Mine
      AZE-CRO Zwayer
      BUL-NOR Marciniak
      ITA-MLT Borski
      CZE-KAZ Liany
      NED-ICE Kassai
      TUR-LAT Gil
      BEL-BHR Zelinka
      CYP-WAL Turpin
      ISR-AND Lechner
      GEO-SCO Estrada
      GER-POL Atkinson
      GIB-IRE Strömbergsson
      FRO-NIR Bebek
      GRE-FIN Oliver
      HUN-ROU Undiano
      DEN-ALB Thomson
      SRB-ARM Madden
      LUX-MKD Johannesson
      UKR-BLR Cakir
      RUS-SWE Rocchi
      EST-LTU Vad
      SMR-ENG Schörgenhofer
      SUI-SLO Orsato
      AUT-MOL Pisani
      MON-LIE Buquet
      ESP-SVK Rizzoli

    2. It's unlikely that Sidiropoulos will be appointed to a match in Cyprus.

    3. yes,really, thank you :)

    4. Addition MD 8
      LVA-CZE de Sousa
      TUR-NED: Skomina
      ISL-KAZ: Soares Dias
      WAL-ISR: Hategan
      BIH-AND: Mazeika
      CYP-BEL: Aytekin
      MLT-AZE: Bognar
      NOR-CRO: Kralovec
      ITA-BUL: Eriksson
      POL-GIB: Hunter
      IRL-GEO: Özkahya
      SCO-GER: Kuipers
      FIN-FRO: Blom
      NIR-HUN: Tagliavento
      ROU-GRE: Delferiere
      ARM-DEN: Strahonja
      ALB-POR: Nijhuis
      BLR-LUX: Balaj
      MKD-ESP: Jug
      SVK-UKR: Collum
      ENG-SUI: Moen
      LTU-SMR: Evans
      SVN-EST: Hansen
      LIE-RUS: Clos Gomez
      MDA-MNE: McLean
      SWE-AUT: Fernandez Borbalan

  17. Anonymous14/8/15 18:30

    If everybody adds his EQ predictions, then here are mine. Tell me what you think :)

    Czech Republic - Kazakhstan: Koukoulakis (GRE)
    Netherlands - Iceland: Eriksson (SWE)
    Turkey - Latvia: Hansen (DEN)
    Belgium - Bosnia: Collum (SCO)
    Cyprus - Wales: Buquet (FRA)
    Israel - Andorra: Marriner (ENG)
    Luxembourg - Macedonia: Göcek (TUR)
    Ukraine - Belarus: Kassai (HUN)
    Spain - Slovakia: Atkinson (ENG)
    Georgia - Scotland: Lechner (AUT)
    Germany - Poland: Velasco Carballo (ESP)
    Gibraltar - Ireland: Boiko (UKR)
    Estonia - Lithuania: Soares Dias (POR)
    San Marino - England: Blom (NED)
    Switzerland - Slovenia: Rocchi (ITA)
    Faroe Islands - Northern Ireland: Stavrev (MKD)
    Greece - Finland: Bebek (CRO)
    Hungary - Romania: Aytekin (GER)
    Russia - Sweden: Moen (NOR)
    Austria - Moldavia: Undiano Mallenco (ESP)
    Montenegro - Liechtenstein: Mazeika (LTU)

