September 5, 2015

UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifiers - Referee Appointments for Matchday 8 (September 2015) - III

These are the referees appointed by UEFA for MD7 of  EURO 2016 qualifying matches, to be played on 6, 7 and 8 September 2015. 

8 September 2015

Borisov-Arena, Borisov (BLR), Group C, 20:45 CET 
Belarus - Luxembourg
Referee: Slavko Vinčić (SVN)
Assistant Referees:Bojan Ul (SVN), Tomaž Klančnik (SVN)
Additional Assistant Referees: Mitja Žganec (SVN), Dragoslav Perič (SVN)
Fourth Official: Gregor Rojko (SVN)
UEFA Delegate: Dimitri Bokeria (GEO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Marcel Vanelshocht (BEL)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Yuri Dupanov (BLR)

Nacionalna Arena Filip II Makedonski, Skopje (MKD), Group C, 20:45 CET
FYRΟΜ - Spain
Referee: Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)
Assistant Referees: Lorenzo Manganelli (ITA), Alessandro Giallatini (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referees:Paolo Valeri (ITA), Marco Guida (ITA)
Fourth Official: Filippo Meli (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Oleg Harlamov (EST)
UEFA Referee Observer: Zdravko Jokić (SRB)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Konstantin Vlaho (MKD)

Štadión MŠK Žilina, Zilina (SVK), Group C, 20:45 CET
Slovakia - Ukraine
Referee: Martin Atkinson (ENG)
Assistant Referees: Stephen Child (ENG), Stuart Burt (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referees:Anthony Taylor (ENG), Kevin Friend (ENG)
Fourth Official: Michael Mullarkey (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Peter Lundström (FIN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vaclav Krondl (CZE)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Pavol Suniar (SVK)

Wembley Stadium, London (ENG), Group E, 20:45 CET
England - Switzerland
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
Assistant Referees: Elenito Di Liberatore (ITA), Gianluca Cariolato (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referees: Luca Banti (ITA), Antonio Damato (ITA)
Fourth Official: Mauro Tonolini (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: João Morais (POR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Eugen Strigel (GER)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Chris Kay (ENG)

LFF stadionas, Vilnius (LTU), Group E, 20:45 CET
Lithuania - San Marino
Referee: Clayton Pisani (MLT)
Assistant Referees: Alan Camilleri (MLT), Edward Spiteri (MLT)
Additional Assistant Referees: Alan Mario Sant (MLT), Marco Borg (MLT)
Fourth Official: Duncan Sultana (MLT)
UEFA Delegate: Florian Prunea (ROU)
UEFA Referee Observer: Marian Ruzbarsky (SVK)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Nerijus Dunauskas (LTU)

Stadion Ljudski vrt, Maribor (SVN), Group E, 20:45 CET
Slovenia - Estonia
Referee: Tasos Sidiropoulos (GRE)
Assistant Referees: Damianos Efthimiadis (GRE), Polychronis Kostaras (GRE)
Additional Assistant Referees: Michael Koukoulakis (GRE), Stavros Tritsonis (GRE)
Fourth Official: Christos Akrivos (GRE)
UEFA Delegate: Trefor Lloyd Hughes (WAL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Luis Medina Cantalejo (ESP)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Silvo Borosak (SVN)

Rheinpark Stadion, Vaduz (LIE), Group G, 20:45 CET
Liechtenstein - Russia
Referee: Robert Madden (SCO)
Assistant Referees: Douglas Ross (SCO), Stuart Stevenson (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referees:Steven McLean (SCO), John Beaton (SCO)
Fourth Official: David McGeachie (SCO)
UEFA Delegate: Teuvo Holopainen (FIN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Michael Riley (ENG)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Geni Lichtensteiger (SUI)

Stadionul Zimbru, Chisinau (MDA), Group G, 20:45 CET
Moldova - Montenegro
Referee: Sébastien Delferière (BEL)
Assistant Referees: Yves De Neve (BEL), Rien Vanyzere (BEL)
Additional Assistant Referees: Jonathan Lardot (BEL), Erik Lambrechts (BEL)
Fourth Official: Jo De Weirdt (BEL)
UEFA Delegate: Wolf-Günter Wiesel (GER)
UEFA Referee Observer: Patrick Kelly (IRL)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Ion Orlic (MDA)

Friends Arena, Solna (SWE), Group G, 20:45 CET
Sweden - Austria
Referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
Assistant Referees: Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP), Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referees: Xavier Estrada Fernández (ESP), Jesús Gil Manzano (ESP)
Fourth Official: Marcos Álvarez Moreno (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Mark Blackbourne (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Miroslav Tulinger (CZE)
UEFA Referee Liaison Officer: Germund Nilsson (SWE)


  1. Last match

    Slovenia - Estonia: Tasos Sidiropoulos (GRE)

  2. Anonymous5/9/15 11:48

    Di Liberatore, Cariolato, Banti, Damato and Tonolini are appointed again. They are very busy this week ;)

  3. While all the big names are out on this double matchday, only five Elite referees are not appointed:
    Fernandez, Undiano, Turpin, Orsato and Thomson.
    Orsato stays with only one match in this qualification.
    On the other hand, Kulbakov ist the first member of the first group to get a fourth match in this campaign.

    1. Anonymous5/9/15 12:31

      Turpin not appointed because it would be a problem to "spoil" him for EURO ;) Sorry for this bad thinking

  4. Spain-Slovakia, not penalty.
    But penalty minute 24 upon Pedro.

  5. Anonymous6/9/15 20:34

    Turkey-Nederland, great mistake of Matéu Lahoz.

