August 31, 2015

UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifiers - Referee Appointments for Matchday 7 (September 2015) - I

These are the referees appointed by UEFA for MD7 of  EURO 2016 qualifying matches, to be played on 3, 4 and 5 September 2015.

3 September 2015

Bakcell Arena, Baku (AZE), Group H, 18:00 CET 
Azerbaijan - Croatia
Referee: Ruddy Buquet (FRA)
Assistant Referees:Guillaume Debart (FRA), Cyril Gringore (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referees:Fredy Fautrel (FRA), Amaury Delerue (FRA)
Fourth Official: Philippe Jeanne (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Jean-François Crucke (BEL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vitor Melo Pereira (POR)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Orkhan Mammadov (AZE)

Natsionalen Stadion Vasil Levski, Sofia (BUL), Group H, 20:45 CET
Bulgaria - Norway
Referee: Bas Nijhuis (NED)
Assistant Referees: Rob van de Ven (NED), Charles Schaap (NED)
Additional Assistant Referees: Serdar Gözübüyük (NED), Peter Janssen (NED)
Fourth Official: Patrick Langkamp (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Kurt Zuppinger (SUI)
UEFA Referee Observer: Peter Jones (ENG)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Georgi Kabakov (BUL)

Stadio Artemio Franchi, Florence (ITA), Group H, 20:45 CET
Italy - Malta
Referee: Ivan Kružliak (SVK)
Assistant Referees:Tomaš Somolani (SVK), Tomaš Mokoš (SVK)
Additional Assistant Referees: Vladimir Vnuk (SVK), Mário Vlk (SVK)
Fourth Official: Ondrej Brendza (SVK)
UEFA Delegate: Charles John Grundie (NIR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Konrad Plautz (AUT)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Giampaolo Mazzetti (ITA)

Doosan Arena, Plzen (CZE), Group A, 20:45 CET
Czech Republic - Kazakhstan
Referee: Martin Strömbergsson (SWE)
Assistant Referees:Mehmet Culum (SWE), Daniel Gustavsson (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referees: Michael Lerjeus (SWE), Kristoffer Karlsson (SWE)
Fourth Official: Per Brogevik (SWE)
UEFA Delegate: José Luis Astiazarán Iriondo (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Roberto Rosetti (ITA)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Miroslav Tulinger (CZE) 

Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam (NED), Group A, 20:45 CET
Netherlands - Iceland
Referee: Milorad Mažić (SRB)
Assistant Referees: Milovan Ristić (SRB), Dalibor Đurđević (SRB)
Additional Assistant Referees: Danilo Grujić  (SRB), Nenad Đokić (SRB)
Fourth Official: Nemanja Petrović (SRB)
UEFA Delegate: Peadar Ryan (IRL)
UEFA Referee Observer: William Young (SCO)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Jef L.F.Van Vliet (NED)

Konya Büyükşehir Torku Arena, Konya (TUR), Group A, 20:45 CET
Turkey - Latvia
Referee: Stefan Johannesson (SWE)
Assistant Referees: Fredrik Nilsson (SWE), Magnus Sjöblom (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referees: Andreas Ekberg (SWE), Mohamad Al-Hakim (SWE)
Fourth Official: Stefan Hallberg (SWE)
UEFA Delegate: Claude Runavot (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Kostadin Gerginov (BUL)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Alper Dogmen (TUR)

King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels (BEL), Group B, 20:45 CET
Belgium - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Referee: Manuel De Sousa (POR)
Assistant Referees: Bertino Miranda (POR), Alvaro Mesquita (POR)
Additional Assistant Referees: Carlos Xistra (POR), Tiago Martins (POR)
Fourth Official: Nuno Pereira (POR)
UEFA Delegate: Steve Stride (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Kyros Vassaras (GRE) 
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Kris Bellon (BEL)

GSP, Nicosia (CYP), Group B, 20:45 CET
Cyprus - Wales
Referee: Szymon Marciniak (POL)
Assistant Referees: Paweł Sokolnicki (POL), Tomasz Listkiewicz (POL)
Additional Assistant Referees: Paweł Raczkowski (POL), Tomasz Musiał (POL)
Fourth Official: Radosław Siejka (POL)
UEFA Delegate: Ivan Borissov Lekov (BUL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Andreas Schluchter (SUI) 
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Panayiotis Kailis (CYP) 

Itztadion Sammy Ofer, Haifa (ISR), Group B, 20:45 CET
Israel - Andorra
Referee: Tamás Bognar (HUN)
Assistant Referees: Oszkar Lemon (HUN), Theodoros Georgiou (HUN)
Additional Assistant Referees: Ádám Farkas (HUN), Jozsef Erdos (HUN)
Fourth Official: Gabor Erös (HUN)
UEFA Delegate: Eduard Prodani (ALB)
UEFA Referee Observer: Terje Hauge (NOR)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Shay Ossadon (ISR)


  1. De Sousa in front of Vassaras. Surprised about the appointment. I was expecting an Elite official here.

    1. Anonymous31/8/15 20:40

      Perhaps they want to test him for CL group stage, is that possible?