    Latvia - Czech Republic: Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
    Turkey - Netherlands: Rizzoli (ITA)
    Malta - Azerbaijan: Gestranius (FIN)
    Norway - Croatia: Clattenburg (ENG)
    Wales - Israel: Kuipers (NED)
    Bosnia - Andorra: Hagen (NOR)
    Cyprus - Belgium: Skomina (SVN)
    Italy - Bulgaria: Mazic (SRB)
    Iceland - Kazakhstan: Turpin (FRA)
    Armenia - Denmark: Kulbakov (BLR)
    Albania - Portugal: Marciniak (POL)
    Poland - Gibraltar: Zelinka (CZE)
    Ireland - Georgia: Gumienny (BEL)
    Scotland - Germany: Tagliavento (ITA)
    Finland - Faroe Islands: Kruzliak (SVK)
    Northern Ireland - Hungary: Zwayer (GER)
    Romania - Greece: Thomson (SCO)
    Belarus - Luxembourg: Johannesson (SWE)
    Macedonia - Spain: Strahonja (CRO)
    Slovakia - Ukraine: Sidiropoulos (GRE)
    England - Switzerland: Brych (GER)
    Lithuania - Estonia: Hategan (ROU)
    Liechtenstein - Russia: Hunter (NIR)
    Moldova - Montenegro: Bezborodov (RUS)
    Sweden - Austria: Çakir (TUR)

    1. Anonymous14/8/15 18:53

      Cakir already refereed SWE - AUT in WC qualifiers two years ago. I don't think that he will be appointed again.

    2. Apart from that and that Scotland-Germany won't go to Tagliavento I think they are good.

    3. Anonymous14/8/15 23:24

      I could well imagine Kuipers in the Sweden-Austria clash and Cakir in the Wales-Israel game.
      For the Scotland-Germany, I don't think that Tagliavento is going to be appointed. I would prefer to see Kralovec there.

    4. Anonymous15/8/15 10:54

      And Moldova - Montenegro won't go to Bezborodov because Russia is in the same group ;)

  18. Another predictions:
    Azerb-Croatia, Sidiropoulos
    Bulgaria-Norway, Kralovec
    Italy-Malta, Moen
    Czech R.-Kazakst, Skomina
    Netherl-Iceland, Atkinson
    Turkey-Latvia, Mazic
    Belgium-Bosnia, Clattenburg
    Cyprus-Wales, Karasev
    Israel-Andorra, Boiko
    Georgia-Scotland, Jug
    Germany-Poland, Eriksson
    Gibraltar-Ireland, Tagliavento
    I.Feroe-Northern Ireland,Hategan
    Greece-Finland, Kuipers
    Hungary-Romanian, Bebek
    Denmark-Albania, Turpin
    Serb-Arm, Marciniak
    Luxemb-Maced, Gomes Duarte
    Ukraine-Belarus, Çakir
    Russia-Sweden, Velasco
    Est-Lith, Thomson
    SMR-England, Borbalán
    Switzerland-Slov, Chapron
    Austria-Moldova, Rocchi
    Montenegro-Liecht. Gocek
    Spain-Slovak, Aytekin

    1. Anonymous14/8/15 21:25

      Mazic for the Turkey vs. Latvia? Ricardo it's a non-sense. One of the most experienced referee, who is in top form on a match that does not decide anything?

    2. Anonymous14/8/15 21:34

      Top form for Mazic? Many mistakes in CL last season.

    3. Anonymous14/8/15 21:48

      Of course. :) Seven matches at record UCL's in the 2014/15. season (referee with "a lot of mistakes" can't be nominated seven times- let me correct some) with the excellent UEL semi-final in the Ukraine. Incidentally, four very important mathes in qualifying for EURO 2016. 12 mathes refereed referee with many mistakes? :D

    4. Anonymous14/8/15 22:29

      The latest RAPs indeed showed that UEFA considered some decisions as crucial mistakes (Basel, APOEL, probably Madrid).

    5. Anonymous14/8/15 22:49

      Of course. :) Crucial mistake on the match Basel vs. Real, ad very important UEFA Referee Observer Hans Reijgwart. After "mistake" gets to nominated the decisive match MD6 Roma vs.City, fourth in the GF UCL (all were refereed by three). How Pl Collina has to be frivolous or Hans Reijgwart incompetent to referee who decided the winner in Basel nominated for clash match in the Rome? Don't we funny, please.

    6. Anonymous14/8/15 23:09

      Mistakes at APOEL was AAR2 fault. Mistake at Basel, yes, Mazic. Missed handball. But they are physiological errors, if Mazic was appointed again this means other referees were worse.