  6. Anonymous8/9/15 20:57

    7' Correct penalty call by Velasco Carballo and especially his AAR2 Jesús Gil Manzano. Well done, good start by the Spanish team!

    1. It was one meter in front of AAR2. Easy decision.

    2. Anonymous8/9/15 21:38

      Overall good performance of Velasco Carballo. Stays calm in a very hot and hectic match, but has some problems in his foul detection.

    3. Anonymous8/9/15 21:38

      The blatant holding just before the Turkish 3-0 in their match against the Netherlands also happened in front of Mateu Lahoz but still he decided wrong... So well deserved credits for Gil Manzano as far as I'm concerned.

    4. 71' Velasco missed clear foul against Janko and possible 2nd YC.

  7. Anonymous8/9/15 20:57

    Correct penalty for Austria. Surely Gil Manzano advised Velasco Carballo to point to the spot.

    /Swedish observer

  8. Anonymous8/9/15 21:07

    21' missing YC by Carballo. Reckless tackle. Furthermore wrong indirect FK, should be a direct one.

  9. Anonymous8/9/15 21:29

    Correct penalty and RC, DOGSO, by Madden.
    SVK-UKR: possible second YC to a player from UKR (already booked) for deliberate handball stopping a pass between opponents.

    1. Anonymous8/9/15 21:30

      Now 0-3 by Russia, missed offside AR2.

  10. Sweden-Austria8/9/15 21:33

    Very challenging game for Velasco Carballo but he does a great job so far. 8.5-8.6 in only the first half IMO.

  11. Anonymous8/9/15 21:40

    I think that Sidiropoulos missed a penalty.

    1. Anonymous8/9/15 23:20

      Don't remember, it was first half, very likely in the second part. Involved area with AAR2.

    2. Anonymous9/9/15 07:55

      You think? Why do you write when you are unsure?

      CLEARLY NO penalty there. Played the ball fairly.

    3. It was minute 35'. No penalty. Defender played the ball clearly.

  12. Anonymous8/9/15 23:31

    Velasco Carballo with a good performance in a quite challenging game. Some minor errors regarding foul detection in first half, one missed YC in 21' for a reckless tackle and one too harsh YC in 30'.
    8.3 would be appropriate!

    1. Anonymous8/9/15 23:38

      I agree all in all, but I could also accept 8.4 - I can accept the YC in 30' (persistent infringment, good tactical approach).

      AR1 with two offside mistakes, AR2 with some good onside decisions, AAR2 with a correct penalty call

    2. Anonymous9/9/15 09:55

      Also 8,4

  13. Anybody see the penalty awarded by Rocchi, last night? Some say it was somewhat dubious...

    1. Anonymous9/9/15 12:22

      I saw it. To be honest I cannot fully remember but as far as I can I think it was acceptable.

    2. Anonymous9/9/15 12:26

      Me again. Here you are: (3:30)

      Harsh but acceptable IMO.

    3. Agreed - cheers.

    4. Anonymous9/9/15 12:38

      Correct decision.


    5. Watching replay, I must say very soft, but still not a mistake of course. Correct call, live I had the impression that it was a more blatant foul.

    6. Hm, not so sure. At first sight, it looked like foul, but from another angle - very doubtful.

    7. Anonymous10/9/15 09:11

      Penalty inexistent.
      England and Italy always have chance.

  14. Polish appointments:

    CL 1st matchday:
    Marciniak - Sokolnicki, Listkiewicz - Siejka - Raczkowski, Musiał

    EL (probably all at 1st matchday but a bit strange with Raczkowski's team):
    Borski - Rostkowski, Boniek - Myrmus - Stefański, Wajda
    Gil - Sadczuk, Borkowski - Sapela - Frankowski, Jakubik
    Raczkowski - Sokolnicki, Obukowicz - Listkiewicz - Musiał, Kwiatkowski

    1. Thank you! Perhaps Raczkowski for MD2? I think that it is not possible to see him at first AAR1 in a match and then referee in another match one or two days later.

  15. Anonymous9/9/15 13:10

    Austrian appointments:

    Schörgenhofer - Brandner, Winsauer - Riedel - Harkam, Ouschan

    No game for Lechner and Drachta so far.

  16. Most striking observer appointment is Hugh Dallas for City-Juve so far. More later.

    1. Anonymous9/9/15 13:47


    2. I'd say Damir Skomina.

    3. I would say too much for him.

    4. Anonymous9/9/15 14:00


    5. Kralovec would be my guess.

    6. Anonymous9/9/15 18:08

      I have a question: Where do you find the observer appointments? As it seems, I'm too stupid to find them


    7. It cannot be Turpin, there is a French delegate.
      @ K.S.: this is exclusive for now and depends on sources, so you cannot find it on for now.

    8. (by the way my guess is Skomina)

    9. Anonymous9/9/15 19:29

      Turpin was only joke, IMO.


    10. Anonymous9/9/15 19:59

      The comment or his promotion? Or both?

    11. Anonymous10/9/15 02:35

      Mr Dallas observed Turpin just in June in u21FT, so unlikely so soon again

    12. @edward: who, Skomina? I don't think so, like Niclas; think he's in with a shout.