    2. Of course is possible. Don't forget that he performed really well in last year's EL KO round.

  2. Anonymous31/8/15 16:06

    Any specific reason why Mazic changed one of his ARRs?

    1. Anonymous31/8/15 16:35

      If Dokic is a FIFA Referee, he could be his EURO AAR. Filipovic isn't a FIFA Referee, perhaps that could be the reason.

    2. Anonymous31/8/15 16:50

      Djokic is not a FIFA referee also. I think Filipovic is changed after their last match between Malme - Seltic where on his call Mazic disallowed regular goal by Seltic. That's just my opinion. And I think that also on his call Mazic whisled (not sure if correct, strange situation) penalty in Apoel - Ajax.

    3. Anonymous31/8/15 17:48

      Anonymous from 4:35
      Ok, than that could be the reason. I have forgotten about the situation in Malmö.

    4. Also changed his 4th official.
      But its not the first time that there is change on 4th ref position.

    5. Anonymous31/8/15 19:34

      In recent years, if not "compute" Mazic, the best referee in the Serbian domestic league is Nenad Djokic, who even refereed last season's clash for the title, instead Mazic with his team. Don't forget that Nemanja Petrovic won the confidence UEFA Ref's Commitee and was AR semi-finals and finals of the UEFA u19 Championship 2015.

    6. I would add that Nemanja Petrovic performed really well in the whole U19 tournament and deservedly got the final appointment.

    7. Anonymous31/8/15 23:57

      I absolutely agreed about Nemanja Petrovic. There was a change of generations and is a furniture very experienced and quality referees in the Serbia (Tomicic, Radojcic, Gogic, Veselinovic, Jovanetic) retired, and of the younger no one to replace them. Nenad Djokic was unfairly left without a sign of FIFA, which does not mean that it will get.
      I think that Danilo Grujic started to mature, and it is quite advanced. I think we should make progress at least in the second category. The SDL refereed hard and consistently good.

  3. Anonymous1/9/15 06:57

    To Emil, (from fellow Canadian referee)

    Are you a national referee?

    1. No, I am not, why?

      I am a regional referee in Quebec.

  4. Anonymous1/9/15 18:09

    Huge, huge appointment for Jorge Sousa!!! Could this mean he'll be the next Portuguese entering the Elite Group? So much so Vassaras will be there. Perhaps a move to take place in December/January. Let's see how things will shake out. One thing's for sure though....this is a match for someone the Committee deems to be an elite referee!

    1. Anonymous1/9/15 18:36

      @Anonymous 6:09 PM, you're spot on. I don't know what they're planning to do with Jorge Sousa but this is a game for an Elite referee by all matter of means. It'll be a frigging intense match in Brussels with a lot at stake.

    2. Anonymous1/9/15 18:39

      by all manner of means*

  5. But he will have on the team Tiago Martins, one
    very inexperienced referee.
    Good luck!

    1. Anonymous2/9/15 11:16

      With a premier division season under his belt Martins can be considered a veteran, as at least three referees have just stepped up with only one season and less than twenty games in the second tier. Retirements have created great opportunities if newcomers have ability.
      Would be interested to hear opinions on Marco Ferreira walking away from the game in his 30's alleging corruption and whether the matter has just been swept under the carpet. Last game was the cup final so demoting such an experienced referee seemed to make no sense.

  6. Anonymous3/9/15 19:25

    Poor fitness, movement and body language by Buquet in Baku. Far away from the ball, mostly walking no running :/

    1. Anonymous3/9/15 20:05

      But overall no troubles in a poor match to watch.

  7. Anonymous3/9/15 21:20

    Red card by Mazic.

    1. Anonymous3/9/15 21:24

      Another crucial mistake.

    2. Anonymous3/9/15 21:27

      Very good decision.