    7. Anonymous14/8/15 23:22

      The match in Basel was MD5, MD6 in the Rome. Do you have proof of what you bring to the public, where the UEFA revealed that these mistakes? Let's all we see whether it is UEFA's stance or the owner? IMO, Mazic was right both times (that's my opinion). Sergio Ramos handball? There is no intention, and as far as I followed the presentation PLC and Hugh Dallas, the term "unnatural position of the hand" isn't always punishable. You say "maybe" in Madrid? When we heard from UEFA perhaps "maybe" and "psysiological errors"? Why, then, has been nominated for the UEL semi-final game?

    8. Come on our Serbian Mazic fanclub-member, download UEFA's referee assistance programs and there you have your evidence according to which UEFA thought there was a missing red card in Nicosia and deliberate handball by Ramos in Basel. Check existing evidence before offensively blaming other people. About Madrid, IMO one must be biased or new to refereeing to not see that clear mistakes were made. But who cares, that's the past, we have a new season.

    9. Anonymous15/8/15 10:57

      The aim of the RAP is not to blame certain referee(s) for certain mistake(s). If some decision is evaluated as mistake it doesn't necessarily mean that referee observer in the certain match had the same opinion. The attitude: "In RAP this is mistake, we evaluated it alike!" is IMO incorrect. (The grey area is probably wider than many of us think.) The same mistake is to point out on matches for which was the certain referee appointed after such mistake. Two years ago nobody from elite group was without crucial mistake in the KO-stage. And for final matches must have been certain referee appointed... (Rizzoli got the honour.)


    10. Yes, the attitude is incorrect (but nobody said that actually).
      Nonetheless it supports anonymous who only said that, in his view, Mazic made some mistakes last season and contradicts the other anonymous saying that for UEFA Ramos' handball was probably no deliberate one.
      It's however pointless to conduct the always-same discussions about this one Elite referee. The only thing anonymous should consider is that if a referee gets 12 matches and was soo great, why didn't he get Bayern-Barca? Or the CL final? Or at least the EL final?...

    11. I must make changes.
      Germany-Poland, Clattenburg
      Belgium-Bosnia, Eriksson
      S.Marino-England, Jug
      Georgia-Scotland, Matéu

    12. Anonymous15/8/15 13:36


      "At first glance, UEFA confirmed 1 crucial mistake by Thomson in LUD-REA (the given penalty at min. 22'). Moreover a penalty was missed at BATE-Shakhtar and was incorrectly given to NED-KAZ." First information to RAP 2015 (1), published on 31. July. But I agree, it is pointless to argue about that.

      M. Mazic has a strong pro and anti loby. Sometime I could only smile on this. Everybody has better and worse days. Not everybody has the same personality. Nobody is perfect...


    13. If you think that this is attitude, then you are mistaken. I simply pointed out scenes which brought too much discussion here on the blog.

      We know that UEFA makes RAP's with educational material but at any rate, a mistake is linked with a referee. That's reality.

    14. Anonymous15/8/15 17:16

      @ Niclas Red card in the Nicosia ?! I think there was a disputed decision AAR2 (penalty-kick for APOEL, handball). Why is it when write something about you a few Mazic immediately declare the "lobby"? Then we had a scary lobby for Clatts (UEL final) and no one of you responded. Bayern vs. Barsa? There's all been resolved, because the Barsa much, much stronger, which is also confirmed. Why only UEL final? He got it Atkinson, deservedly, not Clattenburg.

    15. If it entertains you P.L., that's great, I can't smile on that. The pro Mazic lobby is something which literally pisses me off for years and I know in fact that I am not the only one.

      Yes, red card. As said, download the RAP. But as it is you, here, I made screenshots.

      To answer your question and why "declare the lobby": An anonymous makes 26 predictions. You respond to only 1 (out of 26!) of them. Of course it is Mazic and of course this match is too little for him because he is too good for that. I don't know why I perceive this as a Mazic lobbying either...I am convinced that Mazic is a referee who is strong enough, that his odd but unique style enriches UEFA's top refereeing and therefore he does not need a personal fanclub.