  17. Cypriot observers

    29 September (CL)
    Maccabi - Dynamo Kiyv
    UEFA Observer: Kostas Kapitanis (CYP)

    01 October (EL)
    Monaco - Tottenham
    UEFA Observer: Christakis Skapoullis (CYP)

    1. My predections
      Group A
      Paris-Malmö Kenn Hansen Denmark
      Real Madrid-Shaktar Pavel Kralovec Czech Rep.
      Wolfsburg-CSKA Moskva Liran Liany Israel
      PSV-Manchester United Alberto Undiano Mallenco Spain
      Galatasaray-Atlético Ovidiou Hatagen Romania
      Benfica-Astana Aleksander Stavrev Makedonia
      Manchester City-Juventus Cüneyt Cakir Türkey
      Sevilla-Mönchengladbach Ivan Bebek Croatia
      Roma-Barcelona Jonas Eriksson Sweden
      Leverkusen-Bate Danny Makkeile Netherlands
      Dinamo Zagreb-Arsenal István Vad Hungary
      Olympiacos-Bayern Szymon Marciniak Poland
      Dinamo Kijev-Porto Svein Oddvar Moen Norway
      Chelsea-M.Tel-Aviv Javier Estrada Fernandez Spain
      Valencia-Zenit Felix Brych Germany
      Gent-Lyon Mattias Gestranius Finnland

    2. Anonymous9/9/15 17:41

      Unlikely to see referees such as Gestranius and Estrada in CL MD1. Cakir was referee for last Juventus match (final).

    3. I think that Marciniak is unlikely for Olympiakos - Bayern.

    4. Olympiakos - Bayern very tough match indeed. I think Mazic. It is interesting that he had never been refereeing to Bayern!

    5. Anonymous9/9/15 22:00

      Mazic should take a rest at least for the first two matchdays. He was simply not good enough in the match Malmo - Celtic. It is possible that responsibility fot crucial mistake was assigned to AAR2 but if so it would have been decision of high degree of alibism.

      I think that after Germany - Portugal is UEFA very careful with Mazic's appointments to German teams: only one match in the last season. In addition, one of his 8 appearances in the UCL or UEL was Olympiakos - Juventus.


    6. Why do you think that UEFA is very careful with Mazic's appointments to German teams? Your explanation is not acceptable at all. In that match he showed regular RC to Pepe, and maybe missed penalty to Portugal, when it was 4-0 already, and Ronaldo was mad about that decision, because he wanted to score. Mazic was official in very important match Nederlands-Island, and he had very good performance with both crucial decisions (RC and penalty) well done.

    7. And he was already observed by Sándor Piller. In Olympiakos even. So, very unlikely.
      High degree of alibism meets it nicely :) I think Rocchi would be possible.

    8. @ Nole: Yes, most decisions in GER-POR were all right, even though one can debate about control and such stuff. But for sure one task of UEFA last season was to re-establish Mazic's reputation which suffered in Brazil. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid nations that were involved in a critical game. This is not necessarily a punishment, but rather a protection.

    9. @Niclas Thanks for explanation, I wasn't aware of that. Mazic's reputation suffered because of those two mentioned decisions, as well as for not shoving penalty for Algeria against Argentina (if you watch slowly, you can see that Zabaleta touched the ball first, not the leg of an opponent - it was very tough to decide in second). But there were loud remarks about this decision from Algerians. Appointing him to be the referee of the match Atletico-Real (because of the atmosphere it was tougher match than the CL final, and what happened on the pitch only confirmed that) was simply not the best way to establish his reputation, if UEFA wanted that.

    10. Anonymous9/9/15 23:14

      @Nole I think it's Niclas right. There are many referees in the UEFA Elite category, and most of the controversy over the appointment Mazic. I think we should drop the ball on the ground and give everyone space. Maybe he needed to rest him and of those who love and respect him.
      Best regards!

    11. Everybody knows why is such controversy over Mazic. It's on ethnic base, be aware of that. Croatians, mostly because of Bebek, attack him, Serbians defend him, naturaly. All referees make big mistakes, but we always talk about Mazic (he really had tough mathes, I can't remember his NORMAL match in last year or two). For sure he is one of the best referees - for 3 consecutive years he is an official in semifinal of EL (8.5 in very challenging match Dnipro-Napoli) and was 4th officialn in EL final in 2014. I believe match Atletico-Real was his ticket for the final (Collina was observer) but because of non given penalty for Atletico he failed (I have to mention thas this mistake, also mistake about the penalty in Apoel-Ajax and maybe mistake in Malmo-Celtic - we will see the report - were mistakes by AAR2 Filipovic, and not Mazic himself). Filipovic should be changed, Grujic is ok. Also, AR1 and 2 are great.

    12. Anonymous10/9/15 00:52

      You all right, but, this kind of publicity isn't good. On the contrary - it brings only negative points, and those of us who respect him "ridicule" objective readers of the blog. All we see both good and bad, we see that he changed the team, we saw a very well refereeing of a new team in the Netherlands, restore stability, but bad comes from his "lawyer", constantly react too emotionally to the slightest criticism. Criticisms serve to learn lessons! This isn't a blog that deals with politics, serbo-croatian relations, please Nole?! IMO, Mazic most attacking those who defend it. Here is a sufficient trigger and immediately start a "war". One realizes, Mazic needs peace and rest from those who defend it, not by "anonymous" to find errors and Skomina, Mateu Lahoz, Eriksson, Collum, Rizzoli, etc. I didn't read that Niclas, Chefren, Edward or anyone write anything against anyone, but writing criticism or praise the decisions, what's good and what's bad.
      We are all humans, and all make mistakes. When at least wrong and accept mistakes "profits".

