December 17, 2015

Ask Kenn: What did you ever want to ask a (former) top referee?

Last month former Danish no.1 referee Kenn Hansen shocked us with his retirement from officiating. This month, he has started his work as some kind of blogger. On his Danish site, which will probably soon offer an English version as well, you can already check some of his ideas about refereeing. Next month, I am going to interview him in a multi-part series focussing on his career, current trends in refereeing at the highest level and - now you are coming into play - asking him your questions.

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What did you ever want to ask a top referee? 

You get the chance to send me your questions, no matter how simple, odd or unique they might be.
All you have to do is choosing one of the following ways to contact me:

1) Write an e-mail to, please use the subject "Ask Kenn".

2) On twitter: @The3rdTeam, #AskKenn

3) On facebook: Send a message to our site

I am going to accept your questions until the 26/12/2015. After that, all questions will be clustered and, later, integrated into the interview.

We wait for your mails!


  1. Wonderful idea.
    I'm glad to see that English version of the blog will be offered.


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