December 14, 2015

Gianluca Cariolato affected by hamstring injury

Injuries are no issue that players can claim only for themselves. In Germany's two highest divisions for example, already three referees had to be substituted by one of their teammates this season because of injuries suffered during their matches. Due to the high strain in terms of short sprints, assistant referees are a particular risk-group as well - yesterday, Nicola Rizzoli's assistant referee Gianluca Cariolato experienced that first-hand having already been injured some weeks in October.

His emotive reaction shows:

No - referees and assistant referees are no indifferent people who are not interested in what they are doing on the field of play at all, although this is often common consensus among football fans. They work hard to be able to give their best, have motivating goals or dreams and show commitment to them and their job which they mostly do with all their heart and passion.
Maybe Cariolato's first fears and thoughts were: "How long will I miss? What about EURO 2016?". As Gianluca Rocchi's assistant referee 1 in UEFA competitions, he has good chances for the final tournament (maybe even as standby AR in Rizzoli's team).

It is reported that he had luck: a torn hamstring usually requires some weeks, but not many months of recovery.

We wish him (and all other injured officials) all the best. Cheer up!


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