    13. Anonymous10/9/15 01:26

      @ Nole Not already Algeria! Argentina vs. Iran.Forget the past and move on. In a few years, nobody will remember the details and decisions. Only be remembered that Djamel Haimoudi (he was from the Algeria) refereed the match for the third place, and not its disastrous decisions in this match. Or that Marco Antonio Rodríguez refereed semifinal after he didn't noticed a bite on the ground. All were below expectations in Brazil, except Cüneyt Çakır. Objectively! Nole, let's talk about the trust that was given Boško Jovanetić, as the new UEFA Referee Observer. I am very happy because I know that this is a good referee who was unlucky not the match the UCL, a quality man who can be of "benefit" to young referees. Respect!

    14. You are right, I overreacted. I am new here, so I apologize. I didn't want to talk about politics, and I wont (Balkans are specific, nobody understands it, and there are many people from Serbia that don't like Mazic from different reasons, too). And yes, it was Iran, with Carlos Keirosh as a coach. I will try not to be subjective when I discuss about Mazic's or anyone else performance, and of course not to be his advocate here (I am not even his fan, I just reacted when anonymous wrote about Germany-Portugal match and its influence on appointments).

    15. @Márk Szántó

      I think that Olympiakos - Bayern needs an experienced elite referee for 2 reasons.

      1) Bayern is a huge club and I expect a hot match.
      2) With everything that happened this summer with Olympiakos and UEFA, an experienced referee is needed there to avoid any possibility of influence.

    16. Anonymous10/9/15 16:17

      @Nole, I suppose Mazic is your compatriot and I understand you stick up for him but to put it frankly I've got to say that Mazic's reputation, which by the way was not bad before 2014 Summer, was completely ruined after the World Cup in Brazil. His performances both at POR-GER and ARG-IRA were extremely poor to say the least. No wonder what happened to him after those matches. It's about the world having seen those disastrous performances. I've realised UEFA is in fact trying to help him bounce back but again let's say he's not a particularly competent referee. And I'm sure this is what most people think about it. It's not a "war" against him.

    17. Ok, suppose you are right, Anonymous. But, how can you explain that Mazic was appointed for extremely tough match, such was Atletico-Real at Vicente Calderon (totally different than Bernabeu, much, much heavier)??? Why not Cakir, Rizzoli, Brych, Klatenburg, Ericsson... Because of his disastrous performances, as you said? Come on, man.

    18. Anonymous11/9/15 03:10

      Nole, vidiš da te namerno "pale" kad moram na srpskom da ti pišem. Nemoj davati nikakvog povoda za bilo kakvu diskusiju, samo gubiš vreme i energiju na objašnjenja na potpuno nebitne likove, a koji nikada neće promeniti mišljenje i stvaraš ružnu sliku. Upadaš u njihovu igru- ti, RefRef i Referee 77. Pusti neka stvari idu kako je Bog odredio. Svi prave katastrofalne greške, a samo je par imena na tapetu. Ništa ti tu promeniti ne možeš i ende.

    19. Anonymous12/9/15 17:46

      Incredibly bad decision that one from the Committee! And we all saw what happened once again. Mazic is a very poor referee, we can't mask the reality!

  18. Anonymous9/9/15 17:54

    Youth League MD 1
    Real Madrid - Shakhtar Donetsk
    Tiago Martins (POR)

    Sevilla - Monchengladbach
    Fabio Verissimo (POR)

    Valencia - Zenit
    Alain Duriex (LUX)

    O. Lyonnais - Valencia
    Sascha Amhof (SUI)

    Malmö - Real Madrid
    Jari Jarvinen (FIN)

    Juventus - Sevilla
    Nikola Dabanovic (MNE)

    1. Anonymous9/9/15 18:04

      More appointments:
      this season more matches with first round including real winners of domestic youth leagues

  19. My predictions under consideration of observers and delegates, but I might have missed something:
    Paris-Malmö: Martin Atkinson
    Real Madrid-Shakthar: Deniz Aytekin
    Wolfsburg-CSKA Moskva: Carlos Velasco Carballo
    PSV-Manchester United: Milorad Mazic
    Galatasaray-Atlético: Björn Kuipers
    Benfica-Astana: Ruddy Buquet
    Manchester City-Juventus: Pavel Kralovec
    Sevilla-Mönchengladbach: Sergei Karasev
    Roma-Barcelona: Svein Oddvar Moen
    Leverkusen-Bate: Matej Jug
    Dinamo Zagreb-Arsenal: Szymon Marciniak
    Olympiacos-Bayern: Gianluca Rocchi
    Dinamo Kijev-Porto: Alberto Undiano Mallenco
    Chelsea-M.Tel-Aviv: Istvan Vad
    Valencia-Zenit: Cuneyt Cakir
    Gent-Lyon Tasos Sidiropoulos

    1. Anonymous10/9/15 00:57

      I am afraid to mention Mazic again but You predicted him for PSV - ManU and after NED - ICE it would't be good for him.

      UEFA widely use double appointments - 2 referees from the same country in the same group for same matchday. Till now nobody incorporated this possibility to his (her) predictions. (I know that these are only for MD1.) For countries like Spain and Italy with 4 elite referees it will be almost neccesary.