    3. Here will come long discussions once more....
      One could say, he has to be sure that the punch was intentional to send him off, and we can't say it 100%.
      Or you could say, the arm was even accelerated, when moved downwards and Martins Indi was looking (was he?) towards the face.
      Both opinions can be justified, but I don't think this should be evaluated as a clear mistake.

    4. Anonymous3/9/15 21:32

      Martins Indi hits Sigtorsson when they were both on the ground. It wasn't really violent and Sightorsson seemed to exaggerate, but still it's an incredibly stupid foul from a professional player, who should know that a red card is possible for this. Imho the Dutch player should take the blame.
      Btw, I think the call came from AR2

    5. AR2 was surely involved...

    6. Anonymous3/9/15 21:40

      IMHO excellent decision by Serbian team. Hit or try to hit, UEFA says. AR2 call.

    7. Anonymous3/9/15 21:49

      IMO the decision was taken by Mazic and supported more by AAR2,then AR2. You can see the discusion between Referee and AAR2 for few seconds and then rised RC.
      You cant hit the opponent accidently twice! Not so violent, but for me there was clear intention to hit the opponent.

      Your opinions?


    8. Anonymous3/9/15 21:55

      Rewatching the scene I agree...AR2 doesn't look to the situation when Martins Indi hits.
      Red card is correct decision for me

    9. Excellent decision for me, perfect example of cooperation between officials. Well done!

    10. Anonymous3/9/15 21:59

      And now clear PK.


    11. Anonymous4/9/15 04:10

      According to the LOTG definition of violent conduct, excessive force is required for a red card. Where was the excessive force in that situation?

    12. In Poland we are taught that the excessive force when not fighting for the ball means something different than, in example, a brutal punch. Deliberate action/move, visible intent to hurt an opponent is definitely enough and - very important thing - commonsensical.

      Scene: a player passes the ball to his teammate and, when the ball is far away, his opponent deiberately, cynically kicks him in the leg with low intensity. It is enough to send him off because his action was totally unnecessary, he 'has far exceeded the necessary use of force' because there was no need to make any action = to use any force. If UEFA see it differently, they apparently lost feeling of the game.

    13. Agree with Ref1's thinking. However, in some cases, the referee can use his discretion and issue a strong Caution instead.

      I did not see the infraction in question. However, deliberate contact or attempted contact to the face should almost always be considered violent conduct (endangers safety of opponent).

  8. Anonymous3/9/15 21:57

    Correct penalty decision now, tackle on the opponent. No ball. Excellent call, difficult to assess.

  9. Anonymous3/9/15 21:59

    Red card is the correct decision taken by Mazic AR2 and AAR2! And correct penalty!

  10. Anonymous3/9/15 22:08

    Weird yellow card by Mazic in minute 59. Apparantely he sees a foul in an off the ball incident that stops a promising attack. He doesn't give a free kick but advantage, but there is none. I think that if he judges it to be a foul, he should have given the free kick.

  11. Correct penalty decision by Jorge Sousa

  12. Anonymous3/9/15 22:24

    After a correct penalty assigned, De Sousa was almost pushed down (or at least touched by a certain force) by a player from Bosnia. I was impressed watching this scene live, perhaps I can be wrong, but such action deserves a red card, imho.
    The player was only booked.

    1. No, the player only touched the referee, i think that the yellow card is enough

  13. Anonymous3/9/15 22:28

    Could someone post higlights from Mazic's match?

    1. Anonymous3/9/15 22:50
      RC situation.

    2. Anonymous3/9/15 23:20

      Great call!
      Svaka njemu cast.
      Primetio sam da ste sa ovih prostora :)

    3. That's a deliberate strike. Not to face, but completely unneeded. Red.

  14. Anonymous3/9/15 23:02
    Pellè in Italy - Malta: goal by (deliberate) hand?

    1. Also, there is interesting situation before the goal, in front of AR1.
      Possible foul from ITA player 15 seconds before goal. Maybe not crucial, but interesting for discusion.

  15. Who can say something about Marciniak and his team?

    1. Anonymous4/9/15 08:54

      I saw that he disallowed a goal for a foul, looked like a correct decision.

  16. As requested some clips of the most interesting scenes in the Netherlands versus Iceland game.

    32' RC Martins Indi and YC Sigthorsson

    45+2' Extra time management

    50' PK Iceland and YC Van der Wiel for late tackle and SPA

    58' YC Árnason after alleged foul and following advantage

    80' YC Saevarsson after reckless challenge

    90+3' YC Sneijder after reckless challenge

    Have your say :)

    1. Crucial situations (32' , 50' ) are correct decisions.
      What do you think about RC?

    2. Anonymous4/9/15 10:47

      For my opinion the RC was correct decision. This decisions has been made after the AR2 information. The Netherland player used his hand twice ! So it was intentional action and violent conduct. Maybe if the referee whistled a Iceland player foul a little early it probably could be help him avoid this situation.....