    16. Anonymous15/8/15 19:40

      @ Niclas For God's sake, so many people respected and Kassai, Undiano, Rizzoli, Brych, Clatts, etc. We read and understand all the messages of support. Only if you write about Mazic then "lobby".

    17. @Anonymous 7:40

      When users defend a referee with any price and by all means, how is this called?

    18. Anonymous15/8/15 20:44

      Than You for screenshots, Niclas. It is more than I deserved.

      Best regards.

  19. Anonymous14/8/15 21:09

    Kassai will be back in a important match? Which observer for him? I think that he must return at top level now. EURO 2016 for him but without Vad?

  20. Anonymous14/8/15 23:42

    Predictions for the second leg:

    Kairat - Bordeaux: Gräfe (GER)
    Jablonec - Ajax: Clos Gómez (ESP)
    Qarabag - Young Boys: Madden (SCO)
    Rubin - Rabotnicki: Schörgenhofer (AUT)
    HJK - Krasnodar: Trattou (CYP)
    Thun - Sparta Praha: Strömbergsson (SWE)
    Saint-Étienne - Milsami: Stavrev (MKD)
    Rosenborg - Steaua: Karasev (RUS)
    Hajduk Split - Liberec: Lechner (AUT)
    Fenerbahçe - Atromitos: Buquet (FRA)
    Panathinaikos - Qäbälä: Gumienny (BEL)
    AZ - Astra: Hunter (NIR)
    Brøndby - PAOK: Soares Dias (POR)
    Dortmund - Odd: Oliver (ENG)
    Standard Liège - Molde: Mazzoleni (ITA)
    Videoton - Lech: Blom (NED)
    Salzburg - Dinamo Minsk: Tudor (ROU)
    Vojvodina - Plzen: Taylor (ENG)
    Athletic - Zilina: Zwayer (GER)
    Midtylland - Southampton: Bognar (HUN)
    Legia - Zorya: Balaj (ROU)
    Belenenses - Altach: Hansen (DEN)

    What do you think?

    - K.S.

    1. UEFA Europa league, second leg, 27th of August:
      AZ Alkmaar - Astra Giurgiu
      Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT), Matthias Winsauer (AUT), Roland Brandner (AUT), Oliver Drachta (AUT).
      Kairat Almaty - Bordeaux
      Nijhuis, Van de Ven, Schaap, Janssen

      Salzburg - Dinamo Minsk
      Blom, Langkamp, Van Dongen, Makkelie

    2. Gräfe has not been appointed domestically so far this season, so he might be injured (or failed a fitness test).

    3. Anonymous15/8/15 23:25

      Fandel is another disaster.

    4. Anonymous18/8/15 11:51

      In Germany was only one bundesliga round so far, I expect his appointment in the 2nd round.

    5. But there were three matchdays already in 2nd and 3rd division + one cup round, and Gräfe was in involved in none of these, neither in pre-season friendlies. If he starts at the weekend, most likely not in Bundesliga and therefore it's also difficult to see him in the EL play-offs.

    6. Anonymous20/8/15 22:25

      He got a match in 4rd League on Friday: Germania Halberstadt against ZFC Meuselwitz. So i think we won´t see him next thursday.