    2. Anonymous10/9/15 01:44

      P.L. is absolutely right!
      @ P.L. By your posts, I see that you are very analytical, rational, and to know the opportunities and psychology refereeing. Let's not mention Mazic (don't you, please), please lets everyone gives predictions. I think it would be a gentleman. :)

    3. Anonymous10/9/15 09:17

      Grujic has a match on Youth League MD1 15 September so no Mazic in MD1 CL.

    4. Anonymous10/9/15 09:48

      P.L. what would be your predictions or are you only commenting on those of others?

    5. Based on observers, I don't think Sidiropoulos will get Gent-Lyon. He had Tullinger at the Italy U21 - Sweden U21 in June.

    6. Anonymous10/9/15 11:27

      I tried some 3-5 years ago (only for myself) but I stopped. It takes many hours and the effect is doubtful. I know, it is easier only to criticize but I don't want to criticize or to be restrictive to anybody, I try to point out some aspects which possibly were not taken into account. And I make mistakes. For example, I expected Jug, Oliver and Klossner to be appointed for MD7 or MD8 (because of their nomination to WC'17) and they were not.


    7. Hopefully improved version based on your suggestions:
      Paris-Malmö: Martin Atkinson
      Real Madrid-Shakthar: Mark Clattenburg
      Wolfsburg-CSKA Moskva: Alberto Undiano Mallenco
      PSV-Manchester United: Carlos Velasco Carballo
      Galatasaray-Atlético: Björn Kuipers
      Benfica-Astana: Dannie Makkelie
      Manchester City-Juventus: Pavel Kralovec
      Sevilla-Mönchengladbach: Szymon Marciniak
      Roma-Barcelona: Svein Oddvar Moen
      Leverkusen-Bate: Matej Jug
      Dinamo Zagreb-Arsenal: Daniele Orsato
      Olympiacos-Bayern: Gianluca Rocchi
      Dinamo Kijev-Porto: Viktor Kassai
      Chelsea-M.Tel-Aviv: Istvan Vad
      Valencia-Zenit: Cuneyt Cakir
      Gent-Lyon: Sergei Karasev

    8. A| Paris SG – Malmö FF Bas Nijhuis
      A| Real Madrid – Shakhtar Bjorn Kuipers
      B| Wolfsburg – CSKA Moskva Ivan Bebek
      B| PSV Eindhoven – ManUtd. Marciniak
      C| Galatasaray – Atlético Mark Clattenburg
      C| SL Benfica – FC Astana Craig Thomson
      D| ManCity – Juventus Damir Skomina
      D| Sevilla FC – M’gladbach Daniele Orsato
      E| Leverkusen – BATE Borisov Istvan Vad
      E| AS Roma – FC Barcelona Victor Kassai
      F| Olympiacos – Bayern München Jonas Eriksson
      F| Dinamo Zagreb – Arsenal Turpin
      G| Dynamo Kyiv – FC Porto Undiano Mallenco
      G| Chelsea FC – Maccabi Tel-Aviv Fernandez Borbolan
      H| Valencia CF – Zenit Ceneyt Cakir
      H| KAA Gent – Olympique Lyon Deniz Aytekin

      @Philip: Karasev at Gent-Lyon seems not logical to me, since Zenit is in the same group. The other appointments make sense to me.

    9. Only 1 mistake Rik B. Orsato can't go to Seville with Juventus on the group. The other predictions are good.

    10. So Kulbakov for Karasev in Gent is my last correction. Now I wait for Sunday :)

    11. Offcourse Edward, I didn't look at that. Than I would switch Bebek and Orsato. We will see!

    12. Anonymous10/9/15 14:32

      @Rik B
      Kuipers for Real - Shakhtar is impossible after his CL Play off Rapid - Shakhtar

    13. Anonymous10/9/15 14:58


      5 groups! I didn't expect so much. :) But You are really excellent considering relation difficulty of the match - ability of the referee to manage it.

      Another new predictions are also good, IMO. Niclas ignored that Ref1 already had appointed Marciniak for MD1.


    14. Anonymous10/9/15 17:00

      Zwayer will have a match on wednesday.

    15. Great for Zwayer.

      Oh yes, you are right. Difficult to say what Marciniak could get, Sevilla-Gladbach could be a solution, based on observers Orrason (Eindhoven) would be possible, too.

    16. Indeed. The heir to Brych's throne? Or does Aytekin get the nod?

    17. Mazic is one referee every time worse.
      I think that he don´t be more in Champions.

  20. Anonymous10/9/15 02:37

    Opinions on the penalty awarded to Russia by Serdar Gözübüyük in the u21 qualification match Austria-Russia?
    (from 3.00 min on)

    1. Anonymous10/9/15 11:14

      Crucial mistake.

    2. Anonymous10/9/15 16:24

      Agreed, in real speed and after one replay I thought it was a (too) soft penalty. After the last replay it's the Russian player walking into the defender, which makes it a crucial mistake for me too.