    3. 32' - Correct RC, violent conduct. Why YC to the blue player?
      45'+2' - if the extra time was 2 minutes, than those 2' was the minimum extra time / the play should not have been stopped.
      50' - No PK, the orange player touched and played the ball first... I would appreciate RefRef's opinion on why it was the PK? thanks
      58' - correct YC, but the referee should have awarded DFC as the rest of the action was not promising at all
      80' - correct YC
      90+3' - not YC itself, but if it was one of many fouls committed by the same player, than it is a YC

    4. Anonymous4/9/15 14:48
      50'- The ball? The first a ball? Are you kidding? See the footage more closely. The defender didn't touch the ball, only touch the leg!

    5. So who changed the ball direction?

    6. @Shearer
      You are right, orange player slightly touched the ball.
      But that touch was minimal, he moved the ball just few centimeters. It was a late tackle, and referee saw that (he was positioned very good). So, the PK was clear for me.

    7. And about YC for Sneijder: this player was very nervous and frustrated, especially in last 10 minutes. He tried to tackle on the opponents on very dangerous way few times before YC, but he didnt make it (luckily). I agree with previous comment (Shearer) that the YC was because of many fouls commited before the last tackle.

    8. PK correct. Even if orange touched ball, he had to go through attacker to get it (not attacker falling over him).

      Only error in judgment IMO: DFK should have been given instead of advantage (mere possession is not advantage).

      Sneijder should have kept his mouth shut.

  17. Anonymous4/9/15 12:41

    Why is everybody talking about AR2 information.
    Please look at the video and you see how he is looking at his beautiful flag while the player is hit.

    After looking at AR2 Mazic then looks at AAR2 and gets the info from there if he did not see it himself.

  18. Five scenes from Cyprus - Wales (Marciniak):

    1) Double handling the ball inside the penalty area. The first handball is really difficult to assess - short distance, strange hands move (to protect a face?), was the body surface increased? However, the second touch by CYP #23 looks like fully deliberate pass to his teammate. IMO, missed penalty.

    2) Is Cypriot pulled down enough to whistle a free kick / penalty?

    3) Disallowed goal. There was a clear push from both Welsh players.

    4) Probably missed pulling (no advantage gesture) and very likely DOGSO. If it's seen, should Marciniak have applied an advantage or immediately whistle a foul and red card the CYP #2?

    5) Welsh player shouts for a penalty, but it was a clear intervention by GK in my eyes.

    Apart from five key match incidents (high amount!), Marciniak really didn't want to whistle fouls, especially at the beginning of the second half. He set 'the foul threshold' too high in my opinion and it didn't help him at all. Nonetheless, he was thoroughly accepted by players, one should mention a nice scene before the game when he was hugged by Cypriot player and also talked with many players in the tunnel. He should have booked one Welsh player for dissent by action (kicking the ball into the stands as disapproval for AR1's decision who raised a flag for offside, 67'). The rest was really OK.

    What are your thoughts on those key match incidents?

    1. 1) Both cases are handballs inside the penalty area - PK. the first one is more difficult to decide, however deliberate move to the ball, not protecting the face, rather chest...
      2) Pulling withihn the peanlty area / PK
      3) Push - DFK for defending team
      4) In this case DOGSO at the 20th minute of the match was better advantage for the red team than the chance which followed the incident. The advantage should have been awarded only if the red player was facing the goalkeeper without being followed by any blue defender. What do you think?
      5) No PK

  19. 1. Both should be considered deliberate (1st one player is moving hand toward ball; 2nd a no-brainer).
    2. Attacker is leaning on defender who is moving away -- falls on own.
    3. Excellent decision.
    4. Hold had minor impact. Attacker A went down after tackle. If hold had more serious impact, advantage would have been correct since Attacker B had similar opportunity as Attacker A, but much closer to goal.
    5. Excellent decision.

    When referee is thoroughly accepted by players, the referee can use personality, body language, and quiet words to control match. In such cases, a higher foul threshold can be used -- players will accept it. They will also accept it if the referee then later needs to lower the threshold for better match control.

    1. Thanks a lot for your opinions! Have a nice day!


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