  21. Observers & Delegates EURO16 Qualifiers


    CZE-KAZ: Rosetti (ITA) / Astiazarán (ESP)
    NED-ISL: Young (SCO) / Ryan (IRL)
    TUR-LVA: Gerginov (BUL) / Runavot (FRA)
    BEL-BIH: Vassaras (GRE) / Stride (ENG)
    CYP-WAL: Schluchter (SUI) / Lekov (BUL)
    ISR-AND: Hauge (NOR) / Prodani (ALB)
    AZE-CRO: Pereira (POR) / Crucke (BEL)
    BUL-NOR: Jones (ENG) / Zuppinger (SUI)
    ITA-MLT: Plautz (AUT) / Grundie (NIR)
    GEO-SCO: Khudiyev (AZE) / Ubias (CZE)
    GER-POL: Ilgaz (TUR) / Erikssen (NOR)
    GIB-IRL: Shteif (ISR) / Fantaros (CYP)
    FRO-NIR: Karlsson (SWE) / Weiss (SVK)
    GRE-FIN: Malzinskas (LTU) / Grabovac (CRO)
    HUN-ROU: Luci (ITA) / Koumas (CYP)
    DEN-ALB: Chykun (BLR) / McGrath (IRL)
    SRB-ARM: Ross (NIR) / ?
    LUX-MKD: Koopman (NED) / Hakornarson (ISL)
    UKR-BLR: Paniashvili (GEO) / Abrayev (KAZ)
    ESP-SVK: Sarvan (TUR) / Svärd (SWE)
    EST-LTU: Steinborn (GER) / Wattebled (FRA)
    SMR-ENG: Mejuto Gonzalez (ESP) / Mievis (BEL)
    SUI-SVN: Wegereef (NED) / Larsen (NOR)
    RUS-SWE: Skapoullis (CYP) / McDowell (SVN)
    AUT-MDA: ? / Oleszek (POL)
    MNE-LIE: Mikulski (POL) / Aubry (NIR)


    LVA-CZE: Hovhannisyan (ARM) / Mijatovic (SVN)
    TUR-NED: Fröjdfeldt (SWE) / Foster (ENG)
    ISL-KAZ: Casha (MLT) / Cathcart (NIR)
    WAL-ISR: Nobs (SUI) / Filacchione (ITA)
    BIH-AND: De Bleeckere (BEL) / Kaloshin (RUS)
    CYP-BEL: Vautrot (FRA) / Frajman (SVN)
    MLT-AZE: Hyytiä (FIN) / Albino (POR)
    NOR-CRO: Reijgwart (NED) / Bellon (BEL)
    ITA-BUL: Piller (HUN) / Sturkenboom (NED)
    POL-GIB: Vanelshocht (BEL) / Imamovic (BIH)
    IRL-GEO: Koren (ISR) / Rondelli (SMR)
    SCO-GER: Sedlacek (AUT) / Di Cesare (ITA)
    FIN-FRO: Pristovnik (CRO) / Coquard (FRA)
    NIR-HUN: Zuev (RUS) / Kofoed (DEN)
    ROU-GRE: Sajn (SVN) / Dervishaj (ESP)
    ARM-DEN: Levnikov (RUS) / Kaldoja (EST)
    ALB-POR: Diaz Vega (ESP) / Kazancioglu (TUR)
    BLR-LUX: ? / Bokeria (GEO)
    MKD-ESP: Jokic (SRB) / Harlamov (EST)
    SVK-UKR: Krondl (CZE) / Lundström (FIN)
    ENG-SUI: Strigel (GER) / Morais (POR)
    LTU-SMR: Ruzbarsky (SVK) / Prunea (ROU)
    SVN-EST: Cantalejo (ESP) / Hughes (WAL)
    LIE-RUS: Riley (ENG) / Holopainen (FIN)
    MDA-MNE: Kelly (IRL) / Wiesel (GER)
    SWE-AUT: Tulinger (CZE) / Blackbourne (ENG)

  22. +Anonimous is one incorrect.
    Mazic is not top.

  23. According to the Upper Austrian confederation's website, Lech Poznán - Videoton FC next Thursday is to be handled by Oliver Drachta, Roland Brandner, Stefan Kühr and Manuel Schüttengruber. Since they only publish assignments with relevance for their federal state Upper Austria, no information concerning the assitional referees is availabe. But it seems as if Mattias Gestranius could have been replaced at short notice.


    1. "assitional" should be "additional". ;-)

    2. Anonymous15/8/15 19:57

      Europa League play off are without additional assistant referees.