  21. UCL 30 September

    M’gladbach - Man. City
    UEFA Observer: Kyros Vassaras (GRE)

  22. Anonymous10/9/15 13:52

    My guesses:

    PSG-Malmo: Nijhuis
    Real-Shaktar: Kassai
    Wolfsburg-CSKA: Tagliavento
    PSV-ManU: Undiano Mallenco
    Galatasaray-Atletico: Atkinson
    Benfica-Astana: Hategan
    City-Juventus: Skomina
    Sevilla-Moenchengladbach: Marciniak
    Leverkusen-BATE: Bebek
    Roma-Barcelona: Kuipers
    Olympiacos-Bayern: Fernandez Borbalan
    Zagreb-Arsenal: Turpin
    Kiev-Porto: Moen
    Chelsea-Tel Aviv: Sidiropoulus
    Valencia-Zenit: Collum
    Gent-Lyon: Aytekin

    regards phil

  23. Mine and then I also wait..

    A| Paris SG – Malmö FF: István Vad (HUN)
    A| Real Madrid – Shakhtar: Svein Moen (NOR)
    B| Wolfsburg – CSKA Moskva: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)
    B| PSV Eindhoven – ManUtd.: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
    C| Galatasaray – Atlético: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
    C| SL Benfica – FC Astana: Clément Turpin (FRA)
    D| ManCity – Juventus: Damir Skomina (SVN)
    D| Sevilla FC – M’gladbach: William Collum (SCO)
    E| Leverkusen – BATE Borisov: Tasos Sidiropoulos (GRE)
    E| AS Roma – FC Barcelona: Björn Kuipers (NED)
    F| Olympiacos – Bayern München: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
    F| Dinamo Zagreb – Arsenal: David Fernández Borbalán (ESP)
    G| Dynamo Kyiv – FC Porto: Felix Brych (GER)
    G| Chelsea FC – Maccabi Tel-Aviv: Felix Zwayer (GER)
    H| Valencia CF – Zenit: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
    H| KAA Gent – Olympique Lyon: Daniele Orsato (ITA)

    1. And now mine:

      A| Paris SG – Malmö FF: G. ROCCHI (ITALY)
      A| Real Madrid – Shakhtar: D. AYTEKIN (GERMANY)
      B| Wolfsburg – CSKA Moskva: C. THOMSON (SCO)
      B| PSV Eindhoven – ManUtd.: C. VELASCO CARBALLO (SPA)
      C| Galatasaray – Atlético: B. KUIPERS (NED)
      C| SL Benfica – FC Astana: D. ORSATO (ITA)
      D| ManCity – Juventus: V. KASSAI (HUN)
      D| Sevilla FC – M’gladbach: J. ERIKSSON (SWE)
      E| Leverkusen – BATE Borisov: C. TURPIN (FRA)
      E| AS Roma – FC Barcelona: D. SKOMINA (SLO)
      F| Olympiacos – Bayern München: A. UNDIANO MALLENCO (SPA)
      F| Dinamo Zagreb – Arsenal: B. NIJHUS (NED)
      G) Dinamo Kyiv – FC Porto: A. MATEU LAHOZ (SPA)
      G| Chelsea FC – Maccabi Tel-Aviv: G. MARCINIAK (POL)
      H| Valencia CF – Zenit: S. O. MOEN (NOR)
      H| KAA Gent – Olympique Lyon: I. BEBEK (CRO)

      I'm not so skilled liek some of you, so I would be very interested to know your feedback about my appointments and if there is any crucial mistake.

    2. Anonymous10/9/15 15:11

      When will be published the Blog observer's reports from August?

    3. @f: Most are good, you can find the UEFA observers and delegates at the right top of the blog. E.g. Thomson in Wolfsburg then becomes impossible, as there is a Scottish observer. Aytekin for Real-Shakhtar could be a very good bet.

      @anonymous: I am editing them currently having returned from vacations. Tomorrow or on Saturday most likely.

    4. 3 Spanish referee in 1 matchday?

    5. Anonymous10/9/15 23:19

      So, William Collum gets another match after what he did in Tbilisi? For God's sake!!!

    6. Anonymous11/9/15 00:00

      Collum is on duty with his European team domestically on Saturday which could indicate he has a game somewhere next week

  24. Anonymous10/9/15 15:47


    1. Anonymous10/9/15 16:26

      What is simulation?

    2. Anonymous10/9/15 16:37

      When a player pretends to have suffered an alleged foul to deceive the referee, mostly this happen in penalty area.

    3. Anonymous10/9/15 16:52

      Haha, sorry, I wasn't clear. I know what simulation is, but I meant to ask which situation you refer to :-)

  25. Italian appointments for serie A: Rizzoli AAR on Saturday with Di Liberatore fourth official in the same match, this could mean CL for them on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    1. Rocchi will officiate Inter-Milan derby on sunday evening.

  26. Anonymous10/9/15 16:59

    Serbian Domestic league clash
    Red Star - Partizan, Saturday, 12.09.2015, 18:00 - Belgrade -
    Referee: Milorad Mažić (11. times, the 7. time in a row, an absolute record)
    Assistant Referees: Milovan Ristić, Dalibor Đurđević
    Additional Assistant Referees: Danilo Grujić, Nenad Đokić
    Fourth Official: Nemanja Petrović
    Observer: Zdravko Jokić

    1. Anonymous10/9/15 19:45

      Mistake- 9. clash matches in a row!

  27. Anonymous10/9/15 17:11

    Felix Zwayer CL wednesday.

    1. I think it's clear which match he will have.

    2. Anonymous10/9/15 19:01

      Anyway a surprise for me. Hopefully not too early. Good luck!

  28. Anonymous10/9/15 18:52

    My predicitions:
    A| Paris SG – Malmö FF: JUG (SVN)
    A| Real Madrid – Shakhtar: AYTEKIN (GER)
    B| Wolfsburg – CSKA Moskva: TAGLIAVENTO (ITA)
    B| PSV Eindhoven – ManUtd.: V. CARBALLO (ESP)
    C| Galatasaray – Atlético: KUIPERS (NED)
    C| SL Benfica – FC Astana: TURPIN (FRA)
    D| ManCity – Juventus: SKOMINA (SVN)
    D| Sevilla FC – M’gladbach: MAZIC (SRB)
    E| Leverkusen – BATE Borisov: HATEGAN (ROU)
    E| AS Roma – FC Barcelona: ERIKSSON (SWE)
    F| Olympiacos – Bayern München: U. MALLENCO (ESP)
    F| Dinamo Zagreb – Arsenal: MARCINIAK (POL)
    G| Dynamo Kyiv – FC Porto: MOEN (NOR)
    G| Chelsea FC – Maccabi Tel-Aviv: ZWAYER (GER)
    H| Valencia CF – Zenit: KRALOVEC (CZE)
    H| KAA Gent – Olympique Lyon: THOMSON (SCO)

  29. Anonymous10/9/15 21:29


    PSG - Malmö: Bas NIJHUIS
    Real Madrid - Shaktar Donetsk: Paolo TAGLIAVENTO

    PSV Eindhoven - Man. United: Nicola RIZZOLI
    Wolfsburg - CSKA: David FERNÁNDEZ BORBALÁN

    Benfica - Astana: Ivan BEBEK
    Galatasaray - At. Madrid: Mark CLATTENBURG

    Man. City - Juventus: Björn KUIPERS
    Sevilla - M'gladbach: Ovidiu ALIN HATEGAN

    Roma - Barcelona: Damir SKOMINA
    Bayer Leverkusen - Bate Borisov: Clément TURPIN

    Olympiacos - Bayern: Alberto UNDIANO MALLENCO
    D. Zagreb - Arsenal: Viktor KASSAI

    Chelsea - Maccabi Tel-Aviv: Tasos SIDIROPOULOS
    D. Kyiv - FC Porto: Felix BRYCH

    Valencia - Zenit: Cüneit ÇAKIR
    Gent - O. Lyon: Daniele ORSATO

  30. Sorry that I'm posting it here but I want it to be seen. A scene from Turkey - Latvia match refereed by Stefan Johannesson. Reckless tackle or SFP? Personally, I would go for the latter. The foul(s) were missed.

  31. No problem, thanks for that.
    Watching the replay and how the foot is "going away" after the contact, this should be a red card.
    However I am not sure whether Johannesson was able to see that in the way we saw it.

  32. Anonymous10/9/15 22:02

    Okay, after reading through your comments, here are my new predictions:

    A) Paris - Malmö: Szymon Marciniak (POL)
    A) Real - Donetsk: Felix Brych (GER)
    B) Eindhoven - United: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
    B) Wolfsburg - CSKA: David Fernández Borbalán (ESP)
    C) Benfica - Astana: Matej Jug (SVN)
    C) Galatasaray - Atlético: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
    D) City - Juventus: Damir Skomina (SVN)
    D) Sevilla - Gladbach: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
    E) Roma - Barcelona: Björn Kuipers (NED)
    E) Leverkusen - Borisov: Clément Turpin (FRA)
    F) Olympicos - Bayern: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
    F) Zagreb - Arsenal: Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)
    G) Chelsea - Maccabi: Bas Nijhuis (NED)
    G) Kyiv - Porto: Felix Zwayer (GER)
    H) Valencia - Zenit: Cüneyt Çakir (TUR)
    H) Gent - Lyon: Ovidiu Hategan (ROU)

    Are there already any very, very, very early guesses for the major finals? Of course, it is a little bit too early but here's what I think:

    - if no English clubs are involved: Mark Clattenburg
    - if an English club is involved: Jonas Eriksson

    Very tough to predict an early choice. Last season, I would've guessed (like many others) Mazic
    (before the Atlético-Real game of course) and then Clattenburg. I personally hope that Skomina
    comes back to his old 2012-13 form and that he'll be rewarded with the final in Basel, but Královec
    is also on a good way (considering his appointment as 4th official) in Warsaw. I don't think that
    Collum will be in Basel due to his struggles in Tbilisi and due to the Super Cup itself. I think he'll be
    in the, what I would call, "Clattenburg-situation" from last season. Moen would be a possibility too,
    even though I believe we'll see him in the Super Cup 2016, that is taking place in Norway.
    Therefore I predict very early: Skomina OR Královec

    C) UEFA EURO 2016:
    For me, we can relate this to the final appointment in the Champions League:
    - if Clattenburg is involved in Milan, then Eriksson should be the man in charge in Paris.
    - if Eriksson is involved in Milan, then Clattenburg should be the man in charge in Paris.

    Of course, we have no data from this season, but I did this for me also in the last season and I guessed Çakir correctly from the beginning on. Have you already some very early guesses?


    1. Anonymous10/9/15 22:27

      Felix Zwayer for D. Kyiv - FC Porto?? It's your choice and I respect it obviously but this is not a low-profile match at all.

    2. Anonymous10/9/15 22:29

      Nijhuis for Chelsea-Maccabi is impossible in that the referee observer is Dutch.

    3. Anonymous10/9/15 22:34

      Marciniak already had Malmo last year in Champions League.

    4. Anonymous10/9/15 22:55

      @KS Anything I read here, sometimes laughing, sometimes I'm concerned. What does "suffer" paper and what human imagination can even cut it out, dear God can't understand. :)

    5. Anonymous10/9/15 23:03

      @Anonymous (10:27 PM): You are right, maybe this is too much for Zwayer as a CL debut. The other option for Zwayer then should be Gent-Lyon. The question is, whether this game can already be assigned to a new Elite referee or not. If yes, then I see Hategan very well in it. Chelsea-Maccabi might be also alright for Zwayer, since Nijhuis is not possible for this match. Also Zwayer won't be the first one to make his UCL bow in Chelsea, Makkelie as well last year against Maribor.

      @Anonymous (10:29 PM): Maybe Zwayer for this one?

      @Anonymous (10:34 PM): Does that matter if Marciniak had Malmö already last year? I mean, his perfomance in Juventus-Malmö was quite good, was it? No major "negative" incident in this match? (Correct me if I'm wrong)

      Anyway, let's change some things:
      G) Kyiv - Porto: Ovidiu Hategan (ROU)
      G) Chelsea - Maccabi: Felix Zwayer (GER)
      H) Gent - Lyon: Daniele Orsato (ITA)


    6. Anonymous10/9/15 23:09

      Okay, I'm correcting myself again: I forgot that I already placed with Rizzoli and Tagliavento two Italian referees, so it'll be very difficult for Orsato as a third Italian official. Let me change (again):

      H) Gent - Lyon: Tasos Sidiropoulos (GRE)

      (So now my predictions will be definite)

      @Anonymous (10:55 PM): Forgive me, but I'm actually unable to understand what you want to tell me? ;)


    7. My opinion about the finals:
      For CL we have three names: Brych, Clattenburg, Eriksson. Everyone else would be a surprise at the moment.
      For EL I more or less agree with the names you mentioned. I would add Kassai and Mateu Lahoz to the candidates.
      For the EURO final, we also have Brych, Clattenburg, Eriksson + the final referees of the last years i.e. Cakir and Kuipers. Also another big final for Rizzoli is not impossible. Kassai and Skomina have the necessary experience, with a very good season + tournament, they are also possible.
      And we may not forget Atkinson, who seems to be highly rated by UEFA.
      If you want a specific guess, I'll say
      CL: Brych
      EL: Moen
      EURO: Eriksson

    8. Anonymous11/9/15 03:18

      It´s too soon give now one opinions about the finals.

    9. You are running too fast, it is beginning of the season. For example, Eriksson was below expectation in Rome, received only 7.2. Mateu Lahoz was total disaster last night in Atletico-Barcelona (In European standards no more than 7.0). Kassai and Skomina - you are really exaggerating. Kuipers, Cakir, Atkinson, Rizzoli - they had their chances in last 2-3 years. Also, it depends of who the semifinalists and finalist are going to be. Maybe we'll have two German teams in CL and EL final, and therefore Brych is out. We will have to wait and see their performances this year in CL matches. We have full year in front of us.

  33. OK. Sure info now:

    CL 1st matchday:
    Marciniak - Sokolnicki, Listkiewicz - Siejka - Raczkowski, Musiał

    EL 2nd matchday:
    Borski - Rostkowski, Boniek - Myrmus - Stefański, Wajda
    Gil - Sadczuk, Borkowski - Sapela - Frankowski, Jakubik
    Raczkowski - Sokolnicki, Obukowicz - Listkiewicz - Musiał, Kwiatkowski

  34. Anonymous11/9/15 09:30

    Andrew Dallas referee Manchester City - Juventus Youth League:

    Hugh Dallas observer in CL Match. A family trip;)

    1. Anonymous11/9/15 09:46

      I am no friend of conspiracy theories. But this level of nepotism really takes the cake.

    2. Anonymous11/9/15 18:05

      You have to consider that for the Youth league matches referees are required to travel short distances to minimise cost. Look for example, two new FIFA referees from Portugal refereeing in Spain, Swiss ref in Schalke etc. So it is logical to send a scottish referee to England, and Andrew Dallas is in his first year so logical that he gets an appointment in Youth League. Whether it is a coincidence that his father is the observer for the senior match is really not relevant in my opinion. But not necessarily a coincidence.

  35. My predictions from Spain:
    PSG-Malmö, Kassai
    Real-Shakhtar, Aytekin
    PSV-United, Eriksson
    Wolfsburg-CSKA, Borbalán
    Galatasaray-Atlético, Collum
    Benfica-Astana, Hategan
    Sevilla-Mönchengl., Bebek
    City-Juventus, Moen
    Leverkusen-Bate, Sidiropoulos
    Roma-Barcelona, Atkinson
    Olympiakos-Bayern, Turpin
    Zagreb-Arsenal, Undiano
    D.Kiev-Oporto, Zwayer
    Chelsea-Maccabi, Nijhuis
    Valencia-Zenit, Brych
    Gante-O.Lyon, Orsato

    1. If must be Marciniak, I hope for him
      the Benfica-Astana

    2. Anonymous12/9/15 18:00

      Again, Nijhuis can't officiate at Stamford Bridge since the observer is from the Netherlands. At Valencia/Zenit, the delegate is German, so Brych will not appear in Valencia. Zwayer won't handle a high-profile match like D. Kyiv - Porto. Plus, Collum gets Galatasaray - At. Madrid following his disastrous performance in Tbilisi?

  36. Anonymous12/9/15 21:20

    I think all new elite referees will be appointed in CL in first two MDs, but I don't think they will get top clashes.
    Most interesting matches IMO are Real-Shaktar, PSV-United, City-Juventus, Roma-Barcelona, Valencia -Zenit and Kiev-Porto and I expect experienced elite referees in those matches.


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