    3. Oh, thank you, Anonymous.

    4. There are also other changes. Hunter in Bordeaux instead of Özkahya, Bezborodov in Berne instead of Yefet.

    5. Anonymous15/8/15 22:37

      Failed tests?

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Gestranius' absence may be explained by presence of two Finnish players in KKS Lech Poznań squad (Kasper Hämäläinen and Paulus Arajuuri). It may be possible that Videoton FC protested against this appointment.

    8. Anonymous18/8/15 11:55

      Nice game for Drachta. Would be nice to read an observer report of this game from you. Drachta is new in the first group, especially thanks to Marc Batta, his first games in 2015 were not that bad. (8.3 @ em-quali in slovenia)

    9. I will inform you how he performed in Poznań. I remember his game Lokomotiv Sofia - Śląsk Wrocław some years ago and I saw a talent in him that time. :)

    10. Anonymous18/8/15 17:44

      Dziękujemy! :)

  24. My predictions for CL Tuesday's matches:
    Astana - APOEL: Thomson (SCO)
    BATE - Partizan: Eriksson (SWE)
    Lazio - Leverkusen: Clattenburg (ENG)
    ManU - Brugge: Aytekin (GER)
    Sporting - CSKA: Brych (GER)

  25. Anonymous20/8/15 14:16

    europa 2nd leg referees /observer / delegates??

    1. Anonymous21/8/15 15:10

      Thank you my friend, keep up the good work

  26. A scene from Orsato's match..........

    1. Anonymous20/8/15 21:32

      AAR would have spotted this foul (penalty IMHO). Impossible for Orsato, perhaps AR1.

    2. Another scene

      Foul before Fenerbahce's goal?

  27. Anonymous20/8/15 22:54

  28. Turpin was correct in both of disallowing a goal and awarding a penalty on the English south coast, in an overall expected level performance

  29. Disagree with Turpin PK. Forward goes down rather easily when feeling the simple contact.

    1. Anonymous21/8/15 11:49

      How can you tell us, this does not deserve a PK ??!!

  30. Two handball scenes from Zorya - Legia (Anastassios Sidiropoulos):

    The first surely undeliberate one in my opinion.

    The second one should be a penalty. One explanation is that Sidiropoulos was waiting for a goal and when the ball hit the post he decided it is too late to whistle a penalty. Second explanation is that the handball was totally missed by the crew.

    Apart from these scenes, he was very consistent and firm, had many small, 'no-public' talks with players in order to warn them and prevent possible cards for PI. Very good prevention and anticipation through the whole match. Strong personality, body language and especially facial expression. The mark will probably be 7.9 (8.4) due to the second handball scene.

    Infos about Drachta later today.

    1. Anonymous21/8/15 12:02

      First handball is undeliberate, second is penalty. Crucial mistake.

    2. Anonymous23/8/15 09:49

      Drachta? :)

  31. Some words on Drachta's performance. The first half was no challenge. He warned Lech's goalkeeper once when he pushed an opponent away at set piece. In the second half, GK did it again and earned a yellow card. Consistent, no-nonsense approach here.

    48' - AR1's mistake, missed offside leading to a dangerous situation
    53' - penalty appeal, I think he could or even should have given that one, what are your thoughts?
    61' - yellow card to Linetty; taking into account there was no contact, most referees would only warn him, but I like the decision
    64', 65' - Drachta whistles two phantom fouls (revange or normal mistake ;) )
    90+2' - Kovács (Videoton) fouls Trałka with studs up, enough dynamic to issue a red for SFP? no crucial mistake IMO


    Overall, he is rather quiet referee who intervene only if needed. However, he is able to issue a stern warning and doesn't like any form of dissent (small talks after protests). Sometimes, he could have use more personality/body language in order to avoid a lazy, withdrawn referee image. Difficult to say more.

    1. Anonymous23/8/15 17:38

      Thank you very much